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Toeic 900a pdf

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd tip tc theo di cc bi chia s kinh nghim Level v Level v mc ti liu luyn thi TOEIC trn website. New Economy Toeic RC. Uploaded by. An Ngoc Hoai. TOEIC A+NGỮ PHÁP+TỪ Uploaded by. An Ngoc Hoai. Thuat Ban Hang Brian Tracy. รวมข้อสอบ TOEIC (link for download) 1. ETS Toeic Test LC+RC Barron's TOEIC Practice Exams (PDF + Audio) . TOEIC A (Ebook+Audio).

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Actual Test 1 LISTENING TEST In the listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test will last. TOEIC A Book. Ngoc Phi Dao. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. View TOEIC A from ENGLISH at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

When does Ms. You should chew over what he said. You need to hand over your passport when you talk to the immigration officer. Don't spill the beans to Anna about her surprise birthday party tomorrow! I see happy memories.

You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter A , B , C , or D on your answer sheet. The conversation will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book. What does the man mention about what A Have lunch. B Attend a meeting. A He put in a lot of time getting ready for C Work on a project. D Meet with the woman. B He is very surprised to hear about it C He will discuss it in detail in his next When will the speakers most likely talk.

What does the woman ask the man to do? A Help her with a project. B Have lunch with her. C Attend a meeting. D Drop by her office. Why is Erick being complimented?

A He managed to get a big sale. B He saved money for the company. C He got a perfect score on his test. D He did a good job with his talk. What did the woman like the most?

A The length of the speech. B The issue about saving money. C The cost of the product. D The hard work the man has been doing. You will hear some short talks given by a singer speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each short talk. The talks will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book.

Where is Mr. Stone now? D One of the chefs. A On vacation. B At a seminar. C In his office. A Dinner will be served.

Pdf toeic 900a

D In the reception area. B Dancing will begin. When will Tom check his messages? C Awards will be given out. A In the morning. D The ship will set sail. B In the afternoon. What time will they return to the port?

C In the evening. A By noon. D Whenever he can. B Contact the hotel. C Talk to the receptionist. D Leave a message on the answering machine. Who most likely is giving the talk? A The captain of the ship. Toeic a the appendix of toeic a term paper you should include any item that is. Learn how to share your curation rights. The Sims 3 Getting Started Guide. He still publishes free pdf files on this blog.

Slovenian blogger since A People are spending more money on health products B People are not leading healthy lifestyles C Companies are starting to offer more training toiec D Fitness trainers are toeic a a their Consultation fees What change recently occurred at MegaWare?

Pdf toeic 900a

A Toeic a merged with another marketing firm B The management structure was changed C A new marketing toeic a was introduced D It relocated its headquarters to a different city What can be inferred about Michael Shoe? Retiring employee n Nhn vin ve huu Term: Build your own custom Independent Contractor Agreement in minutes.

VN second proposal may seem drastic, but according to my estimates, if the company does not significantly cut costs by the end of Decemberit will be aa to file toeic a bankruptcy Sincerely, Stacy Toeicc Financial Advisor What is the toeci of this e-mail? The sometime secretary..

When he finds out about that. When he met Sally. Look for sth: Look forward to doing sth: Look up: Look ahead: I see happy memories. Look back on sth: In the kitchen. At the bus stop. Look through sth: Look to sb for sth: Look out!: Look out! There is a car coming.. Look round: Look in on sb: Look on: The station. All ready: The things you need for Sunday are all ready. We are at the cinema.

There are people in the cinema. He is at the pub. All right: Your answers are all right! All together: Adj Altogether: I won't talk with you anymore.

Any more: Pronoun Eg: Any body who wishes to be invited to the party must bring something to eat or drink. The students gathered all together in the hall. I'll do the homework now. You could go any way. I don't want any more pie..

Is there anybody home? I'll come early.. I was watching TV when my mom suddenly came home. Will you come? I'll finish this in less than 1 minute. I'll call you when I'm in Paris next week. She may be ill.

A while Awhile!!! I've been waiting for you for a while. I have been a doctor since I was We will wait until he finishes his homework. I will be here till you go out. As soon as I turn I had done my homework before I went to bed.

I have loved you for months. I have been working as a teacher for 4 years. I will get married. I was washing the dishes. It's beside the lamp. I play soccer and basketball. I'm not going to keep my beard. Use those to clean the kitchen. I have a few pieces of cloth that I use. It's dead. I fell down and hurt myself. He hasn't felt this well for a long time. The question 'female or male' means 'are you a woman or a man'.

Female adj. Some time: His opinions are just too masculine for me. He's very sensitive. I like eating Chinese food. Trong 10 tranh. Unit 5: What…think of? What time…? What do you like for dinner? What does she look like? What do you think of the class?

TOEIC 900A Book.pdf -

What is the weather like? What color do you like better? What if there is an accident? What kind of music do you mostly listen to? What brings you here? Unit 6. Marketing department It charges me 10 dollars No.

Who is the manager expecting today? She is expecting too much o C. Our expectations are not that high o B. Who is in charge of this campaign? How many times did you visit that city? Just twice 3.

Chinh Phuc Toeic

How often does the bus to the airport come? How far is it to the nearest subway station? Just go around the corner. How about a beer after work? How much will it cost to implement the new policy? How long does it usually take to get to the city? Thirty minutes 2. The total trunk capacity is 20 cubic feet B. They are waiting for the main parts Mr Tho http: Unit 9: I saw him in the coffee shop yesterday 2.

I did 2. Did you remember her name? Did you meet Susan by any chance? Do you need any help? Will your nephew be at the party?

I live in this community C. The shop is closed today. Your commute is more than one hour. Would you prefer a sandwich or a salad? Should I call Jim or will you call him instead? Would you prefer a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? I would like a cup of beer. Can I join you in a bit? I forgot how often that periodical comes out? I heard that the client demands a particular menu. That restaurant is my favourite 2.

Pdf toeic 900a

Did you have a chance to test-drive it yet? I am going out to take a lunch break. The mechanic had to replace several parts in the engine A. I am going out to take a lunch break A. That part breaks easily C. Where is the conversation probably taking place? Who are the speakers?

What is his job? Who is the man talking to? What type of company does the speakers most likely work for? What about transfers from the airport to the hotel? Speaker A: I can get you a car and driver, or you could take a taxi. A chauffer B. A hotel clerk C. A flight attendant D. A travel agent. Where do the speakers probably work? Where did the man plan to go on Saturday? Associated words bed, double room flight attendant, flight, seat belt track, platform, train teller, deposit, checking account swimming pool, exercise equipment http: Are you going up?

Speaker B: Speak A: Yes, which floor do you want? The fourth floor, please. Where does the conversation take place? In an airplane B. In an elevator C.

In a flower shop D. Lewis visit the human resources department? Maria, I hear you are moving away. Did you get a new job? No, I am going back to school. I am going to get a degree in economics Speaker A: Oh, yes. I hear the university in that city is very good. Why is Maria moving to a new city?

Because she got a new job B. Because she wants to study at the university C. Because the economy is bad D. What is the woman giving to the man? A battery D. I just need to pick up a new battery for my phone Q: What does the woman want to purchase? Do you want to go?

What are they doing? What does the man decide to do? What is the woman trying to do? What will the man do on Monday morning? What is the man planning to do next week? What will the woman probably do next?

What does the man offer to do? What will the woman do after the meeting? I am going to the electronics store after lunch. A computer C. Food B. Is that so?

Chinh Phuc Toeic-990

After you: I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. David is getting married next month. Could you tell me how to get to the town hall? Maybe you could ask the policeman over there. You quit the job? You are kidding. After all that work. I never liked it anyway. Brilliant idea! That depends. Do you really mean it? Whenever you are short of money. Do you think he will come to my birthday party? You can count on it. But that depends. Thanks anyway.

I may go to the airport to meet her. Mind you! I am behind you. I never liked it anyway You are a great help. I broke your vase. At a construction site: Heavy machine: Building materials: To have a meal: To go out for a meal: At a garage: Take an order: Free of charge: At a factory: Carry a box: Check the engine: Customer Service Department: Sales Department: Marketing Department: Vice president: Time management skills: Sales skills: Doctoral degree: Decision-making skills: High school Diploma: Internet Users Skills: Presentation skills: Unit 1 — Unit The Unit Identify sequence Unit 2: Identify the audience Unit 3: Identify a situation Unit 4: Identify the topic Mr Tho http: My bag is so heavy!

B — No worry! I will carry it for you. I think he will come here tomorrow. What time are you going to leave? Look at those grey clouds! An investigation conducted by a private group indicated that there is an …. We are having a party next sunday. Making many copies can be very costly for the company. Interested B.. Instead of driving to work. The film is so 1 ….. It makes me 2 ….. He has been working so hard today.

I expected it to be better. It was quite surprising that he passed the examination. Are you interested in buying a car? Did you meet anyone interesting at the party? Everyone was surprised that he passed the examination. My job is boring The film was disappointing. They are beginning shouting. They are beginning to shout.

The executives were satisfied with the presentation 2. Cut peel read Sell wash Ex: Tomatoes peel easily if you scald them in hot water Mr Tho http: Before you leave the office.

Unless he calls. If you want to see him. I will lend him money provided that he pays me on time. As soon as I come home. Since you left him. The economy added Because it was submitted late. After he returned to the office. If it had not snowed last night. If the customers come in. Unit 8: Mixed conditional: Had we known this group would do such a poor job. Were I you. I would ask her for a date.


Mr Tho The politician. You've got a car. You go to school. Tag question 1. I am not guilty. I don't 3. She plays football on Sundays. She used to live here. I am right. Tag question: He isn't Joe.

They played football on Sundays. Somebody asked me. She would rather stay. Work has been busy for the past couple weeks. Nobody lives here. Close the door. Let's go to the beach. Don't say anything. I think he will be here.

The sky is so high adjective Throw it as high as you can.

I love women who play sports. The boat took too much water in. The business went under and they lost everything. If the economy continues on this downward trend. She went under as soon as she was given the anesthetic for the operation. The ship went under and all the passengers drowned.

The dentist gave me a jab and I went under. Shining Smile Messenger Unit It went under and was never seen again. The robbers told us to hand over our wallets. You need to hand over your passport when you talk to the immigration officer. They tried to paper over the cracks but eventually the boss realised there was a Mr Tho http: We need to face it and deal with it now. This essay has been hanging over me all weekend. Let me chew it over first.

She thought the problem was going to drag on for months but it actually blew over very quickly. He had some really good ideas in the meeting. You should chew over what he said. She was doubled over with the pain. When she told me that joke I was doubled over with laughter. The government hopes the scandal will blow over before the election next month.

Be out of pocket: You know. How much do we own you? Your paintings are great. After all. Great party! Did you collect enough money to cover everything? A lot of people are moonlighting. I think I can make a living at it. Painting is what I really want to do. Police say that the main suspect charged in the case escaped from custody approximately twelve days ago. Thanks Bert. Approximately-Roughly-AboutNearly adv: Jane told me that she spends nearly one-third of her salary on rent.

All of these adverbs could be used in writing too. In conversation. If we said roughly or about. Because the traffic was bad. Nearly is slightly different to roughly and about. I've got a big problem with my computer. I'm a bit deaf and I had trouble hearing what she said as she spoke very softly.

And interestingly. Can you come and have a look at it? I live about half an hour out of town: I've got a big trouble with my computer. Children with learning difficulties find mathematical problems impossible.