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Someone Like You - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. someone like u. If It&#;s Not Forever -Durjoy Datta Nikita Singh. Uploaded by. Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of six novels, including She has co- authored two books with Durjoy Datta, titled If It's Not Forever and Someone Like You. Free Download Someone Like You Novel pdf Nikita Singh, Durjoy Datta, English Novels,. Visit. Discover ideas about Nikita Singh. Free Download Someone.

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The current titled Novel "Someone Like You - Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh" is a PDF compilation of one of the best novels from best-selling authors of India. Read "Someone Like You" by Nikita Singh available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. The hum of a motorbike. Someone Like You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The hum of a motorbike. The uproar of the crowd in the stadium. T.

What follows is her life in college — her friends, room mates and her search for her man. The plot and narration is simple, as is the English. I can not talk about them as I don't want any spoilers in this review. Except that it wasn't Pia is a spoilt rich girl. Superb wit nic climax

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Someone Like You – Nikita Singh & Durjoy Datta

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Thanks to the makeover by her sister's friends, the nerdy Niharika entered college more confident, more attractive. She meets the sweet, shy Tanmay, and the spoilt but lovely Pia and they become best friends.


And when Akshat and she began dating, life finally seemed to be falling in place. Tanmay's success in football had begun to change him. Akshat's perfection seemed like a front for something dark and sinister. And their college senior Karthik? However, the choice of character to web the Plot was so good to get them fit for story.

Learn from mistakes as Simran did , and, let others warn of it which Simran did as well, but with no clarity to get the things get going for her own sister.

Nikita someone like singh pdf you

Thoroughly, Its 3. This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my entire 18 year old life. Where to start Girl gets a makeover Meets a guy Guy gets obsessed with her. Girl breaks up with him Moves to her college Meets another guy Immediately hates him Guy2 falls in love with her, just like that. Guy1 follows her through state to state. Girl Doesn't not think of guy 1 as a stalker. And goes on a date with him That's it. I can't even write more without wanting to burn that book.

What's wrong with you, nihar This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my entire 18 year old life. What's wrong with you, niharika? And guy2 why did you fall in love with a girl like her. I really really don't recommend this book. And this is my opinion and i hate this book and hoped that it didn't exist. Since i used the template which i generally use in my blog, the review could make you feel as if i am talking with my blog Dont mis judge me as a dolt: D May 18th , Blog, it's one of those days at office when i had nothing to do, literally nothing, yet had to look busy to avoid the long stare which i would get from my manager when he sees me idle.

But thanks to Amazon developers who created Kindle for desktop application, having it on my PC helped me kill time. Blog, you see i created Note: Blog, you see i created this new theory at office that "Its better to kill your time in productive way by reading a book rather than stare at the cieling or keep a timer for loo breaks each day and try to better my own record or the weirdest, listen to hindi songs and try to translate the lyrics into english".

The answers i got from my already bored brain were a Would have bought a burger at Burger King. Gotto hook him up with some work" look. Almost all my friends who have just fell in love are trying to find a place away from society and social life just to romance..

All they need is a secluded place with no one around and they can start.. If you get what i am saying? Apparently blog, according to recent stats I just created this Stat to sound more authoritative and informative.

Shrewd genius i am you see girls are the most confused souls on this planet earth and Durjoy and Nikita indirectly second my stats by this book See diary how i intelligently included both the authors in my con. Is Con se kaun bachega? Niharika, the Jessy turned Jessica Simpson Read fugly turned freaking hot is also from the same batch on whom the above mentioned stats were conducted.

Someone like you is Niharika's life summed up based on her relationships. Diary, if you consider Niharika as hot, you gotto read the author narrate Pia, Niharika's roomate at ICE, the narration could even turn on a blind man as well I am exaggerating. Niharika and Pia have a pleasant life at ICE with their randon girly talks at night, every one hitting on them at morning and they hitting on every other hot male at afternoon.

Tanmay has his horny moments Read happy. Wanted to create interest for "those readers" as well who look for such stuff in books playing football at evening and hanging out with his be-sties at college stairs doing random college stuff now and then. On a serious note blog, the characterization of these three people have been well established by the author, yet it lacked the flow one would expect from Durjoy.

The hospital portion of the book was well established and also Karthik's character Niharikas crush at college was also very well cleverly put through. The intial portion of the book about Niharikas makeover and she visiting her sister would give a wrong opinion about the book to the readers and would be taken away if i were the editor of it.

Since i like both those movies, i kinda liked the book. I would rate it 3. So yes this was another book from the Durjoy Dutta club and it was bought just due to that reason as I was collecting all 10 Durjoy work. But this doesn't seem like his work yes it's enjoyable and light but it's looking more and more that Durjoy is being used like James Patterson who co-author's most of his books now a days and it's always difficult to know who contributed where.

Well coming to the book it's story of Niharika who was an ugly duckling but due a makeover by her sister turns into a So yes this was another book from the Durjoy Dutta club and it was bought just due to that reason as I was collecting all 10 Durjoy work. Well coming to the book it's story of Niharika who was an ugly duckling but due a makeover by her sister turns into a beautiful swan and with that the story begins as boys and relationships enter the picture.

The story moves ahead with ease at some places and jerked at others. Like my friend wrote in his review this looks filmy that that is no bad thing. After all a young other would get inspiration from one place or other and it's not conscious as pop culture has influenced our life in a big way.

Niharika gets admission in an Engineering college in Nagpur and along with her friends Pia and Tanmay get through life and she has to chose between a seemingly perfect Akshat and rough but magnetic Karthik.

Well the blurb promises Friendship, Love and Betrayal and you get all but most of all you get tragedy. That is what makes it kinda different as not everyone gets a happy ending and last few pages are very emotional: Worth a read as its a small book and can be finished very quickly.

Like pdf someone you nikita singh

This book was something different I can say. But i was just a bit of disappointed just by one thing is there is no existence where it seems Durjoy is writing something. Otherwise the book was damn awesome to read. But I find that the first few pages till the makeover of Niharika and her sister and all that stuff was completely useless and boring.

Love you Durjoy always for such awesome writing. N yes Nikita too she is the best co-author of Durjoy as If its not forever its not love is one of my This book was something different I can say.

N yes Nikita too she is the best co-author of Durjoy as If its not forever its not love is one of my favourite. View 1 comment. The story is good time pass if you have nothing else to do. View all 5 comments. Most inconclusive and predictable book I have read in a long time. Bits and parts of college life and Niharika's stay in Delhi make u feel interested in the book but the story gets monotonous and boring.

You wait for things to happen but they don't. I expected something or other would happen in the end but the people potrayed as "villians" are left to karma to decide their fate. Worst conclusion that could've been given to the somewhat interesting story spoils it. Sweet book , nothing special A sheer wastage of time.

Enough said. I like the book and the superb writing style of the author. The story flows smoothly and it grips you as you advance further. A nice read. Niharika is a typical nerd whose motto in life has been to excel in her studies and enter IIT, making her parents proud. Niharika is belongs to a typical middle class family for which having a 15 year old esteem car is a luxury.

Pia is a spoilt rich girl. Niharika is stuck between Akshat, who her sister has warned her to stay away from and Karthik, who's cockiness drives Niharika mad. Someone like you This book is my favorite. I fell in love with the second I started reading it. The characters were creatively shaped with each other's life.

Yes, it was just an another college story, but this story has a lot to say. It's different how I kept on thinking about those characters whole day since I have finished reading it or rather I should say that I still think about it. It's different how I felt when I was heading towards the end of the book. It was an awesome feeling. Friendship, Someone like you This book is my favorite. Friendship, Love, hatred, lust and what not.

One should definitely pick this read for the best weekend experience. This novel mostly revolves around the lives of five people, involving love, friendship, misunderstandings, and betrayal. The main character, Niharika Singh, is the girl next door. Most female readers may find a lot in common with her. She considers herself ugly and feels lost in a crowd.

Soon Simran, her sister, gives Niharika a makeover, which changes everything. Someone Like You beautifully portrays the transformation seen in Niharika when she realizes that even she has the right to feel beautiful. She sets off on a new journey when she enrolls herself in a college. Niharika makes new friends, Tanmay, Akshat, and Karthik, in the new city. Tanmay goes on to become her best friend. Her interaction with Akshat is a little complex considering he was her sister's ex-boyfriend.

Niharika has feelings for Karthik, whose nature remains a mystery to her, which is resolved later when she finds out that he fakes his actions to cover up his past. Someone Like You further describes Niharika's roommate, Pia, who's also a good friend and is in a long-term relationship with Vishal.

But Tanmay begins to like her and Pia reciprocates. The friendship between Niharika and Akshat also gradually develop feelings for each other, which they are not sure of. Afterward something happens in their life which left them dumbstruck and totally shattered.

Someone Like You by Nikita Singh

I must suggest this book to every everyone. The story is really sweet, interesting and elegant. The writing style is intriguing and effective which can leave a deep impression on writer's heart. A must read.