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Wazaiful Abrar - Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him ) related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (blessings of. Jawshan Kabeer (Arabic: جوشن الكبیر ) is a long Islamic prayer that contains names and For this reason, the Jawshan Kabir prayer is known as Ism-e- A'ẓam, i.e., the greatest book of Urwath al-Wutha of Mohammed Kazem Yazdi, writing Dua Jawshan Kabir Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. A powerpoint presentation of the supplication Jawshan al-Kabir, containing Arabic text and English translation.

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Benefits of each of the sections of. Jawshan Kabeer. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. No. Benefit. 1. To overcome difficulties. To ask for more benefits. To build up. Dua'a Jawshan Al Kabir دعاء الجوشن الكبير · Importance of Joshn Kabir- Pdf.. ( For Commentary on this dua click here) Reflections- Dr Shomali -pdf | Listen. Dua'a Jawshan Kabir دعاء الجوشن الكبير. Alternate Arabic Text Importance of Joshn Kabir- Pdf.. It has been al-ghawth al-ghawth al-ghawth. [I beseech you.

O Exalter and the Exalted,. O Eternal in grace,. O He, Who is the Master of the beginning and the end,. O Rescuer from my trials,. O He, Who is Mighty without disgrace,. O Gracious and Magnanimous,.

O Guide in my perplexity,. O Resource in my neediness,. O Shelter in my helplessness,. O Deliverer from my fears. O Forgiver of sins,. O Concealer of defects,. O Expeller of pain,. O Transformer of the hearts. O Physician of the hearts,. O Illuminator of the hearts,. O Intimate of the hearts,. O Dispeller of anxiety,. O Liberator from grief.

Dua'a Jaushan E Sagheer

O Glorious, O Virtuous,. O Protector, O Patron,. O Guide, O Guarantor,. O Bestower of Wealth, O Bestower of blessings,. O Bestower of strength, O Acceptor of repentance.

O Rescuer of those who appeal,. O Helper of those who call,. O Aider of those who call,. O Shelter of the fearful,. O Succourer of the faithful,. O Merciful to the indigent,. O Refuge for the disobedient,. O Forgiver of the sinner,. O Responder to the supplicant. O Most gracious and obliging,.

O Master of peace and security,. O Most holy and above all defects,.

E joshan pdf dua kabeer

O Master of wisdom and manifestation,. O Master of mercy and satisfaction,. O Master of argument and proof,. O Master of grandeur and sovereignty,. O Master of kindness and succour,. O Master of pardon and forgiveness. O He, Who is the Allah of all things,.

O He, Who is the Creator of all things,. Who is the Fashioner of all things,. O He, Who is the Preceder of all things,.

O He, Who is the Successor of all things,. O He, Who is above all things,. O He, Who knows all things,. O He, Who is Powerful over all things,. O He, Who is the Sustainer and Extinguisher of all things,. O Securer of safety, O Protector,. O Bestower of being, O Bestower of knowledge,. O Manifester, O Facilitator,. O Provider of place, O Adorner,. O Proclaimer, O Distributor.

O Eternal in His sovereignty,. O Greatest in His grandeur,. O Most Merciful to His servants,. O Knower of everything,. O Forbearing to him who disobeys Him,. O Magnanimous to him who places his hope in Him,. O He Who is Wise over what He has fashioned,.

O He Who is Subtle in his Wisdom,. O He, from Whom nothing is begged save His Pardon,. O He, of Whom nothing is seen save His Goodness,. O He, from Whom nothing is feared save His Justice,. O He, Whose sovereignty alone of eternal,. O He, Who alone has true majesty,. O He, Whose blessings extend to all,.

O He, Whose knowledge encompasses everything,. O He, Who is without equal,. O Expeller of sorrow,. O Creator of creatures,. O Truthful in promises,. O Fulfiller of promises,. O Knower of secrets,. O Splitter of seed,. O Provider for creatures. O High, O Perfect. O Independent, O Rich,. O Kind, O Agreeable.

O Purifier, O Eternal,.

Jawshan Kabir

O Mighty, O Friend. O He, Who conceals vice,. O He Who does not call to severe account for sins,. O He, Who does not disclose the disgrace of his servants,. O He, Who is the best forgiver,. O He, Who overlooks errancy,. O He, Whose forgiveness extends over all. O He, Whose Hands are stretched forth in mercy,. O He, Who knows all secrets,. O He, to Whom all complaints are directed. O Master of limitless mercy,. O Master surpassing all obligation,.

O Master of perfect wisdom,. O Master of infinite might,. O Master of the decisive argument,. O Master of the manifest miracle,. O Master of perpetual prestige,. O Master of great strength,.

O Master of unsurpassable glory. O Maker of darkness,. O Merciful to those who weep,. O He Who oversees slips and errors,. O Reviver of the dead,. O Revealer of signs,. O Increaser of virtue,. O Who rubs out vices,. O He Who calls to account.

O Fashioner, O Preordainer,. O Planner, O Purifier,. O Illuminator, O Facilitator,. O Giver of glad tidings, O Warner,.

O Giver of precedence, O Postponer. O Lord of the holy month,. O Lord of the Holy City,. O Lord of the Rukn and the Maqam,. O Lord of the Mashair of Mecca,. O Lord of the Holy Mosque in Mecca,.

O Lord of what is lawful and what is proscribed,. O Lord of light and darkness,.

E kabeer pdf joshan dua

O Lord of salutation and peace,. O Lord of strength among creatures. O Most Just of all the just,. O Most Trustworthy of all the trustworthy,. O Purest of the pure,. O Best of creators,. O Quickest Reckoner,. O Best of listeners,. O Most vigilant of invigilators,. O Best of intercessors,. O Most honourable of all. O Helper of the helpless,. O Protector of the unprotected,. O Shield for the defenseless,. O Hearer of the unheard appeal,.

O Pride of those without pride,. O Honour of the honourless,. O Giver of Aid to the unaided,. O Friend of the forsaken,. O Shelter of the shelterless. O Protector, O Persistent,. O Eternal, O Merciful,. O Accorder of peace,. O Omniscient, O Distributor,. O Preventer, O Opener. O Merciful to he who requests His mercy,.

O Forgiver of the implore His forgiveness,. O Helper of he who asks for His help,. O Protector of he who seeks His protection,. O Magnanimous to he who seeks His magnanimity,. O Guide for he who seeks His guidance,. O Giver of Aid to he who seeks His aid,. O Helper of he who appeals to Him,. O Rescuer of he who appeals to Him,. O Benign Who is invisible,. O Self-Subsistent Who never sleeps,.

O Eternal Who never perishes,. O Ever-living Who never dies,. O Monarch Whose rule is endless,. O Eternal Who is imperishable,. O Omniscient Who never forgets,. O Independent Who needs no sustenance,. O Mighty Who never weakens. O Unique, O One,. O Present, O Praiser,. O Exalted, O Guide,. O Resurrector, O Heir,. O Harmful to the unjust, O Beneficial to the just. O Most Magnanimous of all the magnanimous,.

O Most Merciful of all the merciful,. O Most Knowledgeable of all knowers,. O Most Wise of all the wise,. O Most Ancient of all the ancient,. O Most Great of all the great,.


O Most Benign of all the benign,. O Most Magnificent of all the magnificent,. O Most Mighty of all the mighty. O Greatest Benefactor,. O Most Bounteous in goodness,. O Eternal in grace,. O Eternal in subtlety,. O Creator of subtlety,. O Remover of pain,. O Healer of injury,. O Master of dominion,. O True Judge. O He Who is Strong in His fulfillment,. O He Who is great in His might,. O He Who is near everyone in spite of His greatness,.

O He Who is benign in His weariness,. O He Who is noble in His benignity,. O He Who is powerful in His nobility,. O He Who is great in His power,. O He Who is exalted in His greatness,.

O He Who is praiseworthy in his exaltation. O Sufficient, O Restorer of health,. O Faithful, O Forgiver. O Guide, O Summoner,. O Judge, O Agreeable,. O High, O Eternal. O He before Whom everything is humbled,. O He for Whom everything exists,. O He to Whom everything owes its existence,. O He to Whom everything returns,. O He of Whom everything is afraid,.

O One to Whom everything owes its stability,. O He towards Whom everything retreats,. O He Whom everything glorifies with praise,.

O He besides Whom everything is perishable. O He-there is no place of protection except with Him,. O He—there is no right path except that which leads to Him,. O He-there is no shelter against Him but with Him,. O He-there is no inclination towards anyone except Him,. O He-there is no strength and vigour but from Him,. O He-none is invoked for help but He. O He-trust is not reposed in anyone but He,. O He-hope is not entertained from anyone except from He,.

O He-none is worshipped except He. O Best of those who are liked,. O Best of those who are sought,. O Best of those who are entreated,. O Best of those who are longed for,. O Best of those who are remembered,. O Best of those to whom thanks are offered,. O Best of those who are loved,. O Best of those who are called on,.

O Best of those who are held in affection. O Forgiver, O Concealer [of defects]. O Shatterer, O Joiner,. O He Who made everything to measure and guided,. O He Who removes misfortunes,.

O He Who overhears secrets,. O He Who rescues the drowning,. O He Who saves the distressed,. O He Who restores the sick to health,.

O He who makes [His slaves] laugh and weep,. O He Who causes to dies and calls to life,. O He Who has created pairs of male and female. O He Whose signs are in the universe,. O He in Whose signs are undeniable proofs,. O He Whose; might is exhibited in causing death,. O He Whose lesson is in graves,. O He Whose kingdom will be on the Day of Judgement,. O He in Whose reckoning of deeds is His dread,. O He in Whose balance is His order,. O He Whose paradise is the place of His good reward,.

O He Whose hell is the place of chastisement. O He-sinners take shelter with Him,. O He-the repentant return to Him,. O He-the pious incline towards Him,. O He-the confounded seek shelter in Him,. O He-the desirous have affliction for Him,.

Kabeer pdf e joshan dua

O He-lovers are proud of Him,. O He-transgressors have agreed for His forgiveness,. O He-those who are sure in faith receive consolation from Him,. O He-those who trust Him rely on Him. O Friend, O physician,. O Near, O Supervisor,. O Reckoner to account, O Awful,. O Rewarder, O Acceptor,. O Aware, O All-Seeing. O Friendliest of all the friends,. O Possessor Of greater insight than all others,.

O Most Aware of all.

Pdf kabeer dua joshan e

O Noblest of all the nobles,. O Most Exalted of all the exalted,. O Mightiest of all mighty,. O Most Independent of all,. O Most Generous of all,. O Kindest of all those who are kind. O Designer who is not made. O Creator who is not created,. O Master and not the slave,. O All-Dominant who is not dominated,. O Exalter and the Exalted,. O Protector who needs no protection,.

O Helper who needs no help,. O Witness who is not absent,. O Near who is not distant. O Illuminator of light,. O Creator of light. O Planner of light,. O Estimator of light,.

O Light of all lights,. O Light that precedes in existence every light,. O Light that will survive all lights,. O Light that is above every light,. O Light like of which there is no light. O He Whose action is subtle,. O He Whose kindness is persistent,. O He Whose beneficence is eternal,. O He Whose word is right,. O He Whose promise is true,. O He Whose forgiveness is a grace,. O He Whose chastisement is justice,. O He Whose remembrance is sweet,. O He Whose grace is universal.

O Facilitator, O Separator,. O Alterer, O Humiliating of the proud,. O Degrader, O Benefactor,. O Munificent, O Giver of respite,. O Grantor of respite, O Virtuous,.

O He Who creates and is not created,. O He Who guides and is not guided,. O He Who receives to life and is not brought to life,. O He Who questions and is not questioned,. O He Who feeds and does not eat,. O He Who gives protection and is in no need of protection,. O He Who judges and against Whom no judgement is passed,.

O He Who commands but is not commanded: O He Who begets not, nor is He begotten,. And there is none like unto Him. O Best physician,. O Best guardian,. O Best near one,. O Best responder,. O Best friend,. O Best surety,. O Best protector,. O Best master,. O Best helper. O Desire of friends. O Friend of seekers,. O Friend of penitents,. O Provider of sustenance to the poor,.

O Hope of sinners,. O Coolness of worshippers' eyes,. O Remover Of sufferers' pain,. O Dispeller of the sorrows of the sorrowful,. O Allah of the first and the last generation. O our Lord, O our Allah,. O our Chief, O our Master,. O our Helper, O our Protector,. O our Guide, O our Aider,.

O our Friend, O our Physician. O Lord of the righteous and chosen one,. O Lord of paradise and hell,. O Lord of the small and the great,. O Lord of grains and fruits,. O Lord of canals and trees,. O Lord of forest and desert,.

O Lord of lands and seas,.

O Lord of night and day,. O Lord of the manifest and the hidden. O He, Whose control extends to everything,. Thou came to know that I am too weak to bear hardships and too exhausted to withstand misfortunes, and took notice of my shortcoming that I cannot confront the enemy who had planned to attack me, and perceived my isolation amid the multitude of gathering enemies, sitting in ditches, ready to pounce upon me, while I gave no thought to sitting in ambush and retaliating.

So with Thy might, Thou came to stand by me, and Thy help made me strong and disappointed him in spite of the larger number [of his forces], by rendering his weapons unserviceable. And Thou gave me the upper hand over him by catching him in the very trap he laid for me, and threw him into the abyss he dug for me, and gave no hand to his grudging deed, and did not allow him to assuage the fury of his anger.

Biting his thumb, he turned back on his heels, and his comrades, ashamed, dispersed in haste. Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and let me be among those who thank Thee for Thy bounties and remember Thee for Thy favours.

So when Thou took notice of his clandestine trickery and foul play and the fact that in spite of professing the same faith he was devising schemes to injure me, then Thou contemptuously caught hold of him and threw him down headlong, completely destroying him; after which he found himself in the ditch he had dug for me, smeared with the dust below his feet poverty and disease overtook him. Thus Thou rewarded him in kind by making the stones and arrows he hurled at me rebound upon him, and by putting his own rope around his neck.

Shame and disappointment came upon him, he suffered disgrace and dishonour, his pride and arrogance gave way to humility, his power turned into helplessness, and finally, at the last moment, when he was sure to overwhelm me, he fell into his own trap and was caught and bound with the rope made for me in the days of his authority. In fact it was me who would have suffered likewise if Thou, O my Lord, had not come to my rescue with Thy mercy. Therefore, I called upon Thee, O my Lord, expecting to receive Thy help, believing in Thy prompt response, confident of Thy immediate action to disperse the affliction, a fact of which I have always been aware, and knowing full well that whoever comes under Thy merciful protection is never betrayed, and whoever turns to Thee for help is never turned out.

So Thou preserved me in safety from the harm of his threats, and through Thy All-Prevailing Power put an end to his evil schemes. My God, many a hopeful expectation I cherished which Thou realized; and Thou blocked the inroad of poverty into my life, neutralized the severity of mortal calamities, and removed many a hardship.

Thou art not accountable for what Thou does, whereas others are. Thou give out everything but never run short of anything. Thou bestow whenever beseeched, and many a time takes the initiative.

Thy benefaction never falls short of expectations. It is not for Thee, O Lord, to be less than rewarding, obliging, benevolent, and beneficent. Although Thou went on bestowing benefits, favours, and bounties, I failed to observe Thy prohibitions, took liberties, and, unmindful of Thy warnings, gave in to my adversary and did not oppose Thy enemy. My God and my helper, I was guilty of not being thankful for Thy beneficence, because of which I could not prevent myself making mistakes.

My God, here stands Thy humble servant, who knows and testifies that Thou art one, and makes admission of falling short of discharging his duty towards Thee, and gives evidence of Thy countless blessings and excellent kindness and abundant good. So, my God, my Master, mercifully give me what I want through Thy mercy, so that I may aspire for Thy mercy, and through it reach the height where Thy approval is available and where there is freedom from Thy displeasure, in the name of Thy Might and overswaying Power, and for the sake of Thy Prophet, Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his family.

What he stands face to face with makes his heart tremble with fear, and a cold feverish shivering runs through the body, but I am kept free from this terrible experience. Neither food nor drinks pass easily down his throat, both are tasteless, but I am safe and sound, living a peaceful and easy life, on account of Thy kind attention and care.

Surrounded by the armed enemy on all sides, shaking feverishly inside his amour, trying desperately to use artifices and schemes to get out of a tight situation, yet finding none is finally reduced to pieces with cuts and wounds, falling down on the ground in the pool of his own blood, struggling in vain under the pounding hooves and boots to lay hands on water, or to have a glimpse of those dear to him, but I am safe from all this.