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The American Revolution. Theme One: When hostilities began in , the colonists were still fighting for their rights as English citizens within the empire, but in. From to , the Brifish established 13 colonies running down the East Coast of America. Unlike colonies in Africa or India, the 13 colonies were. Download The American Revolution free in PDF & EPUB format. Download John Fiske's The American Revolution for your kindle, tablet, IPAD.

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Native Americans they originally came to America from. sometime after 30, BC they settled in o Central America - the Aztecs, the Maya o South America - the . The American Revolution, the Bicentennial of which we are celebrating in and , was an event of utmost significance in the history of. The American Revolution. (). Thesis Submitted to the Department of English as a Partial. Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in.

In most cases they were inclined to take high views regarding the royal prerogative, and in nearly all cases they were unable to understand the political attitude of the colonists, who on the one hand gloried in their connection with England, and on the other hand, precisely because they were Englishmen, were unwilling to yield on any occasion whatsoever one jot or tittle of their ancient liberties. This historic document proclaimed the cause of the revolt. So, on 19 April, , the Americans killed eight British soldiers at Lexington. Then started the war between the American Colonies and England. Spain received Florida and Minorca from England. America established her trade relationship with other countries and became prosperous. Email or Customer ID.

From the Spanish became belligerents, adding further to the sense that this was now a worldwide war. At the end of , the Dutch also joined the war as British enemies. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

The American Revolution

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Abstract The American War of Independence started as a conflict between Britain and 13 of its North American colonies, but developed into much more than a struggle over the transatlantic relationship. The Encyclopedia of War Browse other articles of this reference work: This created a storm among the Americans and they became revolutionary.

He imposed duties on tea, glass, lead, paper and colour imported into the American colonies. This gave a serious setback to the colonists and they became rebellious. They boycotted the trade relationship with England.

This annoyed the colonist. In , when a company of British soldiers were marching through the streets of Boston, the Americans showered on them snow balls.

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It created severe reaction among the Americans. The chief motive of this party was to resist the East India Company to sell tea in America.

On 16 December , under the leadership of Samuel Adams, some agitators of Boston Tea Party entered into the ship in the disguise of Red Indians and threw chests of the tea into the Sea.

This incident gave an impetus to the American War of Independence. The activities of Lord North prompted the Americans to unite. All the thirteen Colonies except Georgia met at Philadelphia in They sent a petition in association with an Olive Branch to the British Parliament demanding the repeal of the thirteen Acts passed by the British Parliament since Edmund Burke and Pitt, the Elder tried to find out the method of consiliation.

So, on 19 April, , the Americans killed eight British soldiers at Lexington.

On 4 July , the thirteen American Colonies met at Philadelphia for the second time. A paper was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and this Declaration of Independence was unanimously accepted in the Congress by the thirteen American Colonies. This historic document proclaimed the cause of the revolt. Then started the war between the American Colonies and England. In June Howe moved towards New York. George Washington was also ready.

He fled to South through New Jersey. Before Howe could reach the bank of river Dilaware Washington destroyed all the bridges thereby preventing Howe to proceed further.

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The British soldiers did not know about geographical location of America for which they were defeated. In , the combined army of France and Spain occupied Minorca.

Lord North was compelled to resign. The American War of Independence came to an end.

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Lord Shelburne became the Prime Minister of England. He concluded the peace treaty with the enemies.

Top 12 Causes of the American War of Independence

Great Britain acknowledged the independence of the United States of America. The year was glorious for both England and America.

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James palace as the first accepted representative of the U. Firstly, the thirteen colonies of America were freed from the clutches of their Mother Country. They combindly formed the United States of America. Secondly, the influence of American War of Independence was felt in the whole of Europe.

Lucia in the West Indies. Spain received Florida and Minorca from England.

Thirdly, the victory of the Americans influenced the people of France. The French people derived lesson from it. They wanted to experience the same in their own country.