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[PDF] Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to berisi berbagai macam walkthrough, kepada teman kalian Walkthrough. Lengkap Harvest Moon Back To Nature Indonesia PDF dan DOCX NATURE BAHASA INDONESIA www. Download. You can find book walkthrough harvest moon back to nature lengkap in our library and other format like: walkthrough harvest moon back to nature lengkap pdf. Thank you for downloading walkthrough game harvest moon ps1. As you may Walkthrough Harvest Moon Back to Nature Bahasa Indonesia. Harvest Moon ist.

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Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to Nature Versi Indonesia. Uploaded by Taika Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. Harvest Moon Neil Young. Walkthrough Lengkap Harvest. Moon Friends of Mineral Town Bahasa Indonesia. Walkthrough Harvest Moon Back to Nature - PDF. Harvest Moon and Natsume are registered trademarks of. Natsume Inc. . Insert the Harvest Moon Back to Nature disc and close the Disc Cover. Insert the.

Walkthrough Harvest Moon DS: You will walk to the beach and standing there. If Elli and Doctor still not married in the 3rd year, he will go to the church someday. Winter 13 Lives: Sometimes you will encounter Gotz and Louis. Told her about Harris's feeling.

Well, if you're a HM mania too, you'll know for sure that I don't write the other two My spelling here may be a perfect horrible since I don't use English daily, so please mail me to correct some words you find weird or something. One day, three years ago, I stop playing HM. Truth is, I hid the cd so I don't have to look at it. You know what? That game really have a magical power or something!

Every time I told myself to stop playing it, the next three minutes I found myself sit in the front of TV, hold the controller and move my character to his field But, I go to the PS shop and This is purely my mistake ask if they have a new game. The shop owner then offered me Harvest Moon for Girl! I tried to go away, but my legs won't move!

To my own good, I then decline it and ran away. Sometime later my bro told me about HM Then I try my best to forget it. That's worked out, somehow, if I don't go with him to the shop and he doesn't lend me his money to buy that game I even don't bring my own money to avoid bought it, but And I found it's even more challenging than another series, because it's only released in Japanese and I don't understand even a single word.

So I opened up my HM: BTN and began to understand it I update it. Sarah Sofia write an info about Cliff's ending below. And can I ask you guys something?? Could you please send me your contribution before final version?? I always tell you when I'm going to make it final, so send it to me before I became too tired to update it again. If you guys haven't send me a contribution for a reason, make sure you e-mail me before. I always open my email before I submit my updates, so I will gladly postponed it for a clear and reasonable contribution.

And that will ease not only me and the sites, but also the contributor. If I became too lazy to update my final, you guys may never be able to see your contribution ever. And don't blame me for that. By the way, thanks Sofia. Final Version , Jul I realize that I never put any info about the mirror you know, the weird mirror in your house ok, sorry, sorry, I forgot.

Indonesia bahasa to pdf back walkthrough nature moon harvest

Lately some people mail me about this. See the game-play info for the details. As I promise, this is a final version. I'm still answer your question via mail, and still as fast as I can be for some of you who accept my replies slow, sorry again Oh, by the way, if you want this to be released on English version, why don't you sign a petition?

There is one site still do it Liz's site ; see it on my contributed list. And if you want to buy it on Japanese version, visit www. This is not my site and I have nothing to do with it; this is just information. Version 5. I don't know what to wrote in anymore. Instead of asking me a challenging question, lately I got several boring question. You guys really know how to read, right? Then why does someone asking me if I should write the events???

Whew, whatever. I'm focusing on another walkthrough now, but I still accept your email, though I maybe not putting it inside this walkthrough. I will answer it via mail, but who knows, if I got an interesting one Whew, six month for a walkthrough Some people tell me I should stop here and make this final.

But I don't think so. I decided to make a continuous fanfic. I will start it, and you guys continue the story. Looks good? If you don't, I will do another thing. Maybe a day-by-day walkthrough. Or maybe I'll call it final. I surely can't put it into the FAQ section because it helps, instead of asking for it.

So I make a new section called 'a big help' which contains a lot of tricks from you guys! Thanks a lot for sent those for me, and keep doing that because I think I still need more help! I said I accept tips, questions, and critics if I wrote something weird here, but it doesn't mean you can send three letters to me everyday Yeah, you, I think I don't have to mention who you are, stop it!!

And if you wonder why-why-why I don't update it soon, I'm gonna tell you. I am a highschool student on the last year. And in my country here I am having a final exam!! Can't you wait until May 10?? Version 4. I added some thing on the recipes section, Kai's event section and the doctor's event section.

Also added the new question at the FAQ section. Must be forgot to fix some, but Version 3. I added the FAQ section because you guys send too much question that I can't answer it all by replying it back.

Version 2. Got no idea about the walkthrough, just completing some parts. Added the recipes section. Found some stupid mistakes. It looks like I've been forgetting some parts For anyone who know much of the game, please mail me. Version 1. Writing the basic, includes Table of Contents, Story, Character.

He then quickly wakes up the villager to told them that he has found a girl at their beach. When you're unconscious, your memory about one place comes up. It seems that when you are in a cruise ship. You have one friend strangely enough, he looks like Duke with that hair but you can't see his face 'cause your memory is shown by dark sephia tone.

You've passed many good time with him. The next is foreseen, of course. When you wakes up, it looks like you lost your memory about anything else but it. Zack has bring you to a shack, and the mayor looks like don't recognize you or is he? With Zack, he offers you to stay in this village until you don't suffer from amnesia anymore, and can tell him what brings you to that hideaway little village.

The mayor then shows you the farm; it belongs to the old farmer. At his last time he couldn't take care of the farm anymore, so when he died it becomes a complete mess. You think 'this place can be something more than this!! And that's how the game begin Saturdays Shogi Hour Sundays Notes: Sleep without diary entry - typically allows your characters to sleep. Sleep with diary entry - sleeps and allows you to save.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Guide

Read Diary - allows you to load another saved file. Exchange Animals - allows you to exchange animals before saved files. You will get one through fishing in the ocean. You will get one through mining in the mine.

You will get one through mining in the winter mine. Go to the mine found on the island surrounded by the frozen lake in Winter. Go behind the mine and hit O button to examine it.

You should find one. Go to the tree stump nears the bridge in Area 2 of Mother's Hill. Your Ax must be Copper Ax or better. You will get a prompt from the tree not to chop it down. Pick "Do not chop" and you will get a Power Berry. Win the Summer Swimming Race. Get medals and you will be able to buy the Power Berry. You need to plant more than flowers and Anna will visit you.

Throw 20 crops to the goddesss pond - Legendary Fish - Summer: Squid - You need to get a small fish. Next go to the ocean and throw the fish into the water. Cast your reel and fish for a day and you will get it sooner or later. Carp - You need to get the other five legendary fishes before you can start to fish for this one. During fall, go to the lake and cast your fishing reel Angler - You need to fish at the ocean during winter between 10pm to 8am.

You can get this with a fishing rod. Catfish - fish at the bottom of winter mine Any Season: After gotten all the four recipes, go to the 'Goddesss Pond' the waterfall and fish for this legendary fish. Sea Beam - You need to catch and sell more than fishes. At that day, bring the veggie inside your rucksack and go to mayor's house. Watch yourself everyday in the mirror. Keep a lot of accessories in your pink box. Bath often. Read a beauty magazine in the library, second floor, the most right shelf.

Do not get sick - PLACES - I try to figure up the village map: If you go to to the right from your farm it means you go to the village. To go to the mountain take the left path from your farm. Hot spring area In this area you will find a stair that will take you to the hot spring and the mine.

If you go down you will meet Gotz the woodcutter. You will oftenly meet Popuri, Ann and Karen here. Sometimes you will encounter Gotz and Louis.

Mother's Hill lake Take the left path from the hot spring area. This area has a lake that will frozen every winter and you can go to the small island on that lake. Fishing on the lake will give you a medium fish and some rare fish. There is a rumor that Kappa stays in this lake.

Gotz and Louis come here on the morning. Mother's hill flower garden Come across the bridge and you will come here. This place has so many flowers that different every season.

Sometimes it also has some rare flowers. Basil and his family love to visit this place.

Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to Nature Versi Indonesia

Mother's hill summit Just go straight from the flower garden area. This place has nothing but it's great view of village. On winter maybe you will encounter a happiness flower If you already play HM: BTN which I'm sure most of you had you don't need my explanation about this. There are twenty male, eleven female and seven harvest sprites in this game. Mayor Thomas Birthday: Summer 25 Lives: From your farm go straight until in the screen there is only a road to the right and three house.

His house is in the most right. He is, of course, the mayor of the village. He is the one who offers you to stay at the farm. He will tell you some of the festivals.

He wears a red clothes, red hat, he's tiny and he has a big red nose. He loves wine, he likes spa boiled-eggs, and turnips. He can accept a cake, a cabbage, and a cucumber. Avoid giving him ore. Daily work: At noon search him at the pub. At Saturday he's checking the signboard at the square.

Summer 29 Lives: He's a deliveryman. He will buy your farm's product and pay it right when he comes to your farm. He's the one who found you on the beach. He's a big brown guy with a big muscle. You'll easily recognize him anyway. It looks like he can gladly accept any food from the market.

He can also smile if you gave him wine, food, medicine and anything from your farm except the animal feed and weeds , but what he likes most is oil. He always wonders around, but strangely I can only found him at my farm at 5 o'clock and when he walks home at o'clock at night.

Jeff Birthday: Winter 29 Lives: Go right from Mayor's house. He does nothing for you except for his worth-it-goods at his market. Out of that, he doesn't seem friendly much. He always got a stomachache. That's him. Don't waste your time giving him anything from his market. If he wanted to, he can get it for himself.

And don't give him any liquids that make his stomachache getting worse. After all, what he needs is a medicine and a medicine grass. On Tuesday he's worshipping at the church. On Sunday he'll visit the clinic, and then went to the pub I wonder what he's doing there, he can't drink anything!

Barley Birthday: Spring 17 Lives: There it is. He sells livestocks.

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He also participate in the horse festival, cow festival and the sheep fest. An old man with a green clothes and a long beard. He's bold.

Nature moon pdf harvest back bahasa indonesia to walkthrough

He enjoys to visit the hot spring, so he also loves the spa boiled egg. But he also appreciates anything comes from your livestock. Everyday he's working at his ranch, but Monday is his fun time.

He ussualy play at the hot spring first, then visit his old friend Thomas. Lillia Birthday: Spring 19 Lives: You can hear a chicken? She sells chicken. She has a weak body, so she doesn't seen much out of his ranch.

Her husband is searching a medicine for her and going somewhere. Rick is her son. She looks like her daughter. Has a pink hair, sweet, but the difference is she wears a blue clothes. She's sick, so why don't you show your kindness by giving her a medicine?

Or some flowers and eggs, I'm sure she likes it. Always at her ranch, she's having a check up at the clinic once a week at Sunday. Saibara Birthday: Spring 11 Lives: I'm sure you'll see his house right after you went out from your farm. His house is right there, next to your farm! He's an artisan, so that means he will upgrade your tools and forging some tools and accesories for you.

Of course, you have to pay him. But think again, he has a handsome grandson, isn't he? His beards and hair is white. He also wears a green clothes, but he looks more scary than the good old Barley. Don't thinking about his suspicious face when you give him an ore! He's just like his grandson, shy and impulsive. If you wanna see him smile, try give him a wine or a riceball! Like every working people, stay at his workshop everyday.

At Saturday meet him at the market. Then he will go to the pub, as what he always do after work every night. Doug Birthday: Winter 11 Lives: He lives at that big building over there. He is a bartender on his pub, and an innkeeper. He only has one daughter named Ann. He will apreciate all your gift, if it is a normal gift. He looks nicer to you here than in HM: Maybe because he want you to be Ann's friend.

I've never see him going somewhere but his inn. Manna Birthday: Autumn 11 Lives: At Saturday her family go to the inn. Gotz Birthday: Autumn 2 Lives: If you need a lumber or want to upgrade your farm, he's the one to look for. It looks like he has a wife and a daughter that he lost on the mountain storm After 11 am he will go home with Louis. At Saturday he went to the village.

Mostly he ended up at the market. Won Birthday: Winter 19 Lives: But the crops you buy from him is a real value. But if you can give him money, he will be very happy Daily work: He always shows up at the restaurant after 1 pm. He seldom shows up to your farm too. Just watch out for what he sells.

Priest Carter Birthday: Autumn 20 Lives: You should know where it is, isn't it? He also buried your dead animals and help you if you wanna get married. He likes wine too! Never see him anywhere else. Greg Birthday: Spring 29 Lives: He give you his fishing pole. Louis Birthday: Spring 2 Lives: If you have a honey, give it to him so he can raise the price for you about 10 G.

Duke Birthday: Winter 15 Lives: His daughter Aja leave the village to become F-1 racer. Hates medicine Daily work: At night he went to the pub to get drunk. At Saturday he goes to the Inn and rarely, the church. Basil Birthday: Summer 11 Lives: Will tells you about the rare flower on the winter. Every night he goes to the pub. Anna Birthday: Autumn 23 Lives: Basil's wife, Mary's mom, one of the trio gossiper Appearance: On Monday she visits Lillia after shopping at the market with her daughter.

Sasha Birthday: Spring 30 Lives: Karen's mom. Don;t give her eggs Daily work: On Sunday she visits Lillia. On rainy day she will be on the market. Ellen Birthday: Winter 13 Lives: Wears a small glasses, always sits on her rock chair. Don't you ever give her a wine! Kano Birthday: Winter 2 Lives: He should have left 20 years ago, but he fall in love with this village Appearance: Harris Birthday: Summer 4 Lives: Mayor's son.

A policeman. Sometimes go to your farm to chat with you. Stu Birthday: Autumn 5 Lives: Elli's bro. Loves to play Appearance: May Birthday: Winter 26 Lives: The guys will be written in a special section below. RIVAL 1. Ann She is a daughter of Doug. Tomboy, energetic, but a good chef. Her birthday is at Summer She likes Cliff, wool, spa boiled egg and a veggie pancake. She ussualy take a breath of nice morning smell at the hot spring area.

Elli This nurse is a granddaughter of Ellen. She has a good skillful of medicine, but not so good on cooking. Her birthday is at Spring She loves Doctor, egg, milk and flowers. At Wenesday, she buy groceries at the market and then goes to Ellen's house.

Karen She is a daughter of Jeff and Sasha. She is pretty, honest, matured, and a terrible chef. She has a fond of Rick, wine, popcorn and truffles. Her birthday is at Autumn At Sunday and Tuesday night she's on the beach. At Sunday noon she went to the hot spring areas.

Walkthrough Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Bahasa Indonesia

Mary This shy girl is a daughter of Basil. She is clever, quiet, kind, and smart of cooking jam. She fall in love with Gray, medicine, poisonous mushrooms[really?? For me?

Her birthday is at Winter At Monday when her library is closed, this librarian goes shopping with her mom. Popuri She helps her mom on her Poultry farm. She is childish, happy, sweet, and has a talent of cooking sweets.

She really likes Kai, flowers, egg, and fruit. Her birthday is at Summer 3. At Sunday she wanders around the square and beach. Bold Birthday: Spring 4 Color: Staid Birthday: Spring 15 Color: Aqua Birthday: Spring 26 Color: Timid Birthday: Spring 16 Color: Hoggy Birthday: Spring 10 Color: Chef Birthday: Spring 14 Color: Nappy Birthday: Summer 22 Color: If you become the villager's friend, they will allow you to look at their bedroom - THE GUYS - OK, I won't waste your time, telling this or that, because I know that this part is what you wanna know.

Cliff Type: A friendly soul. What he thinks about you at the beginning: He'll accept you as his friends quickly, but after you become his pal, it's kinda hard to go on to make him as your boyfriend. He's not from this village. He left his family in the city for some reason He has no home, so he lives at the inn. Daily time: After he works, you can visit him at his workplace every Sunday, Monday, Wenesday and Friday.

Every Saturday he will accompany his boss's family to the church and got a lunch at the pub. Things you will get from him: The next day he will give you this. Go to the church at 12 o'clock. Priest Carter and Cliff are ready to go somewhere, and Priest ask you to watch for his church while he goes out.

Choose the first choice to say yes, the second choice means you're busy. I you choose yes, go out, and go in again. This time they are ready to go. After they left, go in to the room on the left, by choosing the first choice. Wait a while He'll looking for the priest. When he doesn't find anyone, he'll think that the priest is in that room. He will go in, and ready to make a confession.

You can choose to stay pretending first choice or tell him who you are second choice. What happens next is: First Choice: He'll make a confession and leaving, but when the priest and Cliff back, they will be very dissapointed to you, and Kai won't even know who you are.

Second choice: You tell him that the priest is going somewhere. Kai will be suprised at first, but then act nice to you. In a while priest and Cliff comes back. Kai will have a chat with the priest, then saying that you are a sweet girl. His heart level with you will rise up one color. Priest will be happy with you.

For the next time he will be a nice friend and will love to answers your questions. Cliff, will also instantly likes your attitude, then being your friend, his heart rise up one color. When you comes in, Ann will greeted you, then Doug will calls you to his corner. If you haven't meet Cliff before you didn't do the 'First Impressions' events Cliff will then be at that corner too. Doug will introduce you to him. He will then greet you. The first choice you choose will make him happy, the second will make him sad.

But whatever options you choose, his heart level will rise up one color as I say, he is a friendly man type. At autumn, Duke from Aja Winery will come to ask you for a help. He needs some workers to help him harvest his grape in the vineyard. Well, it pays well, so you can't say no truth is, he won't care whatever you say, he will go for it anyway This is a good thing to tell Cliff, isn't it? He doesn't have a job, and he will go forever from the village if the only chance he can get is not offered to him.

If you decide to tell Cliff, no matter you help Duke or not, Cliff will then work for him because Duke likes him. Well, Cliff is there! And after walking a few steps, he starts passed out! Go try wake him, and you will get his family picture. Then you will find yourselves walking to the pub and tells Ann that Cliff is in danger. All the crawl happens, and you will be at the clinic.

The Doctor will say that he is okay, but have to rest for a few days. The Doctor will like you more now, knowing that you are a good girl! There is nothing more you can do for Cliff now. So save that picture ad go out.

If you want to, visit Cliff on the clinic for days by bringing some presents: Bring your own medicine gift from home, as the Doctor maybe won't sell medicine for some days to take care of Cliff. Give it to the Doctor. This will make the Doctor and Cliff likes you more. Then talk to Cliff, he'll say thank you, telling you that he is missing his mom and sis on the city. Return the picture, so he will then tell you more about his family.

The next day he will be out from clinic. If you do this event when Cliff's heart is blue, he will then interested to you, making it easier to make him love you. It looks like a normal conversation at first, but suddenly you will notice that Ann's face going red. It means in a week they wil have their wed. Doctor Type: A matured man What he thinks about you at the beginning: But if you move on and impress him, he will honored you. Hard to friend with him, but when he's your friend, it's a very simple task to make him love you Appearance: He's coming from the city and it seems like he's opened the clinic here not so long before you arrived.

But you can find him at a very morning on the Mother's Hill, looking for a medicine grass. Every Wenesday it seems like he's going somewhere at the morning, and then going back to his clinic.

I think he sometimes visit Basil and go to the church. Poisonous mushroom Love: Thank you! He will give it to you if you invite him on the Star Night Festival. She's looking at your wound at ask if it hurts.

You can choose the first options it's nothing and you will be her friend. The second options excruciating will make the doctor your friend. Choose the second options. Elli will soon tells the doctor and he will heal your wound. Then he will praise you because you care about your health. This event will make doctor's heart goes purple. One day at the clinic Elli will say that the baby is cute.

Moon nature back to pdf walkthrough harvest bahasa indonesia

The doctor will ask Elli if she like babies. Elli thinks that this is a warning that he will fire her, so she answers carefully. But what happens next is, the doctor just says that she's fit to be a mother. Happened if the doctor has a blue heart. Visit the clinic and realize that Elli weren't stand behind the table as usual. Talk to the doctor. He will ask you what's wrong. The first option not so well Talk to him again, he will talking about Elli.

Talk to Elli who is hiding from the doctor. She will ask you if the doctor is good I don't understand this, she said, ", is he good? If you choose the second option it's nothing then he will ignore you.

Talk to him again, he will say that he worries about Elli. Elli will then walks towards you both, tells the doctor that she's okay now. She is happy that the doctor thinks about her. You will got a scene.

Elli feels bored. The doctor thinks that she's sick and suggest her to rest. Elli will feel happy because he cares about her. If Elli and Doctor still not married in the 3rd year, he will go to the church someday. Bad luck, you're there when he's at the confession room. He will explain his plan about leaving the village to the priest.

He thinks that his job here is only help people gaving birth, and Elli can do it herself. When he's out of that room, he realized that you heard all his confession. He's not telling much about it and leaving. If you go to the clinic then, he already tells Elli about his plan. Elli tried to stop her, and she's succeed.

They then will married in one week. If you didn't go to the clinic, go to the beach. The doctor is really to leave now.

Elli try to stop him, and at the end tells her feelings about him. Well, they will have a wedding in a week Gray Type: But he likes Mary too. This make him very confused, and very easy to get. He's from the city. He's moving here to live with his gramps. He supposed to live with Saibara, but because of At night he will be at the inn.

Gray will be in front of Saibara's house, walking back and forth. After he realizes that you were watching him, he will be embarassed and comes in. Inside, he will thinks about girls. Not so clear who is he talking about, but it could be you. Saibara will then comes out from his room, asking if his task is done. Gray didn't finish his task at all. Saibara is upset. He kicks his grandson out and not letting him stay after he finished his task.

Gray will realized that you hear all that fight. Harvest Moon: Blogger Admin. Cari Disini. Popular Posts Minggu ini. Walkthrough Xenogears Bahasa Indonesia. Walkthrough Lord of Arcana Bahasa Indonesia.

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