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To Seduce a Sinner book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale, has a problem: he needs to marry. To Seduce A Sinner is the second book in Elizabeth Hoyt's historical romance series Legend of the Four Soldiers. legend of the four soldiers) by elizabeth hoyt in pdf form, then you've come to the to seduce a sinner librarydoc22 pdf this our library download file free pdf.

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To Seduce a Sinner. Home · To Seduce a Sinner Author: Hoyt Elizabeth. 31 downloads Views How To Seduce a Sinner · Read more · To Seduce a. Read To Seduce a Sinner (Legend of the Four Soldiers #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. To Seduce a Sinner is a Romance novel by. four soldiers series book 2" dec 19, - [free pdf] to seduce a sinner legend legend of the four soldiers series, book 2) by elizabeth hoyt in pdf format, in that.

Some say that Melisande is boring, unfeeling, passive and a doormat. These two were an interesting pair. The subplot overshadowed the relationship completely. Gio Listmaker. But man, I slowly slowly fell in love with him and then the end was the clincher for me. I loved how Vale and Melisande's relationship grew and Vale's protectiveness when the villain took her to the rooftop and threatened to kill her. If that makes me passive or boring, I can live with that.

Everything was disjointed, heroine's so called love for hero, her passionate personality at nights, hero's obssesion for finding the traitor at war, his sudden intrest for his wife without any evidence for it I could hardly finish it. Everything was disjointed, heroine's so called love for hero, her passionate personality at nights, hero's obssesion for finding the traitor at war, his sudden intrest for his wife without any evidence for it I think, I can say enourmous things about the book but almost all of them are not good.

I think, I should be more careful when choosing an Elizabeth Hoyt book, as it seems I can hardly be satisfied by her stories. View all 9 comments. Not bad, not great. It just fell completely flat for me. It took me awhile to get to even 'liking' it to be honest. I wasn't blown away and the characters took a while to grow on me.

I was half way into the book and found myself not caring for either the hero or heroine I was told by several that this series was best read in order or e 2. I was told by several that this series was best read in order or else I would be lost. The only two that caught my interest were this one and TBAB simply because of the blurb on the back of the book. I know there is a mystery plot that weaves throughout the four books, but I'm more interested in the couple's stories.

As for this couple's story, let's just say, not what I was expecting to get. Lady Melisande Fleming has been in love with Lord Vale for years and when he's left at the alter unexpectedly, Melisande jumps at the chance and offers to be his bride. The issue I had right from the start and made this story drag out forever for me was the heroine's stand point of refusing to let Jasper know about her true feelings and not letting him in when he would try to woo her.

That made absolutely no sense to me. It defeats the whole purpose of getting married if you ask me. You've wanted him, you got him yet you don't want to love again? It was very frustrating to say the least.

I also found it selfish as hell, to offer the man you love marriage only to box him in a loveless marriage all because you don't want to put your heart on the line. Plus her standoffish and brittle and sometimes impatient attitude towards him did not endear me to her. It was emphasized more than once that she's secretly loved this man for years yet her behavior around him left me completely baffled.

He would ask her questions about herself and she would instantly be suspicious and on guard and ask him why. It drove me nuts everytime she would put up a wall and snap at him 'you don't know me' I just really have no patience for brittle uptight heroines who go out of their way to make things more difficult not only for themselves but the hero as well.

It's nonsensical and to be blunt As for the plot, I wanted more. It was like the two lived completely separate lives.

I found it incredibly bizarre how he would go out at evenings to balls and gatherings and not even bother to ask her to accompany him. Um huh?? Of course she's not a social butterfly and hates going out but I felt he could have compromised. Same goes for her. I just did not get that connection or chemistry between the two.

It was very frustrating because I felt some of the characters' motivations weren't explained or didn't make sense. That being said, things started to pick up in the second half of the book, I grew to like and understand both characters more and see the affection and secrete love grow stronger I just really wish Hoyt emphasized this more through the book and did something more with it.

I really liked the last chapter wished I got more of that through the book. We saw him talking about it, thinking about it but he covered a lot of it up with a jolly humorous facade who'd like to laugh and have fun. Yes, he finally opened up to Melisande about it and it played into the mystery plot of who betrayed his regiment during the Spinner's Falls massacre, but I wanted more, was expecting more.

I also thought the little side-love story between Melisande's maid Sally and Jasper's valet Mr. Pynch was really sweet and endearing. The little snippets of them was very cute and made me actually want more of them. They made such a surprise pairing, complete polar opposites, I love stories like that. All in all, it was good her writing style takes some getting used to though. It didn't really motivate me to read her other books but I'm gonna give her another try.

I just really hope the next one is better than this. View 1 comment. I wanted this to be over. It was tedious. She has loved him from afar for several years. He enjoys socializing and has had many lovers. Melisande sees this as her chance.

She approaches him and offers marriage. He says yes. I do not understand why he said yes. She is shy, prim, and proper. Their conversation is so boring. I could I wanted this to be over. I could never understand how they could enjoy being together, converse, and fall in love. She replies that she has none. After a few days of this, he realizes he loves her.

He calls her my lady wife and my heart. They both have secrets. His secret is that he still feels stress from fighting in the army causing him to sleep on the floor. Her secret is that she loves him. She tells herself it will be a disaster if he ever discovers this. This feels like a book about nothing. There are several sex scenes that are ok but not special. For some reason Jasper is reluctant to have sex with Melisande.

So, she is the one who must initiate things - coming to him, undressing him, etc. This was the major relationship event. Secondary stories involve Jasper talking to various men trying to discover who the traitor was. See next paragraph. For conflict, a few times outside bad guys came along to attack or cause stress. This is book 2 in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series. There is a mystery that flows through all the books which I believe will be solved in book 4.

There was a British traitor who caused some men to be taken prisoner and tortured seven years ago. Thus a somewhat disappointing cliffhanger feel. She puts one paragraph at the beginning of each chapter of the book.

In the physical books, I skipped those. I was annoyed at having to listen to them.


They took me out of the story. They felt like TV commercial interruptions. The narrator Anne Flosnik does a fine job. Unabridged audiobook reading time: Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Book copyright: Dates are copyright dates. The Raven Prince. The Leopard Prince. The Serpent Prince. To Seduce a Sinner. To Beguile a Beast. View 2 comments. May 19, Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana rated it it was ok Shelves: The beginning pissed me off.

The description of her plainness was horrid. I ended up pitying the girl and wanting her to just keep her pride and not even bother. He was very blatant in his perusal and how he found almost nothing to be satisfactory. Plus, the idea of a girl waiting around as some guy bags everyone is pathetic. Grow some back bone and move on, he probably has venereal disease anyway Jul 12, Daniella rated it really liked it. Does anyone have some smelling salts? Because I'm perilously close to fainting from too much fangirling.

Oh, dear Lord this was such an amazing read! I almost didn't read this because To Taste Temptation , the first book in the series, frustrated me so much it was all I could do not to throw my Kindle across the room. But this God, this just makes me want to do a victory dance. Needless to say, To Seduce a Sinner is a keeper.

Let me fangirl about Jasper first. I absolutely loved him to bits! He Does anyone have some smelling salts? He was such an amusing person and played the part of the rakish wastrel very well. His wittiness also elevated brightened up the book and made the slow start very bearable for me.

And I'm not usually drawn to such a character, with my preference for stoic and reserved men, but he was so sweet, caring and cute that I found myself falling for him early on in the book. He didn't have a nasty bone in his body, and I love, love, love him for it! While I loved Jasper immediately, I can't say the same for Melisande. Yes, I understood her intentions and I believe they justified her actions in the story, but she takes some time to warm up to.

I found her a bit too snarky at the beginning, especially when she was bent on protecting her heart from Jasper, but she became more and more likeable as the story progressed. I liked how she didn't mince her words around Jasper--how she spoke her mind. She was fierce when the situation warranted it, but she can also be kind and caring.

The secondary romance between Sally, Melisande's lady's maid, and Mr. Pynch, Jasper's valet, was very cute and entertaining. I absolutely giggled whenever they flirted. The sex scenes were great, but weren't as hot as those found in her other books, like The Raven Prince and The Leopard Prince. And while I'm not a big fan of BDSM, I was surprised to see myself unperturbed by the subtle sadomasochist undertones in the scenes. Note that they're very subtle, like a slight power play between the participants and a scene where Melisande was tied to the bed.

Take my word for it that they didn't give me the creepers at all. In fact, they actually seemed natural and damn exciting. Good job, Ms.

To Seduce A Sinner

I do have a few issues with the story, though. But first, I have to make it clear that there's no doubt in my mind that Melisande and Jasper were meant to be together. I think they complemented each other well; Melisande would reign in Jasper's penchant for tomfoolery, while Jasper would bring laughter to Melisande's otherwise serious life. My issue lies in the way Ms. Hoyt handled Jasper's attraction to his new wife.

On one second, he barely noticed her, and then-- BAM --he's in lust with her. It was just too sudden, too unnatural. I also thought that the angst was a tad bit overplayed in the story, making Jasper seem a little overdramatic at times. Despite its flaws, this is still a really enjoyable book. I would definitely read it again in the future. And I'm very excited for the next one in the series; Alistair and Helen were built up nicely here and I'm curious to witness their love story.

Sep 29, boogenhagen rated it it was amazing Shelves: This one is my favorite of the four, excellent story, excellent characters and a really, really happy HEA. View all 4 comments. Mar 19, Milica's Bookshelf rated it it was amazing Shelves: Divna, zaista divna knjiga. Historical Romance Fans. Links and Commentary A friend recently posted a review for this book. With Duchess Nicole's permission I'm including a link to it here. Nicole captures so much of what makes To Seduce a Sinner a fulfilling romance.

Elizabeth Hoyt breaks away from the archetypical hero and heroine. She provides an emotionally tormented hero with survivor's guilt and a bad case of post-traumatic disorder.

His sociable and easy-going nature survives captivity and psychological torture. Jasper, the hero, e 4. Jasper, the hero, enjoys the ton's social whirl; however, the heroine finds the same setting loaded with meaningless chatter and insipid people. Melisande is an introverted heroine.

It's a different story in the bedroom. Not so shy, our Melisande! Her dirty talk is not jarring, either. Melisande has a vast array of emotions and experiences to support her behavior. To Seduce a Sinner was my first Elizabeth Hoyt book. It's one of my top 5 re-reads. If you haven't tried this author's work this book can stand alone, despite being part of a series. View all 5 comments. Yeni bir gelini. Let me try to explain.

Read To Seduce a Sinner online free by Elizabeth Hoyt | Novelscom

You've just finished a pretty satisfying meal at a nice restaurant and a dessert cart rolls around and there are mounds of decadent desserts and one plain chocolate mousse cake. Most people wouldn't even look twice at the chocolate mousse cake and instead go for the large syrupy cake that is currently on fire BUT that would be a mistake. That cake, though plain compared to everything else, is a melt-in-your-mouth slice of baked goodness.

Neither too sweet or too dry; Yummy. Neither too sweet or too dry; it's very nearly perfect. Which brings me to our main character Melisande Fleming. She is that plain piece of chocolate cake who has been in love with Jasper Vale for six years, since his return from the war in the Colonies, but Jasper has been too busy looking and sampling the other desserts to notice her.

Melisande, Emeline's best friend from the previous Four Soldiers book, is 'plain'. Most of that is due to her own decision. Dressing in drab 'squirrely' browns, plain cut gowns and with an aversion to crowds, Melisande is an expert at hiding in plain sight. She is smart, funny, quick, stubborn and has the capacity to love "big" with both her mind and body. She proposes to Vale and then seduces him, more with her mind than her body but it sure is great to read the parts about their unions.

Vale, is the complete opposite of Melisande. Outgoing, friendly and knows how to gather a crowd - he has his own secrets as well. While Melisande's hiding is a way for her to hide her heart and her feelings, Vale is hiding his fear.

As he continues the quest that was set forth in the first book, of finding out who the traitor was at Spinner's Falls, he finds himself following paths that are not easy or simple and then he faces the largest problem of all - he is falling in love with his wife. I enjoyed reading the scenes with Vale and Melisande and their sparring. Hoyt is good at having her characters speak to each other without revealing anything but yet revealing everything.

What is also a really good thing with this series so far is that each book introduces the characters for the next book in a way that they are part of the story without becoming the main characters.

They are just interesting enough for the reader to want to know more. Melisande, unlike Emeline, is more of a heroine that I can identify with and I'm glad I continued to read the series because if I had stopped at Emeline's story I would have missed out on this tale of secrets, love and truth. View all 6 comments. This is one of my favourite books of all time. It has all the elements I love in a book; great scarred hero, heroine head over heels in love with hero for years when he doesn't know it, plain but very smart and interesting heroine, great conversation between hero and heroine, some humour, interesting little twists and discovery on both sides of the wonders of each other - the heroine who already loves the H, but finds there's even more wonders to discover in him, and the H who didn't even really This is one of my favourite books of all time.

It has all the elements I love in a book; great scarred hero, heroine head over heels in love with hero for years when he doesn't know it, plain but very smart and interesting heroine, great conversation between hero and heroine, some humour, interesting little twists and discovery on both sides of the wonders of each other - the heroine who already loves the H, but finds there's even more wonders to discover in him, and the H who didn't even really know h existed until he married her out of hand, and the discovery that she's so much more than anyone has ever known.

He finds he's inadvertently married an absolute gem of a woman, and not because she suddenly becomes beautiful on the outside, but because she's so wonderful on the inside, she then shines.

I loved that the heroine had been in love with the hero for years and the reason he went, for her, from being just a shallow social rattle to absolute hero in the heroine's eyes - a chanced moment in time that she stumbled on that changed her world. I loved the conversations between the pair, the heroine trying so hard to keep her love a secret from H, and H knowing that she has secrets and vowing to discover what they are.

Him continually trying to discover what makes her tick, and her continually trying to conceal it. I loved the way he went about discovering her secrets. I loved especially when the H discovered one of her biggest secrets, the way he cherishes her when a shallower man would have turned from her.

It's a book about both H and h discovering each other - the heroine trying to work out why the H shows such a shallow face to the world, what he's hiding, and the H discovering there's more to his little mouse than meets the eye. This writer really knows how to write.

She's one of my favourite authors, with so many really wonderful books. Although I must say she does miss from time to time, and for me she goes from greatness to mediocrity and back again all the time. But when she's on, like this book, gosh, she writes a wonderful book. To me, this book is so very underrated, but lucky me, I know it's a great one! All in all a keeper of the highest order and one a very few books I will reread from time to time.

I read this book three years ago, and it is still in my top 5 books of all time and I can't see it being surplanted any time soon. Jun 04, Manda Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, yesterday was kind of sucktastic. It was a Monday always bad and the weather had turned cold.

And for some reason my turtleneck collar would not stay flat stupid, I know, but when your clothes are bugging you all day you get a little crabby.

And the JAL I wanted to save for the weekend. So, I made a cup of tea, grabbed the Hoyt and curled up to read. God, that was a good read. When Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale is left at the altar by the pretty widgeon he had chosen for her large…assets, he is less upset by her decampment than by his massive hangover.

She offers to marry him. Intrigued, Vale agrees and they marry a few weeks later. What ensues is a journey from lust to love, from secrets to truth, from loneliness to companionship. Have done since The Raven Prince, but this book is my favorite thus far. All my favorite authors do it, and Hoyt is especially skilled at it. She knows just what to do to keep me, the reader, wanting more.

Oct 25, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the 2nd in the 4th soldiers series. This is Melisande and Jasper's story. Jasper is the clown of the four, he always has a smile or a joke.

Everybody manifest problems with it in a variety of different ways. I don't want to reveal Jasper's, but I will say I want to talk about it with some of you ladies to find out whether Hoyt actually addressed the men getting better with this condition. Melisande was a hard nut to crack. We found out why she was reserved and that she had trouble with large crowds.

But we never knew why she preferred to dress the way she did and why she was so determined not to attract attention to herself. She has been in love with Jasper for 5 years and once he has been left as the alter she takes her chance and agrees to marry him. Jasper has strange ideas of what a wife's duties are and how he fits in with those duties.

It takes all of Melisande's courage to show him how she wants him to act in and out of the marital bed. That first night I was saying what?? But eventually she did get her way and I must say the love scenes in this book were ratcheted up a notch and were very satisfying.

They made a perfect couple, because he brought light to her dark and she let him him know it was ok to be in the dark that she was there to hold him. Very poignant and heartfelt book. Very, very good book and I am so looking forward to reading the next in the series. I'm a huge, huge fan of Elizabeth Hoyt's novels. I began to read everything she has written but sadly, I'll soon be done with them all - even if a new series is coming up, yay! She writes awfully good characters: I love her wit, the banter, the intelligence of the characters.

I'm looking forward each time to reading her stories, to find I'm a huge, huge fan of Elizabeth Hoyt's novels. I'm looking forward each time to reading her stories, to find out what she has devised, and I have a fairly good idea of who's coming next in the Legend of the Four Soldiers and it's going to be awesome, I'm certain!

Her books are different: I like a fun historical romance as much as the next girl, but with Elizabeth Hoyt? I know I'm going to be hooked, I know I'm not going to be able to put down the book, I know I'm going to bite everyone who tries to distract me from the story, I know I'm going to be deep into that universe and will not want to let go until the last word.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a fan, lol! Update with my notes, I forgot my notes earlier: Absolutely unexpected and so, so funny! Well, except for Melisande, but she'll recover ; - The razor scene? Ah, I do need to get the next book! So instead of finishing the book, I am poring over the reviews. It is always absolutely fascinating to see different opinions on one book and how everyone responds differently.

Since I am on the positive side, I pay more attention to negative reviews. I want to know what ticked them off, what annoyed them. It is kind of an anthropological inquiry for me.

Since many reviews have done a great job of detaling the plots, I will leave th ah I don't want this book to end.

Pdf sinner hoyt elizabeth to seduce a

Since many reviews have done a great job of detaling the plots, I will leave that out in this particular review. I want to say something about the characters and the relationship. I like the story, and it has everything to do with being able to relate to the personalities. Let's start with Melisande.

Some say that Melisande is boring, unfeeling, passive and a doormat. I suppose she is all that, if you do not know what it is like to be an introvert with a pride issue. So very often that we are a lot of things, it is how you see it that makes the real difference. I suppose for someone who appreciates an outgoing girl who is outspoken and full of life, one would find Melisande bland and boring. She was 28 years old, once heartbroken by a then suitor and secretly in love with Jasper, the hero in this book, for 6 years.

I could totally imagine why she would keep quiet and like to stay in the background. It is bad enough that you are in love with someone how hardly notices you. I would most certainly hide away any affections. Not everyone wants to wear her heart on her sleeves in love. I don't want to "fight" for love nor do I appreciate aggressive pursuits of females. This is something I simply would not do. If someone else wants to do it, be my guest.

It doesn't mean I think it is smart. Any introverts would understand, being reserved does not mean being a doormat. It simply means: I do not deem it necessary to speak up.

If that makes me passive or boring, I can live with that. For me, it is better than having a "loud" personality. I think this is why I feel an affinity to Melisande. I feel that I know at least a part of her, the part where she held herself in pride and silence, the part that she did not feel comfortable disclosing unless in the protection of darkness.

Then there is her fortitude, Quiet strength. Melisande is a "plain Jane" character. Most writers would capitalize on that, make her an insecure spinster. But Elizabeth Hoyt took a different route. Melisande may not be the most beautiful girl in the room, but she is a woman. And every woman, plain or not, has her charms. For most of the book, I had great fun with Jasper. I thought him funny. I read that some readers thought him a cad and find his first "lovemaking" attempt pathetic.

Maybe so. But this is how Elizabeth Hoyt intended it to be, no? She wanted to write a lame first sex scene because how could it be good? I appreciate that scene much better than I would have a fantastic sexual awakening. This is about 2 people coming to learn about each other physically without knowing each other well.

If the first time turned out to be awkward, is this so unusual? I mean it is great and all that the man is a great lover, but I get tired of great lovers. If skills are all what matters, why do we bother with getting to know each other?

Men should just display their "skills" in courtships and we pick whoever is best at "firing our passions". I have always felt that sex scenes in romance novels are abused. Many writers use sex to spice things up for the readers. Not Elizabeth Hoyt. She writes steamy intimate scenes but she puts them there for a reason. It provides the characters an opportunity to really see each other as a partner in an intimate act. It is the time where 2 people come together in bodies, and in a Hoyt novel, in souls.

This book is not my favorite book ever, in the sense that I am not emotionally invested in Jasper and Melisaned. There are other stories who really hit a note in my heart, To seduce a sinner is not one of them hence no 5 stars. But it is well-written and an extremely entertaining romance story. Great character development. Worth every penny. View all 8 comments. Dec 14, Christa rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this second book in the four soldiers series quite alot.

I liked the interaction between the hero and heroine, and the acceptance they showed for one another. The hero is somewhat tortured and suffers from PTSD, but he is a good natured, loving man. The heroine is somewhat reserved due to events in her past, but she is caring and loyal. So far, I have enjoyed all of the books this author has written, and I look foward to the next.

When Jasper Renshaw, Lord Vale, is abandoned by his fia I enjoyed this second book in the four soldiers series quite alot. When Jasper Renshaw, Lord Vale, is abandoned by his fiance on his wedding day, Melisande Fleming proposes that he marry her.

Jasper is intrigued, and as he doesn't really think it much matters who he takes as his bride, he agrees. Melisande has loved Jasper afar for years, and she yearns to be with him. She sees her love for him as a serious weakness and she is determined to keep it hidden. Jasper has been at gatherings that included Melisande many times over the years, but he hasn't even taken enough notice of her to remember her name. This doesn't sound like an auspicious beginning to a marriage, but Jasper and Melisande get along well together, mostly due to his seemingly unfailing good nature.

Jasper flirts and jokes with his new bride, and he is shocked but gratified when he realizes that she is a woman of extraordinary passion.

Pdf sinner elizabeth hoyt to a seduce

As Jasper and Melisande come to know and care for one another, they each have secrets that must be revealed. Soon, Jasper's military past threatens to endanger their very lives, and he must save Melisande so that they can have a future together.

To sinner seduce pdf hoyt elizabeth a

This was an enjoyable story with likeable characters. Each chapter begins with a small portion of a fairy tale. In the story, Melisande is translating the fairy tales from German for her friend, Emeline, the heroine of the previous novel in the series. Melisande gives her translation to a friend so that the fairy tales will be written in a fine hand. This friend will be the heroine in the next book of the series, with the hero a terribly scarred survivor from the same traumatic incident that Jasper.

Lord Vale, endured. Elizabeth Hoyt has become a must read for me, and I look forward to her next book. Jun 15, Jasmine rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was one of the worst romance books I've ever read. There was no chemistry, the attraction seems forced and the conversations are so dull that after a while I skipped most of the nonsense.

And hello, is anyone interested in the story of the maid and valet's love? And the steamy scenes were not really steamy, they were rather crude and funny. I mean, it's not their love and care for each other that brings them together but their lust and need for pleasure. There are no answers to why these tw This was one of the worst romance books I've ever read. There are no answers to why these two completely different people are for each other. Another annoying thing was the drastic change in the characters between day and night.

To Seduce a Sinner

I wanted to slap Melisande and shake her to her senses and start speaking her mind instead of thinking quietly inside her mind, come on, how could you expect Jasper to be aware of you when all you do was avoid mixing in the crowds and silently longing for his love?

And then blame him for not noticing you, how stupid is that? And as if this ridiculousness wasn't enough, there was that irritating dog, Mouse, always nagging and disturbing my already crumb-sized interest in the book. Apr 11, Gilgamesha rated it it was amazing. Ok that wedding night scene was icky Jasper is a beta hero I really adored Jasper View all 3 comments. Nov 01, Julie jjmachshev rated it liked it Shelves: Reviewed for queuemyreview.

Each chapter is also headed by a scene from a fairy tale that, in some way, mirrors the story of the no Reviewed for queuemyreview. Each chapter is also headed by a scene from a fairy tale that, in some way, mirrors the story of the novel. Melisande has loved Vale for years. She loved him through his engagement to her best friend.

She loved him while watching him seduce and beguile a parade of lovers. So when she attends his wedding, where he is jilted at the altar, she seizes her opportunity and asks HIM to marry HER. To her surprise and delight he says yes. He figures their marriage will be like that of most of the ton. Is she the seductress she plays at night or the prim and proper society matron she appears by day?

These two were an interesting pair. Both determined to live out their lives yet still allowing their behaviors to be ruled by events of the past. There were several things that bothered me while I read this book. The heroine was cold throughout the book. Even when some of her actions seemed kind and loving, she herself never came off that way to me.

And the hero wore the face of a jester, constantly using banter to cover any hurts and so I never really understood the depths of his guilt. These two things made the pairing a difficult one for me to understand and feel emotionally.

And even the sex felt like, well…sex. Not making love, sex. Hot sex, but just sex. The acceptance was great, but…no questions? In that time period in that country? Uh, no. And then the story just blithely moves on? Ummm, OK. If nothing else, see what you think about the upcoming hero. I really, really enjoyed this book. The only reason I didn't rate it with 5 stars, is that it took me a while to like the heroine, but after I did, I simply loved it.

To seduce a sinner, is the story of Jasper, Viscount Vale and Melisande. Vale, has been left in the altar for the second time and Melisande, who has secretly watched him for years, feels he may be desperate enough to marry her instead. Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale, has a problem: All Jasper wants is to find a lady who will put up with him long enough to wed so he can retreat to his life of debauchery—a life that keeps the haunting memories of his past at bay.

Knowing that Jasper is under pressure to marry, Melisande Fleming grasps her fate with both hands and volunteers to wed him. Although Jasper is initially only interested in producing an heir, he soon becomes entranced by his wife—prim and proper by day, wanton by night—and vows to learn her secrets. Melisande, however, is determined to keep her husband at a distance. She has loved, and lost, before, and will do anything to keep him from learning her terrible weakness: But to her chagrin, her husband pursues her, wooing her as if she were a paramour, not his lady wife.

As Melisande and Jasper embark on a passionate game of cat and mouse, secrets from the past begin to resurface Top novels. Sins of Sevin. Penelope Ward. Stepbrother Dearest. To Kill a Mockingbird. Never Never.