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objective electrical technology by v k - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Objective Electrical Technology by Mehta and Mehta is a comprehensive collection of multiple choice questions specifically for the. Electrical engineering aspirants who are looking for best book of objective electrical then this book is best for you,According to me this book is.

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Part – I: Basic Electrical Engineering. Basic Concepts; D.C. Circuits; Network Theorems; Electrical Work, Power and Energy. Electrical Engineering: Objective Type published by Satya Prakashan in the year is a book consisting of over 10, Just check them easily chapterwise on the below link ; Electrical Engineering Objective Questions MCQ with Answer Free Pdf Download You can even get this .

Ruma January 21, A field of force can exist only between a two molecules b two ions c two atoms d two metal particles Ans: The conductance of the circuit is a 1 n-mho b mho c 1 milli-mho d none of the above Ans: When a voltage of one volt is applied, a circuit allows one micro ampere current to flow through it. An electric filament bulb can be worked from a D. Electric pressure is also called a resistance b power c voltage d energy Ans:

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Book electrical pdf objective

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[PDF] Objective Electrical Technology By V.K Mehta,‎ Rohit Mehta Book Free Download

Get New Updates Email Alerts Enter your email address to subscribe this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join With us. Today Updates. Four wires of same material, the same cross-sectional area and the same length when connected in parallel give a resistance of 0. If the same four wires are connected is series the effective resistance will be a 1 Q b 2 Q c 3 Q d 4 Q Ans: A current of 16 amperes divides between two branches in parallel of resistances 8 ohms and 12 ohms respectively.

[PDF] Electrical Engineering Objective Type By A.Handa, M.Handa Book Free Download

The current in each branch is a 6. Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature co-efficient of resistance? You have to replace Q resistor in radio. You have no Q resistor but have several Q ones which you would connect a two in parallel b two in parallel and one in series c three in parallel d three in series Ans: Two resistors are said to be connected in series when a same current passes in turn through both b both carry the same value of current c total current equals the sum of branch currents d sum of IR drops equals the applied e.

Which of the following statement is true both for a series and a parallel D. Which of the following materials has a negative temperature co-efficient of resistance?


Which is the best conductor of electricity? For which of the following 'ampere second' could be the unit? A resistance having rating 10 ohms, 10 W is likely to be a a metallic resistor b carbon resistor c wire wound resistor d variable resistor Ans: Which one of the following does not have negative temperature co-efficient?

Varistors are a insulators 6 non-linear resistors c carbon resistors d resistors with zero temperature coefficient I am Bilal Nasir Certified Engineer under Washington Accord Address: Insulating materials have the function of a preventing a short circuit between conducting wires b preventing an open circuit between the voltage source and the load c conducting very large currents d storing very high currents Ans: The rating of a fuse wire is always expressed in a ampere-hours b ampere- volts c kWh d amperes Ans: The minimum charge on an ion is a equal to the atomic number of the atom b equal to the charge of an electron c equal to the charge of the number of electrons in an atom zero Ans: In a series circuit with unequal resistances a the highest resistance has the most of the current through it b the lowest resistance has the highest voltage drop c the lowest resistance has the highest current d the highest resistance has the highest voltage drop Ans: The filament of an electric bulb is made of a carbon b aluminium c tungsten d nickel Ans: A 3 Q resistor having 2 A current will dissipate the power of a 2 watts b 4 watts c 6 watts d 8 watts Ans: Which of the following statement is true?

The resistance of a few meters of wire conductor in closed electrical circuit is a practically zero b low c high d very high Ans: If a parallel circuit is opened in the main line, the current a increases in the branch of the lowest resistance b increases in each branch c is zero in all branches d is zero in the highest resistive branch Ans: If a wire conductor of 0. Three 60 W bulbs are in parallel across the 60 V power line.

If one bulb burns open a there will be heavy current in the main line b rest of the two bulbs will not light c all three bulbs will light d the other two bulbs will light Ans: The four bulbs of 40 W each are connected in series swift a battery across them, which of the following statement is true? What will be energy used by the battery if the battery has to drive 6. A closed switch has a resistance of a zero b about 50 ohms c about ohms d infinity Ans: The hot resistance of the bulb's filament is higher than its cold resistance because the temperature co-efficient of the filament is a zero b negative c positive d about 2 ohms per degree Ans: Heat in a conductor is produced on the passage of electric current due to a reactance b capacitance c impedance d resistance Ans: The insulation on a current carrying conductor is provided a to prevent leakage of current b to prevent shock c both of above factors d none of above factors Ans: The thickness of insulation provided on the conductor depends on a the magnitude of voltage on the conductor b the magnitude of current flowing through it c both a and b d none of the above Ans: Which of the following quantities remain the same in all parts of a series circuit?

A 40 W bulb is connected in series with a room heater. If now 40 W bulb is replaced by W bulb, the heater output will a decrease b increase c remain same d heater will burn out Ans: In an electric kettle water boils in 10 m minutes. It is required to boil the boiler in 15 minutes, using same supply mains a length of heating element should be decreased b length of heating element should be increased c length of heating element has no effect on heating if water d none of the above Ans: An electric filament bulb can be worked from a D.

Resistance of a tungsten lamp as applied voltage increases a decreases b increases c remains same d none of the above Ans: Electric current passing through the circuit produces a magnetic effect b luminous effect c thermal effect d chemical effect e all above effects Ans: Resistance of a material always decreases if a temperature of material is decreased 6 temperature of material is increased c number of free electrons available become more d none of the above is correct Ans: If the efficiency of a machine is to be high, what should be low?

When electric current passes through a metallic conductor, its temperature rises. This is due to a collisions between conduction electrons and atoms b the release of conduction electrons from parent atoms c mutual collisions between metal atoms d mutual collisions between conducting electrons Ans: Two bulbs of W and W rated at V will have resistance ratio as a 4: A glass rod when rubbed with silk cloth is charged because a it takes in proton b its atoms are removed c it gives away electrons d it gives away positive charge Ans: Whether circuit may be AC.

When one leg of parallel circuit is opened out the total current will a reduce b increase c decrease d become zero Ans: In a lamp load when more than one lamp are switched on the total resistance of the load a increases b decreases c remains same d none of the above Ans: Two lamps W and 40 W are connected in series across V alternating.

Book pdf objective electrical

Which of the following statement is correct? Resistance of V, W lamp will be a 4. In the case of direct current a magnitude and direction of current remains constant b magnitude and direction of current changes with time c magnitude of current changes with time d magnitude of current remains constant Ans: When electric current passes through a bucket full of water, lot of bubbling is observed.

This suggests that the type of supply is a A. Resistance of carbon filament lamp as the applied voltage increases. Bulbs in street lighting are all connected in a parallel b series c series-parallel d end-to-end Ans: For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be a very low b low c high d any value Ans: Switching of a lamp in house produces noise in the radio. This is because switching operation produces a arcs across separating contacts b mechanical noise of high intensity c both mechanical noise and arc between contacts d none of the above Ans: Sparking occurs when a load is switched off because the circuit has high a resistance b inductance c capacitance d impedance Ans: When resistance element of a heater fuses and then we reconnect it after removing a portion of it, the power of the heater will a decrease b increase c remain constant d none of the above Ans: A field of force can exist only between a two molecules b two ions c two atoms d two metal particles Ans: A substance whose molecules consist of dissimilar atoms is called a semi-conductor b super-conducto c compound d insulator Ans: International ohm is defined in terms of the resistance of a a column of mercury b a cube of carbon c a cube of copper d the unit length of wire Ans: Three identical resistors are first connected in parallel and then in series.

Which method can be used for absolute measurement of resistances?