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Introductory Nutrition. eBook: Understanding eBook: Understanding Nutrition, 13th Edition. Eleanor Noss eBook ISBN: Available. eBook £. Discover ideas about Nutrition. Understanding #Nutrition 13th Edition #PDF Free Download. #understandingnutrition #understandingnutritionwhitney. You must actually to review guide Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition Pdf since you will certainly find great deals of lesson and experience from the.

Vitamins D and E b. In addition to teaching and writing, Dr. It excludes all hot and salty foods b. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. What is the Healthy Eating Index and how does it work? The principle of consuming a number of foods in proportion to each other 2.

Riboflavin d. Thiamin Which of the following nutrients is NOT supplied in about the same amount by a slice of enriched bread compared with a slice of whole- grain bread?

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Niacin c. Thiamin d. Cooking an 8-ounce raw steak will reduce the weight ounces to approximately a. Textured vegetable protein is usually made from a. Which of the following terms is used to describe a cut of meat having a low fat content? End b. Round c. Prime d. Choice Which of the following is NOT the same as fat- free milk? Skim milk b. No-fat milk c. Non-fat milk What term describes a food that resembles and substitutes for another food but is nutritionally inferior to it?

Faux food b. Pseudo food c.

Pdf understanding edition nutrition 13th

Imitation food d. Food substitute According to food labeling laws, which of the following is NOT an acceptable synonym for nonfat milk? Zero-fat milk d. Reduced-fat milk Which of the following is a feature of U. Nutrition labeling must appear on virtually all processed as well as fresh foods c.

Restaurant foods must provide nutrient content information on the menu d. Nutrition labeling is not required on foods produced by small businesses or products produced and sold in the same establishment A food scientist is developing a new and improved cereal bar. She consults with you to ask in what order the ingredients should be listed on the food label.

The ingredients are: What is the appropriate order in which to list these ingredients on the food label?

Sugar, puffed wheat, dry milk powder, salt, red food coloring b. Red food coloring, salt, dry milk powder, puffed wheat, sugar c.

Dry milk powder, puffed wheat, red food coloring, salt, sugar d. Puffed wheat, sugar, dry milk powder, salt, red food coloring According to nutrition labeling laws, what two minerals must be listed on the package label as a percent Daily Value?

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Calcium and iron b. Zinc and phosphorus c. Fluoride and chloride d. Chromium and magnesium A food label ingredient list reads in the following order: Wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, salt, and cornstarch. What item would be found in the smallest amount in the food? Salt b. Sugar c. Cornstarch d. Wheat flour By law, a serving size on beverage food labels is a.

Approximately how many milliliters constitute a fluid ounce? Approximately how many grams are in an ounce? Which of the following is NOT a feature of serving size information on food labels? Serving sizes for solid foods are expressed in both ounces and grams b.

Small bags of individually wrapped food items must contain only one serving c. Serving sizes on food labels are not necessarily the same as those of MyPlate d.

For a given product, the serving size is the same, no matter how large the package Which of the following is a characteristic of food serving sizes?

Serving sizes for most foods have not yet been established by the FDA b. The serving size for ice cream is 2 cups and the serving size for all beverages is 12 fluid ounces c. Serving sizes must be listed in common household measures, such as cups, or metric measures, such as milliliters, but not both According to nutrition labeling laws, the amounts of what two vitamins must be listed on the package label as a percent Daily Value?

Thiamin and riboflavin d. Vitamin B6 and niacin Food labels express the nutrient content in relation to a set of standard values known as the a. Daily Values. FDA Standards. Dietary Reference Intakes. Recommended Dietary Intakes. Population groups such as sedentary older men, sedentary younger women, and active older women have a daily energy need kcalories of approximately a.

Cheese with 50 mg of calcium b. Yogurt with mg of calcium c. Ice cream with 90 mg calcium d. Sherbet with 30 mg of calcium What is her personal Daily Value for saturated fat? According to nutrition labeling laws, which of the following minerals does NOT need to be listed on a food label? Sodium c. Potassium Which of the following is a feature of the Nutrition Facts panel on a food label? Trans fat content is optional b.

Saturated fat must be listed c. Naturally present sugars are excluded d. Soluble and insoluble fiber must be listed separately Which of the following is a feature of the Daily Values found on food labels? They are updated every two years as mandated by the USDA b. They assist people in determining whether a food contains a little or a lot of a nutrient d.

According to the FDA, a food label that reads "improves memory" is an example of a a. Daily Value claim. Small amounts of dairy Small amounts of seeds c. Abundant amounts of legumes d. Abundant amounts of whole grains a. Greg is trying to decide which brand of cereal to buy, but he is a somewhat confused by the health claims. Which of the following represents the highest level of significant scientific agreement? Which of the following is a characteristic of structure-function claims on food labels?

They are allowed only for unprocessed food b. They can be made without any FDA approval c. They must state the name of the disease or symptom for which a benefit is claimed Which of the following ingredients on a food label is most likely a source of trans fats? Butter b.

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Coconut oil c. High-fructose corn syrup d. Partially hydrogenated oils Which of the following are allowed in the diet of a lactovegetarian? Plant foods only b. Eggs and plant foods only c. Meat, eggs, and plant foods only d. Milk products and plant foods only Tempeh is made from a.

Which of the following would NOT be permitted on a macrobiotic diet? Which of the following ingredients found on a food label is a source of protein? BHT b. Tofu c. Corn starch d. Diglycerides Which of the following is a feature of people regularly eating meals based on tofu? They show less heart disease but more colon cancer than omnivores b. They show evidence of marginal protein intake compared with omnivores c.

They have lower blood pressure levels than those eating meat d. They have lower sodium intakes but blood pressure is similar to those eating red meat In vegetarians, the RDA is higher for a. Which of the following is a feature of iron nutrition in vegetarians? Vegetarians absorb iron more efficiently b. Iron utilization is inhibited by the high zinc content in grains c. The absorption of iron is low due to the high vitamin C intake d. More iron deficiency is found in vegetarians than in people eating a mixed diet Meat replacements consumed by vegetarians are usually made of a.

Which of the following is a feature of vitamin B12 nutrition in vegetarians? Vitamin B12 in fortified cereals has low bioavailability b. Vegan mothers need only infrequent intake of vitamin Bfortified cereals c. The vitamin B12 in fermented soy products may be present in an inactive form d.

Infants born to vegan mothers are resistant to the development of vitamin B12 deficiency Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of vegetarians?

They are no more iron deficient than are omnivores b. Their zinc absorption is efficient due to high soy intake c. They are at risk for iodine toxicity when consuming high amounts of seaweeds d. Their need for calcium can be met by consuming fortified soy milk, breakfast cereals, and juices Which of the following is a characteristic of a macrobiotic diet?

It excludes all hot and salty foods b. It permits inclusion of many on-organic foods c. It represents a way of life rather than just a way of eating d. It emphasizes abundant amounts of fish, fruits, nuts, and seeds Matching 1. The principle of consuming a number of foods in proportion to each other 2. The principle of recognizing that a food has more iron than another food when expressed per kcalorie 3. Origin of the MyPlate graphic 4.

Number of major food groups 5. Legume belonging to the starch category of exchange lists 6. Part of grain richest in fiber 7. Part of grain containing most of the starch 8.

Nutrient added in grain enrichment process 9. Example of a fortified food Commonly used to make textured vegetable protein Example of a functional food Maximum number of grams of fat recommended on a kcalorie diet based on the Daily Value Serving size of rice on a food label Agency that regulates food labeling Associated in a reliable health claim allowed on food labels Associated in a health claim NOT allowed on food labels without a disclaimer Nutrient commonly added in soy milk fortification process A.

USDA Q. Sodium and hypertension B. Soybeans R. Tomatoes and prostate cancer C. Green peas Balance Vitamin B12 S. Margarine containing plant sterols Orange juice containing added F. FDA N. Vitamin A calcium G. Bran O. Endosperm Iron P. Nutrient density List and discuss the significance of six diet-planning principles. Why is it important to vary intake of foods within the same food group from day to day? Give 3 examples each of foods with high nutrient density and low nutrient density. Why do dietary guidelines include recommendations for physical activity?

List and discuss 7 key recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the plan? Provide examples and discuss the importance of the 5 subgroups of the vegetables food group. Why are legumes classified as a meat alternative? Why is it important to eat vegetables of various colors rather than restrict intake to just a few?

Under what circumstances is the intake of discretionary kcalories permitted? Discuss ways in which dietary planning guides can be applied to ethnic diets. Discuss the meaning, significance, and utility of MyPlate as an educational tool. Diagram the MyPlate icon. Explain how a consumer is expected to use it. Discuss the shortcomings of MyPlate as a concept to improve eating patterns.

What is the Healthy Eating Index and how does it work? What are the criticisms of the MyPlate? What is the origin of food exchange lists? How are they best utilized? Calculate a set of personal Daily Values for someone with a kcalorie diet. Discuss the meaning and significance of foods that are refined, enriched, fortified, or whole-grain.

Discuss the benefits and limitations of the U. What is textured vegetable protein and how is it used in nutrition? When preparing meat, fish, and poultry, what steps can be taken to reduce the contribution of fat kcalories? Describe the major aspects of nutrition labeling regulations.

List the information that must be displayed on food labels. Why do food label serving sizes often confuse consumers? Discuss the consumer benefits of information found in the Daily Values table on food labels. Discuss the regulations for nutrient claims and health claims on food labels. What is a structure-function claim? Give 4 examples. List reasons that people become vegetarians. List the advantages of a vegetarian diet. What nutrient requirements are more difficult to meet on this diet, and what precautions are needed to prevent insufficient intakes in the child, in the adult, and in the pregnant woman?

Discuss the use of soy products for meeting the nutritional needs of vegetarians. Application-level OBJ: Knowledge-level OBJ: Knowledge -level OBJ: Develop a modified MyPlate for a vegetarian and for a vegan strict vegetarian. Discuss the adequacy of iron, zinc, and calcium nutrition in vegetarians. Discuss the adequacy of vitamin D and vitamin B12 nutrition in vegetarians. Explain the concepts and dietary practices associated with the macrobiotic diet.

Knowledge-level DIF: Application-level DIF: L REF: P REF: I REF: Product details File Size: Cengage Learning; edition January 1, Publication Date: January 1, Sold by: Cengage Learning Language: English ASIN: Not enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. Great resource of information. One person found this helpful. This book is a requirement for my college course. Excellent source to become knowledgeable about nutrition. School book. As expected, good book useful info! Faulty product information. Worth buying.

Very informative. On time and no issues. Loose Leaf Verified Purchase. The book itself was delivered promptly and in perfect condition at a reasonable price. The content of the book is good, but sections are based on old and very inaccurate science. See all 10 reviews.

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