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KIERA CASS without the express written permission of HarperCollins e-books. HarperCollins books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales. Read The Siren PDF Book Publishing, Book Club Books, Book Nerd, Books To The Siren by Kiera Cass - this is a self published book by the same author of. The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass "I'm not so stupid as to believe that you've THE SELECTION was one of the best books I have ever read!.

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The Law of One PDF version L L Research. May 23rd, - For The Law Of One Book I THE RA [BOOK] FREE DOWNLOAD PDF TH. Book 2. Kiera Cass Author (). cover image of The Selection. The Selection. The Selection (Series). Book 1. Kiera Cass Author Amy Rubinate Narrator (). Kiera Cass – The Selection (epub, KB) I'll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan (pdf) I Love these books! do you happen to have the secondary books like The Guard, The Favorite, Then prince and the Queen? Or a link.

I slowly pushed myself up to take her of- fering, my head throbbing through all of it. Finally, Aspen decided to break the relationship with the United States. Celeste walked away first, heading back to the comfort of the couch. I wondered if the palace could somehow manufacture snow. Write you a love letter, that is. So then why did everything feel awful?

Katherine, Spencer, and Damon. And now the Schreaves are the royal family. But we do. August only nodded. The click of heels announced that the maid was coming. Max- on put a finger to his lips, like August would dare to say more with her in hearing dis- tance.

The maid set down the tray and poured coffee for all of us. Before I could even sip, Maxon slid the bowl of sugar in front of me. Like he knew. We live there quietly most of the time. August came to his senses. We have that now, and America hinted at it enough that we feel we could exploit that if we wanted to.

I can see it now. More than anything, you want peace during your lifetime. The Northern rebels are will- ing to give you our word never to attack the palace again and to do our best to stop or slow the Southern rebels. Just to kill us all? Too much of the population is oppressed, and this growing cell has bought in to the idea that they could rule the country themselves. I gave a brief nod. Those in charge of the Southern rebels have convinced their disciples that the way to get back what they think is theirs is to take it from the monarchy.

I know for a fact that once the Southerners get control, they have no intention of sharing the wealth. When in history has that ever happened? Taking out one person at the top destroys thousands at the bottom. The Southerners are prepared to be far more cutthroat than you could ever be, and the chances of the country bouncing back are slim. They seemed to have some understanding between them, something that maybe came from being born to lead. Your people deserve a chance.

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Maxon nodded, but I was surprised. Don- ations meant there were people—who knew how many—supporting them. How big was the Northern rebel force when those sup- porters were taken into account? How much of the country was asking for exactly what these two had come here requesting? There was a long moment of silence be- fore he lost his temper. Grow up, Maxon.

You want your damn crown, then keep it. But re- sponsibilities come with that privilege. Certainly they could hear everything by now. Maxon stood to counter him. End of story. What about me? What about my future?

Do I not count in that plan? They were silent. I noticed the guards, surrounding us, on edge. I lowered my voice. And the other two. Go get one of them. I got out the door before she caught up with me.

We thought you two were in love. He seems so happy around you. And then. Who was watching us on their behalf? We saw you fight. And then your presentation a few days ago. We could use a girl with guts.

Not like you. Marlee was im- portant to me, and so are my maids. It was almost overwhelming. The whole thing on the Report. I laughed. The way he guards you.

Neither was yester- day. Just messing with me? She smiled. If we lose them, the Southern rebels will win. If they get true control. I mean, I knew it would, but.

Kiera Cass

But, hey, this is what you signed up for. I was sort of. I hoped to ask more, but Maxon and August came out of the Great Room, looking surpris- ingly calm. A single guard followed at a dis- tance. August was looking at Georgia like it had hurt him to be away from her even for a few minutes. Maybe that was the only reason she was here today. August took it easily. We truly are on your side, Your Majesty.

Some of these guards look a little too trigger-happy. With a guard in tow, they walked out the gaping doors of the palace, leaving Maxon and me alone in the foyer. His eyes rose to mine. I mumbled something and pointed upstairs, moving as I did so. I thought after the safe room there was some kind of understanding between us. But it seemed as if everything had gotten even more muddled than it had been when I was still trying to decide how much I liked Maxon in the first place.

Or if there was still an us worth worrying about. Aspen knew the palace so well, this was probably nothing to him now. Quickly, he wrapped his arms around me, then pulled away.

We all do. His eyes looked sad as he stared at our little memento. Really talk. I sighed and put my head in my hands. Did he assume my rejection meant that I was push- ing Maxon away for good?

Did he think I wanted to rekindle things with him? So then why did everything feel awful? After yesterday, we were avoiding doing anything that might re- quire us to interact with one another. Celeste had a pile of magazines and was stretched out on the couch.

Elise had gotten out a collection of drawing pen- cils and was working on something by the window. I was in a wide chair near the door, reading a book. Celeste was very popular, and it would be easy to get people to follow her. I wondered if they were aware of how manipulative she could be.

If they knew things about me, maybe they did. She had that air about her. There were days when even I wanted to follow Kriss. The one I suspected the least was Elise. I genu- inely thought that when she spoke of duty she meant to her family or to her New Asian roots, not to the Northern rebels.

Besides that, she was so stoic and calm. There was nothing close to rebellious about her. And that was why I was suddenly positive she was their favorite. She seemed to be try- ing the least to compete and had openly ad- mitted her coolness toward Maxon. What is it?

We looked at one another, none of us wanting to explain. Finally too-perfect Kriss piped up. Natalie had been gone barely a week. I thought of her nearly every day. I also thought of Marlee all the time, and some of the other girls would pop into my head at random as well. But maybe it was one of those opposites-attract kinds of friendships. You second guess the things you do; you second guess everything he does. You won- der over every conversation, trying to read into the breaths between sentences.

Someone got us. If I was fighting with Maxon, Kriss would remind me of every good thing about him. And Celeste. And let it go. And for the first time, I heard worry in her voice.

She smiled kindly. It would break my heart to start loving one of you like a daugh- ter and then lose you.

I knew a handful of names, mostly because older women would drop them into conversations when I sang at parties.

It was never that important to me; we already had a queen, and even as a girl, the possibility of becoming a princess never crossed my mind. But now I wondered how many of the women who showed up to visit the queen or came for Halloween were her former competition, now her closest friends. Celeste walked away first, heading back to the comfort of the couch. For some reason that was the tipping point for me.

Everything from the last few days crashed back onto my heart, and I could feel it was seconds away from cracking. Maybe I could go sit in the bathroom for a minute or tuck myself away in one of the numerous parlors down- stairs. Maybe I would just go to my room and cry my eyes out. Unfortunately, it looked like the universe was plotting against me. Before I could hide somewhere, he saw me. Of everything I wanted to do right now, this was the last thing on my list.

Maxon stood there, still working up the nerve to say something that was obviously driving him crazy. After the last few days, I should have seen his change of heart coming. I wanted to scream. But, honestly, I needed some confirma- tion right now, too. What had happened to make me so unsure so quickly? The king. His insinuations about what the other girls had done, his praise of their mer- its made me feel small.

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And it was compoun- ded by all my missteps with Maxon this week. The only way we would have ever been brought together was because of the Selec- tion; but it seemed that as long as it went on, there was no way for anything to feel certain. And not a few hours ago, the suggestion of marrying me sent you into a rage. Forgive me for not feel- ing so secure in our relationship right now. Even if we ended up together, these mo- ments of insecurity would haunt us.

Where does that even come from? Almost overnight, lush Christmas trees lined the hallways of the first floor, garlands were strung down the stairways, and all the floral arrangements were changed to include holly or mistletoe. The strange thing was, if I opened my window, it still felt like the edge of summer outside. I wondered if the palace could somehow manufacture snow. Then again, maybe not. Days passed.

I wondered if this was always bound to happen. Was I destined to say the wrong thing, make the wrong choice? Even if Maxon was what I wanted, I was never going to get myself together long enough for it to be real. And I ached from it, from feeling so torn, so confused. It was while I was walking that I felt the shift. As if some unseen trigger had set off everyone in the palace. The guards stood a bit stiller, and the maids walked a bit faster.

Be- fore I knew what it was I was feeling, the king rounded the corner, a small entourage behind him. His ab- sence made the palace warmer, and now that he was home, we were all subject to his whims again. No wonder the Northern rebels were excited about Maxon. I curtsied as the king approached.

While he walked, he put up a hand, and the men behind him paused as he came close, leaving us with a small bubble of space in which to speak. Elise was a Four, but her family owned high-end hotels. My face fell. Really, it was fair. How did it look that I was the only one getting checks?

It would all end eventually anyway. Sighing, I headed toward my room. I opened my door, and, for the first time, I was completely ignored by my maids. Anne, Mary, and Lucy were in the back corner, hovering over a dress that they ap- peared to be working on, bickering about their progress. I got sidetracked. I can do it now. Mary held out her hands. Give me the dress before you mess it up. Whatever her secret was, she looked terrified to share it. I cleared my throat.

They whipped their heads in my direc- tion, all curtsying in turn. Mary looked worried but dutifully went to work without another word.

It took all of two minutes for me to realize that the mood in my room was too dreary for me to focus. I grabbed some paper and a pen and headed back downstairs. Perhaps my med- dling would shake their resolve in helping me.

I moved down the main hallway, finding a little nook with a bench. That seemed nice. I ran into the library and picked up a book to lean on and went back to the nook, finding myself practically hidden by the large plant beside the bench. Somewhere outside the palace?

I could hear the smile in his voice as he answered. But this is the life I live. Beauti- ful walls, but walls all the same. My mother scarcely leaves the palace more than once or twice a year.

I know your feelings for me run deep. I feel it every day. But what about the life that comes along with me? Do you want that? I just want you. Her hair fell to the side as they kissed, and, for her first, it seemed like it was going really well. I ducked back around the corner and heard her giggle a second later. Maxon let out a sigh that was half triumph and half re- lief. I walked to my seat quickly, angling my- self toward the window again, just in case.

How about in as much time as it takes to get from here to your room? I love you all. The, um. Our seats were arranged in such a way that I could see them as they ran to the king, but Kriss and Elise had their backs to the action. They both tried to turn their heads dis- creetly, but it did them no good. And it would be more than I could dream of to. The king stood and came over, cutting her off. He was com- posed as he spoke. Over the years, their means of attacking the palace, not to mention the common man, have become far more aggressive.

As you may well know, the four remaining young ladies of the Selection represent a wide range of castes. We have a Two, a Three, a Four, and a Five.

And I would not worry you if I thought that I, as your king, could protect you, but. In an almost friendly gesture, Celeste and I shared a con- fused glance. But now that is not enough. If you are a Two, Three, Four, or Five—that is, in the same caste as any of these ladies—you may be subject to an attack from the rebels based on that fact alone.

It was sinister. The king nodded. But we have reports of eight attacks today in five different provinces, all of them against Twos and all of them result- ing in at least one death.

Pdf books kiera cass

People had died today at our expense. He turned to us. Kriss took a deep breath. If you can take in a family of Fours or Fives that you know well, I think that would be a good idea. Do what the king says. When I was on the Report and feeling a bit lost, I tended to look to Maxon, as if he could silently give me advice. Falling into that habit, I searched for his eyes. But all I saw was his blond hair as he stared into his lap, his dejected frown the only thing visible.

Of course he was worried about his people. But this was about more than pro- tecting his citizens. He knew we might leave. How many Fives could lose their lives because I sat on my stool in the bright lights of the palace studio?

But how could I—or any of the girls—shoulder that burden? Then remembering where I was, I turned to the camera. The rebels are bullies. And what if you do?

So fight. However you can, fight. Before I knew it, the cameras were off and the lights were power- ing down. Maxon went over to his father and whispered something to which the king shook his head. The girls stood and started to leave. I shrugged. Maxon quietly knocked on my door, letting himself in. Elise was very shaken. I curled my legs to my chest so he could sit. You know how she is. As if I could hold it against her for choosing this over go- ing home.

I meant the Selection. Before this, you were just the girl who yelled at me when we met. I was glad he ap- proved, but the way he spoke—as if it was one more of my little quirks—felt too intim- ate at the moment. And you! He smiled, and I did, too. It was kind of funny when I thought about all my actions piled up like that.

It makes me nervous to feel some of the things I do. I wanted to say the right thing, to let him know that I still wanted him to look at me. But nothing felt right, so I slid my hand into his. We sat there quietly, looking at our hands. He toyed with my two bracelets, seeming very concerned with them, and spent a little while rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb.

It was nice to have a still moment, just the two of us. I smiled. Lots more. But Dad had a way of making the toughest things light. For now anyway. Warn the Turners and the Can- vasses to stay safe. Right now my feet were covered with jeweled heels. Five months ago they were wearing dingy flats. You were always stronger than you knew. Not every princess would say something like that. The silence grew. But part of it is that he makes me feel like me, I think. Even when I came to the palace, I obsessed about it for a while.

Was I a Five or a Three? Did I want to be a One? I nodded. Take care, kitten, and write your sister soon. Love you, Daddy. The queen passed, winking in my direction, and I felt my cheeks redden. But the king came along soon after, and the look in his eyes took away any lingering blush. Once we were alone, Maxon walked over to me and laced his fingers through mine. No archery, no hunting, no riding, no anything outside.

We can watch something with spectacular scenery. Something about that actually made me feel better, like we were in this together. It had been a while since it really felt that way.

We went into the hallway and were headed toward the stairway to the theater when I heard the musical clinks on the window. I turned my head to the sound and gasped in wonder.

Now that I could see it, I realized I missed it. I missed the ebb and flow of seasons, the way things changed. Maxon stood behind me, wrapping an arm around my waist. He looked up and down the hall, and I did the same. Besides a couple of guards, we were alone. I loved when Maxon was like this. We wound our way up the stairs, head- ing for the fourth floor. We walked down to the middle of the floor, passing one guard on his rounds but no one else.

Maxon pulled me into a large parlor and steered me to the wall next to a wide, dormant fireplace. He reached inside the lip of the fireplace and, sure enough, found a hidden latch. He pushed open a pan- el in the wall, and it led to yet another secret stairwell. I did so, following him up the dimly lit steps until we came to a door. Max- on undid the simple lock, pulled open the door. He nodded. There were walls surround- ing the entrance, leaving an open space about as large as my bedroom to walk on.

At least I was outside. The drops were fat and warm as they collected on my arm and ran down to my dress. I heard Max- on laugh once before shoving me out into the downpour. I gasped, soaked in seconds. Turning around, I grabbed his arm, and he smiled as he pretended to fight. His hair fell in strands around his eyes as we were both quickly drenched, and he was still grinning as he pulled me over to the edge of the wall. I turned, noticing our view for the first time. I stared in awe as the city spread out in front of me.

The web of streets, the geometry of buildings, the array of colors—even dimmed in the gray hue of rain, it was breathtaking. I found myself feeling attached to it all, as if it belonged to me somehow. I feel like no one can hear me up here, I guess. Just you. Father made me read them all. If August had come two weeks ago, I would have thought he was lying about everything, but not anymore.

You only scratched the surface with what you read. I said you looked as good as any of them without your shirt on. It slipped out. For the first time. It seems only right that you should know.

And even though I already knew, it hurt to hear him say it. He also took away the payments for my family. None of the oth- er girls has them anymore, so I guess it looked bad anyway.

He looked out over the city. I was temporarily distracted by the way his shirt was sticking to his chest. I just wanted you to know it was happening. And I can handle it. Maxon looked down at my wrist. I put one hand in his and used the other to pick up my soaking dress. We swayed, barely moving. As he made his grip on me a little bit tighter, it felt like all the bad had been erased and Maxon and I were stripped to the core of our relationship.

His lips, wet, met mine with a brush of heat. While the rain pummeled the roof, the whole world went silent. After all these months of trying to recon- cile what I wanted and hoped for, I realized then—in this moment Maxon created just for us—that it would never make sense. All I could do was move forward and hope that whenever we drifted, we would somehow find a way back to each other. And we had to. For as long as it took to get to this mo- ment, when it came it was fast.

For the first time, I could feel it solidly. I simply let it come. I loved him. Could he feel it, too? Maxon broke the kiss and looked at me.

For that and for the rain and for not giving up. My world had settled onto a new axis, and it felt like the only way to handle how dizzy it made me was for us to finally be real. I felt certain now that it would come. It would have to. Maxon kissed the tip of my nose. Eventually, it would have to be shared, but for now it was my secret. I tried to wring out my dress in the little canopy where the door was, but it was hope- less.

I was going to leave a little trail of water back to my room. I peeked over his shoulder to see King Clarkson standing there, looking as irritated as ever. Over his shoulder, Maxon mouthed the word Sorry, and I gave him a little smile. Or the rebels. I knew how much Maxon meant to me, and I was sure that it was all going to work, somehow.

It would always mean something special to me now. But while Maxon and I could escape for a little while, once we were out of our bubble, the tension of the ultimatum the rebels had placed on the Elite was thick. All the girls were distracted and anxious. Celeste wordlessly painted her nails at a nearby table, and I could see the slight tremor in her hand from time to time.

I watched as she cleaned up her mistakes and tried to carry on. None of us could quite manage to finish even the smallest task. At parties, people preferred the classics. If we leave, they win. The worry was so heavy that it was all we could do to stay put. I ached to run, to put some of the energy into something. Elise was reading as I sat with my sheet music, but Kriss and Celeste were missing. Maybe ten minutes later, Kriss walked in with full arms.

She sat down with drawing paper and a collection of colored pencils. She shrugged. Kriss gave a single chuckle. It was a start. I needed to switch things up. I wandered down the hall to one of the rooms on the far end of the floor. Someone was crying. I searched for the source and found Celeste, hugging her knees to her chest, sit- ting on the wide perch of a windowsill.

I felt immediately awkward. Celeste did not cry. The only thing to do was leave, but as she wiped her eyes, she caught sight of me. I was looking for a book. You get everything you want anyway. She heaved a sigh and pushed herself up from her seat. Snatching one of her many magazines, she flung the glossy pages at me, and I caught it clumsily. Your little speech on the Report pushed you over the top. They love you. I turned the magazine right side up, find- ing half of the page full of pictures of the four remaining girls with a graph beside our pho- tos.

Next to my face, a wide line shot out, showing thirty- nine percent of the people were pulling for me. Quotes from those polled edged the graph, saying that Celeste was positively regal, though she was in third. Elise was so poised, it said, but she also only had eight percent of the population pulling for her. By my picture were opinions that made me want to cry.

So go ahead, marry him or whatever. Be princess. Everyone will love it. The sad little Five gets a crown. Some very happy Two is going to marry you anyway. Then quieter. I can see you miss it sometimes. I walked over and stood beside her. But, Celeste, did you ever even like him? I grinned back. That was a serious blow to my plan, when I found out how far you two had gone.

I thought I had him in the palm of my hand, making him dream about the possibility of more. I need the fame more than I need the love. I understood that now. Yes, she was conniving when it came to the competition, but that was her being desperate. She simply felt she had to intimidate us out of something that most of us wanted but that she felt she needed. Every- one does. All the arguing, the wicked faces, the little tricks—they felt like a really long joke.

We stood there for a minute, laughing over the past few months, and I found myself wanting to look after her the way I did Marlee. Surprisingly, her laughter faded away quickly, and she averted her eyes as she spoke. Hor- rible, shameful things. Half of the country would give any- thing to have what you have. I could make it happen. It felt significant, this mo- ment of finally, truly seeing Celeste. There was nothing to add, so I gave her a little wave and left. And then I thought of the glossy chart with my smiling face and the huge number beside it.

Maxon needed to know about this.

I hoped that maybe if he knew how the people felt about me, it would raise his feelings a little closer to the surface. I looked around, seeing if we were alone. There were a few guards down the hall just past him, but they were out of earshot. I bit my lip, hoping that Aspen would be as able as I thought he was. We spoke through the cracked-open bathroom door as he dropped the pieces of his suit to the floor and climbed into the den- im and cotton a Six would wear.

Thankfully, Aspen had found a smaller guard to borrow clothes from for me, but even then I had to roll up the hem of the pants several times to find my feet. Perhaps he was anxious. And he got me to the safe room that time the Southerners came, when everyone was running late.

He always looks ready to go, even when things are quiet. I have a good feeling about him. Trust me. I just asked. Are you done yet? I need to get my shoes on. Why are you so partial to jeans? He walked over to my closet, not asking if it was all right to open it.

Well, more so than it already is. My heart pounded, and for a minute I wondered if he could hear it shouting how much I loved him.

If so, he ignored it in favor of the business at hand. If something happens, I want you to run. Find a family who will hide you through the night. I tilted my head. He went over to answer it, and quickly Aspen and a second guard walked into my dimly lit room. The secrecy might be more of an issue than getting out in the first place.

I stood as tall as I could manage. Usually people from the kitchen go, along with a few guards. Aspen shook his head. He said we should meet him at this address. He looked at me. I pushed up the last strands and looked to Maxon. I saw the hurt in his eyes to see me so casual with Maxon. And maybe it went bey- ond that. This moment was a slap in the face of everything we were. Instead of heading toward the great steel doors, we moved quickly across the length of the palace, where we ascended another spiral staircase.

I had assumed we would be heading to the first floor, but we exited into the kitchen. Immediately, I was hit with billowing warmth and the sweet smell of bread rising. For a split second, it felt like home. I expec- ted something clinical, professional, like the big bakeries we had in Carolina on the nice end of town. But there were huge wooden tables with vegetables laid out, ready to be prepped. Notes were left in places, remind- ing whoever was on duty next of what had to be done.

All in all, the kitchen seemed cozy, even for as big as it was. We studied the floor as Aspen called out. Just heard there was a deliv- ery to pick up, and I was wondering if you had a list for me. Not that I know of. I was sure. I heard the swift sound of him catching a set of keys. You come see me soon. I smiled to myself. The woman, Delilah, had a deeper voice, ma- ture sounding. But even she was sweet on Aspen. We walked around a corner and up a wide incline to a set of broad doors.

Aspen undid the lock and pushed the doors open. Waiting in the dark was a large black truck. I looked at the large cargo space. I went around to the back, where Aspen was already opening the doors. There were a couple of crates inside and a shelving unit along one wall, but otherwise it was an empty metal box.

Maxon passed me, surveying the area. Maxon nodded. Aspen gave us both a sol- emn look before shutting the doors. In the pitch-dark, I pushed myself against Maxon. Maxon, in an effort to keep us stable, had pushed his back against the shelf and braced a leg across me on the wall, caging me in.

But even with that, we both slid a bit against the metal floor at every turn. In the dark, the sounds felt bigger. I inhaled deeply, trying to focus myself, and noticed a hint of coffee in the air. After what felt like a very long time, Maxon put his lips to my ear. I doubted he could hear it, but he probably felt it, we were so close. I searched and put my mouth by his ear. I felt our noses brush in the dark, and the urge to kiss him came unex- pectedly fast.

He held me close, and I could feel his breath on my skin. It was coming; I was sure of it. Maxon used his nose, nudging at my cheek, bringing our lips closer together. The same way I could smell coffee and hear every tiny squeak in the dark, the lack of light made me focus on the clean scent that hung around Maxon, feel the pressure of his fin- gers moving up my neck to the wisps of hair peeking out from under my cap. In the second before our lips touched, the truck came to an abrupt stop, flinging us for- ward.

My hair and the hat took most of it. After a few seconds, the truck halted again and the engine cut off. Maxon switched positions, and it felt as if he was ducking low in a crouch, facing the door. The light of the streetlamp coming into the cabin was shocking, and I squinted against it as someone climbed into the back of the truck. He let go to hop out of the truck, then reached up to help me down and immedi- ately slid his hand back into mine.

Aspen was standing in front of us, looking around intently, a gun held low in his hand. He and Avery started moving toward the back entrance of the building, and we kept close to them. Aspen knocked on the grime-covered door and waited. It cracked open, a small chain there to protect whoever was inside.

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The next time, it opened wide, and August ushered in all of us. In the shadowy room was a younger boy and Georgia. But you should be quick. Three hundred people? How could that be deemed low? I looked over at him, surprised. No matter the caste, everyone seems to have found some way to arm themselves, just in case. Maxon squeezed my hand, proud. And they might be the best source for a surprise assault.

Certainly they would die. Maxen gives America its first kiss, and she starts thinking that she may marry him and forget Espan.

The One by Kiera Cass

The rebels constantly attack the castle, which helps overcome the weak hearted contestants, but also makes things stressful, especially when the rebels are getting close.

Things are also stressful in the competition when America begins to feel jealous of spending time with other selected Mexicans. America eventually sees Aspen again when he enters the palace as a new member of the guard. He was admitted to the army, where he earned top honors. During the competition, romantic relationship with someone other than Rajkum is considered as treason, and the punishment of sedition can be serious in the form of death.

America sees Aspen in spite of possible outcomes. After an attack of the rebels, who leaves one of the selected three, Prince Maxson decides to narrow the girls from The Elite to 10 to 6.

When the name of America ends between the six people chosen to remain, then she realizes that she keeps feelings for Maxson and can see herself happy with her. Keeping this in mind, she tells Aspen that she can not continue her romantic relationship. Aspen, instead of being discouraged, claims that he will fight even more on Maxson to win over his love again. The book finally feels with America that she is in the right place where she wants to be — between The Elite. Kiera Cass Country: United States and China Language: English Series: The Selection Genre: Dystopian, Young adult, Romance Publisher: HarperCollins Publication date: April 14, Pages: The Elite File Formate: Download The Selection book pdf.