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THE LAKE HOUSE is the completion of James Patterson's most original and compelling story ever, When the Wind Blows--a conclusion that millions of readers. See the Summary of The Lake House book written by James Patterson and get The Lake House book pdf online. Complete details of James Patterson Books. The Lake House is a novel by James Patterson, a sequel to When the Wind Blows. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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James Patterson - The Lake House. Home · James Patterson - The Lake House.. . Author: Patterson James James Patterson - 2nd Chance. Read more. Six children have escaped horrifying government experiments, a childhood in captivity, and a frightening brush with death. Living out in the world for the first time. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. When the Wind Blows (), to which this is a The Lake House (When the Wind Blows Book 2) by [Patterson, James. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading.

Four Blind Mice 9. See How They Run 4. One night, Kane breaks into Max's room to steal the eggs. Although the names are different, as well as aspects of their back stories and behavior, the six children in the follow-up series have personalities that are directly analogous to the ones in When the Wind Blows and the Lake House. Hachette Audio Availability:

Walter Thompson Company as an advertising agent until his retirement The Lakehouse is a book sequel to the When the wind blows. It was a story of six children with special powers and escaping from the mad scientists who want to kill them, they are escaped with the help of the two persons called kit and Frannie.

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In the story, the children are forced to go to their parents but they want to live with the kit and Frannie. They went up to the court for a decision and the judge order them to keep the child along with their biological parents until the appeal by the Kits side.

Coming to the other side of the story Ethane Kane was a Doctor who steals the organs of the faceless people and rearranges them into rich people. She got love with OZ and after some had sexual relation with him.

She took the children to the Kits place and they all are shifted to Washington DC for help, some gang stars came in front of them and get caught the children and OZ had killed by them while protecting the max.

Kit and Frannie was got unconscious by the injection is given by the Kane, But they escaped from there with the help of the children.


Saving the World: And Other Extreme Sports 4. The Final Warning 5. Max 6. Fang 7. Angel Michael Bennett Series 1.

The Lake House By James Patterson Book PDF Online – Review & Summary

Step on a Crack 2. Run for Your Life 3. Worst Case 4.

Tick Tock Daniel X Series 1. Watch the Skies with Ned Rust 3. Witch and Wizard with Gabrielle Charbonnet 2. The Gift with Ned Rust Novels 1. The Thomas Berryman Number 2. Season of the Machete 3.

Lake house pdf the james patterson

See How They Run 4. Black Friday 5. The Midnight Club 6. Sam's Letters to Jennifer 7. Hide and Seek 8. Miracle on the 17th Green with Peter De Jonge 9. Cradle and All Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas The Jester with Andrew Gross Although the names are different, as well as aspects of their back stories and behavior, the six children in the follow-up series have personalities that are directly analogous to the ones in When the Wind Blows and the Lake House.

Before the main story of the first Maximum Ride book, Patterson remarks that the only similarity is the name between the Max in the story and the Max in The Lake House.

The Lake House

He then remarks. Nor do Frannie and Kit or any of the other kids play any part in it. I hope you enjoy the ride anyway.

The bird children - Max, Matthew, Ozymandias, Wendy, Peter, and Icarus - are all depressed and unhappy in their new "normal" lives and wish to return to live with Frannie and Kit.

Frannie and Kit miss the children as well and engage in a courtroom battle to regain custody of the children. The judge decides that the children will remain living with their biological parents until an appeal hearing is made. Meanwhile, a doctor named Ethan Kane begins trying to capture the bird children and bring them to the place he works, a nightmarish place called the Hospital.

In the Hospital, faceless people are murdered and dissected and their organs are taken and used for the "Resurrection" of rich and famous people such as former presidents and prime ministers. Going back to their lives, the children are forced to put up with harassment from various reporters and paparazzi. After a visit from one of the reporters, it is revealed that Max knows about the Hospital from working at the School, but was trained not to talk about it on the threat of death.

Upset, she goes to Oz for comfort. He tells her that she is "drop dead gorgeous".

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Shortly after, the two begin a sexual relationship. After Kane attempts to kidnap Max and Matthew at their new home, the siblings escape and meet up with the rest of the flock. The children then fly to Frannie's house for protection. That night, Hospital workers try to break into Frannie's house. She calls the police and sets her house on fire.

She and the children then escape through the basement and meet up with Kit.