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Note: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess walkthrough was written using the Wii versionof the game. The Wii version is a mirrored version of. The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess - Official Nintendo Players Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been . You can find book wii u zelda twilight princess walkthrough in our library and other format like: wii u zelda twilight princess walkthrough pdf file wii u zelda.

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walkthrough for Twilight Princess, along with almost 20 videos (in the HTML the video in the HTML version of this guide (if you're reading the PDF) to get a. Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U version of the game. The Nintendo Wii U version resembles the original. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series, a lineage of games long known for their epic quests and.

Head down that ramp to find the insect. Head to the town medical office, which is just inside the western gates. There are plenty of monsters here for you to fight, so feel free to get after them with a vengeance. Not so much fun. A confusing cutscene ensues that ends with you and Midna outside Castle Town.

You can find the cat on a pier near the water wheel. Run over to it and equip your fishing rod. To do so, hit the - button, point at the rod, and hit B. Using B will equip the rod, then hitting B again will throw the lure out into the water.

If you get the "Fish On! You can also drink the milk that the store owner gave you and use the bottle to collect some bee larva, if you wish. It acts as fishing lure. It can be deceptively difficult to hit the A button at just the right time to do so. Rusl will tell you that he left something for you in your bedroom. Before you head inside, talk to the girls for a makeshift slingshot lesson. When you reach your house, open the chest in front of you to find your Wooden Sword.

May I have another! Horizontal Slice: Shake the Wiimote from side to side. Vertical Slice: Shake the Wiimote up and down. Hold Z to target, tilt the nunchuck analog stick forward, and shake the Wiimote.

Spin Attack: Shake the nunchuck from side to side. Jump Attack: Use Z-targeting and press A. After slashing your way through combat training, a monkey will come and lure all the little children out towards the lake area where Ilia washed Epona.

When you reach the cave that Epona refuses to go into, take a left and head into the clearing there to find a hippie salesman. Damn hippies! An astute economist, this one. With the lantern in hand, head back to the cave and walk inside. In the cave, swing your lantern at the stone pillars to light them up as you move along. When you come to a fork in the path, head right to find a chest with a Rupee spot in it before moving further down the path to reach another exterior area.

Five pieces? What the hell? All our Zelda math is going to be screwed up now. There are plenty of monsters here for you to fight, so feel free to get after them with a vengeance. The gate in the southeastern corner of the zone is locked, so head through the northeastern passageway to find a small cave.

Lighting both of the pedestals on either side of the chest will reveal another, hidden chest, which contains your first Piece of Heart. You may need more lantern oil before heading into this next area. You can appease his wrath by dropping the money into the box underneath his perch. There are 20 of them in all this time, and your target time for getting them all in is three minutes. So these guys get kidnapped and probably killed Before you head out to Hyrule, Ilia horsenaps Epona and takes her to the spring for some special rubbing.

Whoa now! Way to be responsible there, Link. Anyway, hand the sword over and head down to the spring. You have to crawl to them through the little tunnel that can be found in the small clearing near the exit to your house in order to make it to the spring. Just head back to the path leading to your house and check the eastern wall to find the tunnel. After a number of unsettling events, Link finds himself in the world of shadow To reach the other side of the bars, stand near the junk in the corner of your cell and attack it while standing still and holding Z, or just by moving the Wiimote around.

Doing so will reveal a small gap in the bars. It never really gets explained, as far as we can tell. Move into the other cell here, hold Z to target the chain, then hold A to jump at it. There are a couple of chains in this area; biting them will open up the corridors nearby, and one of them will raise the water level, allowing you to pass over the spike trap.

Be mindful of the enemies here, as they take off a full heart when they hit you, and you only have three to work with. You have to head across the spires here, fighting off vicious birds. When you reach the tiled roof on the far side of the area, stick to the middle of the roof and climb up to move on. Get close to these guys, but not too close, to overhear their conversation. That little rat. She wants you to find her a sword and a shield before she changes you back.

That little extortionist. Nothing to do but head back towards Ordon Village. Head into the village proper to learn that all of the children have been kidnapped. Sucks to be them. To overhear their conversation, you have to creep up slowly towards their location and hit the A button to listen in every couple of steps. Your Senses can be used here to find holes that you can dig up treasure in. Try it! After overhearing the conversation, you know that you have to get into the house with the waterwheel.

Unfortunately for you, one of the villagers is going to be guarding the waterwheel itself by standing on one of the pillars and throwing a hawk at you. Get a start by running over to the shop and stand on the small rock near the pet door; this is where Midna needs you to be before she can get you up on top of the house.

Head into the house here and drop down to the living room. If you stand on the table, Midna will get you up to the upper level of the house.

Dash into the wall underneath the shield a couple of times to knock it off the wall, then grab it and climb out the window nearby to get out of the house. Rusl will patrol through the town, very slowly, at this point. No matter, though. Head around to the southern side of his house and use your Senses to check for a weak spot in the ground near the lumber pile; digging there will net you access to the house.

Grab the Ordon Sword from the couch, then dig back outside. Get used to using this B-button power to finish off shadow beings. Midna wants you to head back to the woods at this point, so do so.

Nothing too difficult here: We heard she tried out for the latest Miyazaki movie but got turned down and had to do this game instead. With that interlude in the past, head down to the twilight door and proceed through, courtesy of Midna.

Oh, Midna. How badly we want to tear your throat out with our ferocious jaw. Move forward here to start a fight with no fewer than three of the shadow beings.

When you take down two of them, the third will simply revive them! According to Midna, all you have to do is hold down the B button, then wait for all of the shadow beings to get inside your circle of pain. When you have them all in your circle, let go of the button to kill them all instantly. Easy enough. Head forward and talk to the glowing light above the waterfall here.

The first couple of bugs will be easy to get to, but some of them will be devious. There are a couple in the house near where you obtained your lantern; use the ramp to the south of it and Midna will be able to get you up to the window from there. Use your Senses to talk to the spirit inside to reveal the two insects. Two more bugs are right near it. The bottom of it is filled with fog; falling in will warp you back to the entrance. Two bugs are near the western wall here, so ram the wall to get them off, kill them, then head to the rocky outcropping nearby and use Midna to warp your way across the branches.

Plenty of bugs to kill here in the woods! Remember that jumping puzzle we told you not to bother with before? Well, you can bother with it now that you have Midna along to ease your jumping. Hop down into the bowl-shaped area in the middle of the swamp and kill the bugs there, then follow the path along until you head way up into the branches overhead.

You have to time your jumps right to get past the man-eating plants; just hold down Z and tap A as quickly as possible, and you should be fine.

Dodge the swinging tree stump up top, then hop down to the last bit of land in the swamp. Head into the last area of the woods, where Telo was held captive by the monsters, and kill the two bugs in that same area to fill up your Vessel of Light. Doing so will warp you back to the spring, banish the twilight, and return you to human form. Feel free to return to the village, if you wish. All of the kids have been kidnapped, blah, blah, blah.

What a bunch of whiners. You can use your lamp in the basement of your house to find a 50 rupee piece. But no, your real goal now is to reach the Forest Temple, which is located in the area beyond where you found Telo and the monkey earlier.

Worth it, if only to obtain the bottle. Equip your lantern and take it out, then walk along the pier, only to find that the monkey is still in the area, and wants it for himself. Just a suggestion; it might come in handy to have a bit of oil in the Forest Temple.

Ending Blow. With that done, burn the spider web in front of the temple and head inside. In the first room here, kill the spiders on the vines to your left with the slingshot, then climb up and grab the Yellow Rupee from the chest. Also note that you can roll into the small totem poles in this area to knock the items atop to the ground; this will come in handy in a couple of instances during the dungeon run-through. After killing off the enemies here, swipe away at the monkey cage until you free the simian caught within.

Prepare to enter hell. Oh, man, if we could only explain how aggravating this is. Feel free to mute your TV while you have monkey companions, because it gets to be pretty aggravating. This is a hub room, with three exits, to the north, west, and east. You can find a secret chest here by staying on the ground and checking out the northeastern corner of the room.

Pdf twilight princess walkthrough

These guys can defend against most of your attacks, but if you simply hold the Z button down and wait for them to rear up and prepare to strike, you can unleash a flurry of blows and defeat them. Light the four pyres here to raise a wooden walkway, then head across and open the chest here to find the Dungeon Map.

Your goal now is to track down and free enough monkeys to cross the bridge via the rope that hangs alone the two posts connecting where it uses to lie. Head back to Room 2, then let the monkey suspend itself from the rope leading to the west. Leap over to it and press A at the right time to jump across to the platform leading to Room 4.

As soon as you enter Room 4, take a right and block the explospider there with your shield. With that in hand, return to Room 4 and unlock the room the monkey points you toward. In Room 6, drop down to the floor and roll into the central pillar a few times to free the monkey there from its cage.

Remember kids, smoking kills. Head back to Room 2 and from there, proceed east into Room 7. Begin by heading up the stairs near you until you find another explospider. In Room 8, drop down and roll into both of the totem poles near the entrance; one of them will drop a chest containing a Small Key. You can climb the vines on the north side of the room to find one on the platofrm there.

Unlock the monkey and deliver it back to Room 2. You can find a Piece of Heart in Room 7, near the exit to Room 9. Room 9 features another man-eating plant. This one, however, combines the head of a man-eater with the body of one of the explosive-loving plants from Room 7. When the head is dead, Fred, grab an explospider and chuck it into the body to reveal the Small Key.

Free the monkey and return to Room 2. The orangutan in Room 10 has your boomerang. Or, at least, what will soon be your boomerang. The man-eaters are easy enough to dispatch, but attacking the orangutan will require a bit of finesse. With that done, return to Room 3 and use the boomerang to adjust the windmills atop the walkways so that you can cross to the east. With the boomerang in hand, return to Room 8, where you originally encountered the worms that lived under the tiles on the floor.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Return to Room 4 and check out the southwest corner of the room, where a large chest is obscured behind a gate. In order to unlock the gate, you have to use the boomerang on the four windmills atop the nearby pillars.

You can queue up targets with the Z button while you aim the boomerang. For instance, you can go northeast pillar - northwest - southeast - southwest, or the opposite. Move up north to Room 11, where all the monkeys are waiting for you. Use the walkways and your boomerang here to move over to the eastern side of the room and head into Room One throwable spiderbomb, coming up.

Room 12 has a number of obstacles for you to bypass, most of which will require you to use the explospider on the floating platform in the water. The only problem is that the platform is in the water! How the hell are you going to get out there to pick up a bomb? If you have a hard time getting a bomb because it hits the wall and blows up, try throwing your bomb from a bit further across the room.

If you throw it at the eater-plant on the south side of the room, you can gain a Small Key. If you grab another spider, you can break the block on top of the vines on the eastern side of the room by throwing the bomb at the block just before it explodes.

Wait for the bomb to start flashing and for the sound to get higher. With the Small Key in hand and one more monkey free, return to Room 5 and head east into Room Do this on the northernmost hole to fall down to a platform with a monkey cage on it; break the cage, then climb back up the vines to return to the upper room.

Head back to Room 5 and unlock the western door leading to Room Proceed through the small cave here and climb the vines to find the last monkey; use your boomerang to hit both of the windmills above its cage to free it. Head back to Room 15, where the convocation of monkeys will make a huge chain stretching from the ceiling.

Take your boomerang and aim for the uppermost monkey to send them all chittering to their deaths. Just joking. No, you have to keep the monkeys alive for the moment. Jump out to the monkey as it swings towards you, then hop off when you reach the farther side. Smash the bottles outside the door to find a Fairy ; fill up your lantern with oil and trap the Fairy inside the empty bottle.

Doing this for both heads will send them crashing into the water, ending the fight The explospiders are also removed from the equation, but not to fear; the orangutan you defeated earlier is back, and is now insistent on helping you out, by sweeping across the playing field with an explospider in its feet.

If you have a hard time getting the orangutan targeted, just point your boomerang at the rope it travels along and wait for it to pass by your targeting cursor before hitting the Z button to queue up the bomb.

Instead, head northwest past the hippy lantern-seller and into Hyrule Field. You can only exit this area to the west, but before you do, follow the road to the center of the map. You should encounter a pair of goblins just before a bridge that leads north. Before crossing the bridge, look up into the tree nearby; a Piece of Heart is located up there.

You can nab it with your boomerang.

Also, if you check your map, you should see two hills that glow green on it. Pick it up to add it to your collection. Collecting this bug will let you get a larger Wallet later on in the game. The shadow creatures have sent it through one of their portals to trip you up, so let Midna warp you to the N.

Faron Woods portal. The bridge is leaning up against a rock wall right near where you wind up, so walk over to it, speak to Midna, and have her warp it back to Eldin so that you can cross over it. Follow the scent to a gate to the west, then dig under it with Senses to reach Kakariko Village. Damn shadow creatures!

It can be difficult to get the three shadow beings here into your B-button circle all at once; one of them will keep its distance from the other two.

In instances like these, it helps to simply lock onto one, attack it until it dies, then use your B-button shadow circle to kill the other two at the same time. When the shadow beings are dead, speak to Eldin, another spirit of light, in the lake nearby to receive its Vessel of Light. You know the drill: Time to track them down; most of the insects are actually inside the houses in the village.

All are marked on your map, so get to work. Begin with the house in the southwestern corner of the village, where the southernmost insects are located. Drop down through the hole up there and activate your senses to reveal that the village children are here, in the "real world" version of the town. Light it up with your Senses and dig it up, then attack it to add it to the Vessel.

Return to Kakariko Village and start tracking down the rest of the tears. General Store: Walk through the gate on the ground floor here and find the small hole in the bottom of this building. Find the insect, kill it, and exit through the same hole.

Elde Inn: Drop down to the floor below you, grab a stick from the fireplace, light it by jumping from the table across to the torch nearby, then Place it back in the fireplace to roust the insect in the chimney.

Residential House: On the western side of the street, a house contains another insect. Travel two houses to the south and find a small ramp you can hop onto, then jump from roof to roof until you reach the roof of the house with the insect inside.

Drop through the weak part of the roof, then push the wooden crate towards the wall to reveal the insect. Barnes Bomb Shop: Head to the building just north of this large structure and climb up to the roof. The Northwestern Hills: Doing so, though, will blow up the entire building. Quickly exit before this happens, then grab the tears from the wreckage.

Death Mountain: The first of the three insects in the area is underground here, so dig it up and kill it. The Howling Shrine in the middle of the geyser area will be the first that you encounter in your journeys.

In order to interact with it, you first have to listen to it, then repeat the melody it tells you. To howl, hold down the A button and use your analog stick to replicate the pitch of the tune. Head north until you reach Death Mountain proper. There will be four shadow beings waiting for you, one of which will hide in a small box of force shields while the other three attack you. You have to find the entrance to the small box, kill the solo shadow being there, then move out to the other three and kill them all with the B-button circle of death.

The penultimate insect is located nearby, so activate your Senses and track it down before using Midna to hop up to the upper level of this area. Their parents are probably worried sick about them, but do these kids worry about anyone but themselves? Of course not! Head back north towards Death Mountain and climb up the netting in front of the pass.

Bo, the mayor of your hometown. Getting back home will be made easier when you walk back to Kakariko, as Epona will show up.

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess - Official Nintendo Players Guide Scan

When you see the "Seize" prompt, quickly press A to take control of Epona. With Epona in tow, leave Kakariko via the southeastern passage and hop the fence there to reach Hyrule Field again. Cross the bridge here and take a left, and look for it atop a stone pillar in the canyon. Use your boomerang to nab it.

Walkthrough twilight pdf princess

Just remember to move your nunchuck gracefully; attempting to stab violently will often cause you to fail his challenge. How do you get yourselves into these kinds of situations? Anyway, you have three basic maneuvers here: Before you leave town, though, head up to the ranch and speak to the village idiot a couple of times. Stabilize your rear deflectors Return to Kakariko to witness a disturbing scene: Good riddance, we say! That little big-eyed waterheaded babychild always rubbed us the wrong way.

You should ignore the peons as best you can, but feel free to swipe your sword at them as they come up alongside you to knock them off your horses. Instead, focus on the leader. When you reach the bridge where you and your foe joust, press forward with your analog stick and tap A to speed yourself up.

Just as you near the orc, swing left or right to avoid his ramming attack, and swing with your sword. After the incredibly maudlin cutscene that follows this series of events, head into the general store in Kakariko, where one of the kids you rescued is hawking his wares. Buy the Hylian Shield from him before you head up to Death Mountain. Head back to Death Mountain and climb the ropes near the entrance. When you reach the next section of the mountain, the Gorons will be waiting for you after the huge meteor drops from the sky.

In order to scale the mountain, you have to curl the Gorons up into balls, then climb onto their backs, wait for them to pop back into full size and fling you up into the air, then move the analog stick so that you fly through the air up towards the next level of the mountain.

You can roll the Gorons into balls by shielding yourself until they attack you, then slashing at them with your sword just after they hit your shield. Head up to the top of the mountain, stopping by the shop in the hot spring if you need any lantern oil or something. Keep following the path onward and upward until you reach the convocation of Gorons, where Gor Coron, an elder of the tribe, will challenge you to a sumo match.

You can only beat him if you have the Iron Boots equipped, so put them on and push him out of the ring! The first floor of the Goron Mines. The second floor of the Goron Mines. In Room 1, go ahead and drop down and start jumping across the platforms in front of you. When you spot the button on the floor nearby, stand on top of it and put on your Iron Boots to depress the button.

Doing so will cause the jets of flame that bar your progress to stop for a second. After hitting the second button up ahead, run past the flame jet, then take a right and turn south to reach the ladder there. Hop across the southern gap at the top of the ladder to find a chest with a rupee piece inside it, then hop north, then east to get onto the stone path. When you hit the stone, hop south to find another button, and depress it to stop a flame jet to the north. Quickly take the stone path to the north until you reach the door leading onward; jump onto the metal panel to its right and equip the Iron Boots to bring the lever downward, unlocking the path onward.

Head down the ramp to your left to find a Small Key in a chest. Head back up the ramp and jump across the rotating platforms on your way to the locked door leading to Room 3. The salamanders here can only be hurt when you attack their tails.

Wait for them to spit fire at you, then run around them and use your spin attack to deal heavy damage. To leave this room, you have to hop around to a section of the room where a chain is attached to the section of wall that blocks the path to the door.

You have to pull the chain, then release it so that you have time to actually make it to the door before the wall closes back up. Watch the flame pillars through the grates and wait until just before they subside to release the wall, then quickly hop your way to the door.

My name is Link, but you can call me Justin Bailey. Dive into the water and put on your boots to sink to the bottom. Your Iron Boots stick to this kind of surface, allowing you to walk Just like in Metroid!!! Ah, the first of three Goron Elders. You can also find the Dungeon Map in a chest behind him. Time to climb the ladder to reach the second floor of the dungeon! You can find Ooccoo in one of the jars up top.

Use your boots to move back to the west. Move forward and flip the switch on the floor to jump up to the ceiling and start walking around. First off, head to the northwestern corner of the room to find a chest with a Piece of Heart in it, then walk back around to the southeast and find the path leading to the door.

Drop down and move back to Room 2. Run forward here, kill the goblins, flip the switch, then move over to where the magnet is moving along and get sucked up by it. Drop down on the north side of the room. Repeat the process again until you reach the northern door. Kill all the enemies here, then equip your boots and grab the Small Key from the chest in the water. Move to the corner of the room with the chain gate in it, then drop down and push the box in the hole inwards and move in after it.

Find the switch here and flip it to open a path up to the ceiling. Walk along the ceiling until you can drop down on the upper level, then flip another switch to start a magnetized stream that juts out from the wall.

Walk around to the platform nearby and strike the blue crystal with your sword. There are a few of these crystals spread around the dungeon; they act as switches that open doors for a short period of time before they close again. They can only be flipped by your sword Anyway, hit the crystal and move into the second part of this room. To your right lies a chest with a Piece of Heart , to your left, a rope that can be cut to reveal the path leading on to Room 7.

Ignore the laser beam blockheads; just run past them to exit the room. Use it on the western door to go west. Hop across the rotating platform in front of you, then move out into the middle of the three Iron Boot sections on the second platform and equip the boots while it rotates.

When you come back upright, flip the boots off and quickly run to the far side of the platform to move on. Another Goron Elder, another Key Shard for you. Climb the ladder here and move back to Room 8. Use the wall surface and your Iron Boots to move around to the door leading to Room The huge Goron here can be taken out without much trouble, so long as you know the routine.

The Goron will approach you and get ready to strike, so keep your shield up. When he lifts his arms in preparation for his attack, slash at his belly a few times. Repeat this process three times before the Goron goes down for the count.

This will lead you south into a room full of blockheads, none of which will be active when you approach them. If you attempt to leave via the southern exit, though, the blockhead there will suddenly activate, Cylon-like, which in turn activates all the rest of the blockheads in the area.

If you kill the blockheads by firing an arrow into their red crystal , you can pull them away from the pathways that they block. On the eastern side of the room, doing so will net you the Compass , while killing and moving the western blockhead will net you access to The Elder here will have the last piece of the Big Key for you, as well as 50 rupees in a chest.

Roll into the metal grate in front of you to knock it down. Before jumping across to the rock where the two salamanders await you, send arrows into their tails to destroy them. Move around to the next switch and flip it, then walk along the ceiling until you find the cave with the blue crystal in it. If you can avoid rousing the salamander nearby, it should be an easy matter to hit it with an arrow and unlock the path back to Room 2. Sever the rope on the bridge nearby with an arrow, then ride the magnets back to the northern end of the room.

Jump across to the northern exit, then hit the crystal with an arrow to unlock the doorway leading on. One is in the water, and one is in the far northwestern corner, behind the archers. The water one contains 50 rupees, while the one behind the archers is apparently inaccessible until you obtain the Hookshot or something similar. Move back up and to the right, where the blockhead was lasering you before.

Shoot out its eye, then pull it away from the wall to open a secret passage leading up a ramp. Kill the archers that fire at you from a distance, then work your way around to a switch. Flip it, then hop down and ride into the beam. As you ride along around the corner, fire your arrows into the rope holding the bridge there in place. Check the jars to the west for a Fairy before moving off to the east into Room Move slowly into this room. When you spot the waist-high metal railing off to your right, stand behind it and use your bow and arrow to fire on the two archers atop the balconies further into the room.

Attacking him will require you to use both of these features. First, run to one side of the room, then turn around and peg his forehead with an arrow. With that done, quickly strap yourself into your Iron Boots and start walking away from the giant.

Walkthrough twilight pdf princess

When the chain starts to pull taut, Fyrus will topple over and fall to the ground. After another morbidly saccharine cutscene with Colin, take control of Link and head north to the bomb shop, where you can buy a bag of 30 bombs for rupees. With the bombs in hand, you can pick up two more Pieces of Heart here in the village, both near the spring in the south.

First off, find the rough-looking rock wall to the east of the spring and chuck a bomb at it. Follow the path revealed until you reach the deep water behind it, then equip your Iron Boots and sink down to find the Piece of Heart in a chest there.

Secondly, if you look up above the rocks you destroyed just then, you should see another set of rocks above them, on the cliff. If you accept his offer, and manage to hit three straight bow shots of increasing difficulty, the creepy shopkeeper kid will give you another Piece of Heart.

The third shot is a doozy; you may want to make it easier on yourself by disabling the pointer in the options screen and simply using the analog stick to line the shot up. Speaking of which, said shopkeeper will sell you the Hawkeye device, which effectively acts as a sniping scope for your bow when used.

Begin by grabbing Epona and jumping the southeastern gate, which leads back to Faron. In the first section of the Hyrule Field here, cross the gate, then head straight south.

Bomb it to reveal a cave.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough - GameSpot

Kill the spider, then light both of the lamps in the dead end to reveal a chest containing a Piece of Heart. Head back through Kakariko and proceed to the northeast, jumping the gate there to reach another section of Hyrule field. Destroy the boulder with a bomb, then climb up and start jumping along the path until you spot another boulder across a gap.

Destroy that with a bomb arrow, jump across, then drop down onto the rocks to your left to find a chest with another Piece of Heart. Head to the north, across the bridge where you had your little joust with the orc leader. After destroying the rock wall that bars your progress, a portal will open up, removing the bridge behind you. Onwards and upwards, we guess Move forward toward the Twilight Wall and let Midna pull you through.

Feel free to start looking around town and speaking to all the spirits here while you have your Senses active. You can check the map on the table to get an idea of where you need to go. Ilia and the injured child will be revisited in the future, no doubt. Exit Castle Town via the same route you took in, then head east from Hyrule field to reach Lake Hylia. Before you get roasted, push one of the nearby blocks to the side of the bridge, then climb up and dive off to Lake Hylia down below.

The man near the house up the waterbed a bit will also be thinking on the same subject, or at least, he will be until he spots a monster nearby. This seemingly normal archer will summon a huge bird when you approach it. Press A for a boost of speed. So long as you have a bit of health to spare, you should make it to the end intact.

The three shadow beings are again separated by walls; track down the solo creature and kill it first before using your B-button power to eliminate the last two. Remember that burning pillar of rock that nearly smashed you outside of the Goron Mine in Death Mountain?

Sure you Before you can leave the Zora Domain, Rutela, a ghost queen of the Zora, will call you and thank you. Anyway, with the river moving again, jump into it and let it guide you all the way back down to Lake Hylia.

With that done, walk into the cave in front of you and speak to the spirit within. Scattered Tears of Light, take my Vessel of Light, blah blah blah. Time for another treasure hunt. First Insect: The insect will be a short distance up the walkway. Head south from where you fought the shadow beings and look for a bunch of stones with gaps between them.

Jump from stone to stone until you reach a small clearing, where the insect is burrowing. If you manage to imitate the call with your howling, you can summon a bird of your own and repeat your trip up river.

Four of the insects are flying along in the chasm now. You can lock onto them with the Z button and dash into them to grab them, but doing so can be difficult. When you reach the end of your flight, speak to the riverboat proprietor to trigger the appearance of this bug. The second Howling Shrine is nearby. Look for it on an outcropping above the lake. Look for him when you next enter Castle Town from the east!

Speak to the spirits near the entrance to this zone to learn of a waterway that connects to Hyrule Castle. Head out to the middle of the water here and step on the lilypads.

Lock onto the insects and leap attack them when they get close. Dig up the 12th insect and eat it. On the eastern side of the lake, near the frozen path to Snowpeak, Midna will help you climb up the rocky outcroppings. Head down that ramp to find the insect. Head back up the cliffs with Midna, but when you reach the rupee ramp, turn around and jump even higher up the stepping stones.

The path here will lead you to the throne room. The spirit standing in front of the throne will tell you to "Sniff my queen," to which you should only throw your nose in the air in disdain.

Dirty minds. The insect is on a wall near a reclining Zora. That problem will be solved when you kill the shadow beings that ambush you outside of town. The penultimate insect is in the small square outside of the bar in Castle Town. Destroy the boxes nearby to roust it, then kill it.

Midna will then point you out to the final insect on your map, in the middle of Lake Hylia. You can warp there, if you like. You have to float out to the wreckage in the middle of Lake Hylia to face off against the beast. Avoid being hit by this as best you can; you can try to dive in the water to do so when the insect sweeps down on your head. If you can dodge getting hit, then quickly dash back onto the solid surface, lock onto the insect, and jump attack and tap A to rip its guts out.

This is harder than it sounds; it can be difficult to get back on solid ground in time to attack. Try to stand near the edge of one of the planks, so that you have plenty of wood to back up on when the monster sweeps down; if you position yourself properly, you can avoid having to dive into the water to avoid the attack.

After a few go-rounds of this nature, the creature pops up in the water on its back. Climb onto its chest and use your B-button attack to hit all six of its stubby little legs at once. The proprietor will offer to fly you back up to the top of the lake for a mere ten rupees. Take him up on the offer! If you wish, you can climb down the ladder and head out the door; no harm, no fowl.

If you want to pick up a new Piece of Heart, though, you might do well to play the game he offers. Read below for more details on doing so. You can follow the Rupee trails down to the platforms that are floating in Lake Hylia, if you wish, or you can just try to head straight for the platform itself.

The platform has a number of tiers, with the topmost tier the one that rotates holding a chest with rupees inside. It can be frustrating to hit, but keep in mind that you can greatly slow down your speed by holding down on the analog stick.

Before you reach the entrance to Castle Town, the mailman will come along with a piece of mail for you, indicating the availabity of two new minigames for you to play. Head to the northernmost passage out of this section and bomb the rocks there. Follow the river south back to Upper Zora River, where a woman is standing by the cabin. To defeat them as human link, take one down, then hit the remaining two with three sword strikes each.

Now if I only had a bag hutch After doing that, Iza will request your help. If you make your way back up to the Rapid Ride after this, you can try your hand at the canoeing one more time. Scoring 25 points or more this requires very few collisions and basically hitting every target will net you the Giant Bomb Bag.

You can fish for real, if you want, but the main prize here is the Piece of Heart on the rocks in the middle of the lake. You have to hoof it to Castle Town from the lake. Pick it up. If you hit the Howling Stone while you were in Wolf Form earlier, the skill trainer can be found just north of the entrance to Castle Town.

Playing it, and winning, will net you a larger quiver for your bow, and beating it twice will earn you the largest quiver. So does Telma, by the look of things. The orc here has two shields on either side of his body, though, which prevents you from using your swords to attack him. To hit him, simply start Epona into a trot, then whip out your bow and arrow and start aiming.

The orc will weave back and forth across the road, forcing you to quickly aim at him when he approaches. Repeat this three times to move on. The rest of this trip is hectic, but pretty easy.

If it catches alight, hit it with the gale boomerang to douse the flames, and use your bow and arrow to shoot anyone that comes near. The birds, especially are annoying, so prioritize them. You can sell your existing bombs at the counter on the left end of his little teller stand, if you need to.

Buy as many as you can afford, with 30 being a good round number. Getting into the Lakebed Temple is tricky. You have to swim down to the the bottom of Lake Hylia equipping your Iron Boots will make the journey a bit easier , then find the rocky wall in front of the temple. Lay down a Water Bomb on the little round thingamabob underneath the doorway; this will cause a mass of bubbles to rise up in front of it. The B1 floor of the Lakebed Temple. The 1F floor of the Lakebed Temple.

The 2F floor of the Lakebed Temple. Oh lordy, six floors of action! Not to worry, a few of these are only one or two rooms. Nothing complicated, just swim forward.

Make your way past the group, then surface up into a room at the far end of the tunnel. Whip out your bomb-arrows and start firing at the stalagmites sticking down from the ceiling. Or are those stalactites? We could never keep those straight. Anyway, knocking them down will create a jumping pathway for you toward the north door.

Just try to avoid them. This room is dominated by a staircase that rotates. It seems a lot more complicated than it is; from now on, you only have to leave via the eastern or western exits, and there are only two floors that really matter.

Get used to hanging on these handles. Begin by heading down the stairs in front of you and taking a right turn at the bottom of them. Move all the way around to the south side of the room, then jump out and grab the yellow handle. Drop down and head up to the upper floor, move around to the eastern side of the room, then grab the handle there.

Before you do, though, check the chest to the northeast of that door; the Dungeon Map is inside. There are two stalactimites suspended from the ceiling. Hit them both with bomb-arrows, then walk through the tunnel ramp to your right.

The ralling rocks will have made a path for you to reach the central pillar, then wend your way around it to the point where you can see the other stalactigamite head bobbing up and down on a geyser. Leap across to reach the chest there, which holds a Small Key , then return to Room 3.

Head up the stairs and move around to the western door on the upper level of Room 3.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

You can find Ooccoo in a jar near the door here. Unlock the door to move on to Room 5. Knock down the stalactigamictites near the entrance here, then climb up on one of them to reach the vines. When you hit the top of the barrier, jump out to grab the handle and pull it, then move to the northwest.

You can see a weakened wall to your west here, but ignore it and head through the door to the south. Hop onto the cog, kill the lizardman, then proceed through the southern door and open the chest with the Small Key inside of it.

With that in hand, return to the north and bomb the weakened wall to open a passage leading on to Room 6. The little slug in the water bubble here is annoying; his shell protects him from all damage. You can destroy the water with a bomb or a bomb-arrow, if you like, or you can just ignore him and unlock the door that leads onward. When you reach the sluice control room here, drop down into the hole in the middle of the room and find the vines leading up to the north side.

Walk all the way up the ramp here until you reach the top of the room, then climb the ladders to reach the handle. Jump out and pull it to start the flow of water. With the water flowing into the room, jump all the way down into it, then look around for the other handle in the center of the water. If you leave through the southern door here and walk underneath the waterwheel, you can find a fairy in one of the jars there. When you reach the room with the cog in it, drop down off the side of it to return to Room 4 below.

The three platforms here are now rotating along with the cog, so hop onto one of them and get to the northern door here, which leads to Room 7. Return back to Room 4, hop on the rotating platforms again, then jump off to reach the western door, which will take you back to Room 7.

Head through, unlock the door, and head down, down, down into the deeps. There are some offshoot corridors here, which you can explore if you wish with the Iron Boots. The usual assortment of rupees and bombs dwell within. Plop your Iron Boots on, drop a water bomb at its feet, and head on through.

Hit the C button to enter into free-look mode, and glance up at the ceiling here for a disturbing discovery: Be sure you have bomb-arrows equipped for this fight. The frog will initially launch a barrage of tadpoles at you; keep yourself shielded and abuse your spin attack and normal slashes to finish them off. Afterwards, the frog will probably jump into the air and try to smash you underneath its body. Keep on the run and start rolling when you see its shadow looming large.

After it hits the ground, its tongue will roll out of its mouth. Run over and whack on it with your sword! Quickly target the tongue again with a bomb arrow, which the frog will swallow. A few rounds of this will net you the Clawshot. You can also fire it at any vines that you see. Try it on the multiple targets that are scattered around this room.

The clawshot will make it a little easier for you to return to Room 3, your next goal. Note that it can also rip the shells off of the slug creatures that have been attacking you. Use the clawshot to make your way up to the chandelier in the center of this room to find a Piece of Heart. Other than that, though, make your way to the upper west end of the room and use the clawshot to hit the target where a handle should be located, right above the staircase.

Follow the water down the stairs and leave via the lower eastern doorway. Start chaining your way through the room here. The sequence goes: Room 11 basically circles Room 10, but only on the uppermost level of it. Hang a right here and shoot down the stalactigamicactite on the ceiling into the geyser below it, then hop aboard!

Jump over the wall, then clawshot your way to the door leading east. You know the drill. The chest behind the water, reachable with the clawshot, contains the Compass for the dungeon. Lower yourself on the clawshot to reach the pedestals below you. Head back to Room You have to drop down to Room 10 here.

If you move onto the westernmost cog, you should find the doorway leading west. You should drop down to the stones below you. From here, head east by clawshotting the free targets on the cogs that spin around. Connect to the eastern cog, then let yourself be spun around to the eastern side of the room and head through the door there.

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