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Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtum, English translation of a biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). December 24, Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (THE SEALED NECTAR). Book Author: Saifur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri; Book Translator: Issam Diab Maktaba. Saifur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 3 MB A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet.

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An Advisory Council to debar. Pilgrims from Muhammad's Call. Attempts made to check the Onward March of Islam. Persecutions. The House of Al-Arqum. A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. It was honored by the World. Your Brain on Food How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings Gary L. Wenk, PhD Departments of Psychology and Neur.

Qur'an 2: When they refused. It was thus called because the inviolables were made violable. Muttalib bin Hashim. Qusai brought his kinspeople to Makkah and allocated it to them.

Love and respect of a person depends on the benefits we get from him, As the Prophet , is the greatest benefactor of humanity, every Muslim has deepest love for him, Every deed of his life is to be followed by every individual of the Muslim Ummah. Highest love for the Prophet S is made a test of our Faith.

If you really love Allah then follow me i. There is a Hadith narration of the Prophet S who said: She answered: Scholars of Ahadith traditions and writers of the biography of Muhammad , the Messenger of Allah, have explored his life from every angle and aspect from birth to death.

Hundreds of books have been written on the life of Muhammad and this endeavor will continue till the Day of Resurrection. The League announced a world contest for writing a book on the life of the Prophet. Dollars was the grand prize for the best five books. One hundred and seventy-one manuscripts were received from all over the world.

Out of these, eighty-five were in the Arabic Language, sixty-four in Urdu, twenty-one were in English and one in French and Hausa. A board of highly qualified scholars judged the manuscripts and announced the results. The third prize went to Dr. The fourth prize was awarded to Mr. Harnid Mahmud of Egypt. Afterwards, the book was published by the Muslim World League and then many other organizations gained the honor of publishing this masterpiece.

Darussalam also published this book in the Arabic language. I had wished to publish this book in the English language for the wider benefit of humanity. Shaikh Safiur-Rahman willingly agreed to the idea and consented to publish the English translation.

I said to my husband: My husband then went to the she. The next morning. We used to constantly pray for rain and immediate relief. Ibn Ishaq states that Haleemah narrated that she along with her husband and a suckling babe. The donkey that she rode when she came to Makkah was lean and almost foundered.

When I lifted him in my arms and returned to my place I put him on my breast and to my great surprise. Muhammad [pbuh] stayed with Haleemah for two years until he was weaned as Haleemah said: We then took him back to his mother requesting her earnestly to have him stay with us and benefit by the good fortune and blessings he had brought us.

The barren land sprouted forth luxuriant grass and beasts came back to them satisfied and full of milk. I hope so. Every woman who came with me got a suckling and when we were about to depart.

We also had with us an old she. He milked it and we drank to our fill. By All? An orphan! What are his grandfather and mother likely to do? So we spurned him because of that. There was not enough milk in my breast and even the she. As soon as they were told that he was an orphan. Not even a single woman amongst us accepted the Messenger of All?

We could not have a wink of sleep during the night for the child kept crying on account of hunger. I rode on a brown she.

At length we reached Makkah looking for children to suckle. We persisted in our request which we substantiated by our anxiety over the child catching a certain infection peculiar to Makkah. I should go to that orphan and I must take him.

He then extracted a blood. I do not like to go back along with the other women without any baby. Gabriel came down and ripped his chest open and took out the heart.

I found enough milk in it. His relations with the others were determined in the light of the treatment they showed to the Prophet [pbuh]. He put him with his children and preferred him to them. Abu Talib and the boy stood by the wall of Al.

Muttalib was present. After that the heart was joined together and restored to its place. She spent a month there and then took her way back to Makkah. He had warm passions towards the boy. On the way. His children used to sit around that mattress in honour to their father. She set out to cover a journey of kilometers with her orphan boy.

The boys and playmates came running to his mother. Amina decided to visit his grave in Yathrib Madinah. He never left the boy a prey to loneliness. His uncles would take him back. Muttalib passed away in Makkah. Haleemah was worried about the boy and returned him to his mother with whom he stayed until he was six. Abu Talib remained for forty years cherishing his nephew and extending all possible protection and support to him. I swear by All?

English makhtum ar pdf raheeq al

Muhammad [pbuh] has been murdered. The charge of the Prophet [pbuh] was now passed on to his uncle Abu Talib. He singled the boy out with great respect and high esteem. Ibn Hisham reported: A mattress was put in the shade of Al.

Muttalib was more passionate with his grandson than with his own children. Muttalib brought the boy to Makkah. Immediately clouds from all directions gathered and rain fell heavily Abu Talib took the charge of his nephew in the best way. Talqeeh Fuhroom Ahl. It was thus called because the inviolables were made violable. Za'd Al. Abu Talib obeyed and sent him back to Makkah with some of his men servants. His efforts were confined to picking up the arrows of the enemy as they fell.

He readily enough recognized the Prophet [pbuh] and said while taking his hand: Qalb Jazeerat Al-Arab p. In one of those battles.

Islamic tribal. Harb bin Omaiyah. When they reached Busra which was a part of Syria. Banu Al. I can recognize him also by the seal of Prophethood which is below his shoulder. The Messenger of All? He had never been in the habit of receiving or entertaining them before. We have got to learn this from our books. The story that led to its Even now in the period of Islam I would respond positively to attending such a meeting if I were invited.

Taimy to enter into a confederacy that would provide for the above. Representatives of Banu Hashim. It was more appealing to me than herds of cattle. Umm Kulthum. Many prominent men had asked for her hand in marriage but she always spurned their advances. All his sons died in their childhood and all the daughters except Fatimah died during his lifetime.

The latter by hook or by crook tried to evade paying for the goods. She was. She used to employ men to do her business for a certain percentage of the profits. Quraish people were mostly tradespeople.

She realized that she homed at her target. That was because it was a low building of white stones no more than 6. He did not get married to any other until she had died.

She disclosed her wish to her friend Nafisa. He then resorted to a mountain top and began. She offered him money to go to Syria and do her business. The salesman sought help from the different clans in Quraish but they paid no heed to his earnest pleas.

All his daughters witnessed Islam. He agreed and went with her servant to Syria for trade. The marriage contract was witnessed by Bani Hashim and the heads of Mudar. Khadijah noticed. She would also send her hireling. She was the first woman whom the Messenger of All? At the age of Fath Al. He gave her twenty camels as dowry. It was also roofless and that gave the thieves Fatimah died six months after his death. Muttalib heard of him and made inquiries into the matter.

Ibn Ishaq reported that Khadijah. When they started rebuilding its walls. Daggers were on the point of being drawn and great bloodshed seemed imminent. Ameen the trustworthy has come.

Muhammad [pbuh] laid it in the proper position with his own hands. He said: He was favoured with intelligence. Mukhzumi started the work. Quraish was obliged to rebuild it to safeguard its holiness and position. A building structure of 0. When the structure was fifteen yards high they erected the roof which rested on six columns. This is how a very tense situation was eased and a grave danger averted by the wisdom of the Prophet [pbuh]. The door was two metres high from the level ground.

The work went on in harmony till the time came to put the sacred Black Stone in its proper place. They were. He asked for a mantle which he spread on the ground and placed the stone in its centre. Quraish ran short of the licit money. He then asked the representatives of the different clans among them. The chiefs of Quraish decided to use only licit money in rebuilding Al.

The two other sides were twelve metres long each. When it had reached the proper place. The side with the Black Stone and the one opposite were ten metres long each. We are content to abide by his decision.

Muhammad [pbuh] received the commission and at once resolved upon an expedient which was to conciliate them all. Each tribe was responsible for rebuilding a part of it. When the building of Al. Seeing that no harm had happened to him.

Makhtum al english pdf ar raheeq

His long silence helped favourably in his habit of The man who laid the stones was a Roman mason called Baqum. He was an exemplary man of weighty mind and faultless insight. Hijr or Al. Then strife broke out among the chiefs. The Black Stone was 1. It was called Ash. They raised its door two metres from the level ground to let in only the people whom they desired. Waleed bin Al. The tribes collected stones and started work.

Mugheerah Al. Makhzumi made a proposal which was accepted by all. Five years before Prophethood. On seeing him. It was also exposed to the wearing factors of nature — because it was built a long time ago — that weakened and cracked its walls.

The Mother of believers. I was awakened by the heat of the sun. Lat and Al. He shunned superstitious practices but took an active part in constructive and useful dealings. Later on he woke up and shouted: Once I told my fellow. The Building of Al. He was the most gentle. He was the most obliging to his compatriots.

I entered and asked: Atheer reported Muhammad [pbuh] as saying: I wanted to go down to Makkah and entertain myself as the young men did. He was the most truthful and the best to keep covenant.

[PDF] Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar)

His vivid mind and pure nature were helpfully instrumental in assimilating and comprehending ways of life and people. He could never tolerate someone swearing by Al. He unites uterine relations. He kept himself aloof from drinking wine.

He held the idols in extreme aversion and most abhorrence. Every time All? He proved himself to be the ideal of manhood. I went down to the first house of Makkah where I heard music. Ibn Al. I have never tried it again. Even when he tried to obey his instinct to enjoy some life pleasures or follow some irrespectable traditions.

His fellow. Khadijah [R].. I went back to my fellow. This meditative temperament helped to widen the mental gap between him and his compatriots. This solitude attended with this sort of contemplative approach must be understood in its Divine perspective. It was only two miles from Makkah. He used to provide himself with Sawiq barley porridge and water and then directly head for the hills and ravines in the neighbourhood of Makkah. He would always go there and invite wayfarers to share him his modest provision.

Gabriel brings All? When the shades of puzzle receded. Gabriel would appear before him and say: You are indeed All? It was a preliminary stage to the period of grave responsibilities that he was to shoulder very soon.

Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtum

He was also certain that what had come to him was no more than Fi Zilal Al. He used to devote most of his time. To say that it lasted for three and a half years. His heart was restless about the moral evils and idolatry that were rampant among his people. Whenever the period of the coming of the Revelation used to become long. It was a rich period of privacy which lasted for three years and ushered in a new era. Bukhari reported: The Divine inspiration paused for a while and the Prophet [pbuh] became so sad.

His waiting and longing for the coming of the revelation constituted a good reason for his steadfastness and self. I went home saying: I was very afraid of him and knelt on the ground. I heard a voice from the sky.

[PDF] Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar)

What All? The period of true vision. This would enable him to fully understand what the angel said. I looked up. If the Prophet [pbuh] was on his camel. Arise and warn!

And your Lord All? And your garments purify!

Pdf al english ar makhtum raheeq

And keep away from Ar. The angel used to visit the Messenger of All? Zaid felt the pressure had almost injured his thigh. Rujz the idols!

The Book of Tafseer. He was sitting on a chair between the earth and the sky. Once the Messenger of All? It was the starting point of the Revelation to the Messenger of All? The Fourth: The angel came to him like the toll of a bell and this was the most difficult form because the angel used to seize him tightly and sweat would stream from his forehead even on the coldest day. Never get so impatient to the verge of disobedience of All? Chapter The Seventh: Some religious scholars added a controversial eighth stage in which they state that All?

The ultimate objective of warning is to make sure that no one breaching the pleasures of All? This issue remains however unconfirmed. It was a privilege granted to Moses? The angel would reveal to him what All? The Sixth: Himself revealed to him in heaven i. Rujz the idols. Najm Chapter The Star. And give not a thing in order to have more or consider not your deeds of All? The angel communicated to him a manifest Message saying: Only through this avenue can the soul of the Prophet [pbuh] reach an ideal status and become eligible to enjoy the shady mercy of All?

And be patient for the sake of your Lord i. The Prophet [pbuh] saw the angel in his actual form. They are expected to disparage him and step up their malice to the point of scheming against his life and lives of all the believers around him.

Testimony to the Oneness of All? Belief in the Hereafter. The verses meant to extract him forcibly out of his sleep. The constituents of the call to Islam could. A warning logically implies that there are malpractices with painful consequences to be sustained by the perpetrators. The verses have been prefaced. These were the basic preliminaries that the Prophet [pbuh] had to observe.

In this case he has got to be patient and is supposed to persevere and display the highest degree of stamina for the sole purpose of attaining the pleasure of All? They constituted the trigger that aroused a far. The verses comprise the constituents of the new call and propagation of the new faith.

The Prophet [pbuh] must not regard his strife in the way of All? On the contrary. The Prophet [pbuh] managed quite successfully to rise to his feet and measure up to the new task. O Muhammad. The following research at hand gives an account in miniature of his long strive and uninterrupted struggle he made after receiving the ministry of Messengership. Arise and warn. May All?

The stage of the proclamation of the Call in Makkah: The Makkan phase: The stage of the call to Islam and propagating it beyond Makkah: He called unto Islam whomsoever he thought would attest the truth which had come from his Lord. The stage of the secret Call: The Madinese phase: The Makkan phase can be divided into three stages: Working in such an atmosphere no doubt requires unshakable will and determination.

The Early Converts The Prophet [pbuh] naturally initiated his sacred mission right from home and then moved to the people closely associated with him.

Protection and guardianship of the idols and stone graven images that received veneration on the part of all the Arabs lay in the hands of the Makkans. Hence the difficulty of hitting the target of reform and rectitude in a place considered the den of idolatry. Each of the two phases included distinctive features easily discernible through accurate scrutiny into the circumstances that characterized each of them.

They are known in the Islamic literature as the early converts. The Madinese phase will be considered later in its due course. The First Stage: All of those professed Islam on the very first day of the call. Siddiq Abu Bakr the truth verifier. Ibn Hisham.

Revelation accelerated and continued after the first verses of "O you wrapped in garments. It is related that obligatory prayer was established twice a day.

Makhtum pdf english raheeq ar al

The central topic running through them focused on sanctifying the soul. Hadhali and many others. Harith bin Al. They belonged to various septs of Quraish. It is reported through a chain of narrators that when the Prophet [pbuh] received the first Revelation. Among the early Muslim were Bilal bin Rabah the Abyssinian. When the Prophet [pbuh] had finished.

Those eight men constituted the forerunners and more specifically the vanguard of the new faith in Arabia. Arqam from the tribe of Makhzum. People used to frequent his house and draw nigh to him for his knowledge. He invited whomever he had confidence in to Islam and through his personal efforts a good number of people converted to Islam.

The early verses used as well to give a highly accurate account of the Hell and the Garden Paradise. Arqam bin Abi Al. These were the Muslim predecessors. Khabbab bin Al. He was wealthy. At first. Abu Talib once saw the Messenger of All? For full three years Muhammad [pbuh] had been content to teach within a rather narrow circle.

When he got to know that it was obligatory prayer. But this attitude of indifference soon changed into real apprehension. The time had. The angel Gabriel had brought him down a further Revelation of All?

In the beginning. It is then either Hell forever or the Garden Paradise forever. It is included in S? I seek His help. I bear witness that there is no god to be worshipped but All? Abu Lahab immediately took the initiative and addressed the Prophet [pbuh]: If you follow their tradition. When the spirit of Prophecy came to Makkah. Aikah Companions of the Wood.

I put my trust in Him. A group of people who used to worship a tree called Aikah Chronologically. He invited them to another meeting and managed to secure audience.

The audience counted fortyfive men. The Message that this Chapter communicates is in brief: This was the first verse to be revealed in this concern. I believe in Him.


You will be called to account for your deeds. A guide can never lie to his people. Muhammad [pbuh] rallied his kinsmen of Bani Hashim with a group of Bani Al. He then stood up and delivered a short speech explaining quite cogently what was at stake. I have never heard of anyone who has incurred more harm on his kinspeople than you. Lout and Ahlul. This Chapter in fact narrates the different stages that Moses [AWS] passed through in his struggle with Pharaoh and the mission of calling his people unto All?

Another point you have got to bear in mind is that your relatives are sufficient unto you. O Fatimah. Seerah p.. Safa one day and called out loudly: Do what you have been ordered. Muslim reported another part of this story on the authority of Abu Hurairah [R] — He said: Safa and started to call: He called them to testify to the Oneness of All?

Then he made a particular reference to certain tribes. Abu Lahab was also present. The Prophet [pbuh] said: These are your kinspeople whom you have collected and I am one of them but I am the fastest to do what you like.

Have you summoned us for such a thing? You must stop him before the others do. I shall protect and defend you. For you are in the same opposition as we are in opposition to him. They addressed Abu Talib in the following manner: Continue to app Rating: His SAW journey from the Click stars to rate this APP! Tapped Out. Newsletter Submit. Continue to app. View Screenshots. Reference Tools.