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Atomic Highway always seemed promising. download/hr4ecdxxd4evuxp/ The Atomic Highway pdf is now free to download! Atomic Highway and its fans have been really good to me these two years since its release. From the product description: "Civilization came crashing down. Billions died. A new Dark Age has begun. The descendants of the apocalypse's survivors.

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Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying - Civilization came crashing down. Billions PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ Atomic Highway - Core Rules - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. core rule book for atomic highway, post apocalyptic rpg. Atomic highway is a lovely lightweight Post Apocalypse setting that is perfect for Mad Max style I thought the pdf had been free for years.

Healer Medicine is a far cry from the miracle days of the Before Time. Post Comments Atom. Many died, man and beast alike, and the Earth was tortured and twisted. Iron Ghost is convinced that returning to a more primitive existence is less destructive and far more honest. Dan Race: Forums New posts Search forums.

Sub-Radar-Mike November 27, at 5: Narmer November 27, at 8: Lee B November 27, at Brutorz Bill November 28, at 6: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. My Current Campaign! My first RPG. Tear along the shattered highway as a road warrior, track down monstrous threats as a brave tribal warrior, or unearth the wonders of the past as a canny scavenger. Rules for mutants and mutations, including optional rules for humanoid animals and psychic powers.

Pdf atomic highway

Straightforward rules for a wide variety of vehicles and modifications. A complete bestiary of threats, mundane and mutated. Easy-to-use scavenging tables - you never know what you'll unearth. A customizable setting with advice and tips on how to create your own post-apocalyptic world. Roleplaying and game running advice for Players and Game Masters, new and experienced alike. A ready-to-use introductory adventure.

Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews Please log in to add or reply to comments. Dave S October 22, 1: Hey guys. Any idea on how to fix this? I've tried different apps. Aside from not liking them, the pages take multiple seconds to turn. Vladimir T June 14, 3: Any word yet on what's coming next? Brandon P February 03, 5: Any chance of licensing or otherwise expanding the line now that rights have been secured?

Alan B March 12, 9: Rob K February 02, 4: A couple of questions. I bought the PDF a while ago, is there a coupon or code for us to get the book at a reduced cost? Also, the books are shown as "color". The PDF has exactly two pages that are color, the cover, and another page towards the end which has the company logo in color on another essentially black and white page. What is color on these? Alan B February 02, 5: Hey Rob! Unfortunately there won't be. Our profit margin on these is very low we're only a few dollars over the cost as is , and we need to recoup the cost of turning the PDFs into POD.

As for the color, there's two reasons. In order to have the Blacks in the art show up better not washed out, or streaked selecting color pages gives a thicker and better page for the art to get printed on. We can only offer the premium books in "color" printing. Alan B January 22, Josua G February 02, 4: And you did?! I ran a Mad Max: Craig T May 18, 3: Philippe M March 14, 7: Forest R July 21, 8: Any chance you might offer this on print on demand?

My group will need a spare copy.. Thomas S February 03, 6: Maybe one of the best option to play Mad Max Fury Road. In speciffic the rules for combat with vehicles its very efficiente. Only d6. Jonah B. Probably the best post apocalyptic RPG system ive found so far. The world it sets up is reminiscent of things like Mad Max and A Boy And His Dog however the system and provided game assets it uses is extremely flexible and good for creating your own se [ Starks, Ben SterlingWoodland.

Richard Dickson Finalists: Dedication Colin would like to dedicate this book to his wife, Jo, the reason for his continued existence, and his daughter, Rosie, for bringing delightful madness into his life. He would also like to express his absolute awe and gratitude to the folks who truly helped make this dream a reality.

Words cannot convey how brilliant the folks listed under Special Thanks are. All Rights Reserved. This material art, logos, illustrations, characters, concepts, text and game mechanics is protected by the copyright laws of the United Kingdom.

References in this book to any companies or products are not meant to challenge the trademarks or copyrights concerned. Gas Gouging Burning Rubber! Buckle Up! Pedal To The Metal! Blasted Wastelands — Creating Your Setting.. Born To Be Bad! Digging In The Dirt! Fuel Injection! Rock When You Roll!

Get Your Freak On! He has an idea of the sort of adventure story the group will be playing through. Like Jerry. Jerry tells the group what Slade says and does in action. This is Jo. This is neat because it makes the game unpredictable. You can say this in third person or first person.

This is Colin. This is Jerry. Roleplaying is best described as something like interactive group storytelling. Example 1: This character is his Player Character PC for short. You simply say what your character says and does. He narrates the adventure. You see. You never know just where the story will lead. What will happen next?

Will Slade and Monkey-Tail fight off the mutants? Will they be captured or worse? Will something else unexpected happen? Chapter 1 So.

Get on the Road. Use those as your roll results. What is Roleplaying? A photocopied or printed-off character sheet for each Player. Having a flat surface to roll dice on is a bonus. A few regular six-sided dice. Three to five per player is ideal. At least one of you needs to be the GM and run the game. Outriders on customized motorcycles operate as couriers and scouts.

Because the transport of goods and people between settlements is a dangerous proposition at best. These smaller settlements tend to be focused on one or two primary means of support. Whatever their faults may be. Bartertowns Bartertowns are almost always the largest of communities. Struggling in the poisoned aftermath of nuclear winter. Many are located close to resources that they themselves can exploit. Communities A selection of defined types of communities exist in the game.

Remnant Enclaves There are those rare settlements that formed around still-functioning scientific research stations. Members of other communities. A few are actually bartertown-created farms or outposts in very hostile areas. Escorting these are road warriors. Not a few are run by whoever is strong or cunning enough to seize power or exert enough influence to control the decision-making process.

For instance. Some are run by hereditary rulers. Ranging in size from a handful of families to several hundred members. Xenophobic more often than not. Certain mutations have become somewhat stable in trog populations. Tribes Eschewing most of the technologies of the past.

Trog Warrens In many places. Raider gangs range in size from several dozen individuals to several hundred. Most raider gangs have a large proportion of mutant members. Even if he wanted the rifle. Sequestered underground. Invariably ruled by the strongest. Raiders Among the most feared of communities are the raiders: This means that when it comes to trade. With their distinctive rituals and beliefs. Others have gone out into the world to bring the benefits of technology back.

Someone who promises their services or aid to another. Even among those trogs not mutated. He could offer his services or farming advice as another possibility if his skills are such that the rifle-seller might have use for them.

Atomic Highway - free to download!

Chapter 2 often guarding them jealously against what they perceive as barbaric outsiders. No goods or services have any fixed values. A small number of tribes are sedentary. Shifting rivalries and alliances between nearby tribes are not uncommon. Many raiders and some tribes are controlled by warlords or chiefs who win their position through trial by combat or other hazardous rites set to test their determination and strength. Some are governed by elected representatives.

Governance The ways in which communities are governed vary dramatically.

Pdf atomic highway

In cases where a populace has any choice. With every settlement being its own power. For those laboring as slaves or in servitude imposed as criminal punishment, the subsistence is often harsher. Individuals with useful or necessary skills can expect better treatment, the amount of luxury they are lavished with highly dependent on the utility and rarity of their talents. A typical sentinel, for example, may be given a better quality shack, better food, more firewood, and possibly the odd luxury as a bonus.

A veteran road warrior, on the other hand, may have a decent cabin, some good food, more regular allocations of scavenged luxuries, and even repairs and replacement parts for his gear, weapons, and battlecar when available.

Work itself varies according to the skills of the individual. The unskilled can expect to perform menial chores requiring little more than muscle and a willingness to follow simple instructions. Lifting and hauling, mucking out stalls, shoveling coal, digging trenches — these and other simple tasks are the lot of the unskilled.

Bartertowns are the largest markets for goods in their areas. Their bustling markets are as cosmopolitan as the post-apocalyptic world gets. Food That the diet of the post-apocalyptic man is simpler than in the Before Time goes without saying. Food is all about subsistence, and few can afford to be too choosy. Chapter 2 about what they eat.

Fresh grains and vegetables are available from arable farms, but may be stunted or mutated depending on the local environment and weather, with the best fruits and vegetables being bartered at costs beyond those of most folks. Cattle, pigs, chickens, and other livestock are raised where possible; edible fish and seaweed are also possibilities for coastal communities.

With the intensive farming methods of the past, meat and produce are far less common and thus far more expensive in barter terms.

Alongside the livestock of yore, more readily available meats are also consumed: Offal of all kinds has also made a big comeback, and when horses can no longer serve as mounts or beasts of burden, they too are ready sources of protein More primitive cooking methods have returned, focused upon taking what little is available and making it go as far as possible.

Broths and thin stews of rat or dog meat and coarse grain, maybe with a few turnip heads or chunks of root vegetable are the commonest fare, and treats such as roast rat-on-a-stick are sold on market days.

Beverages are similarly limited; water is the most common drink, crudely filtered and repeatedly boiled to make it fit for consumption. Fruit juice and milk are luxuries, and anything more refined really is the domain of the elite, assuming it can be found at all. Of course, the real luxuries, the foodstuffs of which most commoners can only dream of tasting, are the rare foodstuffs that have survived from the Before Time: Trogs, of course, face a vastly different environment than surface dwellers, with obvious differences in comestibles.

They raise and eat pallid fish in underground pools, grow and harvest fungus, drink filtered water, and gather root crops where possible. These foods are supplemented by any cave-dwelling amphibians that can be caught such as frogs and salamanders, as well as bats and roasted cave crickets.

When they do trade with the surface world, foodstuffs are some of the things they most eagerly barter for. Shelter Shelter in the post-apocalypse is a far cry from the constructions of the Before Time. Anything that lends itself as a building material is utilized, often haphazardly. A shack might boast timber walls made from old planks, a roof made from beaten sheets of scrap metal, and a supporting concrete wall, the only part of a ruin left standing.

In areas close to ruins, scavenged materials dominate, while away from past sites any local materials are used such as wood, stone, woven grass, and mud. Trogs, of course, live in their tunnels and complexes, and remnants maintain as best they can their historical dwellings.

Nomadic folk, be they tribesmen or raiders, make use of tents, yurts, and teepees crafted from scavenged canvas, rubber sheeting, or the hides of beasts. Only where generators still function or have been recovered, with wiring still intact or jury-rigged, do bulbs light the darkness. Furnishings are spare, often crude pieces of lashed or nailed together wood, scavenged barrels topped with old wooden doors, and old threadbare car seats. Opulence and comfort are not great, and even the overflowing dens of the elite are ramshackle, tattered, and faded.

Defenses The primary defenses of surface settlements are their reinforced gates and walls, sturdily erected from stone or brick, and strengthened with wood, sheets of metal, and any other strong materials available. That sometimes the sentinels are little better than thugs and strong-arms for some of the more vicious rulers is a sad truth.

Trog warrens are notoriously deadly places to venture. Not only do trogs camouflage the entries to their warrens and fit them with sturdy doors, they make extensive use of traps, such as hidden pits and deadfalls, to cripple or kill intruders. Of course, the strongest defense they have is the suffocating darkness of their labyrinthine tunnels, nearly impossible for any outsiders to navigate. Technology The level of technology in settlements varies massively, from the near-Stone Age level of some primitive tribes to the modern levels of technology painstakingly cared for in remnant enclaves.

A juxtaposition of technologies keeps most settlements working. Coal-fueled boilers spew forth steam and smoke as they melt down plastics reclaimed from a nearby beach, located in the same sprawling building as the functioning saw bench works, its electrical components jury-rigged to a pair of old batteries.

Pdf atomic highway

Machine guns are mounted to automobiles, while crossbows are issued to sentinels. Despite all this, technology is becoming more primitive. However well cared for, machinery can only be repaired to a point, and as wear and tear takes its toll, and scavenging replacement parts becomes ever more difficult, what modern technology remains gradually slips out of use. Already crossbows are becoming more common than firearms, and horses, carts, and simple boats already outnumber working automobiles.

The skies are free of all but a few aircraft, autogyros and powered hang gliders among them. Dependent entirely on the local customs and means of governance, law and justice in a settlement may be summary, meted out at the moment by sentinels empowered to do so.

Atomic Highway - Core Rules

In other cases a trial may be involved, though this in no way guarantees fairness, impartiality, or due process. Trials can easily be symbolic only, the actual result a foregone conclusion — even when they are not, the burden of proof often lies with the defendant. When a criminal escapes a settlement after committing. Punishments are varied indeed, and can oftentimes be cruel and unusual at the whim of the sentencing individual. Very often, mob justice is the rule of the day and public beatings, whippings, pillories, and executions are common.

Few really care that miscarriages of justice are all too frequent at the hands of hysterical, vengeful mobs. Entertainment When not helping with chores, children still play, still bat at each other with sticks, run and jump, climb, and play hide-and-seek.

They still imagine with crude wooden toys. With life so cheap, blood sports have returned, and bartertowns often feature pit fights, gladiatorial events between warriors, between warriors and beasts or condemned criminals. Held in purposemade arenas or large cages, in halls or town squares, these fights can be to first blood or death, and involve bare-knuckle brawling, knife fights, and fully armed and armored melees, all accompanied by a flurry of bets among spectators with anything worth gambling.

In the wealthiest bartertowns, duels between battlecars are arranged as major events, and these can draw spectators from many miles around. The Romans would be very proud. While lore keepers may teach basic arithmetic, reading, and writing, along with a highly sketchy knowledge of the past, children are seldom taught for more than one day a week, and never for more than a year. Instead, they help their parents with chores, learn basic skills from their extended families, and may be apprenticed to adults within the community around the age of ten, one less mouth to feed or worry about.

Suffice to say, very few people can recognize more than a few basic written words any more, and even among those with basic education, reading and writing is not necessarily an easy or natural thing. Hair is frequently long or rudely hacked short. With so much lost.

As a result. Alongside the found-material items. Newly unearthed garments of any real sturdiness are valuable finds indeed. With so much death and destruction.

Combined with an eclectic wardrobe. In attempts to treat injuries and illnesses in the absence of modern medicine. Color choice and appearance are issues few people can afford to consider unless those choices somehow impact the practicality of the clothing being worn. Health Although the importance of hygiene in preventing infection has not faded from post-apocalyptic culture. Reclaimed fabrics of any and all kinds are cut and sewn into rough new garments. Immediately following the apocalypse.

Scavenged items are still common. Decorative branding. That some charlatans seek to make a living from the gullible by indulging in quackery only worsens the situation. The end result was that a few communities grew up based purely around single faiths or philosophies. Illnesses and infections that before were only minor.

Others regard it a divine punishment. Some consider the Final War a blessing. Only a few view mutants as exotic and interesting. For their part. Life as a mutant. Outside of bartertowns — those places most likely to accept mutants outside of mutant enclaves and to display a varied attitude among its populace — entire communities frequently reflect a certain outlook or bias regarding muties.

Atomic Highway now a free PDF | Atomic Highway | RPGGeek

Setting The Place of Mutants Reactions to mutants. A few boast very bizarre interpretations indeed. The View out the Window. Suffice it to say. In some. Some of these new rituals are best left undescribed. In the confusion of the new world. A few societies even consider it their duty to wipe mutants off the face of the planet. Even among those few humans who are tolerant of mutants.

Among the most strident of these are the apocalypse cults. Many humans view mutants with a mixture of slight revulsion. Apocalypse cults share only a few things in common. Here then are some useful tips to consider if you want to be a good Player: By being fair. If at all possible. If folks want to play relatively serious games. Like any hobby though. One common cause of games falling apart is the Player who creates a completely selfish.

Not only does this mean potentially disruptive characters can be headed off immediately. Listen to each other. Just as cool. Just as importantly. Another example is the character who never thinks. No real group of people would ever put up with such an individual in their midst. Player Advice Playing in a roleplaying game can be intensely rewarding.

Do you want a lot of action? Some intrigue? Romance between characters? Do you want adventures set in a specific location or a wandering game? It shows a lack of respect for the rules as these are already set up to give considerable advantages to Major characters.

It all comes down to this: For that matter. It defeats the purpose of the rules. Spend a little time thinking about how they act. Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with their Attributes. It shows a lack of respect for the rest of the gaming group. I get 3 Successes. Remember that sometimes the rules should take a backseat to fun. It should go without saying. Be punctual and reliable.

I dodge. Be descriptive! This kind of behavior stops the game mid-pace and can result in arguments. I get 2 Successes. Apart from actively portraying your character. Not only will you more quickly be able to decide what they attempt to do. He misses me…. Add a little flavor and creativity! Of course. Stay focused on the game. Take a moment now and then to praise your fellow gamers for their efforts.

You might adopt an appropriate speech pattern when talking in-character. He takes 9 Damage. We all make mistakes after all. A final. Try to get the essence of your character across during play. Apart from the system elements of your character. Support the game! You can make the gaming experience more fulfilling for the entire group. The last piece of advice is arguably the most important: Freely share any ideas you have. It can be demoralizing to be on the losing end of a conflict.

Accept defeat with grace. Chapter 3 including yourself. If you have the skills and time. Mutant Bounty Hunter Dan wants his character to be physically capable as a tribal warrior. A pair of dice can create a range of Are they going to be strong or frail as a result of a childhood disease? Persuasive or shy? Intelligent or slow-witted? Bear in mind what sort of character you want to play. Do you want to be a grizzled road warrior? An inquisitive and proud wasteland barbarian?

A devilmay-care autogyro pirate? A two-fisted scholar? As needed. Have some idea of what sort of character you want to play. He likes the sound of the Remnant Rearing and Brave Pursuit. These rules create highly competent individuals. Dan is new to Atomic Highway and looks over the Rearings and Pursuits for inspiration. After some thought. Creating Your Character So. Select Race Atomic Highway assumes the character you play is a human.

A scarred pit fighter. In the appendices. Just follow these basic steps and examples. Tenacity 2. Chapter 4 Muscle 3. Appeal 2. Toughness 3. Nimbleness 3. You can choose to roll a second Mutation following the same process. Roll Mutations If you want to play a mutant. Night Vision Flaws: Light Sensitive.

Physical Mutations: Senses 2 All characters have Natural Skills. Mutie Unless modified by Mutations or Flaws. Understanding 3. All characters start with the following Skills at Novice level 1: If the optional Psychic Powers in the appendices are being used. Dan records the Natural Skills on the character sheet. Trog Mutants If you are a member of the Trog Rearing and want to be a mutant. If you roll opposing Mutations and Flaws. Tech 2. Melee 2. Shoot 2. He also decides that his character has a steely gaze and can seem frightening to many folks.

Stealth 2. Lore 2. Persuade 1.

Customize Yer Gear! The descriptions of equipment are basic and brief. Dan names his character Iron Ghost formerly Marcus Lanner. Dan selects Drive 1 from his options. Iron Ghost eschews his past. Pick the most appropriate Pursuit template. Drive 1. Dan decides that Marcus left his remnant community in disgust at their over-reliance on technology.

They might have left their home willingly or not. Some humanoid animals have no Skill points with which to customize. No starting Skill can exceed 4! You can improve Skills to level 5 in-game. Survive 2. Notice 2. The final Skills look like this: Athletics 2. Iron Ghost is convinced that returning to a more primitive existence is less destructive and far more honest. Dan decides that although he grew up with knowledge of technology.

Stealth 1. He also records the gas mask and Geiger counter from the Gear. A little color and detail goes a long way toward stoking the imaginations of all involved. What sort of upbringing did your character have? What kind of environment did they come from? Where they live now might not be where they were born and raised.

Zoofinity 1. Dan describes him as athletic and deeply tanned. Brawl 2. Give your character a name. His character now has the Athletics 2. Ride 1. Shoot 3. Having selected the Brave Pursuit. Notice 1. Melee 1. Pick the most appropriate Rearing template. You can add a visual impact and element of personality to your character by describing their clothing and equipment in a little more detail.

Intimidate 2. Brawl 1. Selecting the Remnant Rearing. Dan sees his character as being a skilled mounted warrior.

You have 4 points to buy new Skills for your character or improve existing ones. Is their medium handgun a scratched and faded Glock 19 semi-auto with tape around the handle. Bear in mind precious little is remotely close to pristine anymore.

Dan selects Ride 1 from his options. Ride 3. What are they most experienced or proficient at doing? Although they can develop in any way once the game starts.