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Tales Of Symphonia(TM) Official Strategy Guide [Dan Birlew, Phillip Marcus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BradyGames' Tales of. This guide has everything you will ever need %) Hi the reason I put http://uk Call of Duty 3 Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games Official Strategy Guides) by Thom Denick .. Tales Of Symphonia(tm) Official Strategy Guide by Dan Birlew.

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6 Results You searched for "tales of symphonia strategy guide pdf" in All Sections: Dawn of the New World BradyGames Strategy Guide[PDF][Wii][Multi]*. Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. BradyGames' Tales of Symphonia. BradyGames' Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide features a comprehensive walkthrough, covering every aspect of the game.

Also fight the enemy here for a Memory Gem. After the discussion, Raine will re-join the party and you'll get the Map of Balacruf. Cody Macleod marked it as to-read Mar 21, Takatsugu Yoshizumi. Sort order. Keith Jr.

Macmillan, Inc. Pearson Education, Inc. Mutsuo Ishihara. Shigeru Kataoka. Takatsugu Yoshizumi. Etsuko Odagiri. Tatsuro Ohno. Ramza Beoulve. Cloud Strife. Mariko Anzai. Kiyomi Nagashima. Donald Duck. Toshiaki Nagashima. Sawako Asakura.

Tales Of Symphonia (Bradygames Strategy Guide)

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North Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic Ocean. Related events Sinking of the Titanic. Gilded Age. How do series work? Top bar: Series by cover 1—6 of next show all.

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Final Fantasy III: Official Strategy Guides by BradyGames. Final Fantasy Tactics: Final Fantasy XII: Game Design: Secret of the Sages by Marc Saltzman. Grand Theft Auto: Klonoa 2: The Legend of Zelda: The Lemmings Chronicles: Lost Planet: The Making of Final Fantasy: Guards will then come so flee. You now need to find a higher place that will let you look into the ranch what's going on. At the right of the entrance is a cliff. Examine it to find a ledge into the side of the cliff.

You will then be able to jump, so jump to that ledge, then to the other one and to the one at the right to find a chest that contains Orange Gel. Jump to the ledge at the left and a cutscene will occur where Lloyd and Genis make up a plan to save Marble. Genis will attack the soldiers, then you'll have to fight two of them.

Guide pdf official tales symphonia of strategy

After that fight, Genis will return to the village while Lloyd needs to go home. So, save your game at the save point and head north. Continue north, then go left for a chest containing Apple Gel. Then go all the way right for another chest with Leather Glove, which Lloyd can equip. Go back down, and go right for a chest with Apple Gel, then cross the bridge below and you'll find another chest with Gald.

Continue north and go up the path to a clearing. Here, go right on the grass mound and left on the tree branch. Open the bag on the branch for Orange Gel. Now leave the forest. Go in the house, where your father awaits you. Lloyd will them him he needs a Key Crest for a traveling merchant, but his father tells him this is a lie which is true indeed so Lloyd has no choice but to tell him he did go to the Human Ranch.

Lloyd's father is mad and tells Lloyd his mother was killed by the Desians, so Lloyd is mad too, and leaves the house. Outside he runs into Colette, Genis, Kratos and Rain. Colette wishes to talk with you, so accept. She will tell you she needs to leave on a quest with Raine and Kratos to go to the tower.

Obviously, Lloyd wants to accompany them, since he wants to avenge his mother's death. Colette tells him they will leave at noon, so if he wants to come, he'll have to be at Iselia tomorrow. In the morning, Lollyd wakes up. Leave the house and go at your mother's grave to find your father. He will give you some items for your journey, along with the Sylvarant Map and the Key Crest you asked for.

But, Genis arrives and tells you Colette has already left. She lied to Lloyd because she didn't want him to come along, since she thought it was too dangerous and she didn't want him to get hurt. Now you'll be at Iselia. Go to Colette's house. She has left you a letter about the reasons of her departure without you.

While talking with Colette's family, you hear a noise outside, so hurry out to find out the village is on fire. Go west and fight the soldiers in front of the school. The man will give you Orange Gel to thank you for saving him. Then, head south. The Desians are after Lloyd, so they burnt the whole village. You will then fight a mini boss. It appears this monster is in fact Marble. I assume this is the consequence of an Exsphere with no Key Crest.

The Desians will then leave and the Mayor will banish you from the village along with Genis. Leave the village through the south gate where Noishe is waiting for you. You'll obtain the title of Drifting Swordsman. Ex Gem Lv 1 Enemies: Back on the field, head south. On the way, Noishe will pick up a letter you drop. It is a letter from your father, telling you about Ex Skills. Then, continue until you reach the House of Salvation.

A guy here will tell you about Guidepost Monuments and Long-range mode. You can also rest in the inn for G and save at the save point on the second floor. When you're done, head back to the field and look for a chest containing Ex Gem Lv 1 northwest of the House of Salvation. As you approach the forest part near the cliffs, it will become visible.

Then, head for the desert and enter the next town, Triet. Desians have been putting wanted posters all around town, but we're still going to explore it. First, head for the inn. You can save your game here, then go upstairs to the second floor and look at the end of the hallway to find the Wonder Chef , who teaches you how to make Cabbage Rolls.

He will also give you Cabbage and Pork for the recipe. Also, examine the wanted poster on the inn's wall. Now, leave the inn and head for the market place.

You can buy several things, and one of the merchants asks you for a Beast Hide, which we'll get later. I suggest buying the new weapon available here for Lloyd and selling his old wood sword. Then, head north of the town all the way to the fortune-teller. Lloyd will ask her where Colette is heading for, but the fortune-teller asks G for the answer. If you want to continue on, you have no other choice but to pay. Once she gives you the answer, go back to the entrance of the town and try to leave.

You'll get attacked by three Desians. Defeat them, but then Lloyd will be captured, while Genis escapes. Beast Hide Enemies: Try to hit the guard using the Ring press X when he passes in front of where you are standing. It isn't as easy a it sounds, you're going to need a well timed shot. When you hit him, he will run away and the cell will open. Leave the cell and examine the one on your left to open it.

Inside is a chest containing Beast Hide. Open the other cell for a save point. Then, head right and open the chest in the room there to get back your equipment. Continue right and you'll fight 2 guards. After the fight, enter the next room. When the guards leave, check the blue sphere to change the attribute of the Sorcerer's Ring to electricity. Now what you must do in this room is stun the enemies using the electric beam of the Sorcerer's Ring while they are standing on the blue pads on the floor.

Each side of the room has one of those blue pads. When an enemy passes over one of them, shot it to stun it while it's on the pad. Then, repeat the process with the second enemy on the other pad. When both pads have a stunned enemy on, the door at the left will open. Go through the door and head left into the hallway.

Then go down and fight the soldier there to receive a Memory Gem. Head down after this to a room with a chest containing Beast Fang. You can also buy some items using the distributor. Head back up and go left, upstairs to a new puzzle room. Here, you can use the Memory Gem on the Memory Circle to restore the save point. Now, there's a gamecube statue in the center of the room with 3 colored buttons around it. At the left of the room are 3 pillars also.

By hitting the pillars with the Sorcerer's Ring, the buttons around the gamecube will rotate depending on the pillar you hit. If you place the purple button towards the purple one by the gamecube, the door south of the room will open. Inside the room is a chest containing Magical Cloth. Then, go back and place the green button towards the other green button to open the door at the north of the room. Go through and Lloyd will encounter some guards.

Hopefully, he escapes in a room, but a mysterious guy is in there and furthermore, Botta will come in too. Colette and the rest of the group will then come to your rescue. Now, the party will fight Botta. Then, you'll be back in the desert, so head back to Triet. You will all head for the inn. After a group discussion, Lloyd decides to repair Raine's Exsphere. Leave your room and head upstairs.

You can go into Colette's room for a cutscene, then enter Raine's room and give her the Exsphere. She tells you that you can accompany them on their quest as you wished. That's great news. Head back downstairs and save your game. After saving, head outside. The group decides they need to go to the ruins. Before leaving town though, go to the market and talk to the merchant who wanted some Beast Hide.

In exchange for it, he will give you a Soft Leather and will make new armors from your old ones. Then, you can leave town and walk southwest to The Triet Ruins. Lemon Gel Enemies: Take them down, then Kratos will teach you self-defense techniques. Now head for the ruin. Raine will obtain the title of Archeological Maniac. Colette will then place her hand on the stone tablet, and the boulder blocking the entrance to the ruins will move away.

Head inside. There are 3 doors you can enter from here, so it may seem a bit confusing, but it's not. From the entrance of the dungeon, head west to a door in the wall, but don't enter it yet. Head south and at the end of the hallway, you'll notice a chest covered with rocks. Shoot a beam from the Sorcerer's Ring to blow off the rocks, then open the chest for a Lemon Gel. Now enter the door here. You'll be in a room full of lava.

Go to the left and defeat the enemy here for a Memory Gem. Now go up the nearby stairs and the party will notice a torch in the wall. Light it up using the Sorcerer's Ring. This will make a platform raise. Now, go down the stairs and go right. Light the torch here too to make other platforms raise. Leave this place since there's nothing more to do, and go back up the hallway. Enter the door that's west of the dungeon's entrance.

You're in another part of the lava room. If you head up, you'll find two chests behind the wall containing Bracelet and Life Bottle. If you head down, there's another chest with Apple Gel. Now, move the big block and push it into the hole at the left. Also push the other block into that hole.

Tales Of Symphonia (TM) Official Strategy Guide

You can now cross to the other side, where a torch is. Light it up to raise platforms, then go up the slope at the left.

Thanks to the platforms you raised earlier, you can now access 3 chests. One contains Savory, and the two others contain Mumei and Gald. You got all there was to get in that room, so leave it and back in the main hallway, head north. There is a chest at the end of the hallway, but do not open it as there is a pretty tough enemy inside and you'll just end up dying fighting it. Enter the door at the left of the chest and head west all the way to a big block. Push it right, then down, and into the hole.

You can now get the chest containing Stiletto. Also light the torch on the wall at the left of the chest to make some platforms raise. Go back to where the platforms just raised up, and go up the stairs there.

Left of the save point is a chest with Circlet. Then, use the Memory Gem on the Memory Circle, and save your game.

Make sure to choose the right 4 party members and to equip all the new weapons and armor you got in this dungeon. When you're ready, enter the Warp. If you have Genis in your party, make him use his water spell. Raine and Kratos will heal the party, and Lloyd will attack the enemies.

Take down the 2 small enemies first, then take care of the big one. Always keep an eye on HP. When the fight is over, Ramiel will appear and give Colette angel wings. She will also learn a new powerful technique. Now, your group must head to the east and cross the sea, so you'll need to find a ship to bring you there.

Go back in the warp and leave the dungeon.

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Colette is not feeling well, so the party will set up a campfire for the night. Talk to Colette twice and she'll say she wants to go and take a walk. You'll then be back in the field. Also save at the inn and go back in the field. Now, head east into the desert and go left where you see some mountains.

Enter Ossa Trail. Battle Staff Enemies: The woman wants to kill the Chosen One, but Colette manages to make her fall into a trap, thanks to her clumsiness. Nevermind, head up the mountain. Climb up, and when you arrive at a fork, go left for a chest containing Battle Staff, a weapon for Raine. Continue the climbing and once at the top of the mountain, open the two chests containing Apple Gel and Melange Gel, then save your game and head east. There'll be a chest on your way with Orange Gel.

At the bottom of the mountain, you'll encounter that woman again. She still wants to kill you, apparently. I suggest having Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos.

Like always, Raine and Kratos heal while attacking, Lloyd attacks and Colette can also attack with her new Angel Wings technique, and can also be the one using the items.

Raine can also be a good attacker this time if you equipped her new Battle Staff. Keep an eye on TP and HP, and don't be afraid of using items. When she is defeated, heal the party and enter the mines via the hole in the mountainside. Go east at the first intersection, and then south for a chest containing Black Silver. Return to the intersection and head north. At the second intersection, go west and get the chest in the alcove. It contains Fine Guard. Then head north from the second intersection to enter a room with two chests a skull.

Don't try to fight the skull, you can't defeat it yet. You will have to come back later for him, when you are stronger. If you do manage to defeat it, though, you will get Yata Mirror. Leave the mines and go out on the field. You're now on the other side of the mountain. Head for the nearby village, Izoold. You can also find the Guide Monument for Izoold if you go north from the village. Sleep at the inn and save your game. Now, enter the house at the right of the Katz's stand and look in the top-right corner to find the Wonder Chef.

He will tell you how to make Rice Balls. Now, head for the port at the east of the village. Head for the docks and talk to Max, who owns a boat. He won't let you on though. Return to the village and enter the second house. Talk to the lady near the window, Lyla. Then talk to the man with the beard in front of the inn and go back to see Lyla. She will leave and head for the docks, so head there too.

You'll find her talking to Max. She wants you to deliver a letter to Aifread in Luin. Max will have no other choice but to let you cross the sea with him. Set sail when you're ready. Note that you won't be coming back here before a while, so prepare accordingly. After crossing the sea, you'll arrive in a big town, Palmacosta. Buy new weapons at the market, then head south of the port.

On the way, Colette will hit a lady, resulting in her Palma potion falling on the ground. Colette insists that she'll buy another one to replace it. Head east and enter the second shop. Some Desians are causing trouble inside.

The Palma Potion is selling here for a price of Gald, but there's a cheaper way to get one. Leave the shop and continue to the east part of the town. There'll be a small cutscene, then enter the governor building on your left. It appears General Dorr gave the Book of Regeneration to imposters that came before them.

Oh well. Head for the church and talk with the pastor. Also talk to Chocolat at the church's entrance. Now, leave the church and enter the building at the right of the church. Examine the weird ball holder at the right of the staircase to find the Wonder Chef. He will show you how to make Omelets and will give you some Rice and Egg. Then, go in the doorway at the right. If you enter the second door in this hall, you can play a mini-game where Colette must be a waitress. If you do fine during the mini-game, you will get money and Colette will receive the title of Turbo Waitress along with a free Palma Potion.

Now head to the second floor. Enter the first room of the corridor to study. Then, enter the second room to start the contest. Genis and Mighty will end up with the same result. Genis will then obtain the title of Honor Roll. Nothing more to do here, so leave and return to the west part of the town and hand over the Palma potion you got or bought to the lady. You will then find out that they are the imposters, so you'll need to follow them.

Head west to leave the town. Magic Mist Enemies: Continue to follow the path to the House of Salvation. Head inside and you'll see that woman who attacked you earlier. You now know that her name is Sheena. Leave that place and continue in the field. If you go northeast, you'll find the Guide Monument at the end of long part of land.

Then, head north to the mountains until you arrive at Hakonesia Peak. Before going in though, head east and follow the mountainside until you find a chest with Magic Mist.

Enter the house on the right. Koton wants you to bring him the Spiritua Statue in order to let you look at the Book of Regeneration, which he bought from the imposters. You can't get the statue now anyway, so head back to Palmacosta. Head for the east part of town.

The Desians are about to hang Cacao. Lloyd and the group decide to save her, so you enter a fight with Whip Master and Evil Sorcerer. The fight is really easy and shouldn't take more than 10 seconds. After all this, head for the west part of town. Talk to the person standing next to the entrance of Palmacosta and he'll ask you to escort him to Hakonesia Peak.

Once there, you'll be asked to save Chocolat, who has been kidnapped by Desians and brought to the Human Ranch. So, head southeast from the House of Salvation to find Palmacosta Ranch behind a mountain. Neil will tell you that Dorr has lead you into a trap. Choose to head back to Palmacosta since there's nothing you can do here for now. You can also find the Guide Monument for this part of the map south of the Ranch between some mountains.

Sleep at the inn, then go to the Governor's building. It is empty, but the guard blocking the access to the basement is now gone. So head downstairs to find Dorr and some Desians. It appears they turned his wife into a monster like Marble. His daughter then reveal she's an imposter, and you'll need to fight her. Colette's Angel Wings attack will deal the most damage, so stick with this technique and use Orange Gels to replenish her TP when it's low. Raine and Kratos should be part of the team as healers.

Also use Apple Gels when necessary and try to avoid Kilia's major attacks.

It's a pretty long fight, but eventually, you'll defeat her. He also gives you the password to enter: So head back for the Ranch to save Chocolat. Apple Gel Enemies: Then, go up the left path and enter the password Dorr gave you The ranch's door will open so go in.

Inside, go left and then go in the northeast room and fight the enemy here for a Memory Gem. Then, go up the stairs at the right. In the room here, examine the white sphere to change the Sorcerer's Ring's function. It now acts as a radar and lets you see hidden things. Go back downstairs to the previous room and use the radar.

You'll see some sparks that are in fact items. Look near the corridor at the left and in the corridor for two sparks and also another one right of the entrance. Then, head back upstairs. Use the radar again and the warp will become usable. Use it to reach a room with a save point. Enter the door at the left of the save point and one of the captives will give you the Blue Card. Now go back and enter the door at the right of the save point. In this room, if you use the radar, some blocks will become visible.

Pull out the block in the top right corner to get an item, Mage Cloak. Then, push the block at the bottom right corner in the hole so you can pick up another item, Ex Gem Lv 2. Now, head right and with the radar on, examine the blue pillar and a bridge will appear.

Cross it and go downstairs. Colette will find the Red Card. Go back across the bridge and push a second block into the other hole in the bottom right corner of the platform where you pushed the previous block to get the item. You can now cross to the other side. On this side, use the radar to find 2 items, Omega Shield and White Silver. Then, go to the blue pillar at the right and with the radar on, examine it to get another bridge.

Cross this bridge and fight the enemy here to get the Purple Card. Then, examine the other blue pillar and another bridge will appear. Cross it and put the radar on to find another item, Life Bottle.

Now, deactivate all the bridges before continuing, or you'll miss an item. After deactivating all the bridges, a new spiral bridge will appear in the center of the room.

You'll need it later. Return to the room with the save point and use the Cards you got on the warp to activate it. Go in and you'll appear in a room with 4 paths and a warp in the center. Use your radar to find the yellow warps, and don't enter the red ones. Do this until you find the green warp which will take you to the room with the spiral bridge.

Go up and use the radar to get Panacea Bottle. Then, go back to the room with the warps. Go back until you find the red warp and go in. Continue to go in the yellow warps then until you are in a room with 2 red warps. If you choose to go in the right one, you'll get some more items, but the real warp is the left one.

You'll arrive in the room where Chocolat is hold captive. Free her, then follow her to the Control Room where Magnius is. After learning that Lloyd killed her grandmother Marble, Chocolat will let the guards capture her. They will then take her away and you'll get a Pass.

Then, you'll have to face Magnius. Now, leave the ranch and return on the field. Now all is left to do is to bring the Spiritua Statue to that old lag at Hakonesia Peak, so head for the House of Salvation. Talk with the grand priest. He will accept to give you the Spiritua Statue, but then the other priest tells them that it's only a replica, he lost the real on during a pilgrimage at Thoda geyser.

So, I guess we have no other choice but to go retrieve it back there. Head southeast from Palmacosta Ranch to find Thoda Dock. Mermaid's Tear Enemies: You'll reach Thoda Geyser. Once there, go on the rocky mound at the right and look at the blue stone tablet. A bridge will appear to a cave in the mountainside.

Inside the cave, go straight, then downstairs for a chest containing Mermaid's Tear. Head downstairs again, and go right for two more chests with Life Bottle and Circlet. If you examine the blue sphere here, you can change the Sorcerer's Ring's attribute to water, but don't change it yet.

Keep the fire attribute. Now there are 2 paths to choose from at the bottom of the screen. Go through the first one the left one. In this room, go down for a faded Memory Circle. Use the Memory Gem you found in Palmacosta Ranch to unlock it and save your game. Between the two columns at the right of the save point is a hidden passageway in the wall.

Find it and go through to find two chests containing White Silver and Orange Gel. Also look behind the first column for a hidden chest with Ex Gem Lv 1. Now, go at the left in the room with the save point. Good condition!

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