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Get Free Read & Download Files The Adventure Series By Enid Blyton PDF. THE ADVENTURE SERIES BY ENID BLYTON. Download: The Adventure Series. enid blyton - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read Blyton Enid Adventure Series 6 the Ship of Adventure () 6. The Adventure Series by Enid Blyton, a prolific English children's author, is a Although the publication dates span a decade, Blyton reportedly wrote each of.

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Περιπέτεια (Greek)Seikkailu-sarja (Finnish) The Island of Adventure (Adventure, #1), The Castle of Adventure (Adventure, #2), The Valley of Adventure (A. The Adventure Series By Enid Blyton - [Free] The Adventure Series By Enid Blyton [PDF]. [EPUB] The Adventure Series by Enid Blyton. Jack, Philip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann, together with Jack's intelligent and talkative parrot Kiki, have the most extraordinary adventures not only in England, Scotland and Wales but also abroad — Austria, Greece, the Middle East and even Tauri-Hessia! The first book, The Island of.

The Valley of Adventure. The Upper Fourth at Malory Towers 5. Blyton Enid the Adventure of the Secret Necklace Antonio Antetomaso. The Ship of Adventure. The Mountain of Adventure 6. The Circus of Adventure by Enid Blyton.

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Shelve The Valley of Adventure. Book 4. The Sea of Adventure by Enid Blyton. Shelve The Sea of Adventure.


Book 5. The Mountain of Adventure by Enid Blyton. A peaceful vacation in the Welsh mountains seems… More. Shelve The Mountain of Adventure. Book 6.

Adventure Series

The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton. All aboard for a quiet cruise among the Greek Is… More. Shelve The Ship of Adventure. Book 7. The Circus of Adventure by Enid Blyton.

What on earth did Bill have to bring the wimpish….

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Shelve The Circus of Adventure. Book 8. The River of Adventure by Enid Blyton. A river cruise through ancient desert lands will… More. Their adventures are a step up from those of the Famous Five in that they involve aeroplanes, motor-boats, a cruise-ship, seaplanes and helicopters. Then there are the stunning locations. Who could forget Craggy-Tops and the mysterious Isle of Gloom, not to mention castles, rivers, valleys, mountains, caves, underground passages and islands galore?

Jack is a bird-lover obsessed with finding a Great Auk, Philip has the ability to charm animals of all kinds from lizards to bears, Dinah is a feisty, adventurous girl while Lucy-Ann, affectionate and home-loving and not really one for adventures at all, is actually the bravest of the lot.

As for Kiki, she has a knack of saying just the right thing at the right time and her mischievous antics brighten many a dark moment. These children simply can't help stumbling across strange goings-on wherever they go. As adult character Bill Smugs remarks: I believe if I took you to visit my dear old aunt, we should find she had suddenly been kidnapped in a submarine, and you were forced to go to the other end of the world to rescue her!

The first book, The Island of Adventure , was published in and there are eight titles in total. The stories are greatly enhanced by Stuart Tresilian's detailed, brooding illustrations.

There was also a New Zealand TV series in the s but that was only very loosely based on the original books.

The Adventure Series

Claudine At St. Clare's 6. The Adventurous Four 2. Five On a Treasure Island 2. Five Go Adventuring Again 3. Five Go to Smuggler's Top 5.

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Five Go Off in a Caravan 6. Five On Kirrin Island Again 7. Five Fall Into Adventure Five On a Hike Together Five Have a Wonderful Time Five Go Down to the Sea Five Go to Mystery Moor Five Have Plenty of Fun Five On a Secret Trail Five Go to Billycock Hill Five Get Into a Fix Five On Finniston Farm Five Go to Demon's Rocks Five Have a Mystery to Solve The Children of Willow Farm 2.

More Adventures on Willow Farm Mystery 1. The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage 2. The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat 3. The Mystery of the Secret Room 4. The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters 5. The Mystery of the Missing Necklace 6. The Mystery of the Hidden House 7. The Mystery of the Pantomine Cat 8. The Mystery of the Invisible Thief 9. The Mystery of the Vanished Prince The Mystery of the Strange Bundle The Mystery of Holly Lane The Mystery of the Tally-Ho Cottage The Mystery of the Missing Man The Mystery of the Strange Messages The Island of Adventure 2.

The Castle of Adventure 3. The Valley of Adventure 4. The Sea of Adventure 5. The Mountain of Adventure 6.