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JLA – Avengers 02 | | View Comic Online. JLA vs Avengers - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. JLA vs Avengers issue by issue. JLA/Avengers is a comic book limited series and crossover published in prestige format by DC .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Read JLA/Avengers comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Superman, Batman, and the other members of the JLA join forces with Captain America, Iron Man, and the many other Avengers to fight a threat. JLA Avengers – The Collector's Edition (HC) (): It's an event that will never be forgotten. That's why the once-in-a-lifetime crossover event.

Paul Levitz For Marvel: Thanks to Al Harahap. Green Lantern V. Plastic Man. Blue Beetle vs. Edwin Jarvis.

Clint Barton. Hulk II first appeared in Incredible Hulk 1st series 1. Panel 1: Three of the Marvel Universe's classic monsters appear from left to right: Fin Fang Foom first appeared in Strange Tales 1st series First seen in The Brave and The Bold 1st series He and Batman have also met twice before.

Latveria is a fictional Eastern European country in the Marvel Universe. The Orb of Ra is an ancient weapon created from a fallen meteor by an Egyptian priest named Ahk-ton. He and Superman have met thrice before. Linked to the central power battery on the planet Oa. Panel 3: Ray Palmer. See the annotation for page 39 for the six items from the Marvel Universe. Deadly Knights one-shots. Panel 7. Batman does not recognize him here. Magneto first appeared in X-Men 1st series 1 and was mistakenly believed killed in Genosha's destruction.

The original battery was first seen in All-American Comics Unearthed centuries later by Rex Mason. The Eternity Book is a powerful magical tome created by the sorceror Merlin in the DC Universe that contains a narrative of the entire history of existence to the present day. In the DC Universe. First seen in Justice League of America First seen in Tales of Suspense 1st series Panel 8: Panel 7: Metron gives the Avengers a Mother Box.

Panel 5: The JSA. Panel 2: Loophole first appeared in Adventures of Superman The Ultimate Nullifier is a weapon of immense power in the Marvel Universe.

His assistant. Lex Metropolis was restructured by Brainiac 13 into a futuristic city in Superman: Y2K 1. First seen in Fantastic Four 1st series Star City. Metron first appeared in New Gods 1st series 1. The third screen depicting DC's Captain Marvel. Incredibly powerful. The third screen depicts Superman's arch-enemy Lex Luthor. The Titans mentioned are the Teen Titans. Karl Kesel. First seen in Thor 1st series First seen in Amazing Spider-Man 1st series Annual 2. The second screen depicts Supergirl.

Hawkeye's comment about the JLA seeming familiar to him is a prelude to his later comment about the Squadron Supreme see page First mentioned in Avengers 1st series Annual 7. The Ultimate Nullifier. Panel The six items of power from the Marvel Universe that Metron shows the Avengers are as follows clockwise from top: The Soul Gems.

The Evil Eye is a powerful weapon from the mystic realm of Avalon that was presented by Prestor John during the time of the Crusades in the 12th Century of the Marvel Universe. The Kirk that asks Hawkeye for an autograph is modelled after Kirk Philbrick.

The Wand of Watoomb is a mystic artifact in the Marvel Universe that greatly enhances its wielder's magical energies. First seen in New Gods 1st series 1. Panel 4: Martian Manhunter. Hawkman vs. Toth Towers is a homage to veteran comic book artist and animator Alex Toth. Jack of Hearts. Iron Man. Superman vs. Captain America. Plastic Man vs. Batman and Wonder Woman fight Scarlet Witch. Aquaman vs. Zen Harawada. Blue Beetle vs. Superman is vulnerable to magic. Black Canary. Missouri in the DC Universe.

Dwight Williams. Atom vs. Plastic Man. Green Arrow vs. Bob Hughes. Panel 6: Booster Gold. It was first seen in Flash 1st series Green Lantern vs. Red Tornado vs. Captain America's declaration "Nuts!

Black Canary vs. Red Tornado. Wonder Woman vs. Black Panther. Al Harahap. Captain Atom vs. The Squadron Supreme are a team of heroes in the Marvel Universe.

JLA/Avengers - Wikipedia

Martian Manhunter vs. The Flash Museum. Zatanna vs. Vu Nguyen. Steel vs. Firestorm vs. Wonder Woman. Batman vs. Blue Beetle. Tom Smith. Scarlet Witch. Flash vs. Atom II. Comicraft Logo Design: Steel and Firestorm beat Thor. Black Panther I. Batman I.

Superman I. Thor I. Hill For DC: Red Tornado II. Wonder Man. Flash III 7. Firestorm I. Captain Atom. Photon III. Green Lantern V. Wonder Woman II. Hercules Marvel. Yellowjacket I. Blue Beetle II. Paul Levitz For Marvel: Bill Jemas Cover Date: October Cover Price: Hawkman I. Steel III. Green Arrow II. Captain America I. Iron Man I. Vision II. Page 1. The "Kane" sign is a homage to Batman creator Bob Kane. The "Siegel Shuster Co. The hand surrounding the universe is a homage to how the DC Universe was created.

The being mentioned by the Grandmaster is Galactus. Page 5. The "experience with boomerangs" that the Flash refers to is because of his long-time foe Captain Boomerang. Page 2. Page 6. Hawkeye Avengers. Members pictured are: Krona was also instrumental in setting up events for the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The second Whizzer. Page 8. Scarlet Witch Avengers.

Page 9. Captain America I Avengers. They first appeared as a team in Avengers 1st series Batman JLA. Superman JLA. The story title.

The hand belonged to the villainous Anti-Monitor. Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions. Page 3: Page 4: The Whizzer that Hawkeye is referring to is the third bearer of the name. The "Broome St. Thor I Avengers. Iron Man I Avengers.

Martian Manhunter JLA. Located at the corner of Fifth Street and Concord Lane. Aquaman JLA. Plastic Man JLA. The Grandmaster. The Incredible Hulk". Avengers Mansion.

The object in the yellow globe is the Ultimate Nullifier. Central City. Hal Jordan. The statue on the left is of Green Lantern II. The Speed Force mentioned by Aquaman is an extra-dimensional energy source that is vibrationally attuned to the Earth of the DC Universe.

The statue on the left is of Flash II. Hawkman I first appeared in Flash Comics 1. The statue at the back is of Gorilla Grodd. Captain Atom first appeared in Space Adventures The statue on the right is of Flash III. The picture on the exhibit wall is of Lucas "Snapper" Carr. It was later seen vandalized for the first time in Thunderbolts The Power Battery mentioned by Kyle as seen on Page GCPD 1.

El Toro. Wally West. Panel 9: Avengers members Triathlon left first appeared in Avengers 3rd series 8 and the Wasp right first appeared in Tales to Astonish 1st series The Flash Museum was first seen in Flash 1st series The Avengers being contacted are top row.

Barry Allen. She-Hulk first appeared in Savage She-Hulk 1. Wonder Man first appeared in Avengers 1st series 9. The picture on the far wall is of the original Sandman. It was first seen in Fantastic Four 1st series The costume is that of Robin II. The JLA members depicted are the five founding members: The Scarlet Witch is pointing past an exhibit dedicated to Colonel Computron.

Flash I Jay Garrick. Wonder Woman's mother. The statue on the right is of the Elongated Man who first appeared in Flash 1st series Jason Todd. Captain America's comment stems from the death of his own partner. The Batcave was first seen in Batman Jesse Quick first appeared in Justice Society of America 2nd series 1. Flash II. The Batmobile was first seen in Batman 5.

Cyborg first appeared in DC Presents The Black Canary is crouching atop an exhibit dedicated to long-time Flash nemesis the Mirror Master. The Speed Force is an extra-dimensional source of vibrational energy in the DC Universe that was first mentioned in Flash 2nd series Sif first appeared in Journey Into Mystery 1st series In Greek mythology.

Bucky I. Year One 4. Hogun first appeared in Journey Into Mystery 1st series The Asgardian warriors depicted are from left to right Volstagg first appeared in Journey Into Mystery 1st series The speedsters depicted in the exhibit are. The DC Universe incarnation of Olympus. Year One 1. The face on the computer screen is that of Oracle. Impulse first appeared in Flash 2nd series It was later used by the teen sidekicks of Young Justice as first seen in Young Justice 1.

It was first seen in Showcase The Thing first appeared in Fantastic Four 1st series 1. The Thing's comment of Batman's "small change" refers to the giant penny from World's Finest Comics 30 that Batman keeps as a trophy in the Batcave.

Quasar III. Paradise Island. Reed Richards. The Watchtower. Happy Harbor. Hera is the queen of the gods in Greek mythology. Galactus first appeared in Fantastic Four 1st series The time platform that the Thing uses was first seen in Fantastic Four 1st series 5. Uatu first appeared in Fantastic Four 1st series It was first seen in Weird War Tales 1st series Minerva is the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.

It was first seen in Thor 1st series Peepers" is Uatu. The cards feature the faces of from left to right Nick Fury super spy in the Marvel Universe. Wolverine first appeared in Incredible Hulk 2nd series Hawkgirl I first appeared in Flash Comics 1. The faces on the monitor screen are from left to right a Guardian of the Universe creators of the Green Lantern Corps.

Grim Reaper undead villain in the Marvel Universe. Thing first appeared in Fantastic Four 1st series 1 middle platform. Joker first appeared in Batman 1. Phantom Stranger mysterious mystic in the DC Universe. The CrossGen Comics sigil logo can be seen as one of the planets in the lower left corner.

Moondragon powerful telepath in the Marvel Universe. The characters depicted on the roulette wheel are outer ring the Silver Surfer former Herald of Galactus in the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man I first appeared in Amazing Fantasy 1st series On the original uncropped page. The chess piece-like figures are: Death DC Universe incarnation. The Baxter Building. Death Marvel Universe incarnation. The Atom II first appeared in Showcase Medusa member of the Inhumans in the Marvel Universe.

Solomon Grundy super-strong villain. The Para-Demons. The result of the game being declared even is similar to the result of the original Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions mini-series. Torsten B. The Cosmic Cube. In one of the most staggering pieces of comic book art in recent memory. Mark J. To help fans come to grips with who's who and from what team. When the beams strike. Sean Walsh. Joey Meyers. The Omega Effect is Darkseid's most terrifying power.

Darkseid's sadistic assistant and torturer. David Goldfarb. Also some characters. Michael Grabois. The Gems were first mentioned in Avengers 1st series Annual 7. Note that each character is portrayed as they appeared in their most recent or.

In the Marvel Universe. As referred to by Hawkeye. Justice League Task Force Click the thumbnailed image below to open a numbered version of the cover in a new browser window. The Savage Land is a prehistoric jungle hidden away in the frozen wastes of Antarctica in the Marvel Universe that was first seen in X-Men 1st series Some of the various Justice League teams are abbreviated as follows: Guardians of The Galaxy.

Doctor Druid. West Coast Avengers. Extreme Justice. Captain Mar-Vell. Phantom Stranger. Dinah Saur. Major Disaster. Justice League Antarctica.

Captain Comet. Paradise Lost 3 8. Great Lakes Avengers. Adam Strange. Secret Files 1 Silver Sorceress. Secret Files 1. Big Barda. Avengers West Coast. Blue Jay. General Glory. Clock King. Sue Dibny. Sargon the Sorceror. Vance Astro. The Man of Steel Living Lightning. Big Sir. Prometheus 1 Manitou Raven.

Elongated Man. A Midsummer's Nightmare 3 Incarnations 2. Dale Gunn. Agent Liberty. Jason Blood. Captain Marvel. Maxwell Lord. Bloodwynd I. Scarlet Skier. Miracle 2nd series 1 Black Lightning. Catherine Cobert. Moon Maiden. Lucas "Snapper" Carr. The Crossing 1 Moira Brandon. Incarnations 2 Doctor Pym.

Glen Gammeron. Big Bertha. Rick Jones. Force Works. Mighty Bruce. Tasmanian Devil. Power Girl's Cat. Two-Gun Kid. Hourman III. Moon Knight. Power Girl. Mister Fantastic.

Tomorrow Woman. Marvel I. Batgirl I bottom left corner. Animal Man. Invisible Woman lower left section. Paul Levitz Mark Antaeus. Bloodwynd II far right. Timeslide 1 Superpower Diana upper left section. Thor II top right corner. Blue Devil.

JLA Avengers – The Collector’s Edition (HC) (2004)

Dark Flash. Mister Immortal.

Pdf jla avengers

The physical manifestation of Eternity in the Marvel Universe first appeared in Strange Tales 1st series is seen kissing the physical manifestation of Kismet in the DC Universe first appeared in Adventures of Superman Scarlet Witch first appeared in X-Men 1st series 4.

Earth-Two is a reference to that period in the DC Universe's history wherein there were numerous Earths in multiple dimensions with divergent timelines. Wasp first appeared in Tales to Astonish 1st series Vision II first appeared in Avengers 1st series For a complete character guide.

Brainiac's ship was first seen in Action Comics Hydrobase was an artificial floating island created by Doctor Hydro in Sub-Mariner 2nd series 61 and later loaned to the Avengers to use as their headquarters in Avengers 1st series Thor I first appeared in Journey Into Mystery 1st series Iron Man I first appeared in Tales of Suspense 1st series Page 3.

EarthTwo was home to the Justice Society of America. Cover Date: November Cover Price: The Sue mentioned by Elongated Man is his wife. Page 7. Edwin Jarvis. Black Widow II Avengers.

The photograph is a homage to the cover of Justice League of America 21 Avengers' members Beast first appeared in X-Men 1st series 1. Doctor Doom. Black Knight IV Avengers. Hawkeye I. Marvel I in Ms. Traya was an orphan from the fictional country of Qurac in the DC Universe see annotation for Page Moondragon Avengers. Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics Hellcat Avengers. H'ronmeer misspelled here as Hronmeer is. The first picture on the wall on the left is of Anthony and Maria Stark and their young son Tony.

Quicksilver first appeared in X-Men 1st series 4. Spider-Man I Avengers. Panel 5. Team members appearing are as follows: Hercules Avengers. Marvel 1.

The Invaders first appeared in Giant-Size Invaders 1. Green Lantern II. She-Hulk Avengers. Wonder Man Avengers. Booster Gold JLA. Rocket Red 7 JLA. Black Panther I Avengers. Vibe JLA. Zatanna JLA. Atom II first appeared in Showcase Black Canary II. Flash I. The next picture along the wall is of the founding members of the Avengers which include from left to right Iron Man I in his gold armor which was first seen in Tales of Suspense 1st series Mockingbird Avengers West Coast.

Photon III Avengers. Ice JLA. Located at Palos Verdes Drive. Captain Marvel JLA. Yellowjacket I Hank Pym.


Rick Jones Avengers honorary member. Firestorm JLA. Black Widow II. Captain America V. Snapper Carr JLA honorary member. Doctor Pym Hank Pym. Marvel I Avengers. Falcon II Avengers.

Shrapnel first appeared in Doom Patrol 2nd series 7. Loki Norse god of lies in the Marvel Universe. The picture behind Martian Manhunter depicts the Avengers' temporary underground headquarters. Bloodsport I first appeared in Superman 2nd series 4. The Green Lantern depicted here is John Stewart. The central face image depicts Kang left who first appeared in Avengers 1st series 8. Silver Banshee first appeared in Action Comics The picture behind the Wasp is of Moira Brandon.

Mxyzptlk mischeviuous prankster from a parallel dimension in the DC Universe. Poison Ivy first appeared in Batman Radioactive Man. The faces depicted on smaller monitors are as follows: Grey Gargoyle former chemist turned super-villain in the Marvel Universe. Sonar I first appeared in Green Lantern 2nd series Ultron right first appeared in Avengers 1st series Members depicted are from left to right Gilgamesh Avengers.

Apocalypse eternal mutant mastermind in the Marvel Universe. Black Knight I.

Pdf jla avengers

Bizarro bioengineered duplicate of Superman in the DC Universe. Aquaman's confusion over the fact that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern is due to the fact that Jordan Ultra-Humanite criminal mastermind in the DC Universe.

Killer Frost former scientist turned super-villain in the DC Universe. The Masters of Evil. Baron Zemo I. Mankuta Galleries is a homage to comic book art collector Jonathan Mankuta.

Vixen JLA. Korvac interplanetary conqueror from the future of the Marvel Universe. The Key wears the Serpent Crown.

JLA-Avengers - The Collectors Edition

The picture behind Hellcat is of Doctor Strange. Mammoth first appeared in New Teen Titans 1st series 3. Sub-Mariner Avengers. These DC Universe villains are as follows: Ares Greek god of war in the Marvel Universe. Kanjar Ro alien slave-trader in the DC Universe. Killer Croc first appeared in Detective Comics The plot described was the intended story for the crossover.

The Grim Reaper center left first appeared in Avengers 1st series Mantis left first appeared in Avengers 1st series The Smashers are a football team based in New York in the Marvel Universe who were first mentioned in Thor 1st series Hawkeye I in one of his early Avengers costumes. Clark Kent is Superman's secret identity. Avengers members appearing on the viewscreen are: Firestorm II first appeared in Extreme Justice 4.

The "Merk" sign is a homage to Erik Merk. The "Gaugler" sign is a homage to Beck's comic shop owner Fred Gaugler. Firestar first appeared in Uncanny X-Men It was first mentioned in Fantastic Four 1st series 6.

JLA members appearing on the viewscreen are: Hawkwoman I first appeared in Flash Comics 1. Keystone City is a fictional city located near Topeka.

Spencer Beck. Mjolnir is the name of Thor's enchanted hammer. The third and current Flash. Gotham City. The Flash's decrease in speed is due to the fact that in the Marvel Universe there is no Speed Force the extradimensional energy source from which speedster's in the DC Universe gain their powers.

Sersi battling Proctor as seen in Avengers 1st series Numerous events of note from both universes appear on these pages. Mister Hyde. Alternate universe versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Jarvis captured by the Masters of Evil as seen in Avengers 1st series Doctor Fate I. Goliath III. Beginning with the innermost ring.

Fourth ring clockwise from top: The Secret 1. Moonstone II. Star-Spangled Kid II. Doctor Mid-Nite II. Tiger Shark. First ring clockwise from top: Members pictured are left to right. Wonder Girl I. The Grandmaster uses the power of the artifacts and merges both universes together before Krona can tear Galactus apart.

Reality is altered such that the Justice League and Avengers are now longtime allies, regularly travelling between worlds to fight various threats. But, the universes are incompatible with one another and begin destroying themselves and each other, with people switching between worlds.

One side effect of this is that Superman and Captain America become irritable and short-tempered; their emotions flare to the point where they blame each other for everything that is happening this is later explained as both heroes being too strongly synchronized to their native universes.

The appearance of a spectral Krona helps the heroes remember some of the contest, and they find out what is happening to their worlds. The Phantom Stranger appears to lead the heroes to the Grandmaster.

Weakened by Krona's attack, the Grandmaster explains how he brought the universes together to imprison Krona using the 12 items. But Krona is merging the universes further in order to destroy them, hoping to create a new Big Bang which he can survive and finally learn its mysteries. Before dying, the Grandmaster asks the assembled heroes to stop Krona and restore order. At Captain America's insistence, he reveals various events that had taken place in the separate universes to show the heroes what sorts of worlds they're fighting for.

Each team member witnesses the tragedies that had befallen them in their separate universes, such as the death of Barry Allen, Hal Jordan's descent into madness and villainy, and the loss of the Vision and Wanda's children. Some of the heroes contemplate leaving the universes as they are to prevent the tragedies from happening, but Hal Jordan inspires everyone to work for the good of their worlds. Krona has trapped the universal avatars of Eternity and Kismet as reality continues to change.

He has discovered that a sentience exists in universes, and intends to force their spirits out, giving him their secrets. Both teams of heroes reconcile their differences with one another and make plans to stop Krona.

Invading Krona's inter-dimensional base, Captain America leads every hero who has ever been a member of the Justice League or the Avengers. Chronal chaos at the base causes an ever-shifting roster of heroes to confront every villain the teams have ever fought, who Krona has mentally enthralled. Even though the chaos and the sheer forces against them both from Krona and the summoned villains cause the heroes to fall one by one along the way, Krona is ultimately defeated when Flash distracts him long enough for Hawkeye to shoot an explosive arrow into the machine he used to keep both worlds merged, after which Flash takes the items of power, both heroes having been earlier presumed dead in battle.

Krona is then sucked into the forming vortex. The Earths are separated with help from the Spectre who at this time is Hal Jordan, now restored to his current state and the universes are returned to their normal states.

As the heroes from both universes return to their proper places, they affirm that whether they do too little or too much, they are still heroes who will always fight the good fight. Krona has imploded to form a cosmic egg , which is stored in the JLA Watchtower ; [11] Metron states that when the egg hatches, Krona will learn the secrets of its creation by being part of it.

Metron and the newly resurrected Grandmaster discuss how Metron intentionally lured Krona to the Marvel Universe. The Grandmaster says that this is the first game he has played where all sides won the Grandmaster by way of the battle between the Leaguers and Avengers, the heroes by saving their universes, and Krona by eventually having the answers he sought.

In , Bruce Timm expressed interest in making an animated film based on the comics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dorling Kindersley. CS1 maint: Extra text: Retrieved August 17, Marvel Comics crossover event publication history. The Infinity Gauntlet July Operation: Superman vs. King of New York DC vs.

Access Amalgam Comics List of publications List of characters. Justice League. Gardner Fox. Morrow Vandal Savage White Martians. Young Justice. Gorilla Warfare!

Tower of Babel " " JLA: Justice League vol. Act of God JLA: