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Combined thumbnails of 25 Night Witches character sheets A hefty sampling of the Night Witches PDF, including the table of contents, examples of the artwork. Night Witches is a tabletop role-playing game about women at war. Can we get a preview pdf of this one to get an idea of quality before. RPG Item Version. Night Witches · Night Witches · Powered by the Electronic ( PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code. BPG ISBN ISBN

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Night Witches is based on Apocalypse World by D. Vincent Baker, with cool .. The actual content of scenes—the meat of the game—is roleplaying. You get to. To use this you'll need a copy of Night Witches, nature playbooks, a move sheet, I'm Captain Evgeniya Lobodeva of the th Night Bomber Regiment. Night Witches is a tabletop role-playing game about women at war. As a member of the Buy the Print + PDF edition at Indie Press Revolution · Buy the PDF.

In addition, you'll get the supplementary deck of Nachthexen Cards for use in play. Repeat this step if no Move or opportunity emerges. Steve S March 25, 3: Hay bales line the runway and are set on fire to guide damaged planes home. Navigators look for structures around the Bryanka coal mines and long fire breaks in the forests.

Get the early access PDF, credit, and a softcover book. In addition, you'll get the supplementary deck of Nachthexen Cards for use in play. This reward level is identical to the Section Leader level, but with shipping charges appropriate for sending a softcover book and cards to Canada. Get the early access PDF, credit, and the deck of cards. Instead of the softcover book, however, we'll send you a signed, limited-edition hardcover edition of Night Witches!

This reward level is identical to the Squadron Commander level, but with shipping charges appropriate for sending a hardcover book and cards to Canada. This one is for our allies overseas! Get the PDF, deck of cards, and signed hardcover book. In addition, Jason will personally assemble a care package of authentic wartime Soviet food, labeled for shipment to the front.

Each package will be slightly different, but all of them will include food to feed four, recipes to prepare it, and some extra surprises thrown in as well. With a little scrounging, we've uncovered an additional set of rations kits!

Our chief political officer has pulled the files on eight new recruits- who will they be? Please note that you must get permission from the subject! More airwomen portraits! Choose this reward to get the hardback book and cards, as well as the option to send us a photograph of a woman who is important to you yourself, a family member, a good friend to be transformed into an awesome airwoman portrait.

S with shared shipping costs. Oct 28, - Nov 18, 21 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Night Witches. Now Available! Bully Pulpit Games. Share this project. Support Select this reward. This reward gets you backer-only updates and sneak peeks at the game. Estimated delivery Dec Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Jan Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. Ships to Only Canada. Reward no longer available. Ships to Only United States. Reward no longer available 10 backers. To the Red Army Air Force they were an infuriating feminist sideshow.

To the Germans they were simply Nachthexen —Night Witches. Night Witches is a tabletop role-playing game about women at war. Can you do your duty and strike blow after blow against the Fascists? Can you overcome discrimination and outright sabotage and rise above your sexist comrades?

Are there limits to patriotism—or endurance? Play Night Witches and find out! Night Witches requires players , who will take turns in the role of game master during the game. It can be played for a single two-hour session or expanded into a literal campaign following the Regiment across the entire Second World War. We also took inspiration from the many offshoots already on tables everywhere— Dungeon World , Monsterhearts , Sagas of the Icelanders , and others.

They are responsible for their particular area of expertise. A decorated Senior Lieutenant might be chosen to be a Squadron Commander. For purposes of assigning and using Regard. Maybe you treasure or distrust your plane.

There is a hard limit to the amount of Regard you can have at one time—four slots for most. Regard can be positive or negative.

The tone is the flavor the relationship takes. Over time. The name is the person or airplane it is directed toward. A fresh recruit has no connections to anyone or any thing and no Regard. A person you hate may become a person you love.

The suggested tones are Love. R egar d Others are encouraged—perhaps you adore.

Pdf rpg night witches

Mark s. You can also let the GM introduce the tragedy. Make it meaningful. The final milestone.

Pdf night witches rpg

Each Mark adds to a grim tally. It is a bitter constant of life during wartime—a sort of slowly building doom that inevitably overtakes the best among the Regiment. If a person you have Regard for dies or an aircraft is destroyed. Anyone who has been in combat can sense the marks war and death leave behind on another—it lingers like a bad smell. Whenever your character is Marked. Flashbacks are also appropriate at any time and can be particularly poignant when used to ramp up the tension in the middle of a harrowing mission.

Sometimes an NPC will be Marked. In the event of a looming tragedy. Each has some effect or repercussion. This is an irrevocable death sentence.

Night Witches by Bully Pulpit Games — Kickstarter

Your character can be Marked as the result of Moves—sometimes as a choice. Marks differ by character Nature. Set the scene and share an important memory. Many are useful flags related to what a player is interested in. When you elect to choose a story as a Mark. Perhaps it is a self-serving account. What happened? Do you remember it accurately? Do you remember it truthfully? Your task is to recount the event that earned you the Mark.

Stories can be roleplayed as flashbacks—perhaps a moment of candor or sentimentality in the barracks. You might do this to deliberately open a Regard slot.

You have the floor. Mar k s Perhaps it is deluded. Catching a chunk of shrapnel from an AA battery. Someone already stressed 1-harm who ignores it and becomes further stressed 2-harm will be exhausted and prone to dangerous mistakes.

HARM Aircrews get hurt and occasionally killed. Untreated Harm stacks—if you already have one and then earn two. Stress may go away with time and rest. Three Harm means you are seriously hurt. Getting someone to cover for you so you can catch a quick pre-mission nap should remove it. One Harm means you are stressed. Maybe you saw a vision of your own death.

Perhaps you were sprayed in the eyes with motor oil. NPCs can be Harmed. A hospitalized character stays out of action for as long as the fiction indicates—perhaps the remainder of the current Duty Station. There are three levels of Harm. GMs should be liberal in applying stress based on circumstances. Two Harm means you are lightly injured.

If multiple characters have serious injuries at the same time. Depending on the nature of the Harm. Trying to do too much during the day instead of sleeping should cause 1-harm.

Although cuts and bruises are most obvious. More than three Harm is lethal. All Harm is removed when you change Duty Stations. Light injury goes away completely when you are cared for and get some rest—no flying for a night will do the trick.

If you are executed. You can choose this if it is the best-worst choice in the moment. The odds are stacked against you. Four Harm means you are dead. When it feels right. Being Marked can also be lethal—one of the options is always death.

If your character dies. Deat h Since Harm stacks. When you take an Advance. Some Moves can trigger Advances when you meet their conditions. When you change Duty Stations. You have five that are specific to your Nature. Several missions at each Duty Station will trigger Advances for anyone who participates in them. Medals themselves are a quasi-stat used by several moves where bluster. One choice among the Marks is an Advance.

This Advance can be taken four or five times. Once you have opened a Regard slot. This advance can be taken three. When you Advance. Junior Lieutenant. If you are based in Buchholz and choose this Advance. In addition. For more on medals. This Advance can be taken once. Choose this option if you want to GM for a while or feel that the current Duty Station has run its course.

Senior Lieutenant. Only competent and deserving airwomen are promoted. The relevant Ranks are. A dvances There will be a small ceremony before your next mission briefing or at another appropriate moment. You can choose this Advance three or four times.

No one is ever demoted. When you choose this. You can choose this Advance up to four times. And he is right: I remain exactly as I was. Make up a new character. Your character has become too valuable to risk on nightly raids. She is pulled from the th to a safer. Every time you earn an Advance. Maybe some day. Be sure to stand at attention while the citation is read! The list of medals is different on each character sheet. Circle your new medal on your sheet. Bragging rights are just the beginning.

Some Duty Stations award a campaign medal or honor ribbon upon their completion—the entire unit gets the award. But they are. Medal s You dream of a chest full of them. When she earns a medal it has two effects. You may choose to have your character awarded medals as Advances throughout the game.

For the th. The Order is awarded to Regimental Commanders. Medal s. By the end of the war. It can only be awarded for the most extreme combat- related heroism. This Advance is only available to heroic Regimental aviators who have already been awarded the other three medals on their character sheet.

When you earn this individually. At the end of the war. Choose a character to be transferred into your old job when you receive the Order of the Red Banner. You can spend as many points from the Mission Pool at once as you need. Anyone can take a point or more from the Mission Pool to help with any roll.

It represents esprit de corps. This will be reflected in their outcomes. But by all means. Unspent Mission Pool tokens are lost at dawn. Mission Pool is a communal resource represented by tokens.

Mission Poo l. A Section going on a mission with no pool might be disorganized. You can spend before or after a roll.

Night Witches RPG

If you spend more than that you are wasting Mission Pool. Mariya Akilina Natu ral -born Soviet Airwomen: Mission Poo l While I was in the hospital a letter came to the regiment informing me that my two children. We prepared the aircraft for combat missions. Each night was a kind of torture. Feel free to bend this rule where it makes sense. Some Common Moves can only be used by characters in a specific position.

Tempt Fate. Day Moves. If you need something. Eyeball before trying to get it. Spend a hold. On If the person you are imposing on is a PC. Natural-born Soviet airwomen are proud. Ladies—who have no place in a war zone—are caring. Hooligans—forces of counterrevolutionary reaction no woman should emulate—are aggressive.

MOV ES: Day Moves Reaching Out. That risk can be ameliorated by Eyeballing your potential connection or by focusing on people you already have Regard for. Acting Up means stepping out of your prescribed role as a demure. Your mail will be read. On a miss. On any hit. The GM might choose two options from the list or worse. On a Choose and check off a mission from the Duty Station sheet and present it to the assembled Regiment.

The remaining player characters are Vedomyye. Tempting Fate is the default move for any hairball situation well above and beyond the normal dangers of life near the front lines. Assign one player character as a navigator to Wayfind and one as a pilot to lead the Attack Run. A pilot or navigator can be a Vedomaya. Fate is a suka. If an NPC is put in a situation that would ordinarily trigger a Move. Moves are only available to player characters. Many missions are not routine. Triggering the Vedomaya Move is always optional.

A routine night bombing mission requires one successful Wayfinding roll and one successful Attack Run. If you want to help another aircraft after using Vedomaya. The GM will determine what happens. If you have Regard for the target of a Move. Night Moves Tempting Fate. Planes relying on your navigation can choose which miss condition they would prefer.

Planes relying on your leadership can choose which miss condition they would prefer. Choose one. After an Attack Run by a Leader. When you lead a flight to a target at night. Split 3 Harm between you however you like. Change an existing Regard slot to refer to your plane if you want. Split 5 Harm between you however you like. If you are a Zealot. Be prepared to explain your actions and be ready for possible consequences back at the base.

Tempting Fate is the default Move for any hairball situation well above and beyond the normal dangers of life near the front lines. On a miss you take harm as established and are Marked in addition to failing.

In an emergency. If the mission was unusually stressful the GM may add 1-harm. A sixth choice allows you to take a Move from another Nature if you like. You can elect to be Marked in order to remove all Harm from yourself or another. May the bullet unleashed by my hand cut down the Hitlerite dog of war.. Choose a dead comrade and hold three. Once per Duty Station.

I beg you. You guard your history carefully. Your bond is intense and unshakable. Choose two things you are hiding: Reveal either of these aspects of your past to save the day.

Charac ter Moves. Every time you do this you are also Harmed or Marked by the experience. I was reared by the Komsomol to be hard as nails. Choose your one and only lover. When you ask the spirit of your friend for help. Define them whenever you want. To find a target at night. Advance whenever you return to the Regiment after being assumed captured or dead.

If the answer is yes. Name the high-ranking official who has taken a personal interest in your career. When you act like a lady. Treason to the Motherland—violation of the oath of allegiance. Character Moves When you want to land in some new place. Advance the first time you have sex with each of: Choose a single Move. Spend your holds. When you treat someone who has been badly hurt. When you would normally be Marked you may choose another player character who is Marked instead.

When you submit an official report to your superiors. When you are Vedomaya. When you are sent to the hospital to recover from combat injuries. When you take a lover.

On a hit. If discovered. When you steal a treasured possession from someone. For more on holds. Spe cia l Moves. Fast-forward your story and change Duty Stations. This is a good time to consider changing GMs as well. Orient everyone to the new Duty Station before continuing.

This move has the following additional effects: Specia l Moves Where did you hide? Expect an Informal Interview.

How were you hurt? Take Harm as established. If you have landed in an active combat zone. I promise to defend it bravely. Everyone evading capture rolls for themselves. Who aided you? The GM will present you with your immediate circumstances.

If you find yourself in lonely terrain far from the front lines. You have a pistol. Effects of your war injuries may linger. Time in NKVD interrogation facilities and prisons is not healthy. An injured, exhausted airwoman who drags herself home may be headed straight for the hospital. Regardless of the nature of the absence, ask some questions. Where was she? What did she see and do that contrasts sharply with life in the Regiment?

How has she changed? Serious injury requires medical care and you will be grounded while you recover. When you have recovered, choose one: The Regimental Politruk will vet you for loyalty and commitment and the Chief of Staff will assign you as needed. The antiaircraft guns stopped, and a German fighter plane came and shot down four of our aircraft as each one came over the target. Our planes were burning like candles. The GM is in charge of breathing life into the world around the characters.

It is a muddy. They want the things all people want— love. Since you are reading this. Everyone needs to have a character ready to play. Decide however you like who will be GM first. Maybe revenge. T h e Game Master: A bo ut the GM We were the only Regiment in the whole of the Red Army without any men serving in it.

The GM never rolls dice. Our aircraft flew 1. Everybody at the table is responsible for these things. While the GM has a lot of responsibility.

Where the nights are filled with immediate danger. If they just want to survive. Maybe they want something different—but really uncomplicated—from each. This one wants some Shvetsov engine gaskets. You can certainly succeed a lot if that makes you feel good. Make the people you portray. Keep them focused on the player characters. If they want love interests.

T h e Game Mas ter: B eing Everybody El se Embrace failure and unpredictability. Be gracious and throw some curve balls. The very best thing you can do is to attach these people to two different player characters in a messy. If they want to kill Germans. Others will use the war as an excuse for all kinds of bullshit.

Relish complications. Listen to what your friends are asking for and give it to them—and then some. Give everyone an obvious motivation—this one wants a promotion. Each Threat has moves of its own. Use these resources in combination. They are the core of the game. These are the game at its most elemental—it is about these women. Every move you make should be in the service of one or more Agenda items.

They are your Agenda. Shit just happens when you have permission to dish it out. Unlike player Moves. Let the situation and the dice dictate. You can afford to be generous and transparent. Be honest and true to your friends and the rules. The Duty Station handouts and these rules are stuffed with little details. Embrace them and throw them in whenever it will illuminate, focus, or invoke empathy.

These women flew 1, nights of combat. The pace is relentless! The endless cycle of day and night should be omnipresent. Ask how the characters react and see what happens next. The necessity of external inputs will diminish over time. This is the ground-level way to seek out their stories. This is really just zeroing in on your agenda to bring the war to life.

If they work too hard during the day. Just let them happen as part of the conversation. Your questions should usually be loaded ones. Make a soft Move that telegraphs a coming hard Move if they do nothing. For example.

Think about your NPCs and what they want—soft Moves are a wonderful chance for them to act. What could you do with that much precious sugar? And where could you get enough alcohol to interest the corpsman in a trade? Stressing them—that is. When they wait for you to tell them a story. Moves tend to get mashed and pile up. This is great!

Remember that it should be rare for something that happens in the fiction to result in fewer options. Moves Make a hard Move when someone makes a roll and ends up with a six or less.

Night Witches

Players and fate will hand you beautiful golden opportunities. Make a hard Move when they ignore a shitty situation you have been telegraphing with soft Moves. Ease up on the hard Moves if things are going well—that is. Failure should always be as interesting as success—as GM.

Make the opportunities impossibly tempting. Taking away or limiting the default supply at a Duty Station is a hard Move.