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The POSIX / Single UNIX Specification, Version 4 | IEEE Std , on the IEEE website, where they will gladly let you download a PDF for the low, low . Why we need standards? • Applications that stick on to the stds should be easily ported to other systems that conform the same stds. • ANSI C & POSIX stds. I want to know where can I download POSIX standard,because I want to migrate my programe from Linux to ohter platform. | The UNIX and Linux Forums.

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Draft Technical Standard: Base Specifications, Issue 7 POSIXx defines a standard operating system interface and environment. xxiii. The POSIX Standard Documents xxiv. Guide to POSIX for Programmers xxv. Programming Guide xxv. Reference Guide and Appendixes xxvi. Assumptions. s The IEEE POSIX family of standards has been developing since , when the original base system interface stan- dard was ratified. Having been at the.

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