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This books (The Thank You Economy [PDF]) Made by Gary Vaynerchuk About Books Contends that the people and companies harnessing. The Thank You Economy. Gary Vaynerchuk. “I believe we are living through the early days of a dramatic culture shift that is bringing us. The Thank You Economy Summary by Gary Vaynerchuk - The more you change and improve, the more you realize that things remain the same.

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Executed Culture and Intent. Conclusion. Part IV. Sawdust. More Thoughts On Part V. How to Win in the Thank You Economy, the. Quick Version. Notes. The Thank You Economy [Gary Vaynerchuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If this were , this book would have been called Why. Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Exclusive: Gary Vaynerchuk on The Thank You Economy The Thank You Economy is much more than saying.

Like this presentation? Embeds 0 No embeds. Vaynerchuck encourages you to take a step back. Views Total views. Submit Search. Use social media as a platform to connect with your customers and be as personal and authentic as possible.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belorussian-born author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. The more you change and improve, the more you realize that things remain the same.

Social media, unlike other channels, give the exclusive power back to the customer. Social Networks do more than just presenting news that concern a specific group of users.

By placing the pickiest necessities of their users on the top of the priority list, they build a loyal base of members. Gary Vaynerchuk embarks on a journey, to enlighten the consumers about their right to receive superior goods for their money. The organizations are no longer profit-based but customer-centric. The fierce competition has its role in this massive and full-scale alteration that takes place on all 4 Parts of the World.

Organizations need to go with the flow and adopt a new mentality to blend into the Age of Technological Progression.

If your organization still finds it hard to apply this philosophy, then you need to remind them about the possibility of stagnation. After all, even companies that exist for more than a century are basically endangered by the idea of ever-lasting evolvement. Interact with your customers, and make them comfortable when it comes to using your services. Next, we move on to the few key lessons we picked for just for you, to give you a sneak-peak on what you may expect.

Word of Mouth — back in the old days 2. Neglect unreliable economic critics.

Vaynerchuck explains that this is important no matter the size of the brand or company, this relationship is the one you need to nurture. Social media is the perfect platform to create these close connections with customers and learn more about them.

Give them the ability to let you know what they want and how they use your products. This will only enable you to build better products more suited to your audience. They are playing a waiting game, waiting to see whats next and whether social media can really deliver.

However, the time is now.

The Thank You Economy PDF Summary

Eventually, though, I think social media will be as important to a business as a strong heart. Vaynerchuck describes the countless excuses that companies and brands use to defend their choice to avoid social media.

Vaynerchuck explains that if you want your customers to feel like you have a caring culture, then you need to portray that from the inside out. Your company itself needs to be inclusive and caring. If run by a dominant leader with a reputation for bad company culture then the customers are going to hear about this and it will reflect badly on your brand.

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck | Book Summary & PDF

Within the company, the focus should be on your employees, and this will extend out to your customers. Although the customer is king, employees need to be happy and comfortable in order to be able to focus on the customers and provide the service necessary. Vaynerchuck explains that employees need to be treated like adults and able to manage their own hobs as much as possible. If they feel like their needs are not being met, they will not be happy in their role and this will translate across to the customer.

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck [Book Summary & PDF]

The goal is to have happy, satisfied employees. To achieve this kind of satisfaction among staff would require business leaders to engage at the same one-on-one level with their employees as with their customers. After all the discussion on employees, it makes sense to cover leaders next.

This is exactly what you can achieve when you combine traditional media with social media. Vaynerchuck explains that your goal should be to combine the different platforms available, so your vision and story has multiple layers, your audience can reach you in different places and the discussions can take place in different spaces.

Vaynerchuck explains that you need to be creative, do something that grabs attention and makes your customers want to see what else is going on. Imagery and text need to be creative and enticing, and include your actual Facebook or Twitter address, not just a logo indicating that you have a facebook page.

Good intentions create a pull. Vaynerchuck encourages you to take a step back. Consider what your intent was with any social media campaign or initiative that you have taken part of. Embed Size px. Start on.

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