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Livro De Receitas Portuguesas Book Mediafile Free File of the laboratory rat a handbook with tests,the belial stone the belial series book 1,the battlefield. inform you we dont put pdf download as livro de maguas portuguese editionpdf the belial children the belial series book 5 reads nikita gets in too deep a. Teurgia Goetia - O Segundo Livro Do Lemegeton. Uploaded by João O Livro de Babalon, O Livro Do Anticristo e Outros Ensaios. Uploaded by Belial. Uploaded by. carloseduardo · Michael W. Ford - Uploaded by.

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O Livro de Belial contém os princípios da magia e ritual satânico. Antes de iniciar os rituais no Livro de Leviatã é imperativo que você leia e entenda o completo. LIVRO DE MELQUISEDEQUE Full. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. LIVRO DE MELQUISEDEQUE Full. belial belial the demon pdf Belial - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre o livro da vinci demons of demons names and pictures of demonolatry by s connolly of.

Considering the age of us all and the special effort you have made to obtain this book I will wager that you have walked this path before. Oh you who are born and die, Deus hates impudence. And they say that this creature lives six months under ground, and the other division of the year above ground, and emits its seed into the ball, and brings forth; and that there is not a feminino besouro. Mas h uma bom esperana. Mas se a localidade diferente, ea morada do Onipotente remota a partir da morada do bom Deus , e contudo o ser daquele que salva , Tendo sido o primeiro a comear, no inferior ao do bom Deus. E sua alma viver; para a alma figurativamente chamado de corao, que ministros vida: Assustada, Sara, respondeu:

Casanova and, later, C. Torrey both thought that Idris originated from the biblical Ezra, who had come down to the Muslims in Greek as Esdras. This is some- what problematic since, in Muslim tradition, 'Uzayr is the biblical Ezra, who-accord- ing to the Qur'an sura 9: Many of the traditions emphasize the fact that he made decisive contributions to the study of the sciences in order to preserve them for the coming Nevertheless, despite Idris's proclivity for learning, the idea that his name derives from an Arabic root has been ruled out, as already noted.

Some have suggested, however, that in the foreign language from which it was borrowed, the word had the same meaning as the Arabic root d-r-s. The title is self-explanatory. The paper here is a draft that was, with only small changes and the addition of photographs from 4Q, published as follows: Considerations of Method and a In eds.

Matthew Goff, Loren T. Mohr Siebeck, , pp. Reconstruction After the Fall Leiden: Brill, , — This lecture marks an attempt to summarize the legacy of some parts of early Enoch tradition for a constructive reception of "apocalyptic" today. The Book of Lamech From the Dead Sea scrolls.

The very ancient book of Lamech, from circa BC. The basis for the Book of Enoch! The book of Giants, plus the testament of Noah, plus the testament of Abraham, until he reached Egypt. The "old The "old testament"! Written using nineteen long columns on four large pieces of leather, about half of the book is missing due to corruption, therefore the document starts with educated estimates of the absent text.

Word arrangements and line spacing are approximated, and are not to scale in the first edition of vol 1. Again, instead of using the 'larger paragraphs of the Numerology' format of scriptures, this edition attempts to utilize the two-by-two 'Levitical' arrangements for the text. The famous Genesis Apocryphon from the Dead Sea scrolls. The lost Book of Lamech! Enoch, Slavonic Book of EJ entry.

Check out the list of The Books of the Patriarchs, the 3rd book of Enoch, and the 3rd book of Proverbs, and more! The Third Book of Enoch, concerning the arch-angel Metatron. A renumbered version of the large apocryphal piece from about BC. Ae treated them with contempt. Ae insulted them. Ae scoffed at them. Ae flared out at them. Ae possessed Dthree tho sand sheep and a tho sand goatsD' 7he name Nabal means churl. She ,new that her husband was unapproachable and that no one could spea, to him.

Can 'ou imagine what 2bigail had to deal with being married to this manJ It was onl' because of her wisdom that her life and the li3es of her lo3ed ones were sa3ed.

Ae was a sting', selfish, and irre3erent man. Ae did not respect the anointing upon Bing 1a3id.

Shimei was calling ,ing 1a3id a worthless man. Shimei was from the famil' of the house of Saul and was no doubt angr' at the fact that 1a3id had succeeded Saul as ,ing. Ae refused to touch Saul e3en though his life was in danger. Strong intercessors help co3er the men and women of 4od from the attac,s of Belial.

Belial causes men to be selfish and unconcerned about others. Ae was greed' and selfish and manifested an attitude that was worthless. It causes men to become calloused and merciless.

Belial is an end7time spirit that will cause iniquit' and lawlessness to abound. It simpl' means it will be in strong manifestation in the last da's. When the waves of death. Belial is responsible for the flood of ungodliness manifested through Aoll'wood, tele3ision, and the mass media.

Belial is responsible for rebellion and disobedience to 4od. Belial desires to co3er the earth with filth and immoralit'. Ae is a strongman that attac,s ministers and churches. Spirits of death and destruction wor, with Belial to assail the ser3ants of 4od. I belie3e that Belial is a spirit that will cause man' to die lost and spend eternit' in hell. Ae is a t'pe of the prophetic church the 8ord is raising up in this hour.

But we must and will attac, him in the power of the Spirit, wearing the whole armor of 4od. It is possible that 2I1S is a thing of Belial that clea3es unto a person. I belie3e that as an end time spirit, Belial has been released b' the enem' to attac, ministr' gifts. I will set no wi. Most states ha3e obscenit' laws that are being challenged b' those who feel as if go3ernment should pro3ide no constraint. Belial causes men to plan and plot that which is e3il.

It is almost hard to belie3e that there are actuall' people this wic,ed. I belie3e it because the 9ord of 4od states it. Most people would be shoc,ed to ,now the t'pes of gross sins and plots ta,ing place behind closed doors. In other words, the Bible is the foundation of our legal s'stem. Belial hates the restraining power of the Bible, the Aol' Spirit, and the Church. Belial desires immoralit' and ungodliness to reign without an' restraint. Man' are clamoring, 8ea3e me alone, and let me do what I want.

Ungodl' association causes e3il spirits to be transferred. If Belial cannot directl' control 'ou, he will influence 'ou through ungodl' association. UCA N. Even if you have been subjected to the hypnotic state by someone else, you are going to find self-hypnosis a remarkable experience. Perfecting this technique can be one of the major transforming elements in your life. For the very first time, you are in total control of you!

And, as discussed at the beginning of this chapter, you can then access your memories back to the dawn of our race. When a true adept says that one should not practice magick without initiation, this is the experience he is referring to, not to some pageant performed in a lodge room.

Once you have crossed this threshold in your development you have empowered yourself to practice Solomon's magick. The hypnotic state is total concentration and total involvement of both levels of your mind. If you operate only from a conscious level you are intoning words and going through motions while wearing an astral blindfold and ear muffs.

As we have noted, this is a form of magick but it is not the Thaumaturgic Art of Solomon. Although you will be combining elements of tratakam yoga and hypnosis, you need to know the subtle difference between the two sys Tratakam yoga empty-minded, undistracted fixed gaze on an inert object will induce the hypnodial states called yoganindra physical anesthesia and then samadhi space-time suspension as side effects but it is not a true hypnotic induction because there is no direction involved beyond strict maintenance of a passive mental attitude.

Tratakam is more properly a form of meditation. It is essential training for our Solomonic mirror and crystal skrying because it conditions us to see something without "looking at it", to contemplate our reflection in a dark mirror, or the angelic aura surrounding a crystal ball, without analyzing the optical phenomena as they occur.

It is easily mastered with regular daily practice. If you get discouraged just remember that John Dee and Cagliostro would have given their fortunes and have devoted years to practice and to master these techniques if they had only known they were available. Practical 'Exercises: There are a number of ways to practice tratakam.

Mishra lists nasal and frontal gaze exercises which are uncomfortable and alien to Western practitioners. We recommend an easily constructed variation of one of his techniques involving a blue light bulb behind a 12" dia. In the center of the frosted filter, place a " dia. This device is suspended from the ceiling. We call it a "Samadhi Lamp. Do not explore the lamp with your eyes, just look at its glowing center. Try not to think about the optical phenomenon as they occur. Try not to think about the relaxation and numbness coming over you or the hypnotic state you are drifting into Try not to think at all Along with your tratakam training you will be regularly improving your skills in self-hypnosis.

You'll notice I've joined the two words together because they go together. Physical relaxation is best achieved by first stretching the muscles of the body and then compressing them.

For stretching do the classic yoga "Sun Salute", then for compression, point out and stiffen each leg in tum, curling your toes. Hold the leg rigid for ten seconds. Thrust each arm out straight and make a hard fist.

The Book Of Enoch

Hold it for ten seconds. Roll your head in a circle. Open your mouth and work your jaw muscles. Tighten the muscles of your face. Take several long, deep breaths through your nose. Hold the air in your chest at least as long as it took you to inspire it - then blow it out through your mouth. Having achieved relaxation you must learn to empty your mind.

To empty the mind and to develop the ability to shift the center of consciousness to other parts of the body take a comfortable asana position with your back straight. Close your eyes and focus them upward without strain.

While maintaining this position and gaze perform at least four cycles of simple pranayama without hand manipulations on a four count inhale, four count hold, four count exhale, four count hold-on-the-void. With your breathing finished keep your closed eyes focused upwards while you quietly imagine that your body is growing larger and larger until it is nearly fifty feet tall. Your skull is a great, dim-lit hollow vault half filled with deep, dark, still water. You your consciousness point are in the form of a small pearl floating half-submerged in the water.

The water is comfortable, safe and protective. Above you are the random thoughts that flit across your mind. You see them in the form of luminous fireflies darting back and forth to no purpose. They buzz and chitter without meaning. You allow yourself to sink just below the surface. Now you can neither hear nor see those distracting thoughts. You are at peace with-. You sink: After three minutes you may re-surface, realizing that you are now the master of your mind.

These unwanted thoughts that have plagued you for so long are no more bothersome than gnats on summer day. Now you are ready to hypnotize yourself or, if you have been leading a group in these exercises, you are all ready to enter the hypnotic state. Here follows one of our ritual hypnotic inductions you may modify and practice with. This one is adapted from our advanced pathworking system but it gives the general idea.

The Soul Door referred to is a floor-to-ceiling dark mirror set in an ancient Egyptian style door frame. You can see it veiled in the video. Note that we make the inert, seated physical body huge and keep the enlivened spiritual body within - into which we project our consciousness - very small.

Once you have perfected your basic hypnotic and yoga techniques, you may use this secret Tibetan method of Inner Plane projection with full effectiveness As we stare at the planetary symbol of , our physical eyelids are becoming very heavy. Our bodies are totally inert.

We sit like great stone statues surrounding our double cube altar which has become a huge, tall building. Our Spirit bodies within us are now as small as a finger on the hand of our huge sleeping physical forms.

These tiny Spiritual Bodies are now the radiant centers of our consciousness. We are filled with living energy and eager to be off on our journey. We look to Westward and see the distant star of our destination, the Sephira of ' as it beckons to us far away in the night sky beyond the great pylons of The Soul Door Gate. Now we allow our physical eyelids to finally close.

Gate and through the great pylons into the vast night sky of the endless universe! Ahead of us gleams the star of ' leading us onward. We are passing over the dimly lighted landscape a thousand feet below. This is also the method of choice for projecting into and through Enochian pyramids. It is likewise a vital skill necessary for exploring the powerful psychic centers or chakras within your body. With selfhypnosis and Raja Yoga training you can master even advanced techniques such as this in months instead of years.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope that the mental imagery evoked by the above passage will serve to convince you of the importance of hypnosis and yoga as basic foundation skills for this Art. Do not neglect your mental training. This statement may disturb some of my senior G.

This is not to say that the creative visualizations in the Pentagram and Middle Pillar rituals are not very valuable and even essential in their own right -but they are projected onto the astral, not received from it. The G. Those who have popularized our evocation technique have stated that solo operations are quite difficult, possibly dangerous, and should be avoided. This demonstrates their lack of understanding of the importance of self-hypnotic training in Solomonic magick.

A solo operation for an entity of the same sex as the operator is usually less difficult due to the reduction of the personal variables involved. Jinn wfiicft migfitg Solomon Didconjure in the.

Jfe of. In this case the teacher came in the form of a book. My first introduction to Western Magick still stands as the best survey work written on the practical aspects of the subject: The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish, published in The medieval Key of Solomon provided an authentic handbook for making magical regalia, implements and talismans but it was the more notorious Goetia of the Lemegeton, the so-called Lesser Key af Soloman, that was the real wizard's Liber Spiritum.

The Goetia pronounced, Go-ey--sha catalogued and described 72 rebellious spirits that, according to a Talmudic legend, old King Solomon had imprisoned in an enchanted Brass Vessel submerged in a lake in Babylon. This read like a fabulous tale from the Arabian Nights but in my irrational state I was convinced that there was a hidden truth behind the fantastic story.

Like Aladdin's wonderful lamp or Ali Baba's "Open Sesame" there was a Secret Key to calling up those mighty Princes of the Jinn that Solomon had imprisoned so long ago - and I was determined to find it. Years later, when I was doing graduate studies in cultural anthropology I realized that back in I had crossed over into a realm of divine madness that few Anglo-Americans had ever experienced.

I had gone through the true shamanic initiation, that mortal illness and vision quest that brings the shaman in touch with his gods and gives him the power to practice his craft It was during that season of my madness, when agony alternated with ecstasy, that I had discovered, or more properly, re-discovered, the lost secret of the Magical Art and I wrote The Book ofAstarte from which the key passage that heads this chapter is drawn. I had studied the writings of the ancient and modem magicians.

They had filled their books with the most detailed instructions on how to build, inscribe and decorate all the necessary equipment, all the signatures of the spirits and even the hours during which to summon them - but the most important element, that method by which one could make the spirit physically appear, was always missing in the old grimoires and not explained in the recent texts. I knew that over a dozen ancient and modem writers on Magick could not be involved in one big, long-standing conspiracy to suppress this [mal secret, so it seemed obvious that at some time after the 17th This turned out to be true.

The ancient writers had hidden the secrets in plain sight - as you will see when we examine the old texts - but the Victorian age magicians of the Golden Dawn school, with their phobia against hypnosis and their commendable distrust of passive spiritualist mediumship, had de-emphasized the actual methods of Renaissance evocation and invocation in favor of a Westernized Tantra in which images were carefully built up in the imagination and then allowed to provide psychic feed-back.

Instead of the traditional crystals and dark mirrors for visionary work, they prefered to use abstract colored symbols to stimulate the imagination. These methods are different in conception and technique from the shamanic calling down or summoning up of spontaneous visions from that great storehouse of images Renaissance magicians knew as the "World Soul" and we now refer to as "The Collective Unconscious. I would have agreed with critics like Professor Eliza Butler that those who had practiced out of the old grimoires were credulous and self-deluded.

However Arthur Edward Waite, who was also a ruthless critic of the Art Magical, had conceded that they achieved results. In the introduction to his Book of Black Magic and of Pacts he wrote: Perhaps in the majority of cases most of such experiments made in the past were attended with results of a kind.

To enter the path of hallucination is likely to insure hallucination, and in the presence of hypnotic and clairvoyant facts it To this extent some of the processes are practical, and to this extent they are dangerous. It should be noted that I had first read all of the available 16th and 17th century material before I got into Regardie and the Golden Dawn.

Therefore my original perspective was, and still remains, that of a Renaissance magician rather than a Victorian occultist even though I will be the first to concede our tremendous debt to the Golden Dawn.

I think it is important to mention this because there is a natural tendency for people to be heavily influenced by their first impressions in any field of endeavor. This was especially true in my case given my near-terminal illness and altered state of consciousness. I literally devoured the books listed above with the obsession of a religious fanatic. But, even in the grip of a toxic psychosis, I hadn't lost my intellect. Madness is known to stimulate genius.

I was on the verge of discovering, or re-discovering, an extraordinary secret hidden in these quaint, and apparently whimsical, books of forgotten lore. I knew there had to be a way to make Solomon's traditional operations actually work without resorting to drugs, fasting or endless conjurations to produce hallucinations through hysteria and exhaustion. A century ago Aleister Crowley had tried to conjure one of the Lemegeton's Goetia demons out of incense smoke. He had very little success after a great deal of effort.

As a self-taught hypnotist this did Trying to form an image, or commanding a spirit to produce an image, out of curling, twisting smoke was more of an experiment in telekinesis than a skrying process. Crowley obviously did not know the technique but he certainly understood the philosophy. He stated it clearly in his edition of the Goetia: Say you so?

I can, and will. The spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore represent Mr. Spencer's projected cube methods of stimulating or regulating those particular spots through the eye. The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish: Establishment of functions relative to the subtle world.

Rank or type of the Spirit. Name of the Spirit. The perfumes aid this through smell. Usually the perfume will only tend to control a large area; but there is an attribution of perfumes to letters of the alphabet enabling one, by a Qabalistic formula, to spell out the Spirit's name.

I need not enter into more particular discussion of these points; the intelligent reader can easily fill in what is lacking. If, then, I say, with Solomon: I have quoted the above passage at some length because it made such a strong impression on me when I first read it.

It is certainly not romantic or artistic; in fact it is downright analytical - like wiring a ballet dancer with electronic sensors so we can get a scientific read-out on Swan Lake but it serves an absolutely necessary purpose.

Crowley's statement places Solomon's Magick squarely within the parameters of a psychological system. The Human Mind. A modem hackermagus would say we run our Solomonic Magick program on an operating system designed by Carl lung using a language called "Agrippa Crowley's conceptions of Magick pre-dated Carl lung's Archetypes in the Collective Unconscious theory. Crowley knew that magical manifestations involved altered states of consciousness and could produce psychosomatic effects but he may not have been aware that entire pantheons of ancient Gods and Goddesses, choirs of Angels and hordes of demons might exist in the deepest reaches of everyone's mind.

Actually this theory was not very modem. Around A. Hermes Trismegistus, the mysterious founder of Hermetic Philosophy, had written in his Asclepius that: If we create gods, then we control them!

And if we can control them, are we not Gods ourselves? Such things are delivered and writ by great and grave philosophers, whose traditions who dare say Nay, it were impious to think them lies: We must not look for the principle of these grand operations without ourselves; it is that internal spirit within us which can very well perform whatsoever the monstrous Mathematicians, the prodigious Magicians, the wonderful Alchymists and the bewitching Necromancers can effect.

This mysterious psychic ocean was not the exclusive property of any individual human being. It was a dimension shared by us all! Here one might discover the great Archetypes of mythology: Here were the mysterious man-created gods which Hermes Trismegistus had written about so long ago. Here was the World Soul of the Renaissance magicians. Here were the demons of Solomon's Brass Vessel.

When lung discussed his theory with his famous colleague, Sigmund Freud, Freud was horrified. Theories by themselves do not produce results. For results the magician still depends today as he did thousands of years ago on methods and techniques. Since time immemorial magicians have placed themselves and others into states of trance during which visions and oracles were received. We now know that this process was hypnotic and that all the phenomena we have come to associate with modern hypnosis were in fact known and practiced by ancient sorcerers under the guise of 'fascination', 'spell-casting' and 'enchantment' The powerful hypnotic effect achieved through a fixed gaze on a reflective surface is the reason why the crystal ball, or shewstone, This was and still is a hypnotic process.

However the final secret of how to use these magical aides was always missing. With all the philosophy, the atmosphere, the paraphernalia, the powerful conjurations and the hypnotic techniques, such spontaneous visions in a crystal or in a dark mirror, still depended upon some special psychic talent.

To make it really work one had to be a natural medium - so, with all my hypnotic experiments and my toxic fever dreams, I had certainly become a mystic This is a very important point. Mediums, psychics and clairvoyants have dominated the mystic arts for centuries because most of us have assumed that they are the only ones gifted with the abilities to see and hear the spirits. This situation was so pervasive that even great magicians like Abramelin the Mage, Dr.

John Dee,2. Count Cagliostro and the later Frederick Hockley thought they had to employ specially talented skryers or gifted children to do the actual receiving for them. If I had been in a fully rational state at the time I probably would have accepted this historically established handicap - but obsessed genius knows no bounds.

I was convinced there had to be a way, a method by which anyone with the desire and the determination could summon spirits to visible appearance and converse with them. This was what Solomon had promised and - like the indefatigable amateur archaeologist, Heinrich Schlieman who had actually discovered ancient Troy right where Homer said it was - I was sure that the medieval 'Solomon' was telling the truth.

I could place a crystal ball into the triangle but then if I stood back inside the magick circle, as the operator was supposed to do according to the ancient texts, even a 60mm crystal ball would appear the size of a door knob -- but I knew something had to be placed in that triangle: Obviously the speculum: And what better entrance into that realm the mystic poet Coleridge had called, "Caverns measureless to man.

How to make it actually work, I asked myself - then something I had read the year before jogged my memory - something I had read somewhere about the use of dark mirrors in the Far East? That final all-important clue had been sitting right there on my book shelf! In this book the author explained an ancient Oriental method for conjuring up images of previous incarnations from the reflection of one s own face. As I re-read this passage in Garrison's book I felt a shiver of excitement. I was experiencing the same tingling exhilaration that an archaeologist must feel when he brushes the sand away and looks down at the unbroken seal of an ancient royal tomb!

I tried Garrison's experiment and found that it worked with remarkable effectiveness. If a person in a darkened room stares for several minutes into a mirror flanked by candles, a strange phenomenon will almost always happen: The familiar reflection will fade out and disappear. The mirror will go black and, when the image returns, it will be the face of someone or something else! This experience is usually accompanied by a profound sense ofan other-worldly presence.

It was obvious that this phenomenon must have been discovered a long time before any concept of reincarnation. It probably went back as far as the paleolithic when stone-age people stared fascinated at their reflections in dark, still pools of water, seeing the strange transformation occur - and being convinced they were in the presence of their Gods! I suspected that in a ritual setting, using traditional conjurations and symbols, specific spirits and even ancient Gods and Goddesses might be summoned from the 'Other Side' This might well be the Our 17th Century Lemegeton manuscript, Sloane clearly shows a large black-filled circle in the center of Solomon's Triangle.

See figure 1. Figure 1. Note that the instructions written around the triangle say: The triangle was intended to be raised up to eye-level. This is clearly shown in a drawing from a 17th Century Manuscript by the mysterious "Dr. Thomas Rudd", which depicts a mirror on a stand with Solomon's Secret Seal from the Goetia of the Lemegeton clearly rendered on the reverse side See figure 2. Figure 2. We know that polished obsidian mirrors were used in the neolithic Middle-Eastern city of Katal Hyuck as far back as nine thousand years ago - before The Great Flood.

And later, in the time of Solomon, the Egyptians and the Canaanites made mirrors of polished copper and of silver, metals attributed to the planet Venus and the Moon Let your mind travel back to those ancient times and imagine what might have happened when a Priestess sitting before her mirror, putting on her make-up in the dim light, saw her face change and become The Goddess!

Perhaps she would call the High Priest to witness the transformation. They would both be familiar with possessions and trance states and would be quick to see the possibilities Now I am certain that some of my magical colleagues will cluck in their beards and say: If those worthies didn't know the reflection secret, then who had known?

My answer is that the medieval Arabian magicians probably knew it as these quotes from C. Thompson indicate: When a miracle was deemed a , sihr' it was regarded as an optical illusion or due to an illicit dealing with demons The use of the magic mirror - which was made of metal or glass with a polished surface -for seeing spirits, was known to the Arabs at an early period.

The image was said to appear in a cloud or vapor floating between the medium used and the gazer ,s eye. Thomas Rudd and others may very well have known but kept it secret. The method was so simple that there was no need to write it down. It could have been passed from mouth-to-ear and yet the hints in the Sloane Goetia are almost too obvious. We should recall that the Goetia was not a system magicians felt comfortable writing about back in the days of the Inquisition.

And they did not need Carl Jung's subjective psychological theories to justify using their own reflection as a focal point.

Belial livro pdf de

There was a haunting Orphic myth about Dyonisus being entranced by his reflection in a mirror, caught by the Titians and tom to pieces, his parts rescued by Zeus and given to Apollo to plant in the earth - from which he rose reconstituted and revived. Here we have the modem psychological concepts of fragmentation, reintegration and individuation of the personality, we also have our seventy-two all-encompassing spirits let out and then put back into The Brass Vessel.

The ancients did not create such fables for idle amusement. But my most telling argument sits in every grammar school class in the country. Along with playing hopscotch on The Tree of Life, children have a game called "Bloody Mary" Clive Barker's "Candyman" which they have been scaring each other with as long as there have been mirrors to look into.

Any modem magician who thinks his predecessors didn't discover this same phenomenon ages ago and make use of it doesn't hold them in very high regard - but to those who still insist that this method of magical evocation is modem, I will be most happy to accept credit for it. In the week following my remarkable discovery or re-discovery my illness overcame me to such a degree that my doctor was compelled to conduct a more thorough examination.

At that point he discovered the truth and advised me that only an operation could save my life but that I was too debilitated and inflamed to undergo the surgery. I asked the Archangel Raphael to heal me and Prince Ba'al to give me strength - then because the Gods help those who help themselves I went out and found another doctor. When I recovered from my surgical operation, health and sanity quickly returned - but I remembered what I had learned during my sabbatical in Tartarus and, to my surprise, I discovered that Solomon S Magick was still as effective - and even more so when contrasted with my otherwise rational state of mind.

To my even greater surprise, I found that this ancient system would work for any sincere person who could concentrate on a fixed point long enough to achieve a light hypnotic trance. I extended my experiments to include others and I soon discovered that the process was just as effective if I - as the magician stood behind a passive 'receiver' who would only need to hold the candlesticks and concentrate on the mirror.

At that time I was a bachelor in my thirties, living in a beachside Southern California apartment and riding a motorcycle. This put me in a position to recruit young women willing to transform into the Goddess Astarte.

These experiments, harmless as they were, made me notorious. According to a published account one of my Astartes disappeared off the face of the Earth - and yet I saw her socially in the week following the operation.

Teurgia Goetia - O Segundo Livro Do Lemegeton

It did appear that women made the best, or perhaps the most enthusiastic, receivers but for the most part my female volunteers were not clairvoyant. Those few who were natural psychics would receive their vision "off-face" after the mirror blacked out. Non-psychic receivers most of us will see a different face replace our familiar reflection. However, it is important to note that this transformation process for non-psychics is, if anything, a more intense and consciousness altering experience than the more familiar visioning process the psychic undergoes.

So I had the secret. Like Dr. Frankenstein, I had learned how to do it - but, even though I may have been just as obsessed as the fictional Victor Frankenstein, I didn't want to make his mistake.

Before I opened the Brass Vessel and released these spirits into the world again, I wanted to understand the philosophy and the spiritual significance behind a process that been kept such a closely guarded secret for thousands of years. I had to ask myself, was it possible there were slumbering demons from our past that - as the late Howard Phillips Lovecraft had suggested - might better be left unawakened?

How and why had the beautiful Goddess Astarte and her handsome consort, Prince Ba'al, the Thunder God, become demons in the forbidden books of medieval black magick? I found some of the answers to these questions in the long-lost Biblical Book of Enoch.

This passage may be familiar to some occult students outside of the a. The Book ofAstarte has been pirated and circulated in the occult underground since even though it was copyrighted under my pseudonym by a major university in In actual fact, since its rediscovery in , the method has become so popular that one of my former students privately claimed credit for it and started three mini-lodges of his own.

Another a. He and his publisher followed this up with a simplistic, mass-marketed pamphlet on the Goetia Dark Mirror method in Concerning these Jinn of Wise Xinge Solomon.

Jww agreat truth Jlnaso approach. Yls the uninitiatedscribes fiave recorded Some are the very jocfs of 1 fiem OfPhoenicia ana Chaldea rrfze Queen of: It is a truly ancient Biblical book that belonged in the Pentateuch between Genesis and Exodus. It disappeared, along with the Ark of the Covenant, sometime after Solomon's death. A copy was known to be in the possession of the Pagan star-magicians of Harran in Syria and another was rumored to be hidden in a remote, secret monastery in Ethiopia.

In the Scottish explorer, James Bruce, risked his life to smuggle two Ethiopian copies out of that ancient, legendary kingdom of "Prester John". The importance of the Book of Enoch to Western Magick cannot be overstated. Magicians have venerated these works ever since. In mythical, prehistoric times before The Great Flood, the Book ofEnoch tells of a War in Heaven in which God and his loyal host of angels, led by the Archangel Michael, were arrayed against a horde of rebellious angels who had lusted after the daughters of men and had descended to earth, where they were breeding a race of giants and were teaching humans the forbidden secrets of sorcery and magick.

The Arabian legend of the fallen angels Harut and Marut, quoted earlier, is only one of many mythological offshoots of this original theme. The Rabbis, Priests and Imams practiced a slight-of-hand trick and reclassified the homeless, but not forgotten, Pagan deities as those same "Fallen Angels" who were already chained in deep pits at the ends of the earth.

The 17th century English Christian poet John Milton summarized this militant transformation process in his Paradise Lost: Of Solomon he led by fraud to build His temple right against the temple of God. To do him wanton rites, which cost them woe.

Till good Josiah drove them thence to hell. With these came they, who from the bord' ring flood Of old Euphrates to the brook that parts Egypt from Syria ground, had general names Of Baalim and Ashtaroth, those male, These feminine.

For Spirits when they please Can either sex assume Thus their greatest rival, the Canaanite thunder god, Prince Ba 'al became the demon Bael, first among the ranks of the fallen, who was said to appear as a cat, a toad or a man - or all three at once - and to grant the power of invisibility See figure 3.

Prince Ba'al's beautiful consort, the Goddess Astarte, Queen of Heaven and mistress of the Temple of Love was transformed into the demon Astaroth, described as a hurtful angel with bad breath but who, As indeed She has! You may dare to contact Ose, the mysterious titular spirit of shape-shifters, werewolves and leopardmen. See The Evocation ofNithael. This myth of The Fallen Angels laid the foundation for a Middle Eastern legend recounted in the Talmud about the Biblical King Solomon, who was said to have been the greatest magician of ancient times.

According to our legend, Solomon, armed with the power of God's Holy Angels, bound and sealed those 72 rebellious spirits, or Genii, into the "Brass Vessel" - from which he called them forth to do his biding, even to assist him in building the Great and Holy Temple at Jerusalem.

Whether or not you take these ancient myths and stories literally or you consider them to be symbolic, the legend of "The Fallen Angels" - who became the horde of Genii in Solomon's brass bottle - forms the secret tradition and the wellspring of power behind the fabulous wizardry of the Arabian Nights and even the medieval sorcery of Dr. But can our fantastic legend have any truth behind it? Are we really seeing these ancient Gods and Goddesses, who became "Fallen Angels", in the dark mirror on our magic triangle?

Do the strange voices that speak through our lips during the magical channeling process actually come from these deities and demons of the dim past?

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Have we have really opened "That lost Portal Between Worlds" and, if so, can these powerful Genii now be commanded to reveal secret knowledge and accomplish wonderful things? The final proof is in the doing! I invite you to follow in my footsteps and find out for yourself! This ancient art is not a party game or a Halloween prank.

There is no place for the dabbler or the thrill-seeker in the Magick Circle. All aspects of this system, from the spiritual to the psychological, must be thoroughly understood before any experimentation takes place.

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Like the knights of olden times, the magician must be trained, armed and armored before he or she goes forth to do battle First you should understand that The Magick Circle is the philosophical fortress that protects you when you open the gate between the worlds see Appendix 3. It represents the perfect circle of the vast universe and the unbroken boundary and spiritual integrity of your own being which are one-in-the-same when you practice Solomon's Art. As above, so below; as within, so without.

Let me share my personal Magick Circle formula with you. This was derived from an Archangelic invocation of Gabriel. They are four of the Mighty and Eternal Seven". Using this visualization as a circle-casting formula provides complete protection because you are projecting an impregnable sphere all around you linked to and empowering a Heavenly force within you.

This is why we invoke draw down Angels and higher spirits into the Magick Circle and evoke call up lesser spirits into a locus spiritus outside the Circle. You should know that even back in ancient times the Triangle represented the philosophical first plane of manifestation.