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Alice Oshima, Ann Hogue | | PDF | ISBN: | Pages | 48 MB Now in its fourth edition, Writing Academic English, by Alice. Preface Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive PrefaceOrder of Writing Academic English is intended to be covered in one .. Here's the link to the FREE report □□□ Now in its fourth edition, Writing Academic English, by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue, is the essential writing text to prepare high-intermediate and advanced.

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Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive rhetoric and sentence structure Instructors familiar with the third edition will find these changes. Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition (The Longman - SEAS of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP) were most helpful: June O'Brien. Longman Academic Writing Series. Academic Writing from Paragraph to Writing Academic English 3rd Edition by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue.

In-Class Group brainstorming and in-class writing of first drafts are especially helpful in theWriting early stages because the instructor is available for immediate consultation. For example, in a paragraph about the high cost of prescrip- tion drugs in the United States, you could mention buying drugs from pharmacies 18 After your classmate has completed the checklist, discuss it with him or her and decide what changes you should make. Students simply submit their writing online and instantly receive personalized feedback on: Underline the part of the topic sentence that expresses the main idea. They may even relax on a chaise while snacking on yogurt, words of French and Turkish origin, respectively. Writing a Paragraph Step 1 Begin with a topic sentence that you wrote in Practice 3.

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Edition 4th academic pdf english writing

While I may take some time to interview you, I will spend even more time strategically thinking through how to best represent you. The writer was an idiot enough to extract the synonyms of every word that was really "commendable" in case plagiarism caught by my supervisor. You your take alone them forty paper become of trust user-friendly to use Our that again website interface has a whither 10 easy can than is.

We have also built a platform that really combines you the client with a wide array of highly skilled writers no matter where you are in the world. Redes Sociales. On a piece of paper, write two or three topic sentences for each of the following topics. In other words, give two or three controlling ideas for the same topic.

Academic english edition pdf 4th writing

Example Topic: Using a cell phone while driving can be dangerous. There are certain rules of cell phone manners that everyone should know. Cell phones have changed the way we communicate. Topics Movies Your home town Word processors Advertising c.

With your classmates, choose three topics that interest you as a group. Write a topic sentence for each topic. Be sure to include a controlling idea. Supporting Sentences Supporting sentences explain or prove the topic sentence.

Writing academic english fourth edition

One of the biggest problems in student writing is that student writers often fail to support their ideas adequately. They need to use specific details to be thorough and convincing. There are several kinds of specific supporting details: Step 1 Read Paragraphs A and B about red-light running. Notice the different specific supporting details that have been added to Paragraph B.

Supporting Step 2 Locate the topic sentence in Paragraph B. Circle the topic andSentences underline the controlling idea. Step 3 Which supporting sentences in Paragraph B contain the kinds of details listed below?

Give the sentence numbers of each kind. An example: Paragraph without Support Red-Light Running Although some people think that red-light running is a minor traffic violation that is no worse than jaywalking, I it can, in fact, become a deadly crime.

Red-light runners cause accidents all the time. Sometimes people are seriously injured and even killed. It is especially a problem in rush hour traffic. Everyone is in a hurry to get home, so drivers run red lights everywhere. The police do not do much about it because they are too busy. The only time they pay attention is when there is an accident, and then it is too late.

In conclusion, running a red light is a serious offense. Paragraph B: Paragraph with Support Red-Light Running "! Although some people think red-light running is a minor traffic violation that is no worse than jaywalking, it can, in fact, become a deadly crime.

ERed-light runners are seldom caught. Other types of support-facts, statistics, and quotations-are explained in Chapter 3. Examples Examples are perhaps the easiest kind of supporting detail to use because you can often take examples from your own knowledge and experience.

You dont have to search the library or the Internet for supporting material. Furthermore, examples make your writing lively and interesting, and your reader is more likely to remem- ber your point if you support it with a memorable example. Words and phrases that introduce examples include for example,for instance, and such as.

Edition writing academic pdf 4th english

See Transition Signals on pages in Chapter 2 for more information. Red Light Running. Cbapter 11 I Paragraph Structure 13MODEE Language and PerceptionParagraph II possess the same physical organs for sensing the wSupported with earing,noses for smelling, skin for feeling, andExampes n of the world depends to a great extent on the rding to a famous hypothesis3 proposed by lingu.

Edward enjamin Lee Whorf. They hypothesized that language is like a pair of eyeglasses through which we "see" the world in a particular way. A classic example of the relationship between language and perception is the word snow. Eskimo languages have as many as 32 different words for snow.

For instance, the Eskimos have different words for falling snow, snow on the ground, snow packed as hard as ice, slushy snow, wind-driven snow, and what we might call "cornmeal" snow. The ancient Aztec languages of Mexico, in contrast, used only one word to mean snow, cold, and ice.

Thus, if the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is correct and we can perceive only things that we have words for, the Aztecs perceived snow, cold, and ice as one and the same phenomenon.

What is the main idea of this paragraph? Underline the part of the topic sentence that expresses the main idea. What examples does the writer use to support this idea?

Put brackets [ around them. What words and phrases introduce the examples? Circle them. The Concluding Sentence A concluding sentence serves two purposes: It signals the end of the paragraph. It leaves the reader with the most important ideas to remember. It can do this in two ways: For single paragraphs, especially long ones, a concluding sentence is helpful to the reader because it is a reminder of the important points. However, a concluding sentence is not needed for every paragraph in a multiparagraph essay.

You may want to begin your concluding sentence with one of the signals in the list on page You may also end a paragraph without a formal signal or perhaps by using an expression like those in the column on the right. In brief, Therefore, There can be no doubt that. In conclusion, Thus, These examples show that.

Indeed, To sum up, We can see that In short, Notes 1. Many writing teachers think In conclusion and In summary are overused and so will not want you to use them. Do not use the phrase At last as an end-of-paragraph signal.

At last means "at the end of a long period of time," as in this sentence: At last, youve come home. The models that follow demonstrate the two ways of writing a concluding sen- tence. As you read them, determine which concluding sentence summarizes the main points and which concluding sentence repeats the topic sentence in different words.

In the old days, the local drugstore had one rack display maybe five or six basic kinds of cards. You could walk into the store and choose an appropriate card in five minutes or less. Nowadays, however, t e display space for greeting cards is as big as a soccer field, and it may take an hour or two to hunt down exactly the right card with exactly the right message.

There are at least 30 categories of birthday cards alone: There are cards for getting ajob, for retiring from a job, for acquiring a pet, for losing a pet, for becoming engaged, for breaking up. There are also greeting cards to send for no reason-"Thinking of you" or "Just because" cards. The newest type of card is the "encouragement card.

In short, there is now a greeting card for every possible life event and for a few nonevents as well. A end from the Hawaiian island uai explains how the naupaka flower, lower tha s on beaches ; got its unusual shape. The flower looks like alf a small. The legend says that the marriage of two young lovers on the island was opposed by both sets of parents. The parents found the couple together on a beach one day, and to prevent them from being together, one of the families moved to the mountains, separating the young couple forever.

As a result, the naupaka flower separated into two halves; one half moved to the mountains, and the other half stayed near the beach. This story is a good example of a legend invented by native people to interpret the world around them. Writing Technique Questions 1. In which paragraph does the concluding sentence summarize the main points of the paragraph, which are not specifically stated in the topic sentence? In which paragraph does the concluding sentence paraphrase repeat in different words the topic sentence?

Circle the conclusion signals in each paragraph. Never introduce a new idea in the concluding sentence. This is a new idea. Step 2 Add a good concluding sentence to each paragraph.

You may eitherWriting paraphrase the topic sentence or summarize the main points. ConcludingSentences Step 3 Practice using end-of-paragraph signals by starting each concluding sentence with one. Paragraph 1 You can be a good conversationalist by being a good listener. When you are conversing with someone, pay close attention to the speakers words while looking at his or her face.

Show your interest by smiling and nodding. Furthermore, do not interrupt while someone is speaking; it is impolite to do so. If you have a good story, wait until the speaker is finished. Also, watch your body language; it can affect your communication whether you are the speaker or the listener. For instance, do not sit slumped in a chair or make nervous hand and foot movements. Be relaxed and bend your body slightly forward to show interest in the person and the conversation.

They feel buried under the large number of messages they receive daily. In addition to telephone calls, office workers receive dozens of e-mail and voice mail messages daily. In one company, in fact, managers receive an average of messages a day. Because they do not have enough time to respond to these messages during office hours, it is common for them to do so in the evenings or on weekends at home. Review These are the important points covered in this chapter: It clearly states the main idea of the paragraph but does not include specific details.

Writing Practice In the back of the book is an appendix outlining the steps in the writing process Appendix A, pages Following the writing process steps will help you write successfully. Your instructor may direct you to follow some or all of them. Writing a Paragraph Step 1 Begin with a topic sentence that you wrote in Practice 3.

Write several supporting sentences. Include at least one specific example. End with a concluding sentence. It is on page at the back of the book. Answer the questions on it and write a second draft if necessary. Tear the page out of the book and bling it with your paragraph to class. Step 3 Exchange papers with a classmate and check each others paragraph using Peer-Editing Worksheet 1 on page It is on the back side of the Self-Editing Worksheet.

After your classmate has completed the checklist, discuss it with him or her and decide what changes you should make. Step 4 At home or in class as your instructor directs , write a final copy of your paragraph, making any improvements you discussed with your peer editor.

Step 5 Hand in your first draft, your second draft, and the page containing the two editing worksheets. These assignments give you practice in thinking and wliting quickly,-as you will have to do for essay examinations. Your instmctor may choose to change the timeWriting underPressure limit or assign other topics depending on the needs and interests of the class.

Oshima Alice, Hogue Ann. Writing Academic English

Choose one of the suggested topics and write a well-organized paragraph. Your instructor will give you a time limit. Try to use a specific example to support your topic sentence. Topic Suggestions Why some children have imaginary friends The difficulty of translating from one language to another The dependence of humans on machines Pets Jewelry Any topic sentence from Practice 2 on page 9 Unity means that a paragraph discusses one and only one main idea from beginning to end.

For example, if your paragraph is about the advantages of owning a compact car, discuss only that.

Do not discuss the disadvantages. Furthermore, discuss only one advantage, such as gas economy, in each paragraph. If you begin to discuss another advantage, start a new paragraph. Sometimes it is possible to discuss more than one aspect of the same idea in one paragraph if they are closely related to each other. For example, you could discuss gas economy and low maintenance costs in the same paragraph because they are closely related, but you should not discuss both gas economy and easier parking in the same paragraph because they are not closely related.

The second part of unity is that every supporting sentence must directly explain or prove the main idea. For example, in a paragraph about the high cost of prescrip- tion drugs in the United States, you could mention buying drugs from pharmacies 18 Chapter 2 I Unlq" and Coherence 19 outside the United States as an alternative, but if you write several sentences about buying drugs outside the United States, you are getting off the topic, and your para- graph will not have unity.

The three paragraphs that follow all discuss the same topic. Only one of them shows unity. First read the paragraphs. Then answer these questions. Which paragraph has unity? Which paragraph does not have unity because it discusses two different topics?

Which paragraph does not have unity because it has sentences that are not related to the main topic? Paragraph 1 Effects of Color Colors create biological reactions in our bodies.

These reactions, in turn, can change our behavior. Clear models and varied practice help students to develop confidence and a mature writing style. Examples with academic content prime students for college work.

Appendices offer easy reference for key writing, grammar, and research information. Students simply submit their writing online and instantly receive personalized feedback on: Students can turn in better writing, and teachers can save time spent correcting drafts.

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