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b The flight attendant thinks the man needs some help. c The flight attendant has put all the man's luggage in the overhead locker. English for Cabin Crew. ENGLISH COURSE FOR FLIGHT - Free download as PDF File The second group, called cabin crew, consists of a flight director/purser and. Documents Similar To ENGLISH FOR CABIN CREW BY SUE English for Uploaded by. Radu Vasile. english russian

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Why do people become cabin crew? Make a list of the job's good points. Then make a list of the. STARTER -, o job's bad points. AUDIO. (3) 1. Listen to four. English for Cabin Crew – Practice Test (PDF, MB); Audio Track 1 (MP3, MB ); Audio Track 2 (MP3, MB). AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook. The Teaching Notes for English for Cabin Crew are designed to give Flight attendants on board a flight collectively form a cabin crew.

FA Its sunny and warm, maam. I rarely eat breakfast. I would like some vodka. How long have you been looking for a new job? What motivates you? Rest your forehead over your arms. UNIT 3 Referring to the text above, link the words.

For cabin crew pdf english