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Apr 15, UAE. Apr 14, UAE. Apr 13, UAE. Kozhikode. Kozhikode. Apr 15, Kozhikode. Apr KANNUR. KANNUR. Apr 15, KANNUR. Apr 14,

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7 hours ago E PAPER · ENGLISH · VELICHAM · (current) · Kozhikode · Kochi · Varadhya Madhyamam · BAHRAIN · Thiruvananthapuram · Madhyamam. malappuram. malappuram. Apr 15, . malappuram. Apr 15, Kochi. Apr 14, Kochi . Apr 13, Kochi.

Retrieved In India. New Delh: Thus an economy of scale is very important factor for a newspaper. Wagner Rodrigues. Deepika publishes editions from Kottayam. Madhyamam also uses offset technology for the production purpose.

It can be customized from settings. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Malayalam Newspapers. Dig Tech. Malayalam All News Papers. Behind Play. In this application you can read all the Malayalam news papers. Malayalam Breaking News. Enjoy Media One Tv! As a form of computer-aided communication. At the same time as the Web is making it easier for unique journalistic voices to be heard. One advantage left to newsprint is that reading does not require any sophisticated cumbersome technical equipment.

A questionnaire for the users was placed in the web. The study on online editorial boards was carried out in the form of standardized mail surveys of all 81 daily newspapers with a www presence in May return Quote: The majority of online editorial boards surveyed depend on the editorial decision of print editors.

This offers the reader a high level of IN addition five individual websites of newspapers were examined semi-structured interviews with the heads of the editorial boards almost half of the staff in online editorial board have journalistic duties: Technical duties are of growing importance. About twothirds of users would have chosen the print newspaper and just under a third would have preferred the online version if only one of the versions had been available.

The case studies show that online use or design their product accordingly. During the Second World War. Most of the vernacular journals owned their origin to the national consciousness awakened by the revolution of against British rule in India. When India became independent. The press was free to play an entirely new role. The result was Vernacular Press Act. This was followed by a number of periodicals in English. In March Before partition. Newspaper was published from all the states and Union territories except from Arunachal Pradesh and Lakshadweep.

On the one hand. Naturally the tone and the temper displaced the British administration. Even act that the reader can touch and feel the printed paper while turning the pages may be of some importance. This gave press a consultative status. Official Secrets Act. After the holocaust partition. Lahore was the hub of print media and almost all the newspapers of the United Punjab were published from there.

Vernacular journalism was slow on the uptake. With the growth of national movement. Hicky in England. The Indian print media consists of 36 centenarians. Anand Bazar Patrika. Newspapers help citizen of these countries to know what is going on in their country and in rest of the world as well. With the advent of satellite televisions the world has contracted to our fingertips.

The total circulation of daily newspaper was 5.

News paper pdf madhyamam

Newspapers were brought out in 93 languages and dialects. With such a huge number of newspapers and such enormous circulation. It is filled with information that ranges from cryogenic to cattle feeding. Their number increased to in from in the previous year. Apart from the sixteen principle languages.

Newspapers in are an interesting thing to watch. Even then the newspapers role will not be much changed. The growing electronic media is catching the importance of newspaper. This has been achieved by totaling the figures of editors published in various centers with a morning circulation of Sunday edition dates in which had around pages.

The bulkiest or the largest newspaper is the New York Times. English daily. English Daily. Newspapers have played an important role in public affairs throughout the world. Over the years. The Hindu. In India. Editorial supplies the raw material. Newspapers are very important in many ways. They give us lots of information about various matters at various levels that are available anywhere. Consumers also demand faster response because of the perishable nature of the product.

The distribution channel plays an important role in newspaper industry. In order to economize on the costs of the supply chain. Newspaper companies cannot print the news sections of the newspaper in advance because of the requirement that news be timely.

Newspaper is a perishable commodity and in order to cater to needs of the customer in various geographical locations. The main drivers of supply chain are inventory. Newspapers are those goods which are perishable to both the manufacturer and the customer. The consumers are primarily looking for a national newspaper giving regional news as well.

The key area of sales of the product is dealt by circulation. Thus an economy of scale is very important factor for a newspaper. Newspaper should achieve a critical mass of customers to achieve economies of scale. A newspaper industry consists of five major functional areas namely editorial. The newspaper industry is becoming very competitive with the national players competing with the regional players. The marketing function is performed by advertising and management is done by administration.

This helps in achieving a strategic fit between the supply chain and customer needs. As has been shown by various studies. Though magazines and The press was thus is in a. Indian Press.

Newspaper Business in Kerala Only the large paper have foreign correspondents. Television and internet connections while provide news faster than the newspapers. The annual report of the registration of newspapers for India revealed a total number of newspapers and periodicals as Current Scenario Since independence many favorable factors have contributed to the growth of the Indian Press propitious circumstances have put the newspaper on a firm footing and given birth to more newspapers to cater to the needs of and ever increasing reading public.

This tendency is slowly changing. The Indian press depends heavily upon the news agencies as source for foreign news. The English language press in India is still very influential. The Indian language newspapers vary greatly in resources make-up and circulation and range from half demy sheets to 8 pages dailies. Kerala Kaumudi: Manorama is Kerala's largest selling and most widely read newspaper.

Kerala has a rate of newspaper readership that is among the highest in the world. In Kerala. First appeared on 14th March Kottayam and Trichur. Started as a weekly in and converted to a daily in Mumbai and New Delhi It has a circulation of over 13 lakhs and its readership is around 75 lakhs. Malappuram and Kollam besides from Chennai. The first copy of Mathrubhumi went to press on 18th of March It is published from Calicut. Mathrubhumi today is the second most circulated newspaper in Kerala.

Among these. Deshabhimani now has six different editions: Kannur in Kerala and Bangalore. Deepika publishes editions from Kottayam.

Published from Thiruvananthapuram. A popular Malayalam newspaper. The paper has online editions in Malayalam and English that are updated twice daily. Kerala Kaumudi is the fourth most circulated Malayalam daily. Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. The first issue came out on April One of the oldest newspapers published in India. It was with a lot of hope and greater apprehension that Madhyamam set out on a course that appeared too ambitious to scale.

Madhyamam News Paper & Publications Online Subscription | Madhyamam

Balakrishnan and K. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The society certainly needs a paper that will. Madhyamam may not have made a revolution in this field. This is possible on the one hand because Madhyamam is run by a Trust that need not make profit. C Abdulla. Sixteen years down the line. In a highly competitive environment Madhyamam has dared to reject every month advertisements worth lakhs of rupees.

A prophecy. The opening of the paper was a landmark in Malayalam journalism. While growing into a number of editions in record time. Kuldip Nair. People are ready to back a venture like Madhyamam because they feel it is necessary. Madhyamam set new trends in news content. Kodungallur led the paper in its infancy. Madhyamam has in its own small way molded the reading habits of the discerning Malayali readers. Luminaries like K. Nature of Business Carried News Publications: They are providing various kinds of news publications.

The press is rapidly getting commercialized. Mission and Quality Policy Journalism is beset with the vices it faces elsewhere too. Following are some of the relevant items: But Madhyamam has been able to prove that a paper can be financially viable. What Madhyamam offered to the readers is none of these. Madhyamam daily started as the voice of minority.

Marketing strategies like these presume that readers are an easy target and can be manipulated. Their overindulgence in power politics makes them vulnerable to vicious influences. When they mix news with views the educated readers have reason to distrust the entire news industry. We will not publish any advertisement that misleads the readers. They started with the following visions. Madhyamam daily has started with the following missions: Ethics is the parameter used in selecting the editorial as well as advertisement.

The self imposed restrictions have limited volume of advertisements.

Paper pdf news madhyamam

Madhyamam means the medium and the medium is the message itself. A profit-driven media culture vitiates both itself and the society. Madhyamam Velicham This one of the successful strategy of Madhyamam daily.

Madhyamam aims at providing non-partisan sand value based journalistic service beyond considerations of profit and demeaning compulsions of the market.

Its policy emphasizes the need for the media to rise above sectarianism and market-driven profiteering pressures.

The integrated vision and direction of the company as well as the manner. They started 11 editions in these 18 years. Here Madhyamam has adopted some strategies.

Quality Policy: There is an all round realization at every level that quality production of international standard is the watchword for survival now. Committed employees are one of the plus points on the success of Madhyamam daily. It can also be defined as the choice of direction and action that the company adopts to achieve its objectives in a.

Madhyamam daily has only 18 years of experience. Following are two successfully strategies that has been implemented by Madhyamam. By this strategy they are making tie up with You cannot be everything to everybody.

The main impacts of font changing are: Following are some of the main impacts of Madhyamam Velicham: Diary Madhyamam-Annual diary of Madhyamam. Font Changing It was a successful one strategy which Madhyamam had adopted in their life period. Madhyamam Daily-Daily newspaper.

Madhyamam Weekly-Weekly Malayalam periodical. Business Madhyamam-Latest trends in Business from Madhyamam. Sports Madhyamam-Weekly sports report. Kudumba Madhyamam-Weekly family supplement.

Malarvadi-Magazine for children. Info Madhyamam-Weekly supplement about information Technology. Madhyamam Annuals-Yearly magazine of Malayalam. Area of Operation: Global Madhyamam daily have been developing their area of operation from regional to global. More over they have facilities like canteen. Qatar and Kuwait. Competitors Information In the fast moving world like all other industries newspaper industry also is suffering a severe competition. Mathrubhumi as well as English newspapers Hindu.

And also Madhyamam use their own transportation facilities to provide timely delivery of newspapers and other products. Ownership Pattern Madhyamam daily is private limited company under the ownership of Ideal Publication Trust. Madhaymam has head office at Calicut and it has several subsidiaries in various localities: During the first decade their operation was only regional. Indian Express Infrastructure Facilities Madhyamam determines. Ideal Publication Trust will have a trust chairman.

Now they have units in foreign countries like the U. Proper building. Moreover Madhyamam is planning to launch their units in some more places where they did not reach yet. Madhyamam have taken some plans to initiate or introduce something in future like English weekly or other subsidiary product. Future Growth and Prospectus Now-a-days people are living in educated and standardized era.

After packing and dispatch the circulation of newspaper to public is made possible through various agencies. Correspondents or area reporters are collecting reports from public or any other information source and giving to Editorial Section.

It is necessary to move forward for those who want to survive in the competitive world. After compressing they will go back to the editorial section for page setup and layout. System does not refer to hard copy reports and procedures but also to informal mechanism such as meetings and conflict management routines. One of the parameters used while taking decision is welfare of the society. After that all the decision taken by managing committee will be passing to the various departments.

Madhyamam use to follow a participative approach in management. This is one of the strengths of the Madhyamam that they are making all employees very close to them in all activities.

Pdf paper madhyamam news

Always decisions are flowing from top level to the bottom level. System has a powerful influence on behaviour. The main motto of the program is: The Style of Madhyamam Madhyamam is following a top down management style in decision flow. This will help them to get committed and satisfied workers. In a week every Wednesday Madhyamam will be conducting managing committee meetings. In that meeting they will analyze all the matters and will make final decision relating to the respective matters.

Formal and informal procedures that govern everyday activity. It is important that systems emphasis key themes. To have the right person at the right job. Staffs The success of every company depends on the ability of its staff. All staff of Madhyamam are appointed by proper selection and training. The company adheres to an effective and efficient operational system underlying a strong desire to achieve its organizational fabric of well-codified plans.

In this system from top-level managers. Training and development programs are very much essential to improve the competitiveness of the existing staff. Here all the employees are getting rates according to their merits.

Merit Rating System Merit rating system is a system. Encompassing formal and informal approach to system evolution and implementation. The organization has to look into its people.

A well-defined career plan combined with a codified qualification-experience-emolument matrix has ensure that the employee base is adequately qualified. Staffs means the company has hired able people. So these staffs will have good knowledge about the working environment. In this company they are appointing well-qualified and experienced persons as technical staffs.

Employees learn uniformity and develop a sense of belongingness to the organization each individual has contributed as a link in a chain for achievement of final result. A training calendar evolved by the HR Department in the beginning of every financial year ensures that every employee is exposed to the appropriate training schedule to hone their respective skills. Though individuals should contribute significantly to any task. On the job training is a continuous process and the skill matrix of the employees base is updated every quarter after due evaluation by the concerned heads.

The interactions between the employees are informal yet within the limits of office decorum. Technical Staffs: These are the staffs that are responsible for the work related to technical aspects. The staffing pattern in the organization is one. Madhyamam Staffs The organization work is a group effort. All the employees in Madhyamam are helping each other to perform their job.

These people are the backbone of the company. Clerical Staffs: These staffs are responsible for the office work. These values are not formal set of objective. Madhyamam works with integrity. So they can observe the fellow workers and guide them as per the companies need. The employees irrespective of profitability practice these values. The values and beliefs of the company.

The experienced supervisors are one of the key assets of this company. These values have great meaning because they focus attention and provide a broader sense of purpose. Supervisory Staffs: These are the persons who are in charge with supervising the other employees in the organization. These values determine the image of the organization in the society.

It refers to the core of fundamental values that are widely shared in the organization and serve as guiding principle that are important. In this company they are employing experienced staff as supervisor. They work well. Values are things that you would strive for even if they were demonstrably not profitable. Customer Focus. We believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in every decision we make. Our core values provide us with a means of not only guiding but also evaluating our operations.

As a result they will be also recognized as an employer of choice. It calls for lending voice to the voiceless majority in the society. The main functions of the Trust are: General Manager The main functions of the G. Its policy emphasizes the need for the media to rise above sectarianism and market-driven profiteering pressures that have beset the post-independence Indian journalism.

The mechanical supervisor maintains the press in good condition. The electrical and electronic section deals with repairing all electrical equipments. The main function of production manager is to regulate the production of newspaper in a well organized manner. Following are some of the other prominent functions: Marketing is a comprehensive term.

Following are some of his functions: In marketing management area. He will manage all the functions relating to the advertisement area of Madhyamam. Marketing Manager Marketing is the craft of linking the procedures of a product or service with customers.

Some part of matrimonial section done by him.

Madhyamam has been maintaining two departments. It is the creation and delivery standard of living to society. D entering bills formation. Human efforts. Marketing techniques are also applied in politics. It aims at communicating to the customers about the availability of the products. Marketing Manager for Advertising Advertising is one of the very important marketing functions. The company first determining customer wants and the figure out how to make the deliver of the product to satisfy those wants.

The combined data transferring to production department to regulate production. If it is decreasing he has to take remedial measures. Marketing Manager for Circulation He is the person who has to look after a lot of functions and duties. D collection. Ds from Madhyamam agencies and checking. His functions are as follows: Human Resource Planning HRP is understood as the process of forecasting and organizations future demand for the supply of right type of people in right number.

Personal department generally takes care of employee welfare and maintains discipline within the organization and maintains relation with other industries. Human Resource Manager Managing people is one of the most critical aspects of organizational management in the 21st Century.

Pdf paper madhyamam news

Also responsible for issue and protocol maintenance with in the organization. It is only after this that the HRM department can initiate a recruitment and selection process. Recruitment HRD is on of the major departments in Madhyamam. No matter an organization is a non-profit.

Those who have selected should report to duty within 10 days of receiving the appointment letter. A fresh candidate is also given training for particular period depending upon the job. Here first stage is to identify the vacancy. Employees are paid according to the importance and difficulty of their jobs.

In Madhyamam the recruitment is very limited and simple.

Skills include the distinctive competencies that reside in the organization. Madhyamam has reasonably good wage and salary policies. For students of engineering and management streams the company offers real-time projects. Training and development-ensuring people know how to do their jobs and stay up to date with the latest techniques. Remuneration It is compensation an employee receives in return for his contribution to the organization.

Training and Development Training is given because a person carefully selected is not molded to specifications and rarely meets the demands of the job adequately. A good compensation plan well administered ahs a statutory effect on the entire organization. At Asian Powers this is divided into three categories viz.

These can be distinctive competencies of people. Applications received are scrutinized and selected candidates among them are interviewed and accordingly the eligible candidate is finally selected for lower posts direct appointment is done.