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PDF | The materials of “Teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers” need some big changes. I am sure that this book can be considered a real milestone in. Do you want to learn to speak Persian? This complete beginner's guide to speaking Persian will teach you everything you need to know - including resources. To participate in online Farsi classes or ask questions about learning Farsi, you can contact Reza via email at: [email protected] or his Skype ID.

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PERSIAN OF IRAN TODAY AN INTRODUCTORY COURSE VOLUME 1 . The present book aims to help you learn to pronounce the sounds of Persian and. in Do you want to communicate in a range of situations“?J it Do you want to learn Modern Persian in depth?I. Modern Persian starts with the basics but moyes at. From quicker access to faster learning, Persian PDF lessons can potentially reduce study time by up to 50% compared with conventional classroom instruction.

Most of the lessons contain expressions used for the everyday life conversations, through them you can learn how to say specific sentences, so they might come handy if you memorize them. The pronoun am at the end of the words means I am as well as mine. Grade8aralingpanlipunanmodyul3 phpapp. We will learn the alphabet together. Palitan mo plis.

Hatman, Insha Allah. Babay, ho, Uuna na po kami. The same word is used in Persian, too. Before beginning this lesson we would like to mention two very used and needed words here: Where are you from? Ahle Koja-id? When did you arrive here? There is no need to repeat the word Amad-am I came anymore. For any kind of courtesy or invitation to ear, to come, to go and take the floor, or after you, etc. Salamat po Thank you very much Khaili -very much Mamnoon Lesson 3 IMPROVING RELATIONS After knowing the local people a little, the next step for someone who is interested to communicate and work with them closely is to use what he heas learned, in order to make more friends and get their cooperation to succeed in his job or businessm and more importantly, to be able to establish a human, rahter than a mechanical, relation with the members of society in which he is a new comer.

Once an Iranian residing in Pakistan, who had a hard time and difficult experience learning the Urdu language, said that: How do you call this or that object , is already on the main road to learning the new language. Eksyus me, makikiraan po Excuse me. Be-Bakh-Shid… Ano it? What is this? Anong gusto niyo? What do you want?

Chi Mikha-id? Saan ka pupunta? Where are you going? Koja Miri? Kailan ka dumating? When did you return? Kay Bar-Gash-ti? Isang oras pa lamang One hour ago.

Yek Se, at Pish Bakit? Sino kayo? Who are you? Sino sila? Who is this? Where have you been? Az Koja Mia-id? The pronoun am at the end of the words means I am as well as mine. What is your destination? Koja Safar Mi-Koni? For what purpose?

Persian pdf learn

Chera Safar Mikoni Gusto kong magtrabaho I want to work. Che Ruzi or Kay? Oo, ikaw ay tama Yes, you are right Bale, Doroste Kailan papaimbuloy ang eruplano? When shall the plane take off? The plane landed. Get down slowly. Where is the receipt of the luggages? How many pieces of baggage do you have? Jens-e Qachaq Dari? Tapos na, isara mo ang maleta O. Kodum Taraf? Nasaan ang… Where is the… … Kojas?

Pakituro mo sa akin ang daan sa… Will you direct me to…? Ito ba ang tamang daan patungo sa… Is it the right way to….? Ano ang pinakamalapit na daan patungo sa… What is the shortest way to…?

Kodum Rah Nazdike Be…? Ang daang ito ang mabuti o pinakamalapit This way is better shorter. Tehran is far from here. But Isfahan is near. Wali Isfahan Nazdike. Saan ang pinakamalapit na istasyon o himpilan ng bus? Where is the nearest bus terminal? Saan ang istasyon ng tren? Where is the railway station? Malapit sa paliparan. Near the airport. Nazdike Frud-gah Doon ka maaaring magtanong sa pulis. There, you may ask the police. Unja Az Polis Be-pors Salamat.

I thank you or thanks. Tasha-kor Mi-Konam or Mam-noon Walang anuman. You are welcome. What do you have for … Lunch? Chi Darid Bara … Nahar?

Why Learning Persian Using PDF Lessons is Practical and Efficient

Natapos mo? Did you finish? Magkano ang aming ibabayad pati sa serbisyo? How much is our bill, including the services? Which hotel will you stay? Kodum Hotel Mirid?

Well, how much do you charge for one night? Keraye Har Shab Chande? Khaili Grune! Excuse me, where is the lavatory? Mi-Bakh,shid, Das-shul Kojas?

Ang lababo at palikuran ay nasa paliguan sa tabi ng pinto The lavatory and toilet are in the bathroom beside the door Das-shul wa towalet tu Hammam, Baghal-e Dar-e Boy!

Halika Bell boy! Come here. Palitan mo plis. This towel is dirty, change it please. I want to rest.

Farsi Language Links, Resources and Lessons

How many days wil you stay in the hotel, sir? This color is very nice. But I like that one. What time is it? Sa,at chie? Ika-isa ng hapon. Sa,at Yek-e. How much? No, it is not expensive. So the official language of Iran, to the English-speaking world, is still Persian. Confused yet? All you really need to know is that Persian is the language of modern-day Iran, as well as a fair bit of the surrounding area.

I once believed that learning Persian would be pointless because of the limited opportunities to use it. Nothing could be further from the truth. As well as its widespread use in the Middle East, Persian is still used throughout the Iranian diaspora, which is enormous. Practically every major city in the Western world has a strong Iranian community thanks to waves of migration during the 20th century. Here in the UK, for example, I can wander around West London and pick out Iranian grocery stores, restaurants, jewellers, travel agents and barbers.

Many people especially in the US believe that Iran is a part of the world to be feared and avoided. This is a misguided view, as I've discovered on numerous extended visits to the country. Click here to watch the film and see what I mean. But in , after learning a few introductions and some basic grammar and vocabulary, I spent two months of language immersion travelling alone in Iran.

I met native speakers by Couchsurfing in the cities, hitch-hiking between them. I also crammed new vocabulary by using Anki flashcards in every spare moment.

The people I met were so warm that I was never left alone even when I wanted to be alone! After years of failed language learning in the past, these two months were a revelation.

Travel is not the only reason to learn a language, of course.

Persian cultural expression over the centuries has given birth to some of the most famous philosophical literature and romantic poetry ever written in any language. Rumi , Saadi , Hafez , Ferdowsi , and Omar Khayyam are ancient Persian writers who command respect among the English speaking world, as well as being revered by modern-day Iranians.

Many Iranians of can quote you any number of verses by rote. Imagine the pleasure of being able to read the work of these writers in its original language. A modern speaker can still read and understand an original text written a thousand years ago.

With the Hollywood staples of sex and violence banned, filmic artistry through dialogue and story has flourished. Persian is rated 4 out of 5 5 is the most difficult. It's true that there's not a lot of crossover between Persian and European languages. Consider the following phrase:. There are plenty of examples like this. So much for lack of cross-over…. It might be tempting to think that learning all that new vocabulary will be a time sink. Think again! Learning Persian vocabulary will give you a kickstart with other Middle Eastern languages.

Perhaps a quarter of words overlap. This is the equivalent of being able to use all the Norman and Saxon vocabulary in English to give yourself a headstart in other European languages. First things first — as a beginner, you can ignore Persian script. First, learn to speak and understand Persian. It is a bit intimidating to get started with it.

But look at it this way: When applied to the Persian language, the alphabet is phonetic — what you hear is what you write, and what you read is what you say. This makes things way easier than, say, French, with its rules for decoding the pronunciation. The Persian alphabet has no upper or lower case.

Pdf learn persian

Each letter in Persian has a couple of different forms. Some handwritten Latin letters change slightly when joined up, but are nonetheless easily identifiable.

Its three variations are: These have basic shape and dots, but are slightly adapted to join to the adjacent letter. Can you now pick out the ch letter in each of the above words? Not too difficult, right? The typed and handwritten forms of Persian script are basically the same thing. Same letters, same style. As soon as you understand that the Persian script works the same as joined-up handwritten English, but written right-to-left and without capital letters, the task of learning it suddenly becomes much less daunting.

Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide

Notice that the only thing that changes is the position and number of dots — one, two or three, either above or below the main shape. This combination of a few basic shapes combined with six standard dot patterns comprises almost the entire Perso-Arabic alphabet.

Curiously, several letters in the alphabet have the same sound when the word is pronounced. Why is this? When Persian borrows these words, these various letters are all approximated to the same sound. The legacy remains in the spelling of these words when written.

How do you learn the right spellings? Where are the vowels? In written Persian, these vowels are added as extra marks above or below the consonant they follow. Thnk abt it.