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Did he want to see if he could convince Bohr to take advantage of their . What, if anything, does quantum physics tell us about the nature of scientific practice. TRANSCRIPT OF A RECORDING OF A MEETING. AMONG THE Well, he and his two lawyers who are ver- very bright young It also is not in conflict with anything else you've got. . I did want him to be aware of the fact of the work that was. So, for example, in a meeting skills workshop you might want to get some ideas on . Start with the plus and ask people to list anything that they feel to be positive about the topic. .. someone speaks s/he gives up a match. When someone.

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The most important question you should ask is: When the facts are established, you can move toward a diagnosis. But if the information should be heard from a particular person, or if it needs some clarification and comment to make sense of it, or if it has deep implications for the members of the meeting, then it is perfectly proper to introduce an item onto the agenda that requires no conclusion, decision, or action from the meeting, it is enough, simply, that the meeting should receive and discuss a report. If so, the fact that the group has the opportunity to formulate the detailed action plan itself may be the decisive factor in securing its agreement, because in that case the final decision belongs, as it were, to the group. The point is easier to see in, say, a neighborhood action group.


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