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Career & Money · Business Biography & History · Entrepreneurship · Leadership & Mentoring · Money Management · Time Management. Ultimele Cuvinte Ale Lui Steve Jobs - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File Top Nonfiction on Scribd . Mmmm, interesting book, not the official biography but telling Steve Jobs story . La final de carte găsim discursul lui Steve în fața absolvenților Standford - un.

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steve jobs biography walter isaacson pdf free download english. Steve Jobs [Walter Isaacson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years— as and Kissinger: A Biography, and the coauthor of The Wise Men: Six Friends . de cet homme, son génie tumultueux, sa folle exigence envers lui-même et ses équipes, depuis .. Seul Steve Jobs pouvait revendiquer des succès analogues .

Th I re-read this book over the winter and man, just as great as the first time. Leander Kahney este autorul principal al site-ului Cult of Mac, precum si fostul redactor de stiri al Wired. Stay Foolish. Enlarge cover. Moni s Kirjassa on rahastuksen makua. Archive All posts by date. I love Apple products and I use them everyday - in fact, I'd feel lost without them.

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Search inside document. Pe de alt parte, sunt legendare povestile despre teribilele lui accese de furie si, in general, despre com- portamentul siu dificil.

Asadar, ce se gaseste cu adevirat in mintea lui? Potrivit lui Leander Kahney, care -a urmirit inc de la inceputul anilor , Steve Jobs este un extraor- dinar manunchi de contradict Jobs este un elitist care considera cd cei mai multi oameni sunt niste tonti, niste ndtirdi Totusi, a realizat produse asa de usor de utilizat, incat orice tont le poate folosi.

Este imprevizibil si fanatic, cu temperament dur Este budist si antimaterialist,.. In decursul timpului, a devenit miliardar prin propriile sale puteri. I admit that I liked Steve before the book, I remember his Stanford great speech about lessons in life connecting dots, learning from fails, and to stay hungry and stay foolish http: Yet after reading about his biography, I sayI liked the book but didn't like Steve Jobs, yes he is passionate, workaholic, innovative person but in his search for perfectionism he was a dirty tyrant in his work who ate others rights, insulted others ideas and one of the worst team players ever!

View all 4 comments. Jan 05, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: What a jerk. I am an Apple user. I bought an iMac back in the upside down pot-flat screen version and upgraded to a MacBookPro in I also have three iPods-an iTouch that I use now just for audiobooks since I just got a Samsung smartphone , and a Shuffle and a Nano that I use for running. I like the products a lot. But with all of that, I was never one who was into the cult of personality around Jobs.

And now I'm really glad of that. And I kinda have a new appreciation for Bill G Wow. And I kinda have a new appreciation for Bill Gates. All that said, this was an interesting look at the man's life, and much more reasonable than Isaacson's tome. I do somewhat hesitate to give this to some students for fear that they will take it as permission to emulate Jobs Blumenthal's writing was engaging.

My only issue is that at the end, she seems to ask the reader to disregard all that she has told us. Well, yeah, since that's what the previous pages told us all about. Even at the end, we learn that he agreed to having his biography written so his kids would know him. There was little in the book to give us a view of anything else. While he may have been "brilliant--and also flawed" there was nothing to indicate that he was "so amazing" p. Jan 22, Cristina rated it it was amazing.

Oct 06, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Man Who Thought Different" by Karen Blumenthal is a biography that demonstrates how Jobs overcame his struggles to follow his dreams. When Steve Jobs was adopted because his bilogical parents were too young to take care of him, he was expected to live with a wealthy family to guarantee him an opportunity to go to college. However, Jobs was raised by people who could barely get by, only allowed to keep Steve after they promised that he would go to college.

When he grew up, he was "Steve Jobs: When he grew up, he was set on Reed college and wouldn't go anywhere else. His parents had a hard time paying for the tuition. He dropped out of college and had his own ideas. Today, he's remembered as a great leader of Aplle and an exceptionally gifted person.

He's brought new and great technology to our world and left a great legacy. But how did he achieve so much if hedropped out of college? You're going to have to read the book to find out!!! This biography gives a lot of information about Jobs in a way that is understandable, formal, amd at the same time, still very interesting. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. Bluementhal did a great job with the writing style and made nonfiction exciting and with deep meaning.

This book is a must-read for everyone.

Steve biografia jobs pdf lui

This book not only informs you about Steve Jobs but it also motivates you to work hard for your own goal and follow your own dream. I strongly recommend this outstanding book!!!

Jul 29, Homeschoolmama rated it really liked it. I picked this book up during our vacation. I'd wanted to read a book about Jobs for awhile now, and just couldn't bring myself to do it, for some reason. Maybe because my son is often making disparaging remarks about how stingy Jobs was, and unreasonable But despite Jobs personality flaws, he was a fascinating character. Creative, driven, obsessive and brilliant.

I like reading about quirky people who manage to be successful even though they are abr I picked this book up during our vacation.

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different

I like reading about quirky people who manage to be successful even though they are abrasive and lack social graces. And have weird habits. Blumenthal writes about him well, using plenty of dialogue and scenarios to give you a good picture of what Jobs was really like. I loved seeing the old photographs of him too, and reading about how the various Apple products started out. And Blumenthal was kind when it came to writing about technology; she didn't get too complicated and so it was easy for the average person to understand.

Walter Isaacson wrote a much lengthier authorized bio of Jobs, but this one was perfect for me.. Sep 13, Arthur Thery rated it it was amazing.

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Pdf Portugues by thomaslnnox - Issuu

This non-fiction book is truly amazing. Before reading this I was always criticizing Apple and saying how bad it was. This book has really changed my view on all things electronics and computers, because now I know Apple isn't just a regular computer company, it was a computer company with an extraordinary leader who really knew what people wanted, even if the people didn't know they wanted it themselves iPad.

This author does a great job showing Steve's childhood and teenage troubles. She also This non-fiction book is truly amazing. She also explains his life in great detail, and this is one of the only books that actually made me feel genuinely sad. I never really have enjoyed or read non-fiction books, and this is one of the first ones I have really enjoyed reading, and it has changed the way I look at non-fiction books.

Steve biografia pdf lui jobs

The author writes so well that it seems like fiction, but in reality it provides an accurate representation of Steve's life and career, without being boring or repetitive. This book is definitely worth a solid five-star rating! Mar 14, Alexandro Sanchez rated it it was amazing. In my opinion this book was great! It included the biography of one of the most successful men that ever lived in the electronic industry.

It showed and explained what Jobs did to overcome all of his problems and how he made Apple the great big company that is known worldwide. Of course he had issues with Apple but that's why he was a part of other big companies known as Pixar, NeXT, and of course Apple.

After several decades Jobs became rich and wealthy but at the time he had found out he had a In my opinion this book was great! After several decades Jobs became rich and wealthy but at the time he had found out he had a tumor in his organisms.

This book is great, I recommend to anyone that'll take the time to read it.

Jan 12, JAM rated it liked it. For a biography this is a good book, but for who it is about it brought the rating down. I liked this book but I just don't like the person it's about. He was extremely mean and rude, but I liked his determination for perfection. Don't know if I would recommend this book though. Nov 22, Laura rated it it was amazing.


Loved this book! Fascinated by such an intriguing visionary.

Aug 12, Ronnie Haik rated it it was amazing. I re-read this book over the winter and man, just as great as the first time.

Leander Kahney - In Mintea Lui Steve Jobs

I think this book is a great way to outline the life of Steve Jobs. The book details his childhood and how he was a troubled student and an orphan, then moves on to his teen years.

We get a detailed explanation of many of Steve Jobs's and Steve Wozniak's creations. Th I re-read this book over the winter and man, just as great as the first time. The book ultimately ends with the death of Steve from his cancer. A great book for people who want a general knowledge of Jobs. May 02, Seif rated it really liked it.

It has lots of advice that you can adopt in your personality and learn from Steve. You wont be able to be like Jobs, but you can learn from him. Mar 31, Kian Haghighi rated it really liked it.