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Tagged with: chart, download, patterns, Simply Crochet magazine Tagged with : crochet, download, magazine, patterns, Simply Crochet, simplycrochet, tutorial. This digital magazine is for you! Discover Katia Special Crochet, our first digital and interactive % crochet catalogue, available in PDF. Download Simply Crochet - Issue 57, magazine for free from ebook biz. To download click on the following link.

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FreeMags – Download Free True PDF Magazines» Search Results» CROCHET . Crochet World Knitting Magazine, Crochet Magazine, Simply Crochet. Practical crochet-amigurumi nº 2 by Evia editions Spanish-Free Craft Patterns. David & Charles Books My Crochet Doll is a crochet project book with crochet doll patterns. Japanese amigurumi book - crochet toys - amigurumi pattern - crochet toy pattern - Christmas - ebook amigurumi. Crochet World Magazine - April pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Join yarn with WS facing at underarm. VINE Make 6. Working on each side edge of length of Throw. Sheila G. Ch 2 see Pattern Notes.

Stitched in soft. Place stitch marker at beginning of round to mark rounds. Foundation rnd RS: With azure. Weave in loose ends as work progresses. Always practical. Dampen and pin straight on pinning board.

Rnds 7— CW Foundation rnd RS: With beige. With lemon. Rnds 4—6: Join green with sc around ring. Working in back lp. The Necklace Chain. Join green with sc around ring see illustration and Pattern Notes. Working in back lp see Stitch Guide of sts.

Next foundation slip stitch next foundation sl st: Working in back lps of sts. Do not fasten off. Insert hook in indicated st or lp.

Small and Medium Rings are worked as 1 piece. Using care not to twist ch. Join orange with sc in any sc of rnd 2. Join yellow in rem front lp of rnd 1 of Ring. Work the following Flower Center Trim on each Ring. Rep rows 1—12 of Eyeglass Pocket. Finally here is a a withinreach place to store sunglasses. Rep row 5 of Back. Rows 5— At the end of row Rep rows 1—8 of Eyeglass Pocket.

At the end of row 8. For nose. With next color. Use colors in list consecutively for each round beginning with dark royal blue for round 1 and ending with very dark lavender for round Sew Owl Body closed. White is used for Eyes and medium orange spice for nose. Choose embroidery floss in your favorite color combinations to crochet several of these cute little owls. Make 2. With first color see Pattern Notes. Rnds 3— Surface slip stitch surface sl st: D and Flap. To decrease at the beginning of row.

Slip Knot 3 Flap is framed with fan stitches worked around edge of Flap. Fan stitch fan st: Blossoms are crocheted separately and applied to the Flap.

Section see illustration on hook. A is worked first. Chain-1 at beg of row counts as first single crochet unless otherwise stated. Section B is draw a lp to RS. Ch 1 see Pattern Notes.

Dec see Pattern Notes at the beg of row. Rep row 7. Dec 2 dc at beg of row. Rows 8— Rep row With WS of opposite side of foundation ch of Section A facing. Dec 3 dc at beg of row. Rep rows 2 and 3 of Section B Zipper Closure. Fan st see Special Stitches in first ch-1 sp. Rep rows 2—8 of Section C. B and C.

Crochet World Magazine - April 2015.pdf

With WS of Flap facing. With WS facing. Sew Blossoms to the Flap as in photo or as desired. Stitch Blossom tog across opposite side of foundation ch. Dc dec at beg of row. Referring to Assembly Diagram. Sew any rem open section of Zipper Closures A and B closed. Roll up Blossom into flower shape. Order today at AnniesCraftStore. I have crocheted granny squares.

I would also like to learn to crochet baby hats and booties. I have the patterns for them. I began an afghan with this yarn that I have had forever and thought I had enough. FL I am looking for a ripple pattern and flower patterns. Internet files. I put plastic canvas on the bottom to make it sturdy. Send your requests to: Crochet Connections. I found out she had passed away. PA I am a long-time subscriber to Crochet World and am looking for pineapple crochet squares.

Looking for special crochet patterns or yarn? Let the readers of Crochet World help you locate them! Swap crochet patterns and tips. If anyone has this pattern. When responding to someone. If anyone could help. NY I have two requests. Thank you to all who respond! Renee Bowen.

It is legal to exchange or sell the following copyrighted material: Realize that your request may draw a large response. NY Years ago. IN I am looking for a patchwork dog pattern. No such luck! I will pay postage and handling for the yarn and for your time and trouble. NV Jona Kindle. Margaret A. I would really appreciate it.

IN We are not able to publish all letters that we receive because of space limitations. Thank you! Diana Burroughs. Christine Lengyel. I am now looking for any Tunisian crochet patterns for the following items: I have moved from Ohio to Nevada.

FL I am looking for 4-ply or 3-ply multicolored yarn to make mittens.. Thank you. I would love to exchange patterns for all. Letters may be edited for clarity. I put my yarn in a shed while fixing up my house and when I got it out of the shed.. Cecelia Knuckles. IL I have been crocheting for 46 years.

We will not knowingly publish requests for copyrighted patterns from other publications.

One is for state square patterns. I need a variety of patterns for a hair accessory called a bun cover. Hoping for pen pals! Frances Hover. Gum Lane.

I had to leave all my crochet patterns and yarn in Ohio.

Pdf crochet magazines

Any patterns would be appreciated. Does anyone have a pattern? I will pay postage and copy cost. They will be used for Irish step dancers. Gina Mangiamele. WI Thank you for the Crochet Connections in your sensational publication. Oluspio Ave.

Valerie Norris. Thank you very much! Barbara J. I would like a photocopy of it. I would like to thank everyone who responded to my American flag request in the December Crochet World issue.. Jean Maggiore. NC I recently started crocheting again and am looking for patterns of afghans.

Every time I crochet a bag or a grocery tote. JoAnn Ullrich. Baxter Springs.

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Also if anyone has extra copies of the patchwork animals or the jungle animals patterns from back issues of Crochet World. Best Crochet Animals. I thought this pattern was perfect for a summer baby! For more information. I finally finished this throw from the February issue of Crochet World magazine. I love all your patterns! Thanks again. Both the original and compact sets come come in fun. Animal give them.

I am so glad I did. It has helped the time fly between visits with them. Raves from our readers and online followers. The title in the magazine is Garden Plaid Throw. Stuff Head with fiberfill. BODY Rnd Starting at point of nose with pink. Sc in each of next 19 sc. Rnds 6—9: Rep rnd 5. Sew Ears to top of Head over rnd Do not join rounds unless otherwise stated.

Using photo as a guide for placement. Ryan Rnd Sc in each sc around. Leaving 4 sc between eyes. Hedgehog Pincushion Design by Jennifer E. Slip Ring Rnd 2: EAR Make 2. B A With hairbrush. This adorable little fellow makes a fun. Use needle to hide yarn ends from working Eyes inside of Head.

Insert straight pins into Body of Hedgehog to use for Pincushion. For mouth. Straight Stitch For nose. With yarn taut. Using photo as a guide. With size H hook and gray.

With size H hook. Trellis Throw sp. Secure ends. Holding Right Panel on opposite edge of Center Panel. VINE Make 6.

With size G hook. With tapestry needle and length of black. With seaspray. This pattern uses only a few simple stitches to create spring flowers intertwined on a trellis along a garden path. It would be especially pretty on a sun porch or in a bedroom. Chain-2 at beginning of row or round counts as first double crochet unless otherwise stated.

Knitting & crochet magazines, books and pattern catalogues

Place a stitch marker on first stitch of round and move up as each round is completed. Working in back bar. Rep rnd Rep rnds 13—16 twice. Sc in each st around. With baby yellow. Working in back bar of hdc see illustration. Rep rows 27 and Do not fasten off unless otherwise stated. Ch 2 does not count as dc. Now working in rnds.

This darling basket can be hung on a hook or used on the floor. Fasten off baby yellow. Join for Small in 4-cap square and join for Large in rectangle of 2 caps wide x 4 caps long. With size F hook and happy go lucky. Chain-5 at beginning of round counts as first double crochet and chain-2 unless otherwise stated.

With size F hook and happy go lucky and with RS of 4-cap group facing. Turn piece over WS facing and insert needle under sts across back and up through 6th hdc from joining between Cap Covers. A center trivet of crochet-covered metal bottle caps surrounded by rows of crochet worked in a wavy pattern creates these unique. With RS facing and with size G hook. Join see Pattern Notes in end of first sc on key ring.

Rnd 2 inner trim: Pin evenly around edges to secure. How about a little bit of free inspiration? We've got lots of patterns to inspire you, whether you're looking for blankets, cardigans, snoods, shawls or baby booties to name but a few. So make a choice and start crocheting now. And, no more excuses! Free Crochet Patterns How about a little bit of free inspiration? Items per page 30 50 Add Sakura Market Bag to favourites.

Add Crochet Chevron Lace shawl to favourites. Add Octopus to favourites. Add Crafty CC Flower to favourites. Add Spoke Flower Blanket to favourites.

If you can help I would be so grateful. Thank You. You will find some egg cozy designs in Magic crochet no. Get it here: Thank you for all the information on how to download these magazines and the list of one's available!! A great blog!

Pdf crochet magazines

Looking for a pattern for the oval tablecloth in the may no. Looking For the pattern of roses n butterfly's in book 59?? Thanks so much. I manage to download the older issues of Magic Crochet from Is there anyway you can provide me the link for the rest of the issues, especially Thanks so much for your help.

Tried to download Picasa but it is no longer available. Keeps taking me to Google Photo?? When I try to open a magazine it only gives me the cover?? Try some of the links I have mentioned in my comments here.

You can download entire crochet books. I am trying to find a pattern for a flower motif from Magic crochet issue Can you help? Find it here: Can you help Me?

Free Crochet Patterns

I hope you have the pattern in your collection. Thank you so much I am looking for afghan patterns for twin, double ,queen and king size bed,thank you darlene at mitchelldarlene3 gmail. I am looking for afghan patterns for a twin,double , queen , and king size beds,please especially queen and king.

Pdf crochet magazines

Please leave your comments here. Free Crochet Patterns. Visitors so far: Popular Posts. Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament. Free crochet pattern for angel ornament Angel Ornaments free crochet pattern I first made these pretty crochet angel ornaments way Free Baby Dress Crochet Patterns. Christmas Tree Doily Pattern. I made this doily just b Magic Crochet Patterns. I don;t know exactly h Poinsettia Doily Pattern.

One of the first free patterns I made from the Net is the Poinsettia doily below. I modified the pattern at the end and added a few rows t Free Baby Patterns to Crochet.