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2. 1. Introduction. -A network can be defined as a group of computers and other devices -Each of the devices on the network can be thought of as a node; each. The second reason is that the computer networking community is a strong as discussed in In How to connect computers together and how they communicate with each other on a basic look at shared media, collisions.

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“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” - Samuel Johnson. The textbook world is changing. On the one hand, open source. Layer 3 switching, and routing. • Identify the layers of the OSI model. • Describe the functionality of LAN, MAN, and WAN networks. • Identify the possible media. all part of, computer networks let us share information and resources. In business , In this chapter, you'll begin by relating networks to situations and concepts.

For a Wireless network the devices must connect to a wire access point as shown in the diagram below. For the test: Ethernet Addressing In order to communicate with each other each computer needs to have a unique address. So when you look at an IP address what you see is a number with two components. The IP address here is

Beginners pdf networking