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Voyagers by Anna Hayes, Ashayana Deane, , Granite Pub. edition, in English. VOYAGE Edition Ashayana Deane Voyagers Secrets of Amenti Volume II Expanded Second Edition By Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes) Information transcribed. PDF. This is it guide Voyagers II: Secrets Of Amenti By Ashayana Deane to be best seller just recently. We provide you the best deal by getting.

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Voyagers. The Sleeping Abductees. Volume I of the Emerald Covenant CDT- Plate. Translations. Ashayana Deane,. (formerly published as Anna Hayes). by Ashayana Deane: Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti. ISBN: # | Date : Description: PDF-d9caf | The most authoritative text available on. First published between , Voyagers® II: The Secrets of Amenti features the original theoretical teachings of the Guardian. PDF - Digital Download Anna Hayes & Ashayana Deane pen names), and stands as the forerunner to the.

Ashayana Deane has been personally trained by the Guardian Alliance to bring to Earth the new but ancient science of Keylonta-the science of light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter. It is now an established fact that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact. Other editions. I did not feel any love emanating from it, it was all intellect and no heart. Keinwyn Shuttleworth rated it liked it Mar 30, Get A Copy. October 28, History.

Woven through the facts is a compelling inspirational story- the story we have written or ourselves and which has everything to do with endings and new beginnings.

II - The Secrets of Amenti. Revealing the truth of million years of Tribe Human evolution-as directly translated from the Ancient CDT-Plate Holographic Recorder Discs - the Forbidden History of Humanity's Original Sacred Mission, and the coveted Secrets of Amenti are now being returned to assist us in our contemporary confrontation with destiny.

Re turn.

Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees, Volume 1 by Ashayana Deane

Bloodline of the Holy Grail. From royal and suppressed archives comes proof of the descending heritage of Jesus in the West. In Bloodline of the Holy Grail Laurence Gardner casts penetrating new light upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, abandoned by the Church in order to forge a male dominated society.

This unique work offers revelatory insight concerning the descendant heirs of Jesus and his brother James while, in documenting a hidden legacy of the Messiah, it unveils hitherto guarded facts about characters such as Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea.

Deane pdf ashayana voyagers

Featuring all the charm and adventure of Arthurian romance, this worldwide bestseller has a cutting edge of political intrigue, which removes the contrived blanket of established dogma to reveal one of the greatest historical conspiracies ever told.

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. From the royal tombs of pharaonic Egypt, to the laboratories of modern science, comes the extraordinary account of gravity defiance and teleportation in the ancient world.

Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees, Volume 1 (Voyagers)

The Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt , which is now determined as a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy. Liaising with modern physicists, Laurence Gardner has ascertained that mfkzt known today as monatomic gold was the secret of the pharaohs' rite of passage to the Afterlife, and was directly associated with the pyramids and the biblical Ark of the Covenant , as revealed by inscriptions at the Sinai mountain temple of Moses.

With the old science now rediscovered, gold is fast becoming established as a logistically placed source material to the detriment of its traditional value as a currency reserve.

Pdf voyagers ashayana deane

As Laurence Gardner details, the advantages of the revived technology are astounding, especially in the fields of medicine and space travel, but the political and social implications of IMF-approved national bullion sales could be very threatening if not contained. No reason is given in the Bible as to why the Ark of the Covenant was so richly contrived.

It also contains pages filled with unnecessary and incomprehensible detail.

Jul 07, Victoria Generao rated it liked it. Radical, complex and yet somehow there is an element of truth ringing through it. Mar 14, Jessie Jess rated it liked it Shelves: Very complex, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Apr 21, Jonathan rated it liked it.


Interesting to say the least, as a scientist, I was intrigued by many concepts in the book but also very skeptical. I guess I'm still brainwashed to the actual truth ;-.

Mar 04, Lana rated it it was amazing. The second most important book ever published Gavin Sharma rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Yahya rated it it was amazing Sep 05, Caroline Wikman rated it really liked it Oct 04, David rated it liked it Jan 13, Michael rated it it was ok Feb 12, Baniye Kocaman rated it it was ok Mar 17, Keinwyn Shuttleworth rated it liked it Mar 30, Sidonie Burton rated it liked it Mar 02, Mae Ricci rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Donna Hart rated it it was amazing May 23, Leigh Austin rated it it was amazing May 26, Liam Brammall rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Jeff Weaver rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Jessica Johnson rated it liked it Nov 08, James Mc Donald rated it it was ok Mar 23, Deb rated it liked it Sep 12, Mirti Venyon rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Dale Stonehouse rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Ester Rogers rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Caren rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Elizabeth Beam rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Ron rated it it was amazing Feb 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Voyagers - The Secrets of Amenti - Volume 2 - 2nd Edition

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