Star health insurance claim form pdf

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STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED CLAIM FORM SHOULD BE COMPLETE IN ALL RESPECTS INCOMPLETE WOULD DELAY. Fill How To Fillout Star Health Insurance Claim Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller. Downloaded from Loyal Insurance Brokers Ltd. Page 2. Downloaded from Loyal Insurance.

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I hereby authorize M/s. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. and its representatives, who is my Health Insurer to seek any medical information/ records. Claims Form Download, Claims FAQS. Accordingly, our medical team approves cashless for the insured person subject to policy terms and conditions. Common Proposal Form. Proposal Form No.: 1 of 4. Health. Insurance Please fill up the form in block letters. . Ailment for which Claim was made Year. 2.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Advantages of star health insurance 1. In-patient hospitalisation expenses o Covered where the hospitalisation is for a minimum of 24 hours. Age [Yrs] Premium Rs. Service Tax Extra Sum Insured 5, 7.

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Advantages of star health insurance

Yashvir Singh whose continuous encouragement and willing cooperation have been a great help in the preparation of this training report. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Yashvir Singh our project guides that helped me in providing many books. I express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr.

Nitin Srivastav for her valuable suggestion and up to date guidance at many stages of report which has enabled me to complete the project on schedule. Last but not the least I thank all who are responsible for the success of this training report Ankush 3. I also declare that I have done my work sincerely and accurately even then if any mistake or error had kept in it, I request the readers to point out these errors and guide me to remove these errors in future.

All students have to go for summer training in an industrial or commercial organization. Their main objective is to arrange an exposure to actual functioning of the real atmosphere surrounding the organization.

There are so many aspects which are more complex in practical and their treatment is possible only through bookish knowledge. An individual who is learning managerial concepts has to undergo this practical experience for being a future executive. The training report is the presentation of our observation at insurance sector Ankush Bathla 5.

Introduction to insurance 2. Company profile 3. About the product 33 4. SWOT analysis 5.

Introduction to subject 44 6. Objective of study 44 7. Policy documents 47 8. Research methodology 48 9. Questionnaire 49 Conclusions 51 Bibliography 52 6.

Claim Form PDF

What is Insurance? The benefit that an individual enjoys in his life by owning a car or a house or a factory can be snatched by sudden accident which can render even the individual immobile, and his family vulnerable. At this critical juncture, only insurance helps him not only to survive but recover his loss and continue his life in a normal manner, which would otherwise be unthinkable.

The concept of insurance is quite simple. People, who are in similar trade and are exposed to the same risks, congregate and some to an agreement that if any individual member suffers a loss, then the loss will be shared by others and minimized in order to enable the individual member recover from the loss and cover his ground. Similarly the different kinds of risks can be identified and separate groups can be formed to counter such risks and reduce the impact to a manageable proportion, in which the share could be collected from the members either after the loss or in advance, at the time of admission to the group.

This is an exemplary sign of humanity and insurance therefore serves the mankind to a great extent; a point most of the individuals tend to overlook, since monetary aspect is involved. Now such is for tangible assets. The concept of insurance has been extended beyond the coverage of tangible assets. Exporters run the risk of importers in other country defaulting as well as losses due to sudden fluctuations in the currency exchange rates, economic policies turmoil.

These risk are now insured.

Insurance form claim pdf star health

Doctors run the risk of being charged with negligence and can subsequently liable for damages. The amount in questions can be fairly large, beyond the capacity of individuals to bear. These are insured. Thus insurance is extended to 7. In some countries even the voice of a singer, legs of a footballer can be insured, even though the advantage of spread may not be available in these cases. Satisfaction of economic needs requires generation of income from some source. If the property, which is the source of such income, were lost fully or partially, 8.

The purpose of insurance is a safeguard against such misfortunes few, through the help of the fortune many, who were exposed to the same risk, but saved from the misfortune. Thus the essence of insurance is to share losses and substitute certainty by uncertainty.

The different types of human activities that come under the umbrella of insurance are as follows. In conclusion one can safely say that the purpose of insurance be it life or non-life is to transfer the financial loss to the insurance company who spreads in over to the policyholders.

Classification on the basis of nature of insurance. Classification from business point of view. Classification from risk point of view. Life insurance 2. Fire insurance 3. Marine insurance 4.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Social insurance, 5. Miscellaneous insurance. A contract of life insurance, as in other forms of insurance, requires that the assured must have at the time of the contract an insurable interest in his life Upon which the insurance is affected.

In a contract of life insurance, unlike other Insurance, interest has only to be proved at the date of the contract, and not Necessarily present at the time when the policy falls due. A person can assure in his own life and every part of it, and can insure for any sum whatsoever, as he likes. Similarly, a wife has an insurable interest in her husband and vice-versa. However, mere natural love and affection is not sufficient to constitute an insurable interest.

It must be shown that the person Affectining an assurance on the life of another is so related to that other person as to have a claim for support. For example, a sister has an insurable interest in the life of a brother who supports her. A person not related to the other can have insurable interest on that other person.

For example creditor has insurable interest in the life of his debtor to the extent of the debt. A creditor can insure the life of his debtor up to the amount of the debt, at the time of issue of the policy. An employee has an insurable interest in the life of the employer arising out of contractual obligation to employ him for a Stipulated period at fixed salary.

Similarly, from an employer to the employee who is bound by the contract to serve for a certain period of time. The contract specifies the maximum amount , agreed to by the parties at the time of the contract, which the insured can claim in case of loss. This amount is not , however , the measure of the loss. The loss can be ascertained only after the fire has occurred. The insurer is liable to make good the actual amount of loss not exceeding the maximum amount fixed under the policy.

A fire insurance policy cannot be assigned without the permission of the insurer because the insured must have insurable interest in the property at the time of contract as well as at the time of loss. The insurable interest in goods may arise out on account of i ownership, ii possession, or iii contract. A person with a limited interest in a property or goods may insure them to cover not only his own interest but also the interest of others in them.

Under fire insurance, the following persons have insurable interest in the subject matter: Pension plans, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, sickness insurance, etc. To provide security against such hazards, many other types of insurance also have been developed.

The important among them are: Vehicle insurance on buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

Health insurance form pdf claim star

Personal accident insurance by paying an annual premium of Rs. Burglary insurance- against theft, dacoits etc. Crop insurance may be purchased by farmers to reduce or manage various risks associated with growing crops e.

Classification from business point of view From business point insurance can be classified into two broad categories: Classification from risk point of view From risk point of view, insurance can be classified into four categories: Personal insurance 2. Property insurance 3. Liability insurance 4. Fidelity guarantee insurance Malhotra was formed to evaluate the Indian insurance industry and recommend its future direction. The Malhotra committee was set up with the objective of completing the reforms initiated in the financial sector.

The committee emphasized that in order to improve the customer services and increase the coverage of the insurance industry should be opened up to competition. But at the same time, the committee felt the need to exercise caution as any failure on the part of new players could ruin the public confidence in the industry. The committee felt the need to provide greater autonomy to insurance companies in order to improve their performance and enable them act as independent companies with economic motives.

For this purpose, it had proposed setting up an independent regulatory body. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority: The IRDA since its incorporation as a statutory body in April has fastidiously stuck to its schedule of framing regulations and registering the private sector insurance companies.

The approval of institutions for imparting training to agents has also ensured that the insurance companies would have a trained workforce of insurance agents in place to sell their products, which are expected to be introduced by early next year. Since being set up as an independent statutory body the IRDA has put in a framework of globally compatible regulations.

In the private sector 12 life Insurance and 6 general insurance companies have been registered. These are National insurance co. The list is given below. There are 5 standalone Health Insurance companies.

Pdf insurance star form health claim

Rest of the companies handle all types of general insurance business. List of life insurance companies: AegonReligare Life Insurance Aviva Life Insurance India First Life Insurance 3. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life 4.

Birla Sun Life Insurance Life Insurance Corporation 6. Max Life Insurance 7. PNB Metlife 8. Edelweiss Life Insurance Reliance Life Insurance 9. Exide Life Insurance Sahara India Life Insurance Future Generali Life Insurance SBI Life Insurance Sriram Life Insurance Apollo Munich Health Insurance 2.

Max Bupa Health Insurance 4. Religare Health Insurance 5. Star Health Insurance