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Western Fiction. eBookTakeAway · Categories · Genres; Western Fiction. Stories, books, and poems set primarily in the later half of the 19th Book, Author. Free Western Novels by Gallen to Download | Second Helping by Gallen | Petra by Gallen. Jun 19, Western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West Free-online [View / Download]; [View.

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Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and iPhone. The American Old West was a time of cowboys, horses and gunslingers, all of which feature prominently in the Western genre. In this category you will find plenty of cowboys, lawmen, bandits, soldiers, settlers and Native Americans. If you yearn for action packed tales that take. DigiLibraries has free Western fiction novels online. These are available for free download in EPUB, MOBI, PDF and for free reading online. A lot of unique.

August 16, I send you to Arthurs Classic Novels. Rape for titillation - The dominant theme of this book is rape — whether the rape is by one person or a character is raped by a group of people, i. The Last of the Plainsmen. I will check it from time to time to see if the Bookshelf comes back. WikiSource has 29 classic novels in its Western fiction category available for free reading online.

Update About Erotica Types "Mainstream" vs "Taboo" Erotica Conventional industry-standard book classification systems do a poor job of distinguishing mainstream erotica from taboo erotica.

This makes it difficult for retailers and readers to distinguish one from the other. At Smashwords, we carry a wide variety of legal erotica, including books that contain taboo themes. In September we implemented new erotica classification requirements for Smashwords authors and publishers. These definitions were developed in close consultation with our largest retail partners to ensure uniform policy enforcement across our distribution network.

Erotica titles which have been certified by their authors or publishers as containing none of the themes listed below are considered "mainstream erotica" and will be shown if readers select the " Include mainstream erotica " option from the filter. The above list is not all inclusive. There are many other taboo themes that have never been allowed at Smashwords.

For a full summary of Smashwords erotica policies, please review Section 9f of the Smashwords Terms of Service. Filtering Exclude erotica Include mainstream erotica Include all erotica. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Your E-mail: Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Ask it above. Update About Erotica Types. Bestiality - Sexual relations between humans and real-world animals sex with Big Foot, dinosaurs, shape shifters and other imaginary creatures is not bestiality.

Dubious Consent dubcon - A common and popular theme in mainstream fiction. Dubcon explores the gray area between consent and non-consent.

Not clear if the receiver of the sexual act was fully on board or not at the time of the act. Most major retailers carry dubcon erotica.

Incest or pseudo-incest - Sexual relations between family members, whether biologically or non-biologically related. Includes stepbrother, stepsister and step-anyone. Nonconsensual sexual slavery - Erotic depiction of a person captured or held against their will, such as kidnapping, imprisonment or human trafficking.

Not to be confused with BDSM, which is predicated upon informed consent and negotiation between both parties before the act, and which provides safe words so either partner can end the act if it goes too far.

If the book adheres to BDSM best practices, we instruct authors and publishers to not classify it as nonconsensual sexual slavery. Rape for titillation - The dominant theme of this book is rape — whether the rape is by one person or a character is raped by a group of people, i.

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Free Western Fiction eBooks Online

Newest Bestsellers Most Downloads. Order by Order by: Newest Order by: Bestsellers Order by: Most Downloads Order by: Highly Rated. Price Price: Any Price: Free Price: Length Length: Any Length: Under 20K words Length: Over 20K words Length: Over 50K words Length: Over k words Books in Series Box Sets. The Circle Eight: Caleb by Emma Lang Series: The Circle Eight , Book 1.

Novels pdf western

February 6, by Beth Williamson. Book three in the Circle Eight series: A Texas Ranger, a lady blacksmith, a fierce passion, a dangerous game. Montana Romance , 1. May 30, She thought she could escape to the West and start a new life… People are hunting Charlotte Baldwin, missing heiress--but no one is looking for Charlie West, bride of humble frontier shopkeeper Michael West.

Marrying him was the cover Charlotte needed to keep her secrets hidden. But what starts as a marriage of convenience turns hot in a hurry.

Novels pdf western

Nebraska Series , Book 2. February 27, Tom Larson is having trouble finding a wife, and Jessica Reynolds decides to help him overcome his awkward and clumsy manners so he can attract women.

Novels pdf western

This has been updated to include the wedding night. Chance at Love Series , Book 1. American English. February 13, Loving the Horseman by Davalynn Spencer Series: October 14, Annie Whitaker refuses to wait for some man to come along and make her life better when she can do that herself. And then Caleb Hutton rides into town. Nebraska Series , Book 1. May 23, As soon as Sally Larson meets Rick Johnson, she knows he's the one for her. The catch? He's interested in her friend, Ethel Mae. But Sally has a plan.

With Ethel Mae's help, she convinces Rick that the only way he'll get Ethel Mae is to make her jealous. He agrees, but he has a trick or two up his sleeve.

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Sally just might find that the one playing cat is really the mouse. MacLarens of Fire Mountain , Book 1. August 16, A Daughter Of The Dons. A Daughter of the Sioux. Remington Frederic Frederic Remington. Adams Andy Andy Adams. Brand Max Max Brand. Grey Zane Zane Grey. Crooked Trails and Straight. Deerfoot in The Mountains. Footprints in the Forest. In the Pecos Country. John Ermine of the Yellowstone.

Ned in the Block-House. Garland Hamlin Hamlin Garland. Norton Andre Andre Norton. Reed Anthony, Cowman. Riders of the Purple Sage.

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Riders of the Silences. Tales of Lonely Trails.

The Big-Town Round-Up. The Boy Hunters of Kentucky. The Call of the Canyon. The Cave in the Mountain. The Daughter of the Chieftain. The Day of the Beast. The Great Cattle Trail. The Heritage of the Desert.

The Hunters of the Ozark.