Ibps po 2011 question papers pdf

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Here we provide IBPS PO Question Papers , , in Pdf format. Download the Question Papers and kindly share it with your friends. Question paper is available in PDF format with answer key. Attached IBPS PO solved question (Size: KB. The content-rich competitive exams portal of takes care of entire knowledge and informational needs of job aspirants.

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Get IBPS Question Paper with answers and FREE PDF download option. You will find IPBS Previous year question paper for PO, Clerk, RRB, Specialist Officers. Click Here for IBPS PO Question Papers. IBPS PO Question Paper –. We've compiled a set of previous year papers of IBPS PO Exam , , , , , , and These papers will help you to understand. IBPS PO previous year question paper with answers & solutions. Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed explanation given.

All gliders being helicopters is a possibility. English language test include those which highlight comprehension, grammar, etc. Ans 3. I All mails being updates is a possibility. A E is at one of the extreme ends of the word.

Apply Coupon: A school bus driver starts from the school, drives 2 km towards North, takes a left turn and drives for 5 km. He then takes a left turn and drives for 8 km before taking a left turn again and driving for further 5 km.

IBPS PO Previous Year Papers: Download PDF

The driver finally takes a left turn and drives 1 km before stopping. How far and towards which direction should the driver drive to reach the school again? Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow. A, B, C, D, E and F live on different floors in the same building having six floors numbered one to six the ground floor is numbered one, the floor above it is numbered two, and so on, and the topmost floor is numbered 6.

A lives on an even-numbered floor. There are two floors between the floors on which D and F live.

Papers question po ibps pdf 2011

F lives on a floor above D's floor. D does not live on the floor numbered two.

IBPS CWE PO question paper 2011

B does not live on an odd-numbered floor. C does not live on any of the floors below F's floor.

Po pdf ibps papers 2011 question

E does not live on a floor immediately above or immediately below the floor on which B lives. Study the following information to answer the given questions. In a five-letter English word which may or may not be a meaningful English word, there are two letters between L and P.

S is not placed immediately next to L. There is only one letter between S and A.

IBPS PO question paper IBPS question paper

S is towards the right of A. S is not placed immediately next to E.

Po 2011 question papers pdf ibps

You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer A: All gliders are parachutes. No parachute is an airplane.

All airplanes are helicopters. No helicopter is a glider. All parachutes being helicopters is a possibility. No glider is an airplane. All gliders being helicopters is a possibility.

Some mails are chats. All updates are chats. I All mails being updates is a possibility.

IBPS Question Paper with FREE PDF Download

No update is a mail. No stone is metal. The IBPS PO Previous Year papers will act as model papers or sample papers and help you to understand the syllabus, pattern and how the pattern and difficulty levels have evolved over the years.

You will find the paper pattern in each of the before was different, the reason for that is that at that time IBPS was still evolving and trying to come up with a standard pattern.

In ideal situation, the students should start their preparation from last year papers, and find out their shortcomings and accordingly prepare for the exam. Ans 1. However, just downloading the paper and glancing through the questions will also help to a good extent. Are there any chances of questions being repeated from previous year papers? Ans 2. Exact question will never repeat in any of the Bank PO exams.

Ans 3. Evaluate your performance critically. Thereafter, learn the concepts that you are weak in by reading theory, watching concept videos and taking speed tests.

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