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CASE HISTORY. How Google works. Sep 16th From The Economist print edition. Internet searching: With all the fuss over Google's IPO, it is easy to. Have you ever wondered how a huge and successful company like Google works? What are the attitudes which differentiate Google from all others in the market. Editorial Reviews. Review. "An informative and creatively multilayered Google guidebook from How Google Works by [Schmidt, Eric, Rosenberg, Jonathan].

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ONE - I Will, I Won't, I Want: What Willpower Is, and Why It Matters. TWO - The Willpower Instinct The Willpower Instin How the World Works. The rules for success in the Internet Century - by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg. Sign in. Main menu.

Your Career-Whats Next: What are the attitudes which differentiate Google from all others in the market? The decision-making process becomes as important as the decision itself because if the officials do not support the decision, it will not go forward. Crossing the Chasm, 3rd Edition: The Go-To Expert: While most companies have a very hierarchical structure, smart and creative employees work best when they have the opportunity to voice their opinions.

They addressed employee hiring simply, bringing the best engineers and giving them a lot of freedom in developing new products. What can you do to make your business more attractive to creative and intelligent people? The answer lies in the company's culture, that is, in the values under which your business is built. Your culture needs to be strong, and all your employees must understand it and work accordingly.

The culture of a company should be a pattern of behavior shared among all staff, as they go about their work.

Google's culture is based on the mission of the business. It is summed up in one sentence: Organize the information of the world, making it accessible to all. Because its mission is straightforward, employees know they do not need to ask permission to work in activities that are aligned with this culture. In your company, instead of letting your culture develop by accident, you need to plan and promote it.

Therefore, we must ask the founders and first officials:.

Pdf works how google

By doing so, you will have honest answers and ideas that encourage creativity. The three most important aspects of a creative company's culture are natural interaction with colleagues; freedom for employees to speak their minds; and independence in decision-making. Also, you need to figure out how to give your employees the freedom to make their own decisions.

If you can not do this, at least ensure that you have a good reason to say "no. Defining your values is another important aspect of creating a healthy culture for your company. For example, in , Google's founders created a document explaining the principles that guided the company.

This step will help you create an environment that attracts the best talent. Culture is a tool to attract people similar to what the company values, rather than people who only care about pay. Finding individuals who are motivated to work hard regardless of salary will help your business grow.

In , for example, Larry Page got frustrated when looking for details about a bike called "Kawasaki H1B". While doing his Google search, he ended up seeing ads for lawyers who were willing to help immigrants get an American visa called "H1-B," but received nothing on the bike. Frustrated with that, he printed the pages and posted it on the whiteboard in Google's kitchen, with the text "This ad sucks! A team of engineers saw this on a Friday.

Although this team was not officially responsible for ads, they were inspired by the problem and worked on it that weekend. By Monday they had solved the problem: This insight has become the basis for creating Google Adwords, Google's largest revenue source. That does not mean that Google inspires this kind of devotion, but the company culture attracts people who are motivated and dedicated problem-solvers.

Google has an interesting culture full of myths. Here are some cool things about the Google way of being inspired. Their office is open and always crowded, maximizing interactions and energy.

Pdf works how google

No one has private offices, not even the senior managers. Teams are held together, not separated by functions. Everyone works, eats, and has fun, together. Chaos exists, but it is an expression of innovation and is encouraged. People's ideas are judged based on the merits of the subject itself and not by who suggested it. Google strives to organize the business around the individuals who make the most impact. Nothing is based on function or experience, but on performance and enthusiasm, which attracts creative and intelligent professionals.

Google creates a fun working environment, always with parties, music, and lots of free food. The dress rules are pretty simple.

They call it: You just need to be dressed. Do not be surprised if you find people in pajamas or slippers at company offices.

How Google Works [PDF]

Creative and intelligent people are the key to developing great products. So how could your business attract employees who fit that description? For starters, hiring employees should be one of your priorities. In most organizations, hiring a new employee is the responsibility of the supervisor.

However, one person's opinions can be highly subjective. Also, most senior executives will not want to hire someone who looks smarter than themselves, so they can maintain the company's status quo.

Google has realized that the best way to hire someone is to make decisions together, forming a committee. A team reviews the candidates using many data and supporting materials such as interview reports, compensation history, curriculum, and referrals. While all these supporting documents are valuable, hiring high-level employees also requires imagination. Looking at a resume and evaluating a candidate based on his experiences will not help you find the most attractive, intelligent, and adaptable employees.

In addition to the standard interview questions, ask the candidates about their interests and passions. Find out what he does and what he cares about outside of work. Challenge the candidates with surprising questions. How does Google find and hire the best professionals?

The company has some interesting attitudes:. Google attracts people - job seekers receive resumes from their potential future co-workers, so the smart and creative will be attracted to the opportunity to work with great talents as well.

Google works pdf how

Google is always looking for enthusiastic people - which is the driving force of the smart and creative. So the interviewers try to get their candidates to talk about the things that matter most to them.

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How Google Works

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