National population register form pdf

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National Population Register (NPR) in India. - A Step towards Register Based Census. Dr. Chandramouli. The Census in India is the largest administrative. There are also other forms of . of their national systems of population registration and, when necessary, pdf>. Not registered yet? See NPR Data Summary; See NPR Data Summary; Attractive Graphical Representations; Easy To User Friendly; Only Registred.

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National Population Register Household Schedule. Name of the person in in the National Population Register. (maximum of 30 Form Number Specimen of the National Population Register Schedule 4. .. Check the NPR Schedules and fill up the form numbers in the Enumerator's Abstract. NPR. National Population Register. DES. Data Entry Software. PC. Personal This digitization involves the scanning of the forms (NPR Schedules) and.

Be the first to like this. NPR building a. Search the web for more on National Population Register: National Strategy for the Development of Statistics. Thus the register will contain three elements of data:. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Retrieved from Ministry of Law:

Form pdf population register national

This proposed Identity Card would be a smart card and would bear the Aadhaar number. Several government agencies are working towards the creation of this National Population Register External website that opens in a new window.

Register form population pdf national

During the first phase of Census , enumerators have visited every household and have collected the details required for the NPR in a paper format KB PDF file that opens in a new window. These forms have been scanned and the data has been entered into an electronic database in two languages - the State language and in English.

Biometric attributes - photograph, ten fingerprints and two iris images are being added to the NPR database by organizing enrolment camps in each local area. The enrolment will be done in the presence of Government servants appointed for this purpose. All usual residents who are above 5 years of age should attend the enrolment camp External website that opens in a new window , even if their biometrics have been captured under Aadhaar External website that opens in a new window.

The local authorities will take the necessary steps to make publicity of the duration and location of the enrolment camps in the area. You can also check the camp details and contact number of authorities External website that opens in a new window in your locality. No specific documents are required for registration in the NPR.

The details for NPR have already been collected during the visit of the enumerator to the household. An Acknowledgement slip has also been given. This should be carried to the enrolment camp. If the household has not been covered during the Census External website that opens in a new window or if the individual has changed residence after the Census, a new NPR form KB PDF file that opens in a new window will be given at the camp and have to be filled up there.

The filled-in forms will be submitted to the Government official, present at the camp. These forms will be verified by the authorities and the individuals biometric details will be captured during the next round of biometric camps.

Two camps will be held in every local area. If an individual misses the first camp, intimation will be given to attend the second camp.

Introduction to NPR

In case the second camp is also missed, chance will be given to enroll at camps that would be set up at the sub-district level until the designated date. After the designated date, the individuals name will be struck off the NPR. Thus the register will contain three elements of data:. The register is used as a single reference point for a government contract, for the exchange of personal contact data, identifications and for the collection of statistics.

The socioeconomic information includes Type of household, Water supply, sanitation and hygiene, wealth index, utility facilities available, economic activities, land ownership and use of land, income, savings, health status and history, etc. The biometric information incorporates the photograph, iris, fingerprint, Signature, face recognition algorithm etc. The earliest known registers operated in China over years ago and Japan.

In Europe, Finland and Sweden are the pioneer of population register where it has been started during the seventeenth century.

Register national pdf population form

At the start of the twentieth century, the mental process of population registration was being acquitted in 15 countries reported by the United Nations in During the s, total 65 countries reported to the UN that they are maintaining population registers, among whom only 35 countries produced statistical information from the register.

The Government of India has initiated the creation of this NPR database, by collecting specific information of all usual residents in the country during the House listing and Housing Census phase of Census Office of the Registrar General and Census Census Commissioner India, It is meant to create a comprehensive identity database in the country, which would help in better targeting of the benefits and services under the government schemes and programmes.

The register will be used as a single reference point for a government contact, for the exchange of personal contact data, identifications and for the collection of statistics.

Part of the initiative BBS is already implementing the National Household Database Project to prepare a database which will be used as the baseline dataset for regular update of the NPR. Before expanding BBS set up to union level local government agencies will support regular activity at the point of service delivery. As the preparation of NPR involves house-to-house enumeration, this shall be undertaken after development of the National Household Database.

Methodology This NPR will touch each and every resident of Bangladesh and has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people at a rate and pace that we have not achieved in the past.

It will provide us with a platform that will change the way government services are delivered- forever. The challenges of this NPR are many, which also include quality of data, scalability, governance, eliminating duplicates, privacy, security and policies. Broadly these challenges can be grouped in four broad groups and they are: This will also enhance the security of the country, better service for the social safety net beneficiaries, tax payers etc.

Hm... Are You a Human?

The NPR will be the checking and collection of bio- metric data. Then the project will undertake biometrics based de-duplication and assign ID numbers to each resident. Finally a smart card will provide to all citizens for their regular use, which bear all personal information of the respective person. Basically, core activities of this NPR are: In addition, data collection by using a smart phone or tablet will be used for some selected area on pilot basis.

National Population Register :: Login

Online web application will be developed linked with central database through which collected data can be entered from the field level, especially from the Union Digital Center. The application will incorporate the validation and monitoring system so that duplication and false information can be controlled.

The Kiosk will have the following facilities: They are: NPR building a. Data collection b. Data processing and translation c. Bio- Metric data collection 2. Data vetting a. De-duplication checking by bio-metric data b.

Pdf form national register population

GR Database c. Birth registration Database d.

National ID database e. Education database 3. Unified Identification 4. Service delivery platform 5. National Strategy for the Development of Statistics.

Retrieved from Statistics and Informatics Division: International Migration Statistics: Guidelines for Improving Data Collection Systems. International Labour Organization. Retrieved October 16, , from https: