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British birds and their nests (Ladybird books, senior series;) by Brian Vesey- Fairy Tales & Rhymes: A Second Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes by. Ladybird Book Search From Series to To find a book please type the title into the search box, above. To find all the books in a series either type the. A LADYBIRD EASY-READING" BOOK. * People at Work. Series ( THE POLICEMAN. Here is a carefully planned reference book which will help to answer.

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There is a wonderful selection of Ladybird books available to vew online and to download in various formats at Here is the link. Ladybird Books, books. Ladybird, books. Ladybird Series, 50 books. Joan Stimson, 25 books. Sheila McCullagh, 24 books. W. Murray, 19 books. Ladybird Book - The Policeman - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation . ppt), PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. A Ladybird Easy reading.

British Railway Locomotives by D. For Beginning Readers: Hobbies and Interests: Milky Way Galaxy. Churches and Cathedrals by David Scott Daniell. Learning is Fun by William Murray.

This book contains extensive information for book projects character studies, or any other Harry Potter related study. For Harry Potter fans, this is an amazing free resource. Subhadra Sen Gupta, Illustrator: Tapas Guha. The group are marching to Dandi to protest against the unfair salt tax imposed by …. On the way deceiving the wild animals who want to stop him or eat him, or both, with cute tricks and traps.

Hilarious imagery results as the animals give chase. May ….

This is a short book suitable for reading to young children or reading by children learning to read. Praba Ram, Sheela Preuitt, Illustrator: Vidyun Sabhaney.

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This count-down style book counting down from 12 to 1, introduces readers to fascinating celestial objects, to space concepts, and to the people involved in the various facets of astronomy. It may just inspire them to take a step towards a career in astronomy. Come, let ….

Ladybird Book - The Policeman

Jayashree Deshpande Illustrator: Srikrishna Kedilaya. Does milk come out of a packet or out of a cow? Raju loves the sight of the fresh milk frothing in the bucket, but there is something he enjoys even more. Moo Moo Brown Cow is an ….

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A tom cat is trophy hunting to impress his female friend, a hard to please siamese. This short wordless comic will appeal to children, cat lovers, and well just about anyone.

Dave Revoys amazing comics …. Sejal Mehta, Illustrator: Rohan Chakravarty. Who Ate All That Up? Sejal Mehta Illustrator: Rohan Chakravarty This is a level one book, for beginner readers, brought to …. Written by Marsha Landau and Illustrated by S. This leads from waiting for a bus at a school trip to an exciting maths challenge using steps.

The maths challenge is so exciting the whole class is absorbed in working out the problem. High School Calculus is a text book that can be used to teach high school calculus in a classroom where no prescribed books are available, for setting additional homework, helping remedial or extension students at different levels, or as a home school text. The book can also suit as a text for a stand alone ….

Another great rhyming book with a moral brought to us by Yan Li.

See Yan …. Vena Kapoor, Illustrator: Pia Meenakshi.

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In Off to See Spiders, we have a fun biology lesson about all the different types of spiders. They find lots of different types of spiders, and Shama helps them learn about all the different names.

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This officer has just found photographs on the computer of his wife and a big, smiling fireman. See how calmly he walks out of the station with a very straight back. Policemen are trained not to show their emotions.

Their wives can see how well trained the policemen are. Katarzyna Fajbusiewicz.

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Sam Franklin. Nunzio Andrea Cardone. Rebeca Piedra. Andriy Kuzmenok. Daniel Lima. Daniela Tecucianu.