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The Greek's Stolen Bride. Read more · The Highlander's Stolen Bride · Read more Italian's Stolen Bride (Harlequin Presents #) · Read more. Ebook The Stolen Bride Diamond. JacquelineEbook Pdf the stolen bride diamond jacqueline contains important info and reveal explanation about Ebook. The Greeks Stolen Bride - Kate Hewitt - dokument [*.pdf] The Greek's Stolen Bride Copyright © Katharine Swartz Kindle Edition All rights reserved Cover by.

This dinner, Theo thought, was going to be utterly interminable. He looked different. Also remove everything in this list from your library. He didn't want the wily old bastard suspecting him already. Her lithe body was as taut as a bow.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. To obtain permission to excerpt portions of the text, please contact the author at katehewitt kate-hewitt. This is a work of fiction. There had been six so far, some cautious, some arrogant, all of them trying to solve the puzzle of the Minotaur.

Would the seventh be any different? The yacht had moored, and Ariana leaned closer to see who would disembark. And then He looked different.

Her father had enticed some of the brightest, youngest minds in the IT world to attempt to disarm the Minotaur virus.

Most of them had looked anemic and underfed, sporting goofy, graphic tee-shirts and glasses. His hair was dark and cut close, and when he lifted one hand to shield his eyes from the sun Ariana saw the muscles ripple underneath the cotton fabric of his pressed polo shirt and khakis. Her breath caught, and she cursed herself for a fool. He was just a man. And yet, if he were different, he might be her one chance at freedom.

She felt her breath catch again when the man dropped his hand from his eyes and looked upwards Or was she just being fanciful? How could he even see her from such a distance? Belatedly she realized she almost had her nose pressed to the glass and she stepped quickly away from the window, letting the curtain fall back into place.

Yet her heart still thudded, and her palms were slick. He could, she thought with a thrill of fear, be the one.

Stolen bride pdf the

Clearly the man was trying to impress- or really, intimidate--him, but he refused to be wowed by any of it. Not the multimillion dollar yacht, nor the private island in the Aegean Sea, nor the sprawling villa in front of him. So the man had money. He'd always known that, and anyone with a little brawn or brains could make money.

Still, he felt something--a pulse of awareness--as he stepped off the dock onto the gravel path that led up to the villa. Someone was watching him. He glanced upwards, and saw a dark outline at one of the upstairs window. The sunlight gilded her figure in gold--for it was surely a woman. A tall, slender woman who still possessed ample curves. Interest flared. The billionaire tycoon was intensely private, and wisely so, since Theo had his own doubts about how legitimate his business was.

His mouth curved in a grim smile. No, not doubts.

And he intended to act on those certainties tonight. The man who had picked him up at Piraeus in the yacht left him at the door to the villa, and a stony-faced butler type took over, leading him into a spacious reception room with a lot of pricey antiques and old art.

Stolen pdf the bride

One of the paintings on the wall looked like an original Van Gogh. It was the woman at the window. He knew this instinctively, felt it in his gut.

And others parts, because the woman was beautiful, tall and straight with the bearing of a warrior and the lush curves of an Aphrodite. Not as if she were checking him out, more like Amused, he wondered if he came up to scratch. He heard the sound of the knob turning and with silent swiftness the woman stepped back against the wall, so the door hid her from view as it swung open once again. Intrigued, Theo shifted his gaze away from her towards the butler.

He was far too curious about her. The butler hesitated in the doorway, lines of disapproval or perhaps just weariness etched on his lantern-jawed face. Leotokos will see you at dinner.

The Stolen Bride

She was, Theo thought, rather magnificent. She stood tall and proud, like a dark flame. Her eyes were slate grey, her mouth a perfect pink curve. They came here to try to disarm the virus.

You need the money? He'd come for one purpose only, and he didn't intend to reveal it to this woman, intriguing as she was.

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She looked almost comically disappointed at his admission. Even so, Theo felt himself react under that gaze, parts of him tense, tauten. With her flowing dark hair and silvery eyes, she was incredibly, icily beautiful. Was she some sort of spy for Leotokos? A Mata Hari of the IT world? Theo watched her go in bemusement, for he still had no idea who she was or what she wanted.

She wore a silvery sheath dress and her hair was caught up in a chignon. Elegant, refined, restrained. All as her father wanted. Sighing she turned away from the mirror and gazed out the window at the placid Aegean Sea. The sun had begun to set and the tranquil surface shimmered with myriad lights. She had not been off this island since she was eighteen and returned from convent school. Her life, she thought, not for the first time, had simply been a matter of exchanging one prison for another.

But tonight she wanted to be done with prisons. One of them, she remembered, had actually stammered and backed away from her as if she were some Gorgon or harpy. But would Theo Atrikes be willing to break her out of this gilded cage?

The Italian's Stolen Bride

Would he accept her trade of information for freedom? There was only one way to find out. As she headed downstairs Ariana heard the muted clink of glasses and low rumble of conversation. Her father, with what she considered a rather sadistic impulse, liked to entertain his victims before they attempted to disarm the virus. He showed off his daughter and wife, provided a lavish meal, the best wines from his cellar.

Pdf bride the stolen

Then the hapless hopeful was given one of the villa's best bedrooms, and when dawn rose and a last meal had been served, her father ushered him--they'd all been men so far--into the study where the virus-infected computer was kept. It was a devious and ruthless way to rid himself of any potential competitors, presented as no more than an entertaining challenge.

Now he was dressed in a charcoal grey suit, the only splash of color a crimson tie. Ruthless in business and revered by many, Sebastian is at the top of his game professionally. Emotionally, he keeps himself alone, aloof and almost untouchable. Some say his heart is made of stone. Escaping her sham of a wedding, Bollywood star Aneesa Adani takes one look at ice-cool Sebastian and is hooked! Now he's harboring this stolen bride in his penthouse, and the passionate Aneesa is the biggest risk Sebastian has ever faced.

Letting her close could ignite the fire that melts even the hardest of hearts. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. Save For Later. Create a List. The Stolen Bride by Abby Green.