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bleach fairy tail hunter pdf info that are online. search baca manga komik naruto naruto manga online, komik naruto, manga naruto chapter terakhir. baca komik x · kb · png, naruto shippuden episode subtitle indonesia. naruto manga online, komik naruto, manga naruto chapter terakhir. baca komik berwarna pdf download - edpay - download komik ns sub indo by episode terbaru film anime one piece,. baca komik dragon ball z. Cerita terakhir Naruto episode Tamat - Cerita naruto terakhir ini begitu banyak diburu orang dan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan itu kami akan menyajikannya.

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Chapter ini merupakan Chapter terakhir dari Naruto. Bacalah Download Komik Naruto PDF Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia gaiden shippuden bahasa indonesia. merupakan Chapter terakhir dari Naruto. Bacalah dengan tenang dan serius. Komik Naruto Chapter PDF Bahasa Indonesia - NARIKUDOU Naruto 1. Naruto - Read Naruto Chapter Naruto released! "Komik. Naruto bahasa Indonesia Episode terakhir Hokage ketujuh chapter " See more.

Plus, professionals would never be tricked by techniques they are using themselves for so many years yet in the series they are constantly fooled. About 2 years later I saw an ad for one of the movies and I was like 'I remember that, I gave it a try but didn't find it all that good mostly because of the subtitles I wonder if it's still crappy'. Therefore I bow to Kishimoto for creating such a masterpiece, that's my opinion, a lot of people my very well disagree and that's fine, as I said a lot of people may have different tastes. Episode 1 to 93 is amazing, but after that it takes a big downhill dive. He tells Naruto they are rivals! Hey I wrote a fanfic for Naruto, read it here: An interesting start to my Manga career.

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Naruto pdf komik episode terakhir

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Episode komik pdf naruto terakhir

Admin D. Paling Populer. Cerita terakhir Naruto episode Tamat. Cerita terakhir komik manga naruto chapter indonesia. Setelah sekian lama ditunggu tunggu akhirnya saat yang dinanti-nantikan ini telah tiba, yaitu Jadwal pemutaran film The Last Naruto di Bios Anime naruto yang sekarang ini bertambah seru.

Yet, it is full of anachronisms and irrelevant details. For instance, why are there ninjas in a world where everyone can simply use computers or machineguns?

Or how can ninjas really be stealthy when most of them wear bright colored cloths and have tattoos that make them stand out in the crowd? Or head guards that identify their hidden village? Oh, sure, the characters all look cool, trendy macho kids that easily attract the eye.

Yet, they are supposed to be ninjas; and the last time I checked, ninjas were nothing like them. So, looking cool is good but looking like immature trendy nerds is not. Especially when they seem to have only one set of cloths. But that series had no motif in its world, while Naruto is based on ninjas.

One would of course say this is fiction and that it is logical not to expect realism. One could easily say that in this world ninjas use illusions and body exchanges instead of stealth. Those awesome hand seals and funky jutsus and amazing special effects gave a unique identity to the show by providing signature moves for every character. Yet, that made the series far less realistic than what it wanted to appear being. Everything was possible as long as you could make a copy or an illusion of yourself.

I mean, how can you believe that the characters use strategy in battle, if they keep exchanging places with a log when they are hit or make water appear out of nowhere? It takes away any feeling of strategy if everything is just transformations to whatever you like.

Plus, professionals would never be tricked by techniques they are using themselves for so many years yet in the series they are constantly fooled. So believe it or not, the Naruto ninjas are far less interesting than the classical ones in terms of warfare.

I understand that it is supposed to be eye-catchy for the younger audience but there are simply no connecting points of reference amongst everything you see. In fact, it feels like random ideas in random applications after awhile. Here is a computer, next to a ninja dog summoned with some hand seals. Sounds like the setting is blending technology and magic with absolutely no excuse. It looks eye catchy at first but quickly becomes so random that loses interest.

I give some credit for providing a feeling of progress in learning new techniques and explaining the way everything works with the chakras. But even that was just standard rpg fad and gave a terribly misleading image of what the 7 Hindu body chakra or the ninzitsu concentration hand seals really were. They do give a feeling of progress but in reality they could easily be left out without damaging the story at all. The name of the series alone means that it will focus on the protagonist and a few others, who will always survive and win in every situation.

Makes it all too predictable. His motives are the most typical of most shonen leads. It was interesting at first when he was the unsecured little orphan nobody liked. He was striving for acceptance and thus everybody could identify with that. Later on he shifted his entire mission to just save his ex-rival Sasuke. That was no longer a personal drama to be fond of. Even later we find out he is the son of a very powerful man and that he is even the Chosen One to save the world.

Everybody liked him when he was just a weak boy trying to be the leader of his village. Now he is an emo killing machine wasting his life trying to save an uncaring asshole, full of broken powers and constant Deus Ex Machina events that continually save him and make him nothing but a generic saviour stereotype. The main rival is Sasuke, the grumpy emo who wants to revenge against his big brother. How original is that?

Big brothers are always villains in shounen. He spends all his life trying to be strong just so he can kill people. And when he succeeds, he is not satisfied and kills some more. And then more. It was ok the first time but now he is just a hateful prick; his life has no meaning at all. At first most female fans of the show liked him for playing it hard to get but now he is nothing but a cold bastard working with thugs, and planning to commit genocide just because he has no idea what he is doing.

Impossible to relate with. How about Kakashi, whose only feature is his hidden face? What else did he offer to the story?

manga naruto shippuden 625 indo

Or maybe Sakura who just does nothing other than acting like a useless fan-girl most of the time? And to think that THESE are the main cast that affects the story; all the rest are there mostly for show. Still, all these characters were just dressing for the series. With the exception of Shikamaru none of these hundreds evolved as characters nor did they offer anything to the story. A major problem with most shonen series is that they throw in a huge number of characters and then have no time or talent to develop them.

Just check the Soul Eater anime for example. It had far less secondary characters and thus far more time to develop them, without dragging the story with unimportant side stories, as Naruto did. I do understand that most of the appeal the characters have is aesthetic and not actually about personalities. Naruto is the typical insecure boy who wants recognition from his peers.

He also likes a girl who ignores him and rivals a silent type pretty boy, who gets all the chicks for being a cold bastard. Plus there is a huge number of characters, each one with his or her own quirks just so anyone can pick their personal favourites. All these make a nice basic teen story that can appeal to most in the target group.

But at the same time, the show does little with it. It even shifts its focus towards something far less interesting later on and wastes its quality away with a lot on funky battles and character quirks instead of actual character development.


Still, you will skip a lot of stuff if you ever read it again. Too much blah, blah and flashbacks where nothing happens. And to be honest, most its good points are nothing but a rehash of Hunter X Hunter, a shonen show with much better strategy and character development the story sucks though.

Other books: KOMIK VERSI PDF

Despite the sheer stupidity of the series, I admit that it was very attention-absorbing. I really digged those funky jutsus and semi-serious strategies in battle and almost forgot to think how idiotic it all was. My enjoyment was high, up until Sasuke left the village.

Afterwards entire arcs felt like there was nothing of importance going on. Here is a brief look on all the current arcs of the show so far and what I think of them. We got to know all the basic heroes. It was also the arc to tell us the basic use of the ninja villages and how cruel the powerful can be to the weak.

It also featured two interesting villains who did NOT become allies or recurring opponents, thus becoming a major twist. It had drama, tension, comedy, all the good stuff. It was also dragging at a few points but nothing major. Overall, a very good arc. We got to know all the secondary heroes.

It was also the arc to show us all the secondary ninja villages and the frail truce amongst them which is maintained through the pleasing of the authorities of each major country through contests. There was also a major conspiracy which threatened the village and further revelation of past events which led to the present state. This part was full of skirmishes, most of which were irrelevant to the main story but still kinda worked as an introduction to the secondary cast.

There was a tournament, which was based on cunningness and got out of control in the end, resulting to the death of a major character. That was some twist as well. It was overall another good arc. We got to know the past of the Uchiha clan and how its destruction turned Sasuke into a renegade in his quest of revenge.

It also provides more info and background with the introduction of big shots like the Sannin and the Akatsuki. Unfortunately, it is still a half-interesting arc as the new information provided was hardly enough to excuse such a long duration. Besides the introduction of some interesting characters, most of it was a dragged out battle with lots of flashbacks which had little importance in overall.

The new major adversaries, the Akatsuki, were only mentioned but never dealt with, while the minor ones, the Five Sounds, were barely interesting. Thus, not such a good arc. We are re-introduced to the characters, now that they are older. Then they head to save a past opponent-turned-ally and face Akatsuki members. This part did flesh out a bit the past of the Sand village, but again the plot drags unnecessary.

We see Naruto getting even stronger and a rather important character dying and having to be avenged. The fleshing out of Shikamaru, a secondary character, was a very touchy point. Sasuke goes on a killing spree, taking out various major villains and seemingly finally avenging the death of his family.

Also we are presented with the past and life purpose of Jiraya and of his final battle. This was a rather interesting arc because of the major death toll. The leader of the Akatsuki invades and pretty much kills most heroes.

Naruto arrives and after a lame friendship speech, the villain resurrects everybody. Plus, he is no longer a simple boy who wants to become Hokage but the Chosen One and his father is Ninja Chuck Norris! What a pile of BS! They ruined all the drama with this nonsense. If they remained dead and kept Naruto as he was, this would be a great finale. Sasuke learns that there are more people responsible for the death of his family, thus he invades even the meeting of the five ninja leaders and keeps killing stuff.

And that is pretty much all of it. Apparently the final arc where everybody takes part in a major war. Including the dead who are resurrected just for the sake of selling more. The enemies are just resurrected villains and the heroes win all the time with zero casualties. Yeah, just like in the so-called Bleach war. Nov 18, M.

J rated it it was amazing. The characters, the plot, the backgrounds, everything. And apart from a few 'blah' moments I find no faults with the manga or the anime, although I do prefer the Japanese adaption of the anime, the English voices do not do it for me, bring on the out and out sexy Japanese voices.

Masashi Kishimoto is a genius as far as I'm concerned. It's one of those 'you love it or you hate it' things and everybody has their own tastes and are into their own things, if this doesn't flo I LOVE the Naruto world! It's one of those 'you love it or you hate it' things and everybody has their own tastes and are into their own things, if this doesn't float your boat after a while then by all means move on to something else but make sure you have given it a try first because you never know it might surprise you.

I started off watching the anime, after about five minutes into the English adaption I moved onto the Japanese adaption and honestly I was expecting to hate it, mainly because of my hatred for subtitles. I watched about episodes and quickly moved on to something else. About 2 years later I saw an ad for one of the movies and I was like 'I remember that, I gave it a try but didn't find it all that good mostly because of the subtitles I wonder if it's still crappy'.

So I found a website that showed the episodes and started from the beginning and, after forcing myself to ignore the pain that is subtitles, I got into it really quickly. Now I'm a major fan, I watch the anime Japanese adaption, subtitles don't erk me as they once did and read the manga every week and I look forward to the next weeks episode and chapter. I love the plot and the emotions that Kishimoto brings to the table. But mostly I love the characters.

There are a lot of things in the manga and anime that the characters have gone through that a lot of people can relate to these days.

Piya Re Thare Bina Lage Nahi Mara Jiya Re Original By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Song Download Mp3

Being born with nothing and having to fight every day to find someone to share a connection with, being born with everything and having to go through the pain and anguish of losing it all, being lost and confused and trying to find your way in the world, fighting with everything you have to protect someone or something you love.

These are things that people all over the world can relate to in one way or another. Therefore I bow to Kishimoto for creating such a masterpiece, that's my opinion, a lot of people my very well disagree and that's fine, as I said a lot of people may have different tastes.

Arigatou Masashi Kishimoto-sama! Dec 14, I'Mdoggo rated it it was amazing. This its better than anime for me. Nov 30, Angela Auten rated it it was amazing Shelves: Naruto Volume 1 Review Manga Rating: Story Line: Naruto is one of my favorite anime. I'm currently watching Naruto Shippuden!

I'm almost episodes into it. That being said I loved it so much! It's nostalgic going back to the beginning of the series. I love to see how Naruto develops throughout this series. Shippuden is lot heavier than the beginning of the series. I don't know how many times this anime made me cry already. This show is so emotional. I love that it connects with my emotions.

Naruto, Vol. 01: Uzumaki Naruto

I really hope that I don't rate any of the manga volumes lower than a 3 star rating. My best friend told me how confusing the manga was when she was reading the chapter releases.

Terakhir episode komik pdf naruto

So far the anime isn't confusing at all. I really am just a bit tired of filler. There is way more filler in Naruto than their is in Bleach. Yet the Bleach anime got cancelled! I really wish they would bring it back! Well onto my actual review! Naruto loves playing pranks to get noticed by others. He doesn't have any parents and a lot of people won't go near him.

They are afraid of him because he has the nine tailed fox inside of him. Naruto doesn't know that he has the nine tailed fox locked up inside of him. The nine tailed fox I know his actual name now, but I'm not gonna give any spoilers! The Fourth Hokage saved the village and died because of it. Naruto is trying to pass to become a ninja. He tells his teacher, Iruka, that he wants to become Hokage so that people in the village can stop disrespecting him.

He fails the test because he can not perform the clone jutsu. He is depressed about. He wants to be like everyone else. Another teacher of his Mizuki Naruto then steals a scroll. That scroll actually contains jutsu that would break the seal of the nine tailed fox.

Iruka finds him in the forest practicing. He had been working really hard. Also what I really hated was how the adults said that they should kill him in this volume. That really pissed me off. No child should die just because they are afraid of him.

Mizuki attacks them both. He then tells Naruto the truth.