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From: A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather at www. Elementary algebra is an area of mathematics where numbers and. Here is a dictionary that goes beyond a mere listing of words and definitions. dents and others using mathematics in their professions, this vast fund of infor-. This dictionary supports the curriculum with over key maths words and concepts that students of secondary school Download activity answers (PDF).

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This glossary contains words and phrases from Fourth through Sixth Grade Everyday Mathematics. To place the definitions in broader mathematical contexts . Maths Dictionary. Mathematics: words and meanings. This dictionary is to be used when you come across a word you do not know the meaning of. body is a surface. But these propositions can- not be considered mathematical definitions of a surface. We also make a distinction between surfaces and planes .

See beam balance. It is measured from heel to heel. Account Options Sign in. Example Example For given numbers 8. Calculators and computers are See composite number. Our system uses the symbols 0. A unit of length.

New Releases. Add to Wishlist. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics provides jargon-free definitions for over 3, of even the most technical mathematical terms. This dictionary covers all commonly encountered terms and concepts from pure and applied mathematics and statistics, such as linear algebra, optimization, nonlinear equations, and differential equations. In addition, there are entries on major mathematicians and topics of more general interest, such as fractals, game theory, and chaos.

You'll find graphs, diagrams, and charts to render definitions as comprehensible as possible, while entries are clear and accessible and offer an ideal introduction to the subject. Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics is completed with lists of Nobel Prize winners and Fields' medalists, Greek letters, formulae, and tables of inequalities, moments of inertia, Roman numerals, and more. Fully featured with curriculum and degree requirements, it provides indispensable information for students and teachers of mathematics, and for anyone encountering mathematics in the workplace.

Example next to One millimetre means one thousandth of a the table metre. Examples prefix A word before a unit. P See estimate. It is also called tetromino — four squares the index. See section Prefixes tables on pages —4 under the table On. A counting number that can only be divided See cuboid. The amount borrowed or invested is called the principal. See interest. They can be Example any polygon. See composite number. The likelihood of an event happening.

Pdf maths dictionary

Number 1 is usually considered to be See chance event. Examples 2. P Example A prime number has only two factors. The factors of five are 5 and 1. As the selling price pronumeral is higher than the buying price. Examples Rule: The transformation of one shape or picture Example to another. The numbers in a progression increase a. The See cost price. Examples proper fraction Rule: See associative property of multiplication.

It takes four hours for one person to mow the lawn. Example Mary reads three pages of a book every ten minutes. An instrument used to measure and draw See attribute. P It takes two hours for two people to mow the lawn. Test correctness of calculation. The base of a pyramid can be any polygon. Example proportion 80 1 10 70 90 60 80 7 0 A statement of equality between two ratios. See apex. Example Example This pyramid has a square base and the other faces are congruent triangles.

Example qu ad ra nt r quadrilateral A plane shape with four sides and four ii A plane figure made by two radii of a angles. Quadrants are numbered in an anticlockwise direction. We can extend the x-axis and the y-axis so that kite arrowhead all four quadrants of the number plane can be seen.

Example Example quadrant Some special quadrilaterals are: The answer to a division problem. Examples 1 is shaded Q 4 Quarter of the boys are sitting. Example A bag with twenty black and twenty white balls.

Illustrated Maths Dictionary

See statistics. A random sample may be three white See ray and two black balls. Example radius 12 mm radian The radian is the angle at the centre of a circle approximately A line that has a starting point but no end. See irrational number. We express one quantity as a fraction of the ray R other.

This means that you mix one part of cordial to five parts of water. See comparison. Example It extends in one direction only. All rational numbers can be represented by The largest number is 6. The order of the numbers is important: Example See angle. Examples Example Reciprocal? Turn the fraction upside down. Example 5 1 can be reduced to 6 30 ii Make smaller.

Example ii 0. See cuboid 4 i Since we can write 4 as the 1 reciprocal of 4 is 1. R See parallel lines.

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary

The dot shows that the parallel sides. Express a fraction in its Examples simplest form. All the points inside a closed surface mirror together with all the points on the surface. R Examples straight angle reflex angle ii Before subtracting fifteen.

All the points inside a simple closed Examples mirror shape together with all of the points on the boundary of the shape. Example solid region See boundary. Some common regular polygons are: Also called relationship. Regular polyhedrons are also called platonic solids. Internal angles are also the same in size.

See congruent. There are only five regular polyhedrons: Jan is taller than Helen. Opposite angles are equal. R right angle reverse operation Symbol: Multiplication is the reverse of division.

One complete turn. Addition is the reverse of subtraction. Examples See inverse operations. Examples repeating decimal See recurring decimal reverse The other way round. There are different ways of There are four right angles in one revolution. Example See diamond.

Five boys share marbles. How many marbles each?

Dictionary pdf maths

Each boy gets 25 marbles. R The numerals are made up of a combination of these symbols. A jointed structure is rigid Examples when its angles cannot be changed the struts will not move out of place. Examples rise See gradient height Roman numerals An ancient system of numeration. Not flexible. Earth S rounding Writing an answer to a given degree The Earth rotates around its axis. The Moon revolves around the Earth.

Example rounded to the nearest ten becomes rotation rounded to the nearest hundred The process by which an object changes becomes position by turning about a fixed point rounded to the nearest thousand becomes through a given angle. R 54 rounded to the nearest ten A becomes A way taken from start to finish, i An instruction to do something in a which may be traversed.

Example Example Find the rule for this sequence. Example Example. See cycle game, number machine, progression, sequence Example A row of numbers: It has a scale for measuring length. A row of seats in the theatre See column, horizontal line 30 29 28 27 A selection of a few items taken from a larger Example set.

See balance, enlargement, graph, number line, reduce, ruler, thermometer. The ordinal number which comes after first 1st and before Examples third 3rd. S Example a balance for measuring and comparing masses 1st 2nd 3rd spring balance for 50 60 70 80 See ordinal number 40 measuring weight ii second symbol: A measurement of time. Example score See triangle See average. There are sixty seconds in one minute. See proportion score The amount of points or marks gained in a competition or test.

A second is 60 of a minute. See arc. See degree section i A flat surface obtained by cutting segment through a solid in any direction. When you cut a circle along its diameter. Example shadow stick measuring A useful. See parallel lines. In mathematics a sentence may contain pronumerals. It is based on the properties of similar triangles. See ratio. S These sticks are seriated Example according to length.

The length of the stick and the object. Each object 1m in a set is called a member or an element 3m of the set. Examples Example 2D shapes: See line segment. A diagram. A digit in a number that is considered Examples important when rounding off or making an side approximation. SI Examples The international metric system. Also called a common. Write in the shortest.

Make simple. The interest is charged each year for the period of the loan. Lines that do not lie in the same plane. Carroll diagram. Example pe a whole cake some of the cake slo rise ii Some of the children are walking away. Slope is calculated by run rise over run. See flip. Putting objects into groups according to S Examples attributes.

Glossary of Mathematical Terms - The Story of Mathematics

At least one. Example height green not green height thick th gt h ng le len width width not thick See height. See intersect. A car travelled sixty kilometres in one hour. A three-dimensional shape like a round ball. See dimension. Examples a basketball the Earth See mass.

A spring inside it is extended by the force S A sphere has one curved surface and no equal to the mass of the object. Example A spiral is a continuous curve moving around a fixed point so that its distance from the fixed point is always increasing.

The distance travelled in a unit of time. A disc marked with numbers used in chance Spatial figures solids have three dimensions.

Example speed fixed point The rate of time at which something travels. Example Northern Territory Smaller areas. A quadrilateral with four equal sides and four right angles. The area is one square centimetre. Examples Examples i This man is holding a piece of cardboard 1 cm which has an area of one square metre. Examples 1 km 2 1 km 4 9 16 1 km See index.

Data can square paper be represented in a table or on a graph. The information collected is called data. See square of a number See data. There drawing are 25 children in the class. See line. How many pencils did Jessica keep?

Example ii The replacement of a variable a letter in a code message or a place holder in a number sentence by a number. An object that can be used to draw straight lines. Find the complement. See combination. Jessica had five pencils and gave three to Mario. Remy has seven pencils and Robin has three Example pencils. It is the iii Complementary addition missing total amount resulting from the addition addend. The answer to an addition problem.

Rowan has three pencils. How many more pencils has Remy than Robin? See complementary angles. See addend. A number which is to be subtracted from Example another number. Example How many more must he get? Subtraction may be represented on a number line. Example quantities or magnitudes.

Dictionary of Mathematical Terms

Show on the number line: A letter, numeral or mark which represents Example something. We do not write a full stop after The surface of the tennis ball is furry. Shapes are called symmetrical if they have A cylinder has two flat surfaces and one one or more lines axes of symmetry.

Examples See area, cylinder. It is one method of subtraction. Example I had fifteen marbles and I lost seven. How many do I have now? I have eight marbles now. The marks are usually drawn in groups of five, with the fifth mark 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 in each group crossing the other four, to 3 3 6 9 12 15 18 make them easy to count.

Example 4 4 8 12 16 20 24 A tally of 13 items 5 5 10 15 20 25 30 6 6 12 18 24 30 36 ii When multiplication facts are tangent ratio arranged in order, they are then called multiplication tables. Example temperature How hot or how cold something is.

A Chinese puzzle made up of a square cut into seven pieces that can be rearranged to See degree Celsius, thermometer make many varied shapes.

Example template An instrument for drawing shapes. It may be one of two types: Example T tare template Mass of packaging in which goods are packed. See gross mass term i Each of two quantities in a ratio or a fraction.

Example 3 4 1: An instrument for measuring temperature. Certain shapes will cover a surface completely: Mosaic and pavement shapes tessellate.

Example 0. Circles do not tessellate. A regular tetrahedron is made of four congruent equilateral triangles and belongs to the group called platonic solids. Also To come to an end. These shapes tessellate. See hundred time line A line on which intervals of time are thousand separator recorded in chronological order. Space figures solids are three-dimensional. Melbourne founded When something has length. The sketch produces th Example wi d an illusion of depth.

Some units of time are: Example second s 1 1 1 1 3 has been coloured in 3 3 3 minute min hour h See ordinal number day d week. For easy reading. Written as When you add things or values This water tank contains litres of water. R always remains inside the figure. The mass is kilograms or one tonne.

See add. Example See kilogram. See enlargement. The mass of this empty utility is kilograms or 1. The part of mathematics that deals with non-measurable properties of things. A word used for multiplication. See many-to-one correspondence. Examples See flip. Example traversable A curve or route is traversable if it can be traced without lifting the pencil or going over any part of the curve more than once.

Example transversal T These routes are traversable. See section Large numbers on page true sentence A sentence about numbers that is true or equilateral isosceles scalene 3 sides equal 2 sides equal all sides different correct. We can classify triangles by sides or by angles. A diagram that has a branch tree-like See equilateral triangle.

Examples 1 The first child could have been a girl or a boy. If is replaced by any other number. See false sentence. A trillion is a million millions. A number that can be represented by dots in 1st child 2nd child 3rd child the shape of a triangle. This clock shows either 7. Examples Example Plane regions have two dimensions. Plane shapes and surfaces have two dimensions. Example 24 23 13 22 14 21 15 50 20 16 40 60 19 17 18 70 30 20 80 1m 90 10 A hour clock hour time hour time See circumference.

T Twelve-hour time should include a. See a. Change position. A period of one day divided into twenty-four used for measuring distance. The wheel often hourly divisions.

Example U tenths column A square with sides one metre long has an units column area of one square metre 1 m2. Read as: See inequality. How much for three kilograms? Unit is another name for one. In Example unit square A square with sides of length equal to one The unit column in our number system See standard unit refers to the first column to the left of the decimal point.

Unlike terms cannot be combined or simplified by adding or subtracting. In algebraic Example expressions. See perspective value variable i When an expression is simplified. See equation. If x is replaced by any other number. Example vanishing point V Symbol for volume. Example In plane or solid figures. A point where two or more adjacent lines meet to form an angle or a corner.

The angles opposite each 8 vertices. See axis. The legs of a table are vertical. Some units of volume are: Example The volume of this object is 36 cubic units. Also called breadth. Example Example Astronauts become weightless in space but the mass of their bodies does not change.

A period of time: The pull of gravity on an object. See mass See days of the week whole numbers weight Zero together with all counting numbers. There are fifty- two weeks in a year. Astronaut on Earth: The weight of an object changes with the change of the gravitational pull.

The measurement from side to side. The mass of an object the amount width of matter the object is made of remains constant. The extra Example hours. These words all mean zero: Example In the number sixty. The period of time it takes the Earth to make one complete revolution around the sun: See coordinates See digit. It year happens because when we divide indices. Rules for working with zero: These are the correct symbols. These 5 drums each hold 1 kilolitre. SA surface area V volume of solids w width.

Useful Information Conversion tables: It is circuit on a motherboard i. A bit can be either a 0 off or 1 The central part of the computer which on. Example Symbols used: Database Search: Decision — alternate options or pathways Database Search: See algorithm Database Search: Gb A measurement of computer-based storage.

See hertz. OR and NOT. A bit represents the electrical state of a controls all of the processing of data. It One million cycles or electrical pulses per is also the number system used to represent second of a computer CPU. See CPU. This number system is used primarily by computer megahertz systems. It is a base 16 number system that is made up of 16 digits. See binary. It is a base 8 number system that is made up of 8 digits.

See bit. It is also used to measure sound second of a computer CPU. It is calculated by multiplying the number of dots pixels horizontally of the image by the number of dots pixels vertically of the image. The capacity of RAM is measured in bytes. When a computer system is turned off.

See byte. Example Resolution of an image with horizontal pixels by vertical pixels: Illustrated Maths Dictionary Uploaded by philjohn. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Maths gnv Jump to Page. Search inside document. Units of area are: See computation arithmetic mean See average, mean arithmetic progression arrow diagram See progression A diagram using arrows to show a relation or connection between one thing and another. Examples arm of an angle i Relation in one set of numbers One of the lines which make an angle.

See many-to-one correspondence, mapping, Examples one-to-one correspondence, relation, set 3 7 12 5 8 10 4 16 32 An array of objects in These numbers rows and columns form an array.

Example mirror icosahedron The image in a mirror A solid polyhedron with twenty faces. Example Using index notation: See base, cubed number, power of a number, scientific notation, square number 65 insignificant zeros inequality infinite A statement that one quantity is less than or Without bounds of size or number, greater than another. See infinite inequation A statement that two quantities are not input equal.

Examples A 55 rounded to the nearest 10 becomes Example Example 3 rows of pears ii Things arranged so that they make a line going from left to right. Examples See area, cylinder surface area The total area of the outside of a 3D shape. Example tape measure A strip of tape or thin metal marked with centimetres. James Glare. Lily A. Jesus Ezequiel Castellon. Kevin Chu. Asma Jehanzeb. Matthew Grace. This way you'll jump right to the term you need. It is easy to print from screen, or to download and save on a tablet.

This is so handy to keep in a binder for easy reference to Math definitions. I have been so happy to see how many teachers have been using this and to see that schools have linked to it. Be encouraged to share it with your family and friends.

We appreciate your help letting others know about our website. Have a great day! I print and keep these Math definitions as a glossary in my binder: Interactive printables.

Would you like to receive my free newsletter emails? Check your answer with this Math problem solver. A For Abacus. B For Base. C For Celsius. D For Data. E For Equal. F For Finite. G For Graph. H For Half. I For Infinite. J For Joule. K For Kilo. L For Line. M For Matrix.

N For Natural. O For Octagon. P For Parallel. Q For Quad.