Past tense pdf

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02 Simple Past regular verbs PDF exercises 05 Simple Past irregular verbs secrets answers PDF 11 Simple Past signal words exercises worksheet PDF. We make the past tense of the verb be with was and were: Positive. I /He /She /It was. French. We /You /They were. There are no short forms of. Page 1. Past Simple Tense Exercises. 1) Complete the sentences with the SIMPLE PAST of the verbs in parentheses: a) They. (watch) TV last night. b) Priscila.

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Past simple: worksheets pdf, handouts, printable exercises and lessons for elementary and intermediate level esl. Anna's holiday ______ (be) great last summer. She. (stay) in a college in England for two weeks. She. (have) classes in the mornings and in the afternoons she. 3 Read and complete. We use the simple past to talk about actions and events in the past. 1 To form the affirmative, we usually add -ed to the infinitive form of the.

Especially for some grammar topics, I am always happy to find new and creative ideas for teaching. Muhammad Harits. Need an account? Yes, that's right. Spread the flashcards out, face up, on the floor or a table and get everyone to gather round. Warm Up and Maintenance:

Then get each student to pick a flashcard of something they did yesterday and also stick to the board — if you have a small class, get students to choose more cards — try and aim for about cards and make sure the cards for the song vocab have been selected.

Your board should now be full of flashcards. Your students will probably know some of the verbs from previous lessons and other words they can now learn. Start by touching one card and elicit or teach the verb with the "ed" ending and write the word under the card.

Chorus the word 3 times and then move onto the next card. Go through all the cards, at a brisk pace so no one gets bored. Next, give out the "What did you do yesterday? Survey" worksheet. On each line, get everyone to copy 12 verbs in the past form from the board e.

Past simple

This sheet will be used in the next stage of the lesson. Finally, with all of the cards and words on the board, point at a card randomly and get everyone to shout out the word. Go quickly through all of the words.

Then, have everyone close their eyes. Remove a card and erase the word. Then shout "Open your eyes! If correct, that student can come up to the board and remove the next card while everyone else closes their eyes , say "Open your eyes! Continue until all of the cards have been removed from the board. Survey" worksheet Everyone will have filled in the verbs column of their worksheet from the previous activity.

Get everyone to stand up and mingle around the classroom so they can fill in their survey. Be sure to model first so that everyone is clear of what to do. The conversations should be as follows: Ana, what did you do yesterday? Student B: Yesterday, I watched TV, played a game, kicked a ball, etc.

ESL Teaching Ideas for Past Tense: eslflow webguide

Student A circles the corresponding cells in the survey worksheet. Quickly elicit the vocab. Play the song and sing along doing the gestures, as described below in "Gestures and activities for "Yesterday was a Great Day! Play 2 or 3 times. Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday It was a fantastic day!

I painted a picture painted! I walked in the park walked!

Pdf past tense

Verse 2: I jumped in puddles jumped! I played a game played! I kicked a ball kicked! I danced and danced danced! Yesterday, it was a great day!

Simple past worksheets

Read classroom reader "Silly Willy's Great Day" This reader follows on perfectly from the song and helps to reinforce the new vocab with a fun story. Before class, download and print off the reader "Silly Willy's Great Day" from our website. As you go through each page, point to the different things Silly Willy did yesterday and elicit the past tense verbs, as well as eliciting what is strange about each activity he does, for example: What did Silly Willy do yesterday?

He watched T. Yes, that's right. But what is strange about this? Oh yes! Silly, Silly Willy! Turning to page Oh, look! What else did Silly Willy do yesterday?

Past simple PDF

He painted a picture! Yes, he did! But look, what happened? He painted the picture on his walls! Yes, silly, Silly Willy! Look, he even painted over his cat! Continue through the story, eliciting the key vocab.

Get the students really involved in the story by asking lots of questions e.

Tense pdf past

Play "Past Tense Slap" This is a very simple activity to conclude the lesson. Put your students into teams. Hold up a verb flashcard everyone have to slap the table if they know the verb.

Assign Homework: I will try them out with the students.

Pdf past tense

Thanks for making this available. Your style is inspiring and today has given me some new motivation, much appreciated. Hi, Thanks for the comments. Yes, motivation is a big problem. Whenever I have found new ideas, they have given me motivation too. Especially for some grammar topics, I am always happy to find new and creative ideas for teaching.

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Students match the verbs to the pictures and then write short sentences for each picture. Click on the image below or the link at the right. This exercise is a compliment to the exercise above. Of course, if you want to talk about things using the past tense, you need to be able to discuss and describe both good and bad situations.

And often, in the classroom, bad situations are more interesting and fun. Related Resources: