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A Discussion GuiDe for incArceron AnD sApphique by cAtherine fisher is A prison like no other A new york times bestseller. ☆ “like the finest chocolate, a rich. Best Free Books Incarceron (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Catherine Fisher Online for Free. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher To free herself from an upcoming arranged. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher To free herself from an upcoming arranged marriage, Claudia, the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, a futuristic prison with a.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Best Books of the Month, February The Incarceron eBook: Catherine Fisher: Kindle Store. Incarceron / by Catherine Fisher. p. cm. Summary: To free herself from an upcoming arranged marriage, Claudia, the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, . Catherine Fisher, unbeknownst to me before spying the glittery cover of Incarceron is a jumbled brew of fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult fiction. I found it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for another sequel, if only to delve deeper into the emotions and motives of the characters and tie up the loose ends. Finn, a young man without a past, is a prisoner in Incarceron, which has become a hideous dystopia, an inacrceron that swallows dreams. Another fun fact about me: This study guide contains the following sections: He had one riddle left. It's mysterious, dark, sweet and bittersweet all at the same time. I mean, it was HIS choice to lock himself in there!

Finn, the main character in the story, struggles to find freedom from the prison that he feels that he lives within. Claudia lives outside the prison but also is struggling to find a way to free herself from the life that she is living and comes into contact with Finn and believes that he is a long lost prince from her world. The story is set in a fictional world, in a future where advanced technology has given those in charge the ability to pick the type of era in which the people live, and focuses on the struggles that the characters face while trying to make their own path and live a life of freedom.

Finn does not have any memory of anything that happened before he was approximately 16 and is even unsure of his age. He lives in a world that is made of metal with one glowing eye that watches your every move, and at times the prison can even punish you.

The men that he travels with are a band of thieves that live by a rugged cruel code of ethics, and although Finn is willing to fight, and often kill, his kindness that is seen sets him apart from those he travels with. When Finn finds himself in possession of a crystal key his life begins to change.

He uses the key to talk to a woman that claims to be outside the prison, although no one in the prison knows how to get out and some even doubt that there is a way to get out. Claudia is the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron. She fears her father in many ways but is willing to defy him in order to save herself from an arranged marriage with a prince. Claudia is trying to find Incarceron when she finds the strange crystal key and begins talking with the boy Finn.

After some time speng communicating with Finn, Claudia and Finn begin seeing each other more regularly. When Claudia sees Finn and learns that he has no memory of anything from his childhood she immediately believes he was the king's older son from a previous marriage and was sent to Incarceron because the queen wanted her own heir to be the future queen. Claudia encourages Finn to find a way out of Incarceron and believes he is her hope of escape.

Finally, Claudia and Finn learn that the keys are the way to enter and leave Incarceron. Not to mention F So yeah - I gave up. Not to mention Finn and Claudia have less chemistry than any other set of characters I can even think of. I did not think they would make good romantic partners or even friends for that matter. The action came in highs and lows, yet the highs were only 'ok, this is kind of interesting' and the lows were 'oh my god somebody just do something already! I'll just go get one of those.

Nov 29, Mel Epic Reading rated it it was amazing. I found this series, starting with Incarceron to have so many great themes. There are English and psych papers abound to be written on this series. It's mysterious, dark, sweet and bittersweet all at the same time.

If you came away not liking this series then I'd say you likely missed out on the point: A prison can be made up of so many things. It doesn't necessarily have to have walls nor an exit.

Mar 26, Sarah rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who liked Incarceron. It's over!


And the ending was maddening!!! Absolutely maddening! But, let me backtrack a bit. Slow in parts. But overall, I liked the way it moved along.

This book was full of action and suspense, like Incarceron. I liked how there were many plot lines running at once, with many different characters. I actually liked how the point of view changed around a lot, because it gave me a look in everyone's motives. It was fairy unpredictable, which was cool in parts and aggravating in othe WHAT?! It was fairy unpredictable, which was cool in parts and aggravating in others. I actually like these characters. The characters are the reason that I ordered this book from the U.

The characters in this one were still the characters I loved well, I loved most of them. Jared is still my favorite character, and the relationship between him and Claudia was great. But, they're totally separated in the end, and that's maddening. They love each other, so why do they have to be separated? I wasn't a huge Attia fan in the last book, but I really liked her in this one. Maybe that's the result of seeing more from her point of view. Although, I really wish she'd been able to teach Keiro a lesson.

In fact, he's the one character I didn't like. There were times where I did, and then didn't again. I guess the reason I didn't like him more was because he didn't learn anything or change at all. I kept waiting for karma to come and beat him over the head, and it never happened.

I still loved to hate Sia and her son, and the Warden. Finn however, bothered me a bit in this book. He got mopey and annoying. And I really don't think Finn and Claudia should get married.

Incarceron Summary & Study Guide

For one, I want her to be with Jared, and two, I just plain don't see that. Jared's fate wasn't unpredictable, but the fate of the Outside Realm was.

I also really don't want Claudia to marry Finn. Anyways, it was maddening because there's not another sequel. It's maddening because it's the end of the road. I don't mean to say anything bad about the writing because Catherine Fisher is brilliant , although I do have a few complaints here. Catherine Fisher is brilliant for her ideas and characters, but sometimes she's not as good at going into her character's emotions.

There were so many points where she could have had the relationships between characters grow or become more complicated, and make the story even more interesting, and she didn't. Which kind of bothered me. But, I have to give her credit for the brilliant idea of Incarceron, Sapphique, and for creating good characters even if I don't like Keiro, I do think Attia could bring out a better side of him. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another sequel, if only to delve deeper into the emotions and motives of the characters and tie up the loose ends.

It was good, but not as good as Incarceron. I had high hopes for a sequel with more emotion, and just as much action, and I got some of that. Incarceron was better, but I did really like Sapphique. If you liked Incarceron, you should read this one.

Catherine pdf incarceron fisher

It goes deeper into the backgrounds of some characters, it brings minor characters into the limelight, and it explains more in Incarceron, the Outer Realm, Jared's illness, and Sapphique. Despite my complaints, I really, really liked this book.

View all 5 comments. Sapphique was not better than the first book in the series, but it was easier for me to get through, perhaps because I had much lower expectations. All of my problems with the first book still remain here. The characters, all of them, are pretty much entirely unlikeable. Jared, Claudia's tutor, is the character I most liked, but the reader has known since the beginning of book one that he has a I reviewed Incarceron a few weeks back and, although I didn't like it, I already had a copy of the ARC.

Jared, Claudia's tutor, is the character I most liked, but the reader has known since the beginning of book one that he has an incurable disease, distancing one's affection for him. Claudia is obnoxious, power-hungry and mistrusting. Finn alternates between being emo and arrogant. Keiro is as he has ever been. Attia never really seems to coalesce into a definite personality.

And those are just the characters you are supposed to be rooting for.

Romance is not to be found in Sapphique, even though the book ends with an engagement in place for two of them. Those two characters have absolutely no chemistry; in fact, the girl is clearly in love with someone else. If you liked Incarceron, I doubt you will be disappointed by Sapphique. Otherwise, don't bother. I enjoyed this book more than the first one, but it was hard for me to get into the story in the beginning.

But once when I got into the story, I couldn't stop reading. Keiro was my top character again, his personality and his atitudes were the best part of the book. I have to congratulate Catherine for getting him out of the prison. But Attia could've stayed in the prison, because I dislike her a lot.

Pdf fisher incarceron catherine

The whole perfect world everyone was living in started falling apart, and I liked that. We final I enjoyed this book more than the first one, but it was hard for me to get into the story in the beginning. We finally saw how everything was old and repulsing. This book has very happy ending.

Usually I am happy because of it, but I think this is just too much. In the end there were at least dozen problems, and in five pages they all cleared up and everyone lived happily ever after.

I mean, wtf? Jared becoming Incarceron, and solving all of the problems? Just no. Well, I just hope he won't die because of his illness, he seems likeable. I still don't love these books. I think the story line is very interesting but the characters just aren't "something" enough - there is no one to really hate or love or pull for, so i don't have the connection. I also don't think there is enough back story.

Why are they in this artificial time and what was the war about? It is mentioned but no real details. Sep 29, Kira Simion marked it as to-read. Someone want to buy this for me? Aug 28, Harmonyofbooks rated it liked it. Sapphique buldu. Keyifli okumalar dilerim.. This just wasn't as good as the first.

I liked how Keiro and Attia were still trapped in the prison, so we weren't cut off from its awesomeness entirely, but somehow it didn't feel as interesting in this one. The character of Rix was pretty annoying and he thorougly grossed me out.

I did like how Keiro and Attia stayed together, even though he claimed not to like her, you can tell he does.

What annoyed me was the lack of character development. Keiro, Attia, Claudia, and Finn all stay exactly the This just wasn't as good as the first. Keiro, Attia, Claudia, and Finn all stay exactly the same and we really don't learn anything new about them. Also, there wasn't enough of Finn.

Catherine pdf incarceron fisher

Especially since I don't like Claudia, and she gets considerably more selfish and annoying and cold in this book; you'd think she'd grow as a person, but We get Finn's POV only a handfull of times, and for maybe one or two pages at a time, and I just felt kind of cheated, because the first book was so clearly HIS, and then he sort of drops off the radar and just becomes this pathetic character feeling sorry for himself. Though, he still wasn't as annoying as Claudia ; Also, the revelation about Outside and what it is really like And the ending It also made me really angry that we never find out any of the mysterious about whether Finn really is Giles, or why he has those seizures, or why he continues to have them after he supposedly gets all his memories back, or if Sapphique is real, or if he's alive etc Sure, there are little hints, but most of them are just misleading.

There was really only one scene in the entire book that I actually enjoyed The book kept me interested and was hard to put down because there was so much action, but I tend to prefer character depth over simple action, and there wasn't much of that.

What happens with Jared is also kind of depressing and entirely creepy.


Also, I wanted to strangle Claudia for being all, "Oh, we have to get my poor daddy out of the prison. He matters more than Keiro and Attia. I mean, it was HIS choice to lock himself in there! And I don't like the idea of Finn and Claudia getting married. I really do NOT see that. There were one or two hints about Keiro and Attia maybe liking each other, despite all of their denials, but, like I said, the end leaves you hanging. And I also thought the "end" was too easy.

What happened with the queen was ridiculous; I just couldn't see it. I mean, it makes sense, but it's kind of dissappointing. It feels like Fisher only wanted to write one book, but then realized the one wasn't enough to even come close to finishing the story, so she was forced to write a second one.

It's like I could tell she wasn't enjoying herself writing it as much as the first. So, it was an entertaining yet annoying read, and while I'd like to read the first book over again, I don't think I ever want to split the covers of this one apart ever again. Not because it was bad, but because it just isn't something I ever want to return to View all 8 comments. Jul 04, Emilie rated it it was ok. I had such high hopes for this book. I had mixed feelings after reading Incarceron and thought maybe one needed to read the conclusion of this series in order to really get it.

What a huge let down this installment was!! This book made me feel like I must be some kind of idiot, because I just didn't get it! I am usually very quick to pick up on what's happening in the plots of books. I stil I had such high hopes for this book. I still have no idea what was going on throughout Sapphique!! This story was frustratingly confusing and just all over the place. There were so many sub arcs going on and never any explanations as the plots advanced, no explanations to the various actions being taken by characters, no journey through their thought process or understanding as to why they've made this decision or that.

I'm left feeling like what was the point here? On top of the overall story being way out there in terms of being strange, the character development was severely lacking. I did not grow to care about any of the characters, and it was even unclear as to their relations or feelings for one another. I wanted to care about Attia and Kiero, and probably even could have gotten there, but I felt the author came up short with those two especially. They had the makings for a fantastic relationship, romantic or simply platonic, but the relationship just never advanced.

The main characters, Finn and Claudia, were nothing more than self-concerned brats throughout. The Warden had the possibility of being a complicated and fascinating character, but we were never provided with an understanding behind his thoughts and actions and therefore left falling flat.

Jared also had the makings of someone memorable, but again the author did not advance his personal story or even ever clarify his relationship with Claudia. Was he a father-figure or a love-interest?

Was he to be both?? In one word, this book was simply Odd. I feel I should reread the series and see if I develop a better understanding. Maybe sometime down the road. Too many others are calling me for now. Okay, so I'm still in shock I'm still trying to figure this all out Well, I'm not going to write a review about this book, because I barely remember anything, since it took so long for me to finish it. However, if I were to write something, I would say something like this Since that moment when "the truth about the both worlds was revealed", I just loved this book!

It showed so ma 4. It showed so many important things and there were so many metaphors ugh I would say that there was some character development I really liked how Finn's attitude changed since the beginning of the series until now But, even though Finn's character was great, I've come to the conclusion that I have, indeed, two favorite characters which doesn't happen very often, because I usually love a lot of characters: Attia and Jared, for sure!

Sapphique ISBN PDF epub | Catherine Fisher ebook | eBookMall

I can't really explain my decision, but I just love them! Another fun fact about me: And that did not happen this time, so I'm happy! Anyways, we're not here to talk about that Now, I am sure that I like Keiro I understand him a little bit better and that made me like him!

About Claudia But then she started to act more rationally and everything was good! Back Inside, Keiro and Attia are on the hunt for Sapphique's glove, which legend says he used to escape.

In order to find it, they must battle the prison itself. Incarceron has built itself a body and it wants to go Outside - just like Sapphique, the only prisoner Incarceron ever loved.

Fisher further explores themes of reality, illusion, and freedom without losing her intensely original world-building and authentic characters. For those who can appreciate the interplaying reflections of lies, myths and memory, a modern masterpiece. Reviews 0 Specifications Please sign in to review this product. Copy From Text:. Other books by Catherine Fisher.

The Speed of Darkness Catherine Fisher. Hachette Children's, February List Price: