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Beasts of No Nation: A Novel (P.S.) - Kindle edition by Uzodinma Iweala. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Read "Beasts of No Nation A Novel" by Uzodinma Iweala available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The harrowing, utterly. From Writer/director Cary Joji Fukunaga BEASTS OF NO NATION. set in West Africa, tells the story of AGU (Abraham Attah), a young villager, whom we meet.

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on my skin, and then my head is just starting to tingle right between my eye, and then I am wanting to sneeze because my nose is itching, and then air is just. Uzodinma Iweala discussed his new book, "Beasts of No Nation," at this CGD Development Matters event. Sean Fine, a Download text transcript (PDF, 73 KB ). Beasts of No Nation by. Cary Joji Fukunaga. Based on the novel. By. Uzodinma Iweala. May 8th, SHOOTING SCRIPT.

Agu and the rest of the company exit the denser woods. As he vividly recalls these sunnier times, his daily reality continues to spin further downward into inexplicable brutality, primal fear, and loss of selfhood. Will Page. Preacher salutes. Mother sighs as Big Brother joins with a burp.

They will be finding us only if you keep talking. It is like they are belonging to other personOutside. I am not feeling my legs. Rocking the structure and raining down water and chunks of cement.

The tank fires into their building.. Another shot. MAN 2 through his teeth I am rather to be outside than to just be dying like animal inside! Men murmur in agreement. Nobody says anything.

Shut up! They are VERY near. MAN 2 And if they are Army they will just be shooting us. All of their ears are ringing. MAN 2 We must go! Agu is shaking. No matter what happens. We were protecting the stores. I am a Section Chief. Grandfather and several of the men sit on the ground with their hands on their heads. Agu looks between his Father and Big Brother. MAN Shut up. His eyes tearing. We are from this town. Stay down! MAN 3 If you are running fast.

We were tasked to stop looters. The men rise. Agu and Big Brother run. Agu looks angrily at the wretched woman. They dump them into their trucks. Agu dodges around a corner as a bullet hits the wall beside him. The men protest. She shakes her head. The old woman looks at Father. Just talk to her. The Sergeant nods gravely. He finds one rotten fruit hanging from a tree. Agu looks down. Agu drinks water. They aim to fire just as Agu regains his senses and runs.

DUSK Agu finds a hunting lodge of some kind. Agu reaches for his Big Brother as his body is pelted by bullets. The sounds of animals in the forest suffocating.

Flinging it all over him. He cries drunkenly. Devours it. The sounds of WAR gone. DUSK Agu wanders on his own. His flip-flops slapping the red mud. It has not been inhabited for some time. Finds some grains of rice in the bottom of a basket. Safely around the corner. Big Brother is lying face down in a pool of blood. DAY Tired. He runs deeper down a path leading into the forest. He looks back. Looks around. The boy runs away. He tries eating grass.

It looms over him. Agu walks aimlessly. Agu lowers himself further. A forest spirit. The forest is dark and unwelcome. Agu follows. He cries again. He throws the pot in frustration. He bends down into the tall grass. But he cannot start a fire. Agu stops. DAY Agu crests the hill and into the valley below. He sees a BOY. His shirt is yanked over his head and used to tie his arms behind his back. Out of the forest. MEN rush and pounce past him but he cannot see them. They are ALL young.

He is shoved again. They look like they are wearing the costumes of some tribal warrior ceremony. The BOY whacks him with the broad side of the machete. He freezes. The forest seems to move from inside.. The thick grass cut and pecked by bullets.

He sees a vision that makes him sure he is dead. The boy hits him again and Agu relents. HANDS roughly turn him over. He turns and looks. This is what death is feeling like. Their heads and bodies in elaborate grass wraps and crowns.

His clothing tribal with a distinctive chief-like flare to it. Agu avoids looking at Strika as he passes him again.. Is it you who is finding this thing? Strika nods his head proudly. Untie him. There is no question.. Is that right. This MAN moves slowly. He kneels down next to Agu as more men emerge from the bush. The Commandant addresses him.. Make way! Strika points to the ground. A boy is harmless? His skin sweaty and yellow like tanned leather.

Now addressing him in front of the soldiers. They scream in unison. A boy. They yell as the human telephone courses deeper into the bush. The Commandant motions for him to approach. It is just a boy. Commandant simulates firing a gun towards the bush. And then. Run far far so the Army Soldier is not catching me and killing me.. AGU My father is telling me to run.

Strika shakes his head no. He looks at the men. What were you doing here? Why are you just laying by the ground like one dead rat? You are not seeming like soldier to me. Show me your fingers. Agu raises his open hands. Agu nods. Two-I-C swears under his breath while looking nervously at black smoke rising above the trees in the distance. Agu cannot form the words. The army is killing your father? Are you hearing me? Commandant scratches his chin. It is burned to the ground. The Commandant leans down towards him.

Agu shakes his head. Commandant motions to Strika. He bites his lips. Agu nods yes. What is everybody always calling you? AGU almost inaudibly Agu. Move on! Strika returns with a bag of water. Is that what you want? Do you want to be fighting the Army that is killing your father?

He nods to Two-I-C.. I will take this one under my charge. AGU The Commandant squints in approval. Two-I-C has had enough. Agu tears the corner of the water bag with his teeth and drains the water from the bag. Agu looks back and forth between the two of them. Two-I-C scoffs. He gives it to Commandant. DAY Nature is alive everywhere around them.

He stares at it in hypnotic wonder. They seem to move like they are invisible to all the animals in the jungle. Rambo pulls Agu down into the underbrush.

Everyone is deathly quiet. Agu struggles under the weight of his load but keeps pace. I am still living. When he looks down. Agu looks up at it again He points to the helicopter in the sky. Agu concentrates on moving his feet through the wet underbrush. He is calm. Botu botu botu. A great shadow sweeps over them. Agu looks up to see the blades of a helicopter. The sound startles Agu in the midst of pouring a cup of water for a soldier. Commandant raises his hand and everyone stops.

They salute each other.

Commandant signals his men to move forward. DAY At the front of the line. The naked warrior. An open grass field lies just beyond where soldiers play football. Commandant and everyone wait. DAY Commandant.

Agu and the rest of the company exit the denser woods. At the head of the line Commandant picks up a thick batonlike stick from between the tall ribboned roots of a giant buttress tree. It is constructed from a mixture of older thatch huts and lean-tos. Agu runs back to pick up the bands of ammunition as the troops now move ahead past Commandant up the valley walls.

He looks like a giant next to Agu. The rest of the soldiers disperse into their places in camp. Two-I-C looks down at Agu. Hope runs up to Two-I-C and salutes him. Train him.

Hope appraises Agu dispassionately. Train him.. Commandant salutes and walks away with his detail. If you are wanting to stay. Two-I-C points to Agu and walks away. Some continue conversing with friends as they remove all their heavy equipment. All agree to stay. Agu watches him go enviously. Agu dives for it. AGU I carried ammunition and water all day. AGU Which one of you is the dog? The soldiers chuckle as Agu retreats.

He has no bowl. Agu is ignored. Griot He is kicked back away from the pot by the COOK holding his dog. They use their fingers. Chicken Legs.

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The DOG. He runs to where the cook was dispersing food but there is none left. An NDF Soldier. Preacher sings a song as he finishes his bowl of food and lets it drop.

Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala -- Teacher Study Guide

Others exchange cartons of cigarettes for other extras. HOPE He is eating people. Rambo repositions them.. God willing.

Beasts of No Nation | Armed Conflict | Nature

I can be finding you. Fight and kill anyone who destroys the peace. They are calling him. The only thing mattering is the mission of the NDF. I am not knowing if I will ever be seeing you again. Preacher leans in towards Agu. But Two-IC is saying small small we are winning this war. We NDF refuse to recognize this illegitimate government. Commandant laughs. I can take their juju just by looking at them in the eyes. The National Reformation Council took advantage of this instability and militarily seized power to restore UPC dominance.

He makes a chomping with his jaw towards Hope. As he leaves he pats Strika on the head. Effigies and human skulls adorn the entrance. In front of them are smoky fires boiling medicinal pots and drying herbs on a thatch platform placed several feet over the fires. The rains are coming, Gentlemen. Mosquitoes, sickness, muddy squalor. Hope, Rambo and the troops hum in agreement. If this were The men grow dark with this thought. Commandant seizes this sadness.

It has put the weapons of this war in the hands of you, the young, and therefore, the powerful. He points to Agu, who raises his head. The men raise their rifles, growling a low pitched battle chant. The new regime needs to control the trade in resources for the international community to waste time recognizing them. Our very own politicians will steal our resources and give them away for pennies in exchange for private payoffs They are feeling our sting.

We, along with our other brothers fighting further south under Dada Goodblood, we command and control what the NRC needs. He leans down in front of a particularly fierce looking soldier. They have tried to spit on your future. DAY Agu and the initiates are laid down in the open shallow graves. They have spit on your rights. The men laugh nervously. It sickens and infects. Old men and money.

We have to be cutting off that leg to save the body. That is why we must not forget that we are the protectors of the people! The Chief Priest pulls Agu out of the grave. The men do not know. Then places amulets bracelets. He is hit hard and without mercy.

ONE of the initiates falls from a blow to the head and Agu watches in horror as he is quickly dispatched. He rubs the charcoal paste and medicinal herbs into the cuts. We will not wait to inherit it.

He performs a last ceremony with the cleansed initiates. The Chief Priest blesses them one last time. DAY Agu gathers supplies from the structures of the camp. The only way is forward.. No talking to women. The initiates are lined up.

But there are rules you must follow to keep the spirits happy.. No touching dead bodies. Become braver. To the enemy. Commandant stands over him. Griot and Preacher poor kerosene as well over other buildings as we PAN and see the entire battalion is lighting up their camp. They flinch but the bullets do not touch them.

Stay pure. No looting. In each of their mouths he places a ball of mashed rice like mochi. Hope shakes his head and grumbles to himself. No touching women. HOPE Or if we raiding or finding farm. You are knowing this tree? Agu sticks with Preacher. When this tree is small. AGU What is zero-zero-one? It is Iroko. The FIRE roars to the sky. If you are wanting to eat when it is not dinner. AGU O.. The NDF decorate themselves with grass and leaves.

These other trees I am not knowing. COOK hands one baseball sized ball of garri to each soldier. You kill before you are killed. Agu turns back to the Commandant. Commandant seems genuinely overwhelmed and inspired by the scale of nature. Commandant nods. Realization delayed.

Commandant goes to his Aide holding out a radio. AIDE O. AGU Agu salutes. DAY Commandant and Agu stand under a tall tree. They hop scotch positions. Chicken Legs pantomimes eating and touching a satiated belly. Commandant motioning with his hand. Agu looks away. Commandant picks up his VHF Radio. His rifle dangling in his arms. Preacher grabs his collar and reorients him to follow. The choreography dazzles Agu.

Agu nods anxiously. He watches Agu blankly. As I would anything that threatens you. Agu looks back. AGU What do you mean? He holds up a fruit foraged from the jungle. He breaks off a piece. You get injured.. AGU They are calling you Strika?

Strika nods. DAY Agu watches the boys of his unit sniff a brown crystal powder brown-brown while waiting in a ditch of foliage on the other side of the road from the main ambush force. Agu looks back to where they just came from.

No pdf of beasts nation

Agu whispers to him. Strika chews on a long root.

HOPE V. You shut up! You take it! The SBU spill out onto the road with limited commotion.. You get bitten by a snake. You see a snake. HOPE whispering It is good juju. HOPE Shhh. Hope listens to his VHF Radio. Strika rubs his belly as if to say it will make it feel better. Agu smells it. Agu sniffs.

Strika continues to chew on the root. He snatches his root back. They are coming. AGU whispering It is tasting like licking rock. Strika looks at Agu like he could punch him.. Griot hands the two boys a plastic container. Chicken Legs stifles a laugh. He shares it with Agu. The air wafts in translucent tendrils over the pavement.

Grinds the transmission into a lower gear. The wheels nearly as tall as Agu would be standing next to them. They ensure no retreat. Agu notices the sudden stillness of everything. I am only thinking about what is going to be happening. Everyone waits in anticipation. I am almost laughing and almost dying. Inside my stomach and heart it is feeling like fire from a pepper. Large Caliber machine guns are mounted on some of them.

Preacher posted behind a giant. Hope signals aggressively. Agu notices all of the BOYS are lowering themselves even further into the bushes. Then he sees it. Then he feels breathing on his neck and turns slowly to see it is Strika.

Only one stays behind. Strika motions. Agu remembers he forgot the extra ammunition. Agu flinches and ducks. Upon seeing him.. For a second. Sweat beads all over his face. Disarm and disrobe them! Rambo repeats the CALL. He scrambles back down into the ditch as. Someone in the bush sprays the truck. Then all the NDF soldiers open fire. Some of the Government Soldiers are crying. On the floor!

It is a quick and effective slaughter. Agu holds his ears. An impressive show of scale of force. He looks around petrified. He is proud of the catch. Agu closes his ears.. Agu walks past a few trucks and stripped soldiers with necks strained towards death. Agu grips his machete harder. Out of the corner of his eye. The pool of urine from him and from Commandant is all around his flip-flops. Hope grabs Griot and Preacher. Commandant and his entourage look for a healthy man and are disappointed by all the dead men.

Agu looks disdainfully at the man quivering on the ground beneath Commandant. Just be making me your prisoner. I am an engineering student from the university in the capital. Our attention returns to the man held in front of Agu. I am supposed to be fixing bridges. These are the dogs who killed your father. Come here right now. I can be helping you. No one seems to mind. The Corporal moans dreadfully. Come here. He is nearly naked. He falls without screaming. Tears and snot run down his face.

They discuss amongst themselves. Griot follows him holding a box and offering it to Commandant. A pistol? See this thirsty goat. Open it. Griot holds up a surveying scope. CSO Does he have the strength? They look at Agu.

Commandant unzips his pants and urinates on him. These are the tyrants who murdered your father. He offers it to Commandant who turns it around when his Aide interrupts and hands Commandant his rifle. Agu chops again. NDF Soldiers. The man screams an unbearable.

Nation pdf beasts of no

The THUD vibrates up his arm. Remember your suffering and turn it into hate for them. They start to transfer supplies onto the lighter vehicles. Do it again! And again and again until he shuts up. Just bring this hand up and knock him well well. Agu brings the machete up. He looks at his feet. That is how you are dealing with the NRC. Agu looks up at Commandant. It is the bad sin and I am feeling like I am dying inside.

Supplies are finished loading. Agu and Strika dig through one of the vehicles looking for any contraband. That is what God wanted.. That is justice. Machine guns and anti-aircraft guns are mounted on the trucks.

Agu wipes the blood from his face. I have kill a man. SING and dance around the dead government soldiers. But I am knowing. Commandant pulls him up. A mosquito drowns in blood. It is a great victory. No one notices this but Agu.

Common understanding. Strika walks over with his rifle and helps Agu. Mechanics fix the engines of the lighter convoy vehicles. Platoons and Companies reorganize.

Strika stands at attention and salutes affirmation. Commandant checks the chamber. Far too large but he tries them on anyway. CSO Yes. Strika approaches with some captured Army accoutrements in hand.

Agu holds them up. Agu sits down with his rifle. He looks up to thank Strika but he is already chasing after Commandant. If you are losing it. Special Guards. Take note and act accordingly. Always be keeping it. Commandant winks at him to affirm their pact. Strika tosses Agu a pair of green army pants and an ammunition vest.

Two-I-C is surprised. It seems like at any second they could all be destroyed. Agu can see the rocket launchers on its miniature wings.

Agu and Strika lay on the ground. It circles. Agu looks at Strika. Vehicles are quickly covered with natural camouflage and netting. Agu and Strika play. The sound. Commandant sits with them at the fire.. More laughter. And they are having bottoms with specs so nice that anytime they are sitting down.. The men smile to themselves. You will see it all with your own eyes.. The last time I am in this place. Agu salivates..

There is nothing they are not having in this place. They are having breasts so soft and so round that their clothes are rejoicing to be holding them. If you just see women here. They are knowing well well how to make a man feel good with their kissing and loving.

Moving in open against bullets. Civilian trucks and cars smolder. Commandant stews on the intel. The sound of the occasional passing bullet shocks no one. Their hands chopped off on a rock next to them.

Agu and the rest of the SBU stand near an unfinished wall. They killed most. The SBU watch him. THREE squads in defensive positions beyond them. They respond with fierce fire. No one seems interested. He notices the smashed bullet at his feet. Behind Two-I-C there is general chaos. Agu looks around. Take the bridge. The men are not advancing and many are retreating. Just as he bends over to pick it up. Commandant interrupts his try by asking him if he has heart for battle.

Conflicted between wanting to try out the scope and the call for battle. He is driven to tears in the chaos. You see? DAY Commandant lets his radio hang around his neck. Commandant holds the scope up for them. Who has heart? Who wants to fight with me? Agu looks through it while the first blasts force the PLF to scurry. Look at this. Agu and Strika obey. Commandant moves amongst the men. They keep huffing into the chant as Commandant addresses them. The Technical screeches into position at the top of the intersection leading to the bridge..

Amongst the selected are Agu. No one can touch us! The Commandant pulls a chanting Agu up near him and uses him as an example.. An AA technical rushes back around the market towards the intersection under a hailstorm of bullets and clouds of smoke.

Chicken Legs runs to the intersection with Griot in support. Moove it! Commandant selects men and boys to go with him. Pulls the trigger.

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