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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Showalter's signature blend of sizzling attraction, breathtaking From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long-awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet. The Darkest Touch book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the . Read "The Darkest Touch A spellbinding paranormal romance novel" by Gena Showalter available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get.

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Gena Showalter - The Darkest Touch (ang) (pdf) - plik 'Dozwolone od lat stu w języku angielskim (i inne) > Julka_15'. Inne dokumenty: Dozwolone od lat. The Darkest Touch starts where the last book must have left off: Torin has been transported to a prison cell in another dimension and is. (Lords of the Underworld #10) The Darkest Craving - Gena KB. (Lords of the Underworld #11) The Darkest Touch - Gena.

View all 18 comments. Disappointment abounds. A way to satisfy her need for bloodshed while ending the strife between them. Oh and a surprise name, Baden , is back! Time for a little negative reinforcement. And then

She's catty, vain, selfish, shallow, hot tempered-to the extreme, bratty and the most insecure watering-pot you could possibly imagine. For a supposedly all powerful most-feared ancient being, Keeley has the emotional depth and maturity of a 5 year old. She acts like Anya and talks like Viola, wonderful combo no?

She brings an entire building down if she doesn't get her way She's hypersensitive to everything and everyone around her. What exactly am I supposed to find sympathetic about this creature? Her poor sad 'woe is me' attitude and nobody likes me or wants me, I'm toootally misunderstood!

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Touch (ang) - Pobierz pdf z

Been there, done that, a hundred times over, honey. Is that supposed to automatically make me like someone who is unlikable, Gena? I got tired of this girl's constant posturing and throwing out corny threats every 5 pages. And PS: And no I'm not making this up. In the words of her "majesty" herself: I mean are you kidding me? Bring Mari back! I truly felt Keeley was too selfish, self-absorbed and flighty for someone like Torin.

The guy I know wouldn't give someone like her the time of day. This was not who I pictured him ending up with much less bending over backwards and groveling forgiveness over the dumbest things, things that were entirely out of his control. It's really bad when you keep wondering what the other options would have turned out like. Why Gena? And I never get hung up on shit like this. I always let the author lead me where they want to go and just enjoy what I can. But this disappointed me, saddened me and pissed me off like nothing else could.

And I want to know what happened to my lovely Torin? Did he get a personality transplant? What happened to the sweet shy computer-savy sexy nerd with the warped sense of humor? He's supposed to be the most even tempered sweet guy out of the bunch. Not here. He's now magically turned into a hot tempered, mean, self-described 'villain' WTF?

AS IF. Get real. It gets under my skin like nothing else when character idiosyncrasies are changed to fit within a pairing the author is trying to sell. And now he's magically wearing leather gloves instead of his signature latex gloves?? You know the only kinds he can wear to ward off any kind of touch or bodily fluids? I honestly felt this couple was shoved down readers throats too much. Everything about them was incredibly forced and is a big part of why I struggled with this.

You have a handful of characters who have to prop Keeley to make her redeemable and it just didn't work for me. Never mind the fact that badass Hades and broody Galen adore her, you have giants and immortals pissing their pants and Torin endlessly spouting sappy poetry about her.

I got really tired the number of times he kept telling everyone and himself how perfect, sweet, and pure of heart she is and how he doesn't deserve her. The woman who eats hearts as a hobby has a pure heart? But besides all that, I did not see any chemistry between them and that just ruined everything for me. I felt more sexual tension and pull in that one scene between Cameo and Torin then any scene with these two.

It's never a good sign if you keep wishing your hero was paired up with his best friend instead of the heroine. It's one thing if I can't stand one half of the pairing but if I feel the chemistry and the sexual tension then it's another thing entirely.

Here it was non-existent. Zip, zilch, zero. Everything quickly became all about Keeley, how to please Keeley, how to win Keeley, how to get her to help the Lords, how to not make her cry, so on and so on. There was no fair balance. And strong arming your friends into accepting your girl when she's given no reason to trust her and looks down her nose and preens and postures at every turn doesn't win her any points from me.

The show she put on in front of a recovering heartbroken Cameo just to mark her territory?

{PDF} Gena Showalter - The Darkest Touch {eBook}

I wanted to scratch her eyes out! The whole situation with Cameo was ridiculous and suited for High School melodrama.

Keeley throws her typical temper tantrum and threatens to leave Torin when she sees him fussing over and taking care of his near DYING best friend Cameo.

You couldn't take your eyes off her! I cannot with this self-centered twit.

That was the final nail in the coffin for me. But brimstone is her kryptonite, if she touches it she is weakened and if someone else is scarred by it her powers are blocked. Is anyone else catching the contradiction here? Same goes for the bonding thing, there seemed to be some contradictions.

And the whole concept of her being given a body by Hades as a 'present' creeped me out supremely. Curators are spirits with no form, Keeley was given her body that used to belong to Persephone. Freaky much? I get this is the LOTU world and using bodies as a host may not be that shocking but I wasn't feeling this one.

And I still would like to know why she's called the Red Queen?? So random. The writing was also another factor to my rating. There was nothing organic about the plot or story momentum. The choppy manic writing was all over the place with the story picking up in a frantic mess that made no sense. This lacked flow of any kind with arbitrary jokes and innuendos being shoved in at the most random times.

Jokes that have absolutely nothing to do with the conversation that's taking place or the inner dialogue. It was like the characters had ADD. Wanna hear them? Har har har! It becomes unbearably hokey. As far the side plots go, they were more interesting then the main couple but..

I was kinda surprised by this abrupt turn and can't help but feel like the rug is gonna get pulled out from under us. And she's been verrrry tight lipped about William and Gilly. I swear if this is another psych! There were giant anvils being thrown around that something big is gonna happen when Gilly turns legal. I hope it's something good, like this girl finally getting a POV and some character growth. Oh boy did he ever.

And just by 3 measly too-damn-short scenes. Oooooh Lazarus I want him. At least Gena was consistent in that regard by addressing the history and feelings between Torin and Cameo. It was bittersweet. I wanna see Cameo happy and Lazarus is the perfect specimen to make that happen.

In more ways than one. It seems he's switching sides maybe? Really great potential and great character growth for this anti-hero.

I love him with Legion a. He played a bigger part in this and seems genuinely concerned and set on winning Legion's trust. I hope he succeeds. I want more of Legion's POV. Give them a story pleeease! Baden Probably the most random WTH? Correct me if I'm wrong but the last time we heard from Baden he was content in Heaven when Aeron 'died' no?

I know he definitely wanted to come back and asked his brothers to help save him. That was in Book 5. So what the hell is he doing stuck in a random realm in here? How did he get there? I felt like this was a pretty big plot hole and haphazardly shoved in here. Or maybe I need to brush up on my history and forgot something that happened in the last book.

How did Torin find out about him? Everything was wrapped up a little too easy and quickly with him in here to interest me. We haven't heard from him in a long while so I was expecting his rescue to be a little more climactic. I'm just here for the 3 couples I mentioned, that's it. Anything else I don't care for at this point. I love these guys but I feel like this series has run it's course and is starting to get very mechanical. The passion and intensity that was there in spades in the beginning has all but vanished and characters are taking on the roles of cartoon-like interchangeable caricatures.

Her Angels of the Dark series is picking up footing and steam where this is starting to fall apart. When you are listening to the author talk about her characters and a fan mentions a popular character being a blonde and she agrees. A blonde?

Touch gena pdf the darkest showalter

Really Gena? View all 36 comments. Aug 13, The Cat Bastet marked it as to-read. Poor Torin. All this time he's waited and we finally get around to him and he doesn't even get to have a cock.

Why couldn't he have been gotten in while we could still have good sex? Surely of all the Lords, the virgin most deserves a cock. Paris got to have a cock, even, as hard as he'd worked that thing, but Torin will only get to have a hardness used as a noun or worse, an "it.

View all 18 comments. View all 19 comments. I was a little worried that because I waited so long for this book and because I have loved Torin since the first book that my Expectations would be so high I would be disappointed, But I was wrong WOW!!!!!!! This book Rocked it out! Torin is still The sexy ass MoFo I fell in love with in the first book. They want each other so much that they keep touching even after Keeley gets sick and almost dies repeatedly.

Is love strong enough to overcome and will Tor get his HEA?????? Hell Yeah! I loved to see some of the guys from past books and see where they are now. I can't wait to see who's book is next. I will leave you with some of my fav quotes from the book. You are my treasure, and you are worth anything. Worth everything. I would even eat raisins for you. I would say if you have not read the Lords of the Underworld Series you so should A must Read!

View all 5 comments. Oct 05, Penny rated it liked it Shelves: Actual Rating: I liked it, yes. However, I am somewhat tired of reading about who appears to be the same heroine and male characters over and over again repeated in each installment with different names.

The female main characters, seem to be exactly the same woman in almost every book of this series. Most of them have the same traits: After 11 books, it has become very obvious that there is Actual Rating: After 11 books, it has become very obvious that there is a lack character development in this series.

The stories are entertaining, but I don't think that is enough to hold my interest in this series anymore. We will see. Aug 09, Lucy Qhuay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: December, 16th, I finally finished this one. Geez, but it took me forever and a day to actually do it! I don't even know what to say. It's Gena Showalter, folks, and it's her best series yet and it's freaking Torin aka Disease, so of course I would like it.

But I just feel so disappointed. Maybe it was because my expectations were too high, giving that Torin was always my favourite, along with Aeron, and there's the fact he could never touch anyone, so of course it would be monumenta Update: Maybe it was because my expectations were too high, giving that Torin was always my favourite, along with Aeron, and there's the fact he could never touch anyone, so of course it would be monumental when he finally found his match.

Maybe, I was expecting a different plot, even though I can't say for sure what it actually was. I will admit Keeleycael is funny. She's a kickass fighter, who doesn't take shit from anybody and gives as good as she gets. But she's not my type of heroine. I prefer them like Olivia, Aeron's lady love. She's strong and fierce, a warrior in her own right, yet gentle and loving. She doesn't need to keep spitting death threats or stupid crap to bust her self esteem. Plus, she doesn't have that annoying trait so many women in books have, which is fear of commitment and thinking loving someone will only make you weak and break you.

Keeley is just another hellion like Anya and Kaia and, though they have their qualities, they're just not the type of women that make me long to be in their shoes.

Plus, I didn't much feel the connection between her and Torin. I felt the intense sexual attraction, but there was nothing deeper than that for me. Apart from that, the book was great. Lots of stuff going on and characters doing surprising stuff, that you can't help but want the next book in your hands.

By the way, I am hoping and praying like hell for the next book to be William and Gilly's. Those two are killing me with the tension. It's so obvious both of them love and desire each other that it's almost silly.

I think it will be Cameo and Lazarus's though and, if so, it's going to be awesome as well. I bet there are way too many great stuff on the way for them. It's just Gena prolonging my misery and longing. I freaking knew it! I must be a witch or something. I freaking knew the title would be this one! Darla, girl, do you remember when we seriously ranted about the series and said it would be awesome if the title of Torin's book was The Darkest Touch?

Guess what? It is! D I loooove it! It sounds decadent Like Torin! View all 7 comments. Gena Showalter has created a spectacular world, dark and complex characters so beautifully detailed in her long-running The Lords of the Underworld series and her latest novel, The Darkest Touch, the 11th book, is as refreshing and breathtaking as from the start of book 1. Torin, the demon of Disease has been a fascinating character from the first time we met him…. His life is about to change whe Gena Showalter has created a spectacular world, dark and complex characters so beautifully detailed in her long-running The Lords of the Underworld series and her latest novel, The Darkest Touch, the 11th book, is as refreshing and breathtaking as from the start of book 1.

His life is about to change when he meets fellow prisoner, Keeleycael, The beautiful and powerful Red Queen. I loved this character…. No wonder the immortals in the skies had merely whispered about her.

Hell, yeah. The sexual tension and chemistry between these two is totally sizzling… Torin is lost…. Keeley, who has been around…married to a brutal guy, then betrayed by Hades…no, this girl does not trust men!!!

But Torin is not like other men, she soon discovers……she cannot keep away from him…as they travel through the realms of the breathtaking and so well detailed world that the author has created. Amazing writing, compelling plot and incredible dialogue that is witty and totally sparkling….

I will skin you with a cheese grater and stuff your organs into a blender to make a smoothie. I will donkey punch your skull so hard your brain will ooze out of your eye sockets. Checking in with characters we have come to know from the previous books, which I have sorely missed, and the action and suspense and laughter and more laughter…. Gena Showalter never fails ….

Well, we finally get to Torin's book and it is a doozy. I have felt bad for Torin since we first were introduced to him. He harbors the demon of Disease and that means a single touch can kill you and yes, he has started world plagues.

But can you imagine never being able to touch another? Not to mention, never to have any sexual contact! And please, that nonsense with Cameo just made things worse. And then we have the Red Queen, aka Keeley, who is a different being all together. You would think Well, we finally get to Torin's book and it is a doozy. You would think that alone would be enough drama but oh no It doesn't take long for things to progress!

And by that I mean, Gena Showalter is This book is all kinds of steamy!

Touch gena darkest pdf the showalter

I was actually shocked when these two were doing something other than thinking about sex, figuring out ways to have sex, wanting each other and pushing each other away sex But of course, there's other story lines going on And yes, William is still being the lovable pervert!

I loved that we had a lot of interaction with most of the couples. Anya and Keeley together were hilarious and just what Keeley needed. And girls night out It was wonderful how Torin and Keeley finally figured things out Who knew Torin could be so romantic! It almost seemed to me that there is a beginning of things wrapping up.

I felt like I know who the next few couples will be and there's some progression in finding the box. And to be honest with you, I'm all for it, that is, as long as my favorites get a book! Incompetent Doctor and Uncooperative Patient. Any jeans you wear automatically become babe jeans. Mean it with every fiber of my being. His touch could mean the end for her, but resisting her is the hardest battle he's ever fought—and the only battle he fears he can't win.

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Gena Showalter - The Darkest Touch (ang).pdf

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Gena Showalter - The Darkest Touch

Shelly Laurenston. Charming The Beast. Cynthia Eden. Defy the Dawn. Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire. Kerrelyn Sparks. Night's Blaze. The Professional. Born of Betrayal. Blood Vow. Night Unbound. What I will admit? I rewrote this book three times in search of the perfect heroine for him. I wish you all the best, Gena Showalter Over the years I have been unbelievably blessed. I have met some amazing people and made incredible, lifelong friendships.

You are gorgeous, brilliant, witty and talented, and you inspire me in so many ways. To my amazing editor Emily Ohanjanians.

Remember my first attempt at writing this book? And to Naomi Lahn, my contest winner.

You are a delight, and your support is beyond appreciated! There was no mouth guard. Her precious life slipped away with every second that passed.

Darkest touch showalter the pdf gena

CPR was a last resort, but suddenly her only hope, and because they were locked inside a dungeon, no one else inside their cell, the responsibility belonged to him alone. Just call me Wonder Doc. But rather than proceed as he should have, he found himself pausing to savor the rare and extraordinary connection with the opposite sex. So soft. So luscious. What the hell am I doing? Jaw clenched, he pushed.

Too hard. Nothing else broke. He pressed again and again, gradually increasing his speed. But how fast was too fast? What helped? What damaged? Fragile, but resilient. You can survive this, I know you can.

As he returned his hands to her chest to start over, his gaze locked on her blood- splattered lips; his mind willed them to part, a cough to escape. It would mean the sickness still plagued her, but sick was better than dead any day of the week.

Torin pushed harder, heard another crack. He always protected the ones he had. Until her. If not for him, she never would have sickened in the first place. Again he felt for a pulse. Still no beat. Cursing, he set back to work. Five minutes Pull through, Mari. You have to pull through. She was already gone.

Already dead. And there was nothing he could do to bring her back. With a roar, Torin wrenched away and paced the cell like the caged animal he was. His arms shook. His back and thighs ached. But what was physical pain compared to mental? This was his fault. With another roar, he punched the wall, enjoying the unrelenting throb of pain as skin split and bones fractured.

He punched again and again, cracks appearing in the stone, dust pluming around him. If he had just stopped to question why a girl like Mari would be so starved for companionship she would agree to be with him she would still be alive.

He pressed his forehead against the battered wall. To be forever denied what I crave most. Why is it broken? An extreme reaction. He knew that. Just as he knew such excruciating awareness of another person was unusual for him.