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Smiley - Laurann Dohner PDF - EPUB - AudioBook Download Free Smiley doesn't want to believe the sweet human would dose them with. species 13 laurann author: book pdf subject: free download smiley new smiley new species 13 by laurann dohner as a manner to realize it is. Smiley book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Vanni is furious when her fiancé tricks her into attending a conference whe.

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(New Species #13) read online free by Laurann Dohner Smiley (New DOHNER smiley new species 13 pdf Smiley. Read "Smiley New Species, #13" by Laurann Dohner available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. *** THIS IS A RERELEASE. Laurann Dohner - New Species 13 - Smiley - dokument [*.pdf] Smiley Laurann Dohner Book 13 in the New Species series. It is advisable to read the books in.

You trusted me to care for you and put your faith in me. He had a tail. Aaaand that's just an example of these two under the effects of the mating drug. The crime rate is horrible. Wanting to get away from it all, she goes to the bar, and from that moment on, shes got little to no say about her own future.

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Mate Set. Looks like I'm too shallow, but who could blame me? And as for the spoilers I want all of them, but now I can't wait Sep 16, Raine rated it liked it Shelves: Not my favorite of this series I liked reading this book, but it was not one of my favorites in the series. Initially I was excited to read about Smiley since he is the first primate to have his own book, but it was kinda blah. All the other previous new species books most of them were alphas and would be totally possessive and say 'Mine!

Smiley did this, but I think to a lesser degree. I think Ms. Dohner wanted to state that the primates were different from the feline and canine breeds, Not my favorite of this series I liked reading this book, but it was not one of my favorites in the series. Dohner wanted to state that the primates were different from the feline and canine breeds, but it just really made Smiley seem like a wimp.

Smiley also kept saying that he didn't need to constantly sniff her scent and though I understood that this was because he was primate and did not have that great of a smell sense like the other breeds I did like it that they became addicted to their female mate's scent. I kept thinking this was going to change as I would read farther in the book, but this never happened. Also, the story wasn't as exciting as the previous books. I felt that I could skim large paragraphs and still would know what is going on in the plot.

This was a little disappointing. The good thing I liked about this book was that Smiley was more of a dirty talker than all the other new species put together. I really liked that. I'm also wondering who will get their next book. Will it be Beth, Vanni's best friend, and possibly Jericho, Smiley's best friend? That would be great! Also, what about Flame? Wasn't he pining for Lauren's Wrath's mate best friend?

So many unanswered questions! Even though this may have been one of my least favorite books I am still looking forward to reading on with the series. View 1 comment. Sep 02, Veronica Rosa rated it liked it Shelves: I'd have to put this one at 3. There were some parts I really enjoyed and other parts that dragged.

The sugar sweet interactions between Smiley and Vanni made my teeth ache. I liked both of them even though Vanni was kind of dumb. Not in a TSTL sort of fashion, but just not very smart. Then confess everything. Sh I'd have to put this one at 3. She kinda deserved being tasered at that point.


I love the small glimpses of Flame, but this time is wasn't enough for me. I wanted more. I want his book, damn it. Oh and Vengeance's too while I'm whining for books. Oct 31, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is so sweet. We definetely need more stories about primates. I also liked the direction the stories have been taken in the last books with the species-haters and the species-lovers.

Things get more intense. Moreover, it is interesting to see the species getting out of the walls and mingling with the "normal" people. So it's not such a surprise that I loved its 13th instalment. Also it is the first time a non-gift Primat New Species is getting his mate! Smiley had a special place in my heart since he showed up the first time in Slade , 2 in this series. For me it always was crystal clear that he needed someone he could care for, tend to and cherish dearly.

And in Vanni he truely found his match. What me bothered me a little bit was that Vanni was such a push-over! Don't get me wrong. She was really likeable and sweet. For my sences she was just too un-independend. Now everybody who read this book too will say: It was said that she is shy! Didn't Britta notice? Yes, I noticed. Shy is ok. I can deal with shy. God, I'm a shy person myself! BUT if I wouldn't like to do something, I wouldn't do it!

And I wouldn't let me be so dependend on anybody like she was on her fiance at first and later on Smiley. And since this was my only negative point and, like I said before, Smiley needed someone like her. Oct 25, Neringa Neringiukas rated it it was amazing. This is another wonderful Lauranns work. My reviews of her books always starts with those words.

But damn.

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You have to admint shes an amazing author. Her stories always make me happy. He was sweet, charming, fierce. Which I was doubtful he could be. Yes hes New Species but Smiley is primate and they are viewed as "softer" than canines or felines.

But I was so wrong. When its related to his mate and she is in danger Smiley becomes really untamed and feral. Smiley felt bond bet This is another wonderful Lauranns work. Smiley felt bond between him and Vanni from the first their meet. And they meet in really awful situation. In which Vanni looks like a "bad guy". All New Species and task force judged and found her quilty. This was a part where I wanted to put in my two or so cents.

That they shouldn't judge Vanni so fast. They should have learned after Jeanie, Trues mate, that sometimes thinks are not how they seems. But on very bright side Smiley always believed in her innocence. Believed in his instincts. And that made me love him even more.

Pdf smiley laurann dohner

Vanni can come around as delicate and sweet because of her view to see good in everyone. But she also showed that she have a passionate and fierce side. Which Vanni showed when come an opportunity to get back at her transgressor. Vanni was so worthy of Smiley. She accepted all he is. They were a cute couple. Can't wait for next book in the series. And I saw two potencial human female mates for New Species males.

You would understand whom I'm talking about when you read this marvelous story. Mar 21, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really liked the fact that Smiley was a bit more relaxed, a lighter character who was less possessive but still very protective of his mate It made a real nice change from the rest of the series! Dec 22, Rin W. Vitale rated it really liked it. This is Gus and Pete's a. Smiley and Vanni, met on a hotel bar. Later, something bad happened.

Someone drug their drinks with some breeding drug. Feel free to imagine what happen next ladies.. Although, it wasn't all fun to them because Vanni said it hurt like bitch when the pain kicking. In order to avoid that, they must do intercourse. I sound like a pervert reader here.

But believe me, the intimate scene weren't flooding in the entire book. And though i This is Gus and Pete's a. And though i must say Smiley has the dirty mouth among other Species I've known. It only happened between times in the book. There was this freakin' annoying moment Gregory Woods, the villain here, tried to use Vanni for his purpose to make bad image for the NSO.

Gregory is a pastor, also the father of Vanni's ex fiance.

Laurann dohner pdf smiley

He's rich, cunning, has dirty secret, and doesn't hesitate to use dirty way for anything he's aiming. Other than annoying moment when he held Vanni in his house. This book doesn't have too much of drama, pretty light conflicts, and entertaining to me. My favorite parts were, whenever Gus and Pete included.

First, when they talked about them. Second when they played with them. And anyway, both are grizzlies One love to fish, one love to sleep. This was a fun read! Aug 14, Lisa Golding rated it it was amazing. I need this one.

Laurann Dohner - New Species 13 - Smiley - Pobierz pdf z

And Darkness has a release date now. This makes me happy. Life makes more sense now. I can sleep easy Oct 04, Viri rated it liked it. You know, every bad guy was once good until he crossed a line. Smiley, also a dumb name even for a New Species, was too perfect. As the first book You know, every bad guy was once good until he crossed a line.

As the first book on a primate I expected more. The beginning with the whole breeding drug fiasco was hot, which makes me feel a little sick.

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Smiley and Vanni were drugged and I was totally digging it. I know gross. I obviously have deep issues. After all the jerks she dated she finally got a good guy. So this was just meh for me. Still worth the read. I mean this is book 13 and here I am wondering when more books come out. For one it was released so close to Darkness and two Smiley's name just didn't scream hot sexy alpha male to me. I was all wrong LD did a great job with Smiley's character, he is a bit less dominate and not as aggressive as the other New Species males we have read about, but he had a like very endearing quality to him.

He was so loving and romantic with Vanni. Vanni was a shy women not sure of her own sexuality and Smiley bought her out and she blossoms into a character you were happy to know. I like that they are venturing out into the real world and for the most part the outside world is very accepting an in awe of them.

Well you know we have our crazies as usual in the storyline. They remind me of many of the so called religious hate groups that are truly in existence today.. I really enjoyed Smiley and Vanni's story. It is sensual but not erotic, romantic and very fast paced. You won't put it down. I highly recommend you read it. Just be sure you read the other 12 bks before or you won't recognize all of the other wonderful characters in this story and what they have come to mean to Laurann Dohner Fans.

Oct 31, Linda rated it it was amazing. A chance meeting in a bar turns out to so much more when Smiley finds her and himself drugged. Did she do this, endangering herself, or is there something bigger behind it? Vanni thought she was going on a nice weekend with her boyfriend, it turns out hes got something else in mind. His father and his small minded church. Wanting to get away from it all, she goes to the bar, and from that moment on, shes got little to no say about her own future.

Could Smiley be a blessing in disguise? New Specie A chance meeting in a bar turns out to so much more when Smiley finds her and himself drugged. New Species, PNR, fluffy smut and a great read!!

Smiley was so awesome. Sep 22, Julia's Book Haven rated it really liked it Shelves: Can't wait to find out who's book is next! Sep 25, Kate's Corner rated it it was amazing Shelves: I frigging loved this book and I adore Smiley. The Woods Church is certifiable. Vanni is shy and just wants to escape she is finding out a new side to Carl, fed up Vanni heads to the bar and sits next to Smiley without realising it.

They help one another out and form a bond. If I have mentioned that I adore Smiley then well I frigging adore him. He is so sweet but tough and he would do anything and everything for his mate and flashing his sexy pointy teeth. Need I say more? Vanni is accused of drugging herself and Smiley which is just ridiculous.

To counteract against the accusations oft he church, Vanni and Smiley go on a shopping trip. You're Smiley, not Grumpy Ass, ready to off the heads of males who look at your female.

Everyone knows she's yours. I don't care what your instincts say. Got it? We also see a bit of Reservation and Torrent who lost his mate. Now this is just speculation but I reckon that Cindy has her eye on Torrent as that was mentioned that she watched someone up at Reservation and I love her humor. Torrent has a great sense of humor as well. He said the human is wailing and whining constantly and it's hurting his ears. Beth is a riot. She lifted a hand in the air.

Sex in a car. Have I mentioned that yet? Give me your neck. His tongue wet her shoulder and then he bit down. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin but it ramped up the excitement. Those fangs of this were hot and sent the chills throughout her body. He gripped her a little tighter, fucked her a little harder and kept playing with her clit. I know that Vanni is shy but she could have thrown Smiley a bone. He is so giving. I adore him. Life wouldn't have meaning without you.

When is the next one coming out? Jul 27, B. Love rated it it was amazing. Thats what I feel like now, we got Darkness book 12 and one month later we get Smiley a New Species we have heard about for a long time now. Now what When Smiley is at a confernece outside of Homeland Vanni takes a seat next to him and offers him a drink. Vanni got tricked into attending a hate groups campaign when she thought she would be having a great weekend with her boyfriend.

Taking a break at the bar Vanni takes a seat next to Smiley and they are both instantly attracted to each other. After a few sips both Smiley and Vanni begin to feel different and soon Smiley realizes they have been given the breeding drug. With no other choice Vanni and Smiley do the only thing they can to relieve the pain from the breeding drug.

That time together connected them. Passing out Vanni wakes to hear people accusing her of drugging Smiley, scared she runs.

Dohner pdf laurann smiley

When Vanni wakes at home she hears the accusations her ex boyfriend and the hate groups are claiming and they include Vanni. When Smiley heard Vanni was missing he was terrified, Smiley knew Vanni was innocent and the connection he feels for Vanni is something he can't and won't deny. As Smiley and Vani fix what the hate groups have done they begin to fall in love and Smiley has every plan to keep Vanni but he will have to convince her he is nothing like her ex and that he can make her happy like no one else.

Now Smiley and the NSO will have to fix what the hate groups have done no matter how to keep everyone they love safe. This was a great book, it is New Species in every way but we get a new side to New Speicies with the first primate book. Smiley is possessive and strong and everything I love about New Species but he is more gentle and caring, and this was a nice new side to a series that just keeps evolving. Vanni was very different she was more reserved and timid but she was perfect for Smiley.

We get more of Jericho making me want his book more and more, but with all New Species book I am always left wanting more and wanting the next book. With every book I am left adding more and more characters to the want a book list. Which is good but also painful. Mar 13, namericanwordcat rated it liked it Shelves: I have been looking forward to Smiley's book for a long while.

Sadly, it was pretty ho hum. I think I am tired of the fanical and the beytral on the part of the villiians and would like more time on the romance.

It is hard to like the heroine who has such awful taste in a fiancee. I also now who did "it" right away and can't help but think that everyone would have been much more catious. This is not a bad book but not as good as I would have liked.

He was in his mid-thirties and flashed a friendly smile. She had a twenty-dollar bill and her room keycard though. Could my luck get any worse? She kept her head down until someone cleared his throat to the left of her. One deep breath and she turned her head to face her fellow bar mate. The gasp was automatic when she saw his features. He had the firm jawline, pronounced cheekbones and generous lips that told her he was New Species.

Her gaze lowered to his jeans jacket and the way the sleeves were tight in the shoulder and upper arms. She lowered her gaze to glance at his jeans. They were molded to muscular thighs. Her attention jerked up- ward to gawk a little at his face again. My luck can get worse. Panic struck her next. Carl would have a fit if someone spotted her sitting next to a New Species and told him or his father.

He had silky black hair that fell just past his shoulders. He blinked before he spoke. It was gruff, masculine and pleasant at the same time. She struggled to come up with an answer but acknowledged being tongue-tied. He leaned in a little closer. Do you want me to go? It made her feel a little guilty that he was ready to leave because of her deplorable reaction. The bartender dis- tracted her when he brought her iced tea and dropped off a dark-colored drink to the New Species. She withdrew the twenty.

Keep the change. His nose was wider than most but his eyes were striking with the long dark eyelashes. Beautiful, even. My mood has nothing to do with you. Rumors speculated they picked their names to reflect their personalities. It was a nice one. He took hers very gently, shook it and released her. My mother had a thing for weird names. I hate it. She did that when she was nervous and speaking to a New Species made her very much so.

She usually refuses to tell people her full name and just goes by Mia. We are certain that my mom was obsessed with vampires.

Mortimia, well, Mort translates into dead. Mia translates into me. Dead me. It was a nice sound. Are there any other siblings with strange names? He got stuck with Count. Again with the vampire theme. Count Dracula. She relaxed. He pretty much got her pregnant and then flew away. We joke that we know when he had vacation time by counting back nine months from our birthdays. She was downing it fast. It might silence her before she over-shared too much about her family just to find a topic of conversa- tion.

The conference thing. Gregory argued they were really training them to attack people. He was nuts.