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Codex - Chaos Space Marines v1[1] - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Squad: The squad consists of between three and six Chaos Obi iterators. . Warhammer rutebook. power lisi fitted wrth an allachment commonly used by Chaos Space model (so a rna$ier-craf(ed power. Warhammer 40k Chaos Codex Pdf – orcs and goblins 8th edition pdf. – chaos space marines 6th ed codex pdf. codex: chaos. Page 1. cHAos sPACE. MARINES. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Warhammer 40k 6th Ed Codex Updates · SpaartaArmiesBookVer · Stormeagle · Grey Knights errata · Wood Elf Characters 7th Edition · Codex. Warhammerk-Codex-Chaos-Space-Marines - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate Chaos Space Marines 6th edition Rough Draft leaked. Uploaded . Chaos Space Marines - 5th - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Warhammer 40k Chaos Codex (Has Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, and LatD) . Uploaded by Chaos Space Marines 6th Edition FAQ Warhammer 40, 40k.

ZO of thirsting gods. The warriors immune system Xyclos Needier: They ilv. A Havocs perform trie Options: If you're new to painting.

It hits all units with models touched as normal. Does this mean that if it hits with at least one Attack in the Fight sub-phase it gets to make one additional Attack with each magma cutter and if it hits with all of its Attacks.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Chaos Space Marines 6th edition Rough Draft leaked. Warhammer 40k 'Leaked' 6th Ed. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Armed Conflict Leisure. Lukas James. Maninthe Highcastle.

Alexander McLaren. Robert Young. Laszlo Kelemen. Kyle Neely. Ron Van 't Veer. Shawn Anthony Abreu. Ken Zang. Dav Engle. Von Wittgenstein. James Brewer.


Matthijs Devolder. Mathias Eliasson. More From takaetun. Popular in Culture. Victor Ramirez. Maksum Pandelima. Samantha Ann T.

They are ireated as being Invulnerable and may make an armour save againsi any and all wounds ihat are infliciad jpon them. Chaos Space Marines are deadly lighters. Daemon packs con si Si of between five and ten Daemons. Consisting entifely of Btaodiettsss.

Pink Horrors and others too numerous and Daemon jwefrs: Consisting enHfaiy of Pink and Blus Horfvrs. Each different type of Daemon is the creation of one of the Chaos gods so Daemons created by different Chaos powers can nol be mixed together in the same pacK. This is treated as each mode! Consisting entirely of Ptagueosarsrs. One other Chaos Space Marine may have one of! Up lo one Chaos Space Marine may have one of the following: Daemons are unnatural crealunes who have been larmed Irom the very skiff of Chaos itself and are therefore very difficult to destroy.

Khorne Ffefh Hounds and fiends of Slxanesh Beast packs: Consisting sntirety of Fiends of Slsanesri. Consisting entirely of FtefiHtis. The Chaos Rhino is armed with 3 slonm bolter. Daemons are made from the very sturt of Chaos itseli and UK therefore very difficult to deslroy. Nunglings are no!

Space Marines Weapons. Daemon Beast packs consul of between five and ten Beasis. Havoc launcher.

Codex pdf 40k warhammer edition marines space chaos 6th

Trie swarm consists of beiweeri Ihnee and tan Wangling Bases. Tank Ctew. In addition each of their goei. Beast paefrs: Consisting entirely of Flesh Hounds.

Chaos Space Marines 6th Edition FAQ Warhammer 40,000 40k

Daemons are unnatuja I creatures formed from the very slulf cl Chaos itsell and are very diflicult 10 destroy. Nofe that. Beasts are Ueated as Cavalry as described in the Wartiammer Juggernaut unite consisl of between one and five models. Each bike is filled with twin-linked boltsrs. Consisting entirety of Discs of Tzeentcti. They art? Chaos Space Marine bikes are fitted with numerous scylhes. NurQte enemy troops. Daemonic Cavalry are summoned onto Ihe battlefield as described in the rules at the start of the Chaos army list.

Juggernauts are very difficult to destroy. They are: Each Chaos Space Marine rider is armed wilh X a holi pistol or a close comoal weapon.

Daemons aro horfiiic Cfealures lormed Irom tTie very sluff of Chaos Hself tnrf so are therefore extremely dirttcirlt to destroy. Daemonic Cavalry are Cavalry as described in Ihe Wartiammar Juggernauts are summoned onto the battlefield.

The squad consists of between three avid ten Chaos Space Marine bikers. Tzeentcb Cavalry packs the Daemonic ridsr wiin the speed afltf foroeity o1 ignore intervening tefsad'i when they move. Daemonic Cavalry packs consist at between Ihree and ten models.

Each Daomontc ffvetry lype of Daemonic Cavalry part has isg awn special rule as lollows: Weand untlerfoot wJWflwJr thunderous charges. A Havocs perform trie Options: Up to three Chaos Space Marines may have one of the following weapons: The squad may be mounted in a Rhino armoured carrier at an additional cost of -t pis. Boll pistol and close combat weapon. The Aspiring In tvnQ range destruction. The squad consists of between five and ten Chaos Raptors.

Enemy models may nol advance ailgr ihe gusher their scattered wits Raplors but can consolidate. Ififif armour Fearsome Charge: Raptors may choose to leave closo combat. Declare this at tho end of Hie close than the Rapiers fait back combat phase. Up to one model may have one of. Champion may be given laughing cruelly us any equipment allowed explosions blossom across ths hattfefieSd befote tnem. Qpponenls lhal never a horrifying banshee howl fall back or ignore Morale checks ignore ihis eflect and will not fait bade.

TltCy delight H'15 pts. The flrttf tended to tie confined to smalt. The rules for ihese are given in She Wargear seclion. Raptors are the tfefxtsed descendants of these formations. The louder end I'florf discordant the noise Fearless: Noise Marines never fall back and cannot be pinned.

Oblitarators never fall Uatfe and cannot be pinned. Nole thai the Qblherator is not that make up thcif liicrally armed with ihe weapon. In any other circumstances sensations pale and Ihey may only be taken as a Heavy Support choice.

Up to three models in the squad can have either a Btastmaster at an additional cost of pts each. Qblileralars can teleport into battle.. How only ore model can use a lascannor equivalent one can use a multi-meita equivalent. In addition. The materials affects of the weapons they may create are listed below. May Not Charge: OOlilerators are slow moving and prefer lo rely on shooling lo destroy an eremy. Obliterates can have more than one close combat weapon. The game HflfS weapons. If they defeat an opponert they will not pursue them and must consolidate instead.

The entire squad may be equipped with frag grenades at -H pt and krak grenades at 42 pis per model. If ihe mission tfoes not allow troops to use Ihese rules Hi en ihe Obliterates musl sei up normally wilh me nesi of the army.

Obi iterators have the ability to 'morpJi'. They can immensely strong flrlTWtV marpr different weapons in ire shooting and he assault phases i' you wish. Sonic Blaster. They are assumed to the more extreme ffie automatically pass any Morale check. Marino's hearing fy a thousand times keener than Rhino: Of Wfty they are sble to do ObtiJeralor Weapons: Assault csnnon.

They may thereto. The squad consists of between five and ten Chaos Noise Marines. The squad consists of between three and six Chaos Obi iterators. QS create. Body weapons. Marine Qrcadnought enemy. To represent Iris. Walter Crew: Ode Chaos Space Marine Weapons: The Chaos Dreadnought is armed with a Dreadnought close combat weapon incorporating a twin-linked bolter in one arm antf one weapon rom tfie following in he other: The Predator may also be upgraded w i l h wo side sponsons.

If this lakes it within is an awesome heavily armoured fighting 61 of ihe enemy it must charge in ihe assaull phase. Models fn close combat may be One of the most Homicidal anrj ftangerous foes Jo ft'ngus shol at!

The Chaos player may choose what order he al locales the nils that were ihe imperiam. Some Chaos Predators have survived over Weapons: The Predator is armed with one turret-mounted weapon fram the following list. If the Dreadnought is in base contact with an enemy model count this resull as a roll of 1 instead. It may be eg uipped wilh any of the vehicle upgrades and Gilts allowed from 1 he Chaos Space Marine Armoury.

Roll lo hit lor all of the spooling attacks. The vehicle is armed with two twin-linked Fascannon anrf a twin-linked heavy bolter- into bfllttf within its near- impenetrable armoured hull. If you run out ol largets ihenany further hits are wasted. Of Chaos Land Raider 14 14 14 4 those. Hfii HF! If the mission does no allow addition il also adds DG' to the range fitted with scythes and blades which troops to use these rules. Note thai you may not model is stood back up with 1 wound. Lightning claws power Stream of Corruption.

The bolter may be ornate weapon on ihe model itsell. Riding a bike may not be given jump packs with one to ignore an opponent's bike increases a Chaos Space armour saves. In bikes Chaos Space Marine bikes arc be used.

Any Hems not listed hsre function exactly as described in the Warhammer A master- or enhance his abilities. Models through butter. To represent choose to lire one ol the weapons in should be represented by a suitably this. Roll ihe 06 each lime a characteristic. There is s chance lhat an mellaguns.

Bionics may bolter-meltagun: Essentially two crafted weapon follows Ihe normal allow a Chaos Space Marine who has weapons joined togeiher. Common rolls that fail to wound Models armed often add ornate and fearsome Spikes examples Delude chamswords.

M aster-era tted weapons are la ken as causing loss damage. Marine adorned with sp ky bils may or power weapon. Chaos Space Marines same protecnon as Terminator thai are part of a unit may only be use a variely of power weapons.

Although unlikely 10 improve Combi-weapons. So'ccrorto re-roll a Psychic a rneltagun or a f l a m e r a l an additional attack craft and use their jump packs power tesl. Models and power maces. These rules lend lo be more detailed than those included in the Warhzmmer Nole thai twin boilers may going to be sample' Chpos Armour: Magicalry enhanced be rapid fired. A Sorcerer's scroll bolters. Chaos Power Weapons: This type o1 Armour may be la ken as an upgrade J u m p Packs: Models wearing jump weapon o.

Chaos Space Marines Marines in close combat. This upgrade will count against the C h a i n f i s t: Roll a Dfi at ihe start other weapon may only be lired once grenades! To used once per battle. Note mat movement phase and can ignore opponenl's armour like a hot knife although Chaos armour gives ihe difficult terrain as they move.

It is cursor of the Space Marine's storm towards the point limil. Why they do so. Ihough some say it may armed w i l h two close combat close combat weapon if the second be in praise of the m i n o r Chaos weapons. The vehicle Joes no1 have any crew: This means that a ignora Ihe alfects of any "stunned1 and 'shaken1 results on Ihe vehicle thet moves can fire one weapon and also the pintle- Vehicle Damage tables. You can Only take this if your army has a.

TTia to ihe amp. Note thai when choosing upgrades no vehicle can have Ihs same upgrade mote than once. Place some cotton wool Exrra Armour: It is not uncommon lor vahidB crews lo add around Ihe vehicle Is show it is concealed. If Ihe mission play using jump packs. The vehicle is rotten to ths core. Pinlle-mounted Oombl-fcoller: Itia combi-boHer is the standard Daemonic Possession.

Marines 6th warhammer edition 40k chaos pdf codex space

The vehicle is covered in weifd Nurgle ink-station: The vehicle has been Inlecled by Nurgle's Rc-t gafgoyles thai constBntly chatter incantations and Frequently and is infested with peslilance. Once per game.

Or a D6 see she searchlighl shining out into the dork. Pintle-mounled combi'bolters are tocaled and sealed with sigils.

To represent his. In In addition to ihis. Tele port Homer: Talaport Terminator Armour: Chaos Space Any model that is equipped with produce iL signal thai can be locked Maiines in Terminator armour are Chaos Terminator armour has a 2. If the vehicle Had a troop Carrying capability then il can no treated as an extra twin-linked bolter which may be used in addition longer carry any troops.

Smoke Launchers. This upgrade may nol be chosen for armament ior Chaos Space Marine Terminators. Some vehicles have small launchers mounted onto them thai carry SJivjkO chafes.

Any colors Ihe tank and Nurglingg swarm all over it. These are used to temporally eiadt. Slrike rules. Vehicfes equippad wirh any eslra armour count 'cnew penetrating hits scored by ihe enemy in their next shooting phase stunriedT resuhs on ihe Damage lahles as a 'crew sTiakan' result count es glancing hits. Searchlights aro only Of any use in missions.

Also note that the when they flee. On he other hand and set up using ine Deep Slrike rules only works tor Iroops who are Chaos Terminators are somewhat. If ihe vehicle makes a L lann shock' attach vehicle's searchlight. Warp Amp. They allow one enemy unit spotted by the vehicle to be Raiders.

Daemonicslly possessed vehicle. This covers 1He vehicle in begin to grow from il. Rhinos and Dreadnoughts. The vehicle may not fire addMional afrtnur plaring ro tfieij vehicle 10 proi'iOC a IMtle extra in the same turn as il used its smoke launchers. The hit Has a maximum of 14 points. The Havoc missila a devastaling device. The Daemon conlrols Ihe vehicle and may to any olhcr weapons the vehicle can fire.

The vehicle is equipped with sarcophagi. They are hull. Vehicles eq. Arniour saves are lasoen as runrval. Note Mat the homer rapid lire weapons.

Mole lhal Abaddon may fake either tho Cfiaos characters. He TaSvn of Hofuf. Aluddon bc. Eye a! Lijioni i-. Independent CharacterspecFal rules in Ihe Warhamnncf Any hit inflicted wounds automatically with no saving ihrow described below and may allowed for armour. The sword may not make more than ore anack per turn and no attack must be used exactly as bonuses can increase this DtJEMflC own. Cradit Tn: The Talon mounts an early version of ihe imperial storm bones on its back. MM' u.

The Tafon is an icon of evil incarnate to Ihe Impcrium. With this amiourfld claw Hprus fojgrit trie Emperor and strangled Hie slip away. Vehiclas slruck not be given extra by ihe blatfe are penekated automataraJly.. In addifion he may Chaos Terminalor Armour: Brassed oy the Irckle powars of Chaos. I UAcaver. Lvnu Wolves' In Qimpinv indUilc l!

K driven hi-:!: Abaddon's only be used in a battle Temmnalor armour not only has he abilities of normal Terminalor armour! Chaos Terminalor armour.. Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Retinue. The agreed to the use of special armour will also nullify any psychio power used against Abaddon.

D4 bitced. In close combat Abaddon counrs as one of the HQ can make one anack whli Drach'nyen in addhion 10 tiis normal three al! See ihe Mark of Chaos Undivided. Tatan of Horus. I bihr AlualdoD ictuincd it --I. Doomrider carries a to vanish on the same turn thai he appears! Doom rider does not count as Having plasma gun.

The Black StaB is a polent locus of psychic energy. Targets wilh invulnerable saves or saving Ihrows Tzesntch. Note that it is possible for DoornTider mellagun. He is treated as being invulnerable and may therelorc special characters.

Stfeam of described below and may not Coffupiion and Htesfiy Curse psychic powers even without the appropriate Mark of be given exlra equipment from Chaos. Ooornrider must be summoned to the balHefield in Ihe same way as Character special rules as given a uriii of Daemons.

Doomrider has been raised to Daemon hood players have agreed to the use of by the Chaos God Slaanesh. As soon as Ahriman lails a dice roll he may no longer rules as given in the use any psychic powers thai lurn. Allhough once mortal. Chaos Space Marine he is on the table. He Games.


See the rules lot summoning Daemons al Me start ol the Chaos in the Warhammer Doom Boll. Although not a skimmer.

Ahriman uses irie bolls grenades. Flames of all oiner armour saves are ignored. Doomrider's bike has an unearthly ability Armoury. On a i he disappears as mysteriously as he appeared and will bike fitted with a twin-linked not be able to come back in the same battle.

Warhammer Whal's more. He Goes: He Master of Sorcery: Over the cerituries Ahriman has stolen trie secrets of his must be used exaclly as so'terous opponents.

Stream of Corruption. Btack Staff cf instead of normal ammunition whenever he fires his boll pistol. Doomrider is make riis arrnou r save agamst any and ail wounds he lakes.

He is therefore able io use the Doom Bolt. Kurt u r i i out serv Chapter. Cyphef is an irKfepsnaanl cnaracter. If Cypher makes the lib fearsome saving throw Ihen he suddenly disappears Irom the battlefield. In addilion. C'Tan Phase Crimes iht ]mp: He bs i KUT. Ihougti Cyprier may carry on as norma. H Cypitr uundul thr ibruK in hk plied Hi.

All InnjuuiiDis tit hfn-rv nrclc:. Masler-cratled bolt pistol. They are immune to dying H! This is a special save inat is made when i r cncMAcJ Tremble in Cypner is killed and may be lakan alter his armouf save. I [Cypher is in an army you must roll 1D6 for any squari he joins at the start of eaoTi Him.

Much hii ten sud ol Cfpbtr. On a noil of 1 members oi tlie squad argue amongst iriamsetvos. Remove me model as H he had been killed. If hi. All memters ol trie Oeatfiwing including all Dark Angels characters the DicniDD Printc ' and the ftavenwing despise Cypher and any olher Fallen Angels and must therefore charge them it they can.

This enables us ihcm ili. Note thai ths Animosity rule only afiacls squads or iheir equivalent. Cypher is able to aim and lire a pistol wilh each hand.: Kt Ubfjry sjc File In Guard! R Cypher as a special cfra racier. M you lake him then he wunls as an Elites choice.

Marines 6th edition 40k codex chaos pdf space warhammer

Cyptier is protected by an unknown Chaos power who TVinl. The bcrdk minion. The presence of Cypher lerments discord and animosity. Plasma psstol.

To represent in is. Ckildfro l. Mark of Khorne bonus included above. Khim his Fed M'i: The across the galaxy. The normal restrictions for allocating hils apply. Khain is completely earless and automatically passes any Leadership based tests fie is called upon to lafce.: Chaos armour. UbiNllc n-nrior. If you ihc K l: Kharn may attack anyone nearby in his berserk lury.

Within Vlt1a: In 1Jic ]rei. He burned a roll of In ihc Herc. Indeed the i-Kiilc World be given extra equipment Jtjion Gorechilcf is Ireated as a normal power weapon. World Eilcis: KHam's huge and ancient chain-ana.

Kharn is I illpf r j j J fjijic ilnjn. Mmr i[rll bcif i bilininj. This aside.: IfowB to be rxccssihcty t Lmnichi rti v from the Chaog Armoury. I n'-: Remove Ihe model and 03 Rod 01 Torment is immediately disabled by Ihe pain and removed as s randomly selaclad mcdels from the squad. Xyclas Needier. The attacks have a Strength equal lo the exploding model's boosted lo such extremes and alter the battle Toughness.

To Retinue cotini as a single HQ choice. He Jus invtUcd tin K!!: R xl dl TOimsni. The warrior's. OD Dicurni ma Jie is Statin. Vidory point purposes etc. It has the following profile: The during it and he counts as having been killed for Needier counls as having a Strength of 1 i! The direct efec's of iii?. He must be used vka fighl Kill] lhc cunning D[ dLvik.

Uc to two Warriors may be armed with the device which is attached lo Bile's spine and extends its spidery limbs over following weapons: II could be said that me Ghnurgec-n is Bile's life work. The Chirurgeon: This is a complex. On a D6 roll ol a 1 roll daemon-forged Rod oi Tonmcnl amplifies Ihe slightest pin prick into a again on the table below: The entire squad may tie 1he Chirurtjeon works to keep Bile alive. The warriors immune system Xyclos Needier: This rjun 1ire5 S dart of vinrlent poison into Ihe victim's tolatly breaks dcwn and he dies horribly wilhin a blood stream.

Roll he Squad: The Kc. Fabius Bile has an abiding interest in pair and Ihe before the first lurn lakes place. LonUCC vilb. Fabius1 aflempfs to enhance his fakjen as Fabius Bile's Retinue See:: K Chaos Afmoury.

The entire Sduad may be mdunled in a Hii u:: Enhanced Warriors: Remove Ihe mcdel as a casualty. Fabius Bite's characteristic prolile is gens rated randomly before each game pnelarahly in Ihe pjesencE of your onjwnem.

Fafitus is an murdkrqui. This prolile will Enhanced Chaos Space Marines- not remain constant gnd is re-rolled belone each game. Fibivs Gil. The warrior goes insane and weapon.

The frequency of ihe Blastmastef can vary that his only applies 10 living toes. These are made from the shrunken helmets which project a shoM ranged sonic attach. The Blastmaster is.

There is no Nurglc's Rot: Atter normal atiacks in close combat. No armour saving throws apply. The collar is able lo suck ihe energy of the warp from Beast of Nurgie: The model is accompanied by a Eeas of around it. At the slart oS the battle. Nurgle may not be mounted on a Juggernaut.

The unh can move in ihe movement phase and a killing frenzy. Note lhat models Daemons or characters with the Mark of Nurgle. AP 4 hits. Il has ihe following prolile. The weapon has the following profile: Prague Banner: The banner may be used once per battle. Tha model is gifted wilh a mighty Axe of inllicted count towards the combat result.

In effect the two form a special unit and must target ihe wearer or include him in their area of effect are obey all me Unii Coherency rules.

Codex - Chaos Space Marines v1[1]

Roll lo see how many attacks ihe Beast may make each time it fights a round of Doom Siren: Certain Noise Marines are fitted with a close combat. Khorne's rage at the very toot of the Blood God's throne of brass.

These additional allacKs may be allocaied against now opponents Chaos Icon: This powerful Daemonic standard is if desired. Any models from the Chaos army apart from those bearing he Mark of Collar of Khorne: Models in Temiinaior anmour are followers of Nurgle re. Note crescendo. The banner Blasted Standard: Riddled wiin the power of change. The beads of those killed by Nurgle's favourile plagues. Any wounds Avalars or Wraithguard.

At the start of any Chaos turn. Plague Marines. As a result. Models in Special flutes. No enemy modeJ may be addition. The characteristics for the Beast are shown below. These effects afso count against Chaos models in Juggernaut: The Beast of Nurgte has an Invulnerable Terminator armour. Note thai moonjed in Juggernauts do not count as cavalry - the whole unh is affected.

As long as you fceep on been allocated a hit. Nole lhat this only once per battle in any assault phase. It can be automatically summoned. The spell inflicis Khome. The Doom Siren may be used in the shooiing phase instead of head of the victim is filled wilh virulent pus and infected. When ihe grenade is thrown ii splatters across! The Banner of Rage contains the bound enslaved lo ihe Icon. Avatars or Wraithguartf. Ihe Flame of Tzeentch prcviousiy. If you roll over the no armourer cover saves allowed Invulnerable saves may victim's Toughness.

Roll lo hit. A Fleshy Curse: They may use it automatically. On a roll Sonic B!

Models in Terminator armour may not be given a Rapturous Standard: Gonlaining the bound essence of Sieed of Slaanesh. On checks Ihey are required to take automalically. Stream ol Corruption is a psychic Flame ol Tzeenich 4V Heavy 1 power ihat may be used in he model's assault phase instead oi moving he model may light as normal.

Avalars or Wrailhguard. The effect of each Mark ol Chaos is described below.

Edition warhammer marines codex 40k pdf space 6th chaos

If an army includes a model with slaughter. When used. Models bearing this Mark don't need lo pass a Psychic tesl to use a psyctiic power. Models bearing this Mark may re-roll failed Morale checks. Mark of Nurgle: Spawn survives he battle. WJien used. Avaiars iwo profiles tfepentfing on whelHer it is used to unleash Piague Sword.