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Books shelved as sinhala-translations: අපූගේ ලෝකය by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Pather Panchali: Song of the Road by Bibhutibhushan. Original children books for free download, in PDF versions or read online, great This is a non-fiction book about big cats for upper elementary age children. In Where's Lulu, a short fun book for very young children, Lulu's hiding from her. Reviews (1) loading. Hard copy - · Read Online -. Views Download Free PDF -. Downloads: Twinklinka · Janaki Sooriyarachchi. Categories: Age .

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Sansckrit · School Management & Special Education · School Text Books & Work Books · Science · Science Fiction · Short Stories · Sinhala · Sinhala Literature. Short Stories. Whinging Pome To the Point. by Paul Topping After all Women are Human too and other stories. After all Women are Human by Upatissa. Love story sinhala-ආදර කතා has members.

Iraklis Lampadariou. Last name. Nikini was a …. It is his job to look after the animals and plants. SajiTh AsaNka February 22, at 5:

However every time a sweet child comes into the toy store she finds some reason to hide. Eventually she finds a home. Will it be the home of her dreams? Nikini was a …. A little girl has seven dresses, one for each day of the week and one for each colour of the rainbow. But, all the dresses argue about who is the prettiest. They cannot even stand to be next to each other in the closet or on the washing line.

What will happen, how will they …. Finbo the whale loves playing hide and seek, but he always loses. He is different from all the other fish, he is much bigger than them. This book is highly …. One night, a flying train takes Jimmy, Nelly, and friends on an adventure to outer space. Was it all just a dream? Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional ….

This is a non-fiction book about big cats for upper elementary age children. The book makes a great research source for school projects about big cats or for a bedtime read for inspiring young zoologists I just wish they had one on dolphins for my aspiring marine biologist to read or listen to at bedtime!

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This comic with the beautiful illustrations and endearing characters is brought to us in Creative Commons by creator David Envoy. This version …. In this princess storybook about compassion and friendship, Princess Helena learns about the importance of friendship and compassion.

Princess Helena feels she has an incredibly troubled life.

Stories pdf short sinhala

She has all the toys and clothes she could ever want, but she is incredibly sad. One day, everything changes, when she goes through a hole in the ….

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Find out more in this fun short picture book. Can you see her on each page? This book teaches children about the fun …. In Episode 2 of Pepper and Carrot, Carrot has his eyes on a rainbow potion.

Download or read online this adapted version of Pepper and Carrot — The Rainbow potion, a popular webcomic to find out. Pepper and Carrot ….

He has important work to do on Mars. What will he do while he is there? Will he meet anything on Mars? Get ready for lift off!

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In this fictional space theme early reader young astronauts can entertain their dreams of …. Iraklis Lampadariou. For teachers everywhere, — an innovative teaching guide, which will help you inspire students and foster a love of learning.

Short pdf sinhala stories

The book might also be …. These stories are interesting for their aspects of the individual cultures and religions they stem from.

The book is complete with fascinatingly beautiful, colourful paintings by world-renowned spiritual artist Della …. Olive oil is jealous of butter, salt of sugar, and sugar of salt, each thinks the other is stealing the limelight, and no one wants to share.

How far will the jealousy germ …. Stephen Corcoran. Sam Dragon was a little different. It was against his principals. Vegetarians …. Written by Bel Richardson, Illustrated by Balarupa. The Fish and Chip Shop is an early reader picture book which describes a trip to get fish and chips for lunch. What do you need to do when you order food? What will he choose for lunch?