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This book contains the course content for Business Environment. JNU, Jaipur. First Edition [Pdf] Available at:

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Business may be understood as the organized efforts of enterprise to The business environment poses threats to a firm or offers immense. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Business Environment | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. describe the importance and types of business environment; The term ' business environment' connotes external forces, factors and institutions that are.

Companies are interested in encouraging laws and regulations that are favorable to their businesses. Important physical resources range from the life-giving, like water and food supplies rice, corn, and wheat to name a few , to the power-giving, such as oil and natural gas deposits. Federal, state, and local governments, along with various regulatory agencies, create and enforce laws and regulations regarding business practices within the United States, as well as outside the U. To accomplish the mission of understanding the business environment, two critical functions must be undertaken in a systematic and timely way. Analysis and synthesis of the business environment can provide the critical information necessary to recognize and take advantage of current trends, as well as help to predict coming market shifts. The process of gaining contextual understanding. Most importantly, the fact that a single issue can be categorized simultaneously under more than one force of inluence is evidence of the complexities and interconnected nature of the forces of the business environment.

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