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Dungeon World is a world of fantas- tic adventure. A world of magic, gods, demons, Good and Evil. Brave heroes venture into the most dangerous corners. Items 1 - 24 of 24 Hottest Core Rulebooks, Dungeon World, PDF Golden Geek RPG of the Year Indie RPG Winner: Best Game, Best Support, Best. Items 1 - 50 of Apocalypse World Engine Remove Search Term. Dungeon Hottest Dungeon World, PDF . Weapon Stock Art:Soul Axe of Torment-Rpg.

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PLAYBOOKS. Version Designed by Stefan Grambart. Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. Dungeon World is a tabletop roleplaying game. Gather Dungeon World has won an Ennie for Best Rules, a Golden Geek for Best RPG, and an Indie RPG Award. The complete Dungeon World rules in PDF and ebook formats including. Dungeon World is a world of fantastic adventure. A world of magic, gods and demons, of good and evil, law and chaos. Brave heroes venture into the most.

Is it going to attack me? While keeping all of the quality of life tweaks stats, XP tracker, etc. Five new procedures, techniques, and hacks Thirteen custom moves Thirty-nine magic items Seven Compendium Classes An adventure starter Nineteen original illustrations Custom layout by Oli Jeffery Or the throngs of hateful dead, looking to drag a meaty corpse back to their lair? A moment lasts as long as you need it to. Neutral Avoid a conflict or defuse a tense situation.

Rolling the dice always leads to an interesting outcome. You can make, distribute, and even sell anything you like based on Dungeon World. The best of both worlds. A physical copy of Dungeon World paired with all the digital goodies: Everything you need to play in one convenient digital bundle. We promise. Includes character sheets, reference sheets, and GM sheets.

Everything you need to play, just add dice and pencils. A Dungeon World supplement for playing monsters in their endless battle against marauding adventurers. Toggle navigation Dungeon World. About Buy Downloads Contact.

About Dungeon World is a tabletop roleplaying game. Gather some friends and embark on adventure. Play to find out what happens. Classic Fantasy Adventure Explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching for fame, gold, and glory.

Talk About What Matters Dungeon World's simple rules happen based on what's happening within the game, so you spend more time talking about the action and less time talking about the rules. Gamemaster's Toolkit Running a game shouldn't be a pain. No Dead Ends The rules always drive the action forward in unexpected ways.

City hirelings are 6— When hirelings are in play. When a hireling find themselves in a dangerous. Disrespect is -1 loyalty forward. A hireling's loyalty may be permanently increased when they achieve some great deed with the players. Start with a number based on where the hireling was found. Starting loyalty higher than 2 is unusual. Town hirelings get 4—6. Experimental Trap Disarming—When a burglar leads the way they can detect traps almost in time.

If the players Make Camp near the trap. They are good with devices and traps. Minstrel When a smiling face is needed to smooth things over or negotiate a deal a minstrel is always happy to lend their services for the proper price. The exact effects depend on the situation and the spell and are up to the GM. Most traps leave a burglar in need of immediate healing.

Skills When you make a hireling. Adept An adept has at least apprenticed to an arcane expert. Burglar Burglars are skilled in a variety of areas. The most important feature of casting with an adept is that any negative effects of the casting are focused on the adept first. The GM will describe what effects the assist will add before the spell is cast. Arcane Assistance—When an adept aids in the casting of a spell of lower level than their skill.

Protector A protector stands between their employer and the blades. Track—When a tracker is given time to study a trail while Making Camp. Priest Priests are the lower ranking clergy of a religion.

You take -1 forward as their healing is painful and distracting. Man-at-arms—When you deal damage while a warrior aids you add their skill to the damage done. Warrior Warriors are not masters of combat.

If your attack results in consequences like a counter attack the man-at-arms takes the brunt of it. Tracker Trackers know the secrets of following a trail. While not granted spells themselves.

The thief is your best friend there. Even if you could just waltz out the time you spend doing it just gives your enemies time to prepare. Of course not every trap is so crude as to give you time to get out of the way. Rations are your best friend. You can investigate an area by discerning realities.

They can stop you before you wander into a pit trap or fill the room with acid. That sounds grim. Every monster. A wily warlock or nefarious noble can stab you in the back a dozen times with a word or two. Beasts are animals. If you can avoid it. Be wary of anyone who can stroll around a dungeon with nothing but a robe and a staff: Defy danger comes up pretty often too.

You never know when a move might come in handy in a new way. Fights often mean triggering moves like hack and slash. Constructs are crafted life. When it comes to fighting monsters. Find their weaknesses. It never hurts to take a minute to look around and discern realities. The undead might be the worst of all: Monsters generally fall into a few types.

Not all of them appear monstrous. The best fight for you is one where you have the drop—since hack and slash is triggered by attacking in melee. When you find yourself in a fight with a monster you have a few different tricks up your sleeve that can help you survive.

Planar monsters come from beyond this world. Monsters The beasts and worse that fill dungeons? We call them monsters. Humanoids are more or less like you—orcs. But when that guy wants to kill you. Make sure you understand your class moves and how they can help you. You should know that going into it. The GM will be doing the same.

The line between a forest and a dungeon is thinner than you might think—have you ever been lost in the night and surrounded by wolves? Journeys by road are easy.

Not all of that attention is going to be positive. Knowing where the blacksmith is that does the best work. Forcing Duke Alhoro to give you a castle in return for his daughter will get you the land. Or maybe the goblins will take over the city. The world will go on without you. Keep in mind that not all power is physical. Your choices of who to kill or not. Those abilities are then used to go back out into the world and stir things up. Change comes in many forms.

Station is its own kind of power apart from magic and might. But there are other forces at work too. Changing the world requires acting on it—making moves and pursuing treasure and exploration. Do you really want to find out? A world in motion is a world waiting to be changed. Sounds like Dex to me. Amy playing Nora. The high priest and her acolyte carry on with the ritual. Sure enough. I already have an idea of what to do. Another group of three slips into the shadows around the outer edge of the chamber.

The edges of the chamber just kind of disappear into crumbling walls. Are you giving away your position to cry for help or trying to get out yourself? Ben playing Brianne. Omar glances over his shoulders. Three of the goblin warriors—drugged on narcotic vapors— charge the fighter Brianne. The dice show 1 and 2. The group has come upon a tribe of goblins preparing the ritual sacrifice of a rare and valuable albino crocodile highly regarded as pets among the wealthy of the city.

Two others take cover. He has a choice to make. It attunes their senses: They can feel the winds of magic just a bit. Her acolyte immediately starts shaking her to wake her up. He rolls 6 total on the dice. Can I see them? I push the winds of magic into a lulling summer breeze that fills the room. The three goblins on fumes practically bowl Rath over as they slam into him. Neither of them is paying much attention to the albino crocodile. The goblins on the fumes. Looks like 5 damage.

There are some options on the move. I rolled a 7. I can cover you. What are the rest of you doing? Are you trying to pick them out? - Core Rulebooks | PDF | Dungeon World - The Largest RPG Download Store!

How many creatures are you putting to sleep? And since you hit him dead in the arm. What should I be on the lookout for? The thing that you do see is the Is it like a human-sized rasp or a monster-sized rasp? I want him to drop his bow. I thought I was just volleying. He drops his bow and takes 4 damage. They pass by. The other one. What are you doing? What are you doing about that?

Or… I tear off a piece of my cloak and soak it in an entire dose of my goldenroot poison. It looks like the albino crocodile has family. Time to cut back to someone else. I can try to get out of here. If so. You may need to make another character during play. To start with everyone chooses a different class. Carlos the dwarf? If two people want the same class.

I sit down with Paul and Shannon to play a game run by John. Making Dungeon World characters is quick and easy. All right. Choose one. Choose a Race Some classes have race options. Choose a Class Look over the character classes and choose one that interests you. I choose Human. These steps will walk you through filling out a character sheet.

Choose a Name Avon sounds good. You should all create your first characters together at the beginning of your first session. No one else was thinking of playing one. Character creation is. I like the idea of being flexible—having more spells available is always good. Your race gives you a special move. All characters. Later on. No good wizard has time for hair styling so wild hair it is. Strength gets the 8. Pick out the move that interests you the most: My robes are strange.

A 13 Wisdom will help me notice important details and maybe keep my sanity. Living is always nice. If you want something really random you can roll for stats in order STR. Put your 15 in the stat for that move. Choose Look Your look is your physical appearance. Choose Stats Alternatively. No time to eat with all that studying and research: Put a 16 in the stat for that move. Repeat this process for your remaining scores: Roll 3d6 and assign the total to a stat—repeat this until you have all your stats.

Choose one item from each list. It looks like I need Intelligence to cast spells. Look over the list again and pick out the next most important move to your character. The defy danger option for Dexterity looks like something I might be doing to dive out of the way of a spell. Assign these scores to your stats: Start by looking over the basic moves and the starting moves for your class.

If you choose this method you get to roll before you choose your class. Haunted eyes sound good since every wizard has seen some things no mortal was meant to.

A Summoning spell is an easy choice. Choose Starting Moves The front side of each character sheet lists the starting moves. Make these choices now. Figure Out Modifiers Next you need to figure out the modifiers for your stats.

The wizard will need to choose spells for their spellbook. Both the cleric and the wizard will need to choose which spells they have prepared to start with. Some classes. I choose Alarm for my last spell. You start with your maximum HP. Base 4 plus 9 con gives me a whopping 13 HP. Magic Missile will allow me to deal more damage than the pitiful d4 for the wizard class. Keep your Load in mind—it limits how much you can easily carry. Choose your alignment—in play. Choose Gear Each class has choices to make for starting gear.

I choose that over a staff. A dagger sounds about right for rituals. Make sure to total up your armor and note it on your character sheet. Each class may only start with certain alignments. I also end up with some rations. This is also the time for the GM to ask questions. Introduce Your Character Now that you know who your character is. The GM should listen to everything in the description and ask about anything that stands out.

Then go around the table. You can share your alignment now or keep it a secret if you prefer. Take some time to discuss the bonds and let the GM ask questions about them as they come up. The bond about prophecy sounds fun. For each blank fill in the name of one character. You can use the same character for more than one statement.

Once everyone has described their characters you can choose your bonds. Take a little break: I will teach them all that I can.

Leave space to discover what each one might mean in play. Choose Bonds Having more bonds gives you more interesting facts about you and your companions and lets you help them better. I have foreseen it!

With everyone introduced I choose which character to list in each bond. Special moves come up a little more rarely. Each move is presented here starting with its name. Basic Moves They cover things like gaining a level.

Pdf rpg dungeon world

All player characters have all the basic and special moves. They cover situations likely to come up in fights. This chapter contains the moves that are available to all characters.

These moves fall into two categories: Some are also accompanied by a quick discussion of how to use the move and some examples of the move being used in play. A goblin might just attack you back. Note that circumstances can change that: You just deal your damage or murder them outright.

Some attacks may have additional effects depending on the triggering action. Attacking a dragon with inch-thick metal scales full of magical energy using a typical sword is like swinging a meat cleaver at a tank: Hack and Slash When you attack an enemy in melee.

Hack and slash is for attacking a prepared enemy plain and simple. Nasty stuff. An attack could also knock someone down. If the action that triggers the move could reasonably hurt multiple targets roll once and apply damage to each target they each get their armor.

Fear is for the weak. That and a knife wound as the goblin counterattacks. I got an You smash your hammer into the nearest goblin and are rewarded by the satisfying sound of the crunching of his bones. You know what. The orc collapses in a bloody heap!

What do you do? I wallop the closest goblin with my hammer. I leap out and bring my sword down in a sweeping arc! Like this! I run him through.

He deals 4 damage to you. If you say so… I got a 7. They have you surrounded. This is definitely combat. I deal 6 damage. He slumps to the ground. It says here that I have a choice. Roll damage. Whatever it is.

On a 7—9. Of course they do have to worry about ammunition and getting a clear shot though. The advantage to using a ranged weapon over melee is that the attacker is less likely to be attacked back. Choose from the other two options instead. It can be bad footing or ending in the path of a sword or maybe just giving up your sweet sniper nest to your enemies.

Volley When you take aim and shoot at an enemy at range. I roll my damage. An excellent choice—sounds like volley to me. I better take what I can get. He smashes you with his club and you take 12 damage! Since Thelian has the rest of the rabble busy. I might as well let my arrows say hello. I rolled an 8. Is that enough to distract him. I got an 8. I take a shot at the mob.

Kobolds and an ogre? Defy danger also applies when you make another move despite danger not covered by that move. Defy Danger When you act despite an imminent threat or suffer a calamity.

If you can keep your footing. On the other hand. It is! Defy danger is for those times when it seems like you clearly should be rolling but no other move applies. You defy danger when you do something in the face of impending peril. This move will usually be called for by the GM. This may seem like a catch-all. Make the move to get the results. I think the only way you can gain any traction. Are you sure? Trading blows and stuff?

Defy danger with your Dex. I grit my teeth and dig my nails into the wall. I need another cup of coffee—hack and slash it is. The athach is swinging his burly third arm down at you. No way. So he wants to fight. What are you doing.

I hack and slash him. If you want to keep climbing. Time to finish this climb and that cultist. Now hold on there. Hack and slash. You drop your shield? I am too tough. I leap aside like a leaf in the wind. I can always get a new dagger when I get home.

As long as you stand in defense. In particular. It amounts to giving up on making attacks and just trying to keep yourself safe. Defend When you stand in defense of a person. An attack is any action you can interfere with that has harmful effects. Swords and arrows are attacks. Defending yourself is certainly an option. The choices you can make depend on the attacker and the type of attack. I spend a point of my hold to redirect the attack to me—I shove Avon aside and let the full fury of my goodness spill out in waves.

Forget it. And with such gusto. While Avon casts his spell. I want to spend it to redirect that attack to myself. Of course you do. Better get ready to use it. I might as well use it all up and reduce the damage by half. I got an 8 on my spellcasting roll—I choose to put myself in danger.

Dungeon World Resources

My god protects us! I get an You lost your hold when you attacked the croc. I leap forward to drive back the troglodytes! I want to tangle with this crocodilian.

To be safe. Squeak helplessly? You two are spread out. I will save you. I still have hold left over. The zombies are drawn by the magical disturbance. Always say what honesty demands. Spout Lore When you consult your accumulated knowledge about something.

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You get facts about the subject matter. Maybe you miss that goblin moving around behind you. You spout lore any time you want to search your memory for knowledge or facts about something. The knowledge you get is like consulting a bestiary. Could be. Mumbling shape. Spout lore! Bestow your knowledge upon me. I was a terrible student. I bet if you cast a spell into the skull. Hmm… Vitus: I got a 10 on my spout lore about this gilded skull. Magic missiles of fire—hurrah!

A trick. I did get a 10! What is that thing? Is it going to attack me? It was in a hallway. The floor was illusory? Damn those gnomes. Why not? Obviously I was hungover that day. To discern realities you must closely observe your target. Once they answer. If there really.

The GM always describes what the player characters experience honestly. Either way. That sort of thing. Discerning realities could reveal the reason behind that: If a player asks a question not on the list the GM can tell them to try again or answer a question from the list that seems equivalent. Just like spout lore. Even if the GM has to figure it out on the spot. Discern Realities When you closely study a situation or person.

That usually means interacting with it or watching someone else do the same. Unless a move says otherwise players can only ask questions from the list. The work is shoddy and awful—looks to you like the work of goblins. The stones are newer and the mortar is fresher. I want to ask another one. I take out my tools and start messing with stuff. So either the goblins blocked it from the other side. I pull candlesticks and tap the walls with my hammer. My usual tricks.

I discern all the realities. I got a Discern realities? Oh yes. Your leverage can be nasty or nice. Leverage is something they need or want. Parley When you have leverage on a GM Character and manipulate them. To parley. Or punching them in the face. If your leverage is your position in court above them they might ask for a favor. Whatever they ask for.

Leverage is anything that could lure the target of your parley to do something for you.


You say. What counts as leverage depends on the people involved and the request being made. Threaten a lone goblin with death and you have leverage. Parley covers a lot of ground including old standbys like intimidation and diplomacy. Like a sack of gold. Of course breaking promises leads to problems. The big smelly one on the right steps in front of you and says.

Roll parley. Give me the ring. In some cases when you state what you want you may include a possible promise for the creature to make. I absentmindedly play with the signet ring from that assassin we killed. I make sure he sees it. We can always dig up more dirt on this scumbag later. I toss it to him. Oh boy. This is the place where One Eye plays cards. I need you to vouch for me or the Queen will never grant me an audience. I walk up to the guard. Not so fast. Maybe a bribe? The one he hired to off the prince.

If you want to parley. As long as they can answer that. Aid or Interfere When you help or hinder someone. No matter how many people aid or interfere with a given roll. Aid is a little more obvious. Even if a whole party of adventurers aid in attacking an ogre. Any time you feel like two players should be rolling against each other. Always ask the person aiding or interfering how they are doing it. I want to help him defend. If we are to die today. I stand firm and lift my shield.

Here we go! Behind you cowers the Prince of Lescia. I have seen you in battle. I will do my duty and defend the princeling. Despite certain doom. I emerge from the shadows and draw my sword! Then roll just roll. Offer something that will be a challenge to play out but will lead the game in fun new direction. There are three outcomes to this move. None more black. The GM will tell you when.

The Last Breath is that moment standing between life and death. Let them create a new character as normal.

Take it and stabilize or refuse and pass beyond the Black Gates into whatever fate awaits you. Time stands still as Death appears to claim the living for his own. Death himself will offer you a bargain. Death knows and sees all and tailors his bargains accordingly.

This is a trade.

Even those who do not pass beyond the Black Gates catch a glimpse of the other side and what might await them—friends and enemies past. The key thing to remember is that a brush with death. All are changed in some way by this moment—even those who escape.

Pdf rpg dungeon world

Special Moves Special moves are moves that come up less often or in more specific situations. On a miss. Death is powerless to stop this. It looks like all his ill deals caught up with him at last. A pale hand touches your face. I do so love you for them. Death appears to you. You follow a river of souls.

He spots you across the bleak gulf and you feel the chill of his hunger in your very soul. In shadow you dwell. You hear his voice in your mind. What do you say. Among the throngs of suffering souls.

Take your Last Breath. Shun the light of day forever or find a quick trip back to my company. Make Camp When you settle in to rest consume a ration.

This move only applies to things a person could walk around with and still act. Whenever you stop to catch your breath for more than an hour or so. When you wake from at least a few uninterrupted hours of sleep heal damage equal to half your max HP. If you have enough XP you may level up. Encumbrance When you make a move while carrying weight you may be encumbered.

Staying a night in an inn or house is making camp. If your weight carried is: It affects what moves you can make appropriately in the fiction.

Rpg pdf world dungeon

Regain your hit points as usual. You usually make camp so that you can do other things. Being able to haul more is a clear benefit when trying to carry treasure out of a dungeon or just making sure you can bring along what you need. Undertake a Perilous Journey When you travel through hostile territory. Journeys take more rations when they are long or when travel is slow.

Rpg pdf world dungeon

They have weapons and armor but little else. A ration is the amount of supplies used up in a day. Use up rations as you camp and the GM will give you details about the world as you discover them. Make one roll for the entire trip. Distances in Dungeon World are measured in rations. A perilous journey is the whole way between two locations. Setting off to explore is not a perilous journey. Changing your Constitution increases your maximum and current HP.

With our combined strength. Then answer these three questions as a group: Once bonds have been updated look at your alignment. If you fulfilled that alignment at least once this session. If they do. Ask the player of the character you have the bond with if they agree. Join me. End of Session When you reach the end of a session.

Recover When you do nothing but rest in comfort and safety after a day of rest you recover all your HP. You can only carouse when you return triumphant. After three days of rest you remove one debility of your choice. Carouse When you return triumphant and throw a big party. The GM will tell you what your options are. If you turn away applicants you take -1 forward to recruit. If the PCs have stayed in a place as part of the community. Civilization generally means the villages.

Bolster When you spend your leisure time in study. If you prepare for a week or more. If you prepare for a month or longer. You can only spend one preparation per roll.

It takes a mere minstrel to retell a thing but a true bard to live it. Strap on your boots. Dagoliir Human: Names Elf: Well-fed Body.

Your base damage is d6. Cassandra Look Choose one for each: Knowing Eyes. Fiery Eyes. The tales told in every farmhand-filled inn have to have some ring of truth to them. The Bard Traveling Clothes. Wild Hair. Human When you first enter a civilized settlement someone who respects the custom of hospitality to minstrels will take you in as their guest. Bardic Lore Choose an area of expertise: You start with these moves: Arcane Art When you weave a performance into a basic spell. Starting Moves Elf Choose a race and gain the corresponding move: When you enter an important location your call you can ask the GM for one fact from the history of that location.

The GM may then ask you what tale.