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The Marriage Mistake book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael's best. Read The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Raising the pulses of fans everywhere, Jennifer Probst thrills listeners with her New York Times bestselling romantic fiction. The Marriage Mistake features.

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Read The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionaire #3) online free from your iPhone, iPad, The Marriage Mistake is a Romance novel by Jennifer Probst. The exciting bestselling author who thrilled readers with The Marriage Bargain and The Marriage Trap, Jennifer Probst rounds out her sizzling trilogy with more “nonstop sexual tension” (Laura Kaye). Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael’s best friend, Max Gray. The exciting bestselling author who thrilled readers with The Marriage Bargain and The Marriage Trap, Jennifer Probst rounds out her sizzling trilogy with more.

Max prepped for the Italian temper of his friend and boss. Well, that is quite generous of you and I appreciate the offer. She wondered how long Earth Mother usually waited to bestow her gift. View all 30 comments. It was rich and creamy smooth, hinting at naughty sex and mischief that only a nun could ignore. Cara Jennifer, potresti smetterla gentilmente eh , di ritrarci come un popolo di trogloditi, maschilisti, o qualunque cosa per te voglia significare "secondo la tradizione"?

Buy from our partners. Which is the very thing that would happen if he laid a finger on the owner's--and his best friend's--younger sister, Carina. Carina Conte is an ugly duckling in an ocean of swans. Everybody in her family still treats her like a little girl, despite her MBA and everything she's done to show them otherwise.

Even worse? Her long-time crush, Max, barely notices her. Totally unacceptable. While away at a business conference, Carina and Max get caught up in the heat of the moment and have a scorching one-night stand but are busted the next morning by Carina's brother and mother. When her traditional Italian family forces them into marriage to keep her good name, Carina is determined to make the best of her new life Her new husband is about to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman transformed.

I just hated her at that point. And the explanation was that it was OK since Carina loves Max, they should marry. If he doesn't love her and is forced to marry, how the hell would her life be like? Just hated that whole setup and that woman for doing it. So anyway, the rest of the story was good, sweet, them living together and all And yeah, almost forgot, in the previous book Michael was also a bit dominating, in this book it was just a notch more, but I'm guessing the next will be full blown BDSM, because we were introduced I'm just guessing, but it has to be the guy for the next book, and he's supposedly way into the BDSM lifestyle.

Don't really know how I feel about that. I mean, sure it's hot, but I can't help but think the author put this just because this is currently very popular out there.

For me personally, it doesn't go with this type of book. But oh well, who da f am I to say anything, right? And so, this was a really great book, apart from that thing up there I was ranting about.

As it is, it's four, but a great four stars! Highly recommended if you want some fun, light and smexy read: View all 85 comments. Just quick thoughts, ok? This was 2. Why only 2. Oh well, kinda predictable and boring. Maybe sweet stories are not my cuppa anymore. And yes, it had hot sex but for some reason that's not enough for me.

I need to FEEL and let's say this book didn't make it for me but, and this is a big but, most of my buddies loved it so give it a try as you might like it more than me.

A one-night stand just wasn't worth it. Not even Just quick thoughts, ok? Not even with a woman who soothed his shoul and made him crave to be a better man. Why would you do that? Anyway, if you read the blurb you will know what this story is about.

Nothing special. Carina is in love with Max Carina's brother best friend but she "knows" he's off limits until they have to work together and they can't avoid the attraction between them because they are super ultra mega hot, just like most of the heroes and heroines Sorry but I don't do well with cliches anymore: All in all, predictable and sweet and yeah, there are some hot scenes.

View all 30 comments. Now get your ass up to your room. I want to escape into her books, lose myself in the delicious scenarios she creates for us and never set foot into the real world again. Three years later, Carina has completed her MBA and she is ready to get involved in the family business.

Max is asked to show her the ropes, a task he considers on par with baby-sitting, but what he does not realise is that Carina is no longer a besotted self-conscious little girl who used to pine after him — he finds himself in front of a hot-blooded vixen, with a killer body and personality to match.

Carina has been in love with Max all her life. But that day never came and the last time she saw him he had openly demonstrated he had no interest in her by choosing a random woman at a party over her.

That day Carina said goodbye to her childhood crush on a man she could never have. He jerked back as if realizing the symbol of her gesture. Carina looked up and memorized his beloved face for the last time. She surrendered more than the love of her life. She gave up her old dreams and left her old life behind. But Max is not willing to let her do that this time.

Their attraction is flaming hot, every look, every touch leaving their skin tingling and the reader fanning themselves — they fight the draw between them with excuses of age difference and life-long friendships, but their bodies betray them at every turn.

Would you deny me that? Would you deny what you give to yourself? The connection between them is not just flesh-deep but neither of them is ready to admit that just yet.

At this point, fate butts in in the form of mama Conte who discovers their indiscretion the following morning and convinces them that the only way to save their families from embarrassment and humiliation is by marrying each other.

The Marriage Mistake

What might appear as an old-fashioned blessing in disguise is nothing more than a curse for Carina — getting the man of her dreams by twisting his arm into marrying her out of obligation rather than undying love is the last thing her heart craves.

I dreamed of a real proposal, with a man on bent knee and vows he actually meant. You know what I got? Good intentions, responsibility, and a few orgasms. In this story, we witness a vibrant young woman willing to sacrifice everything she was raised to think was right for her in order to find out what would truly make her happy.

Her courage to cut the ties that bind her and finding strength within her was inspiring, showing us that one needs to be strong on their own before they can be strong with someone else.

She is a fierce heroine, one that likes to submit to her lover in the bedroom but firmly holds the reins of the relationship together with her partner. A man who makes me explode with pleasure and can take me places I crave to go. A man to hold me and give me orgasms and share the night with.

While she has always seen him as the personification of all her desires, Max needs to readjust his perception of her. He fights a battle inside his head, wanting to keep the role of protector and friend to her, while realising at the same time that this woman is also his soul-mate. Carina is the first woman in his life that makes him crave to be a better man for her. This is possibly a new favourite of mine in the Marriage to a Billionaire series, having allowed Carina and Max to get under my skin and desperately ached for their happy ending.

Ms Probst never lets me down, she feeds the romance junkie in me and she always leaves me satisfied. As fairy-tale-like as her stories might be, we all need an escapist safety haven for our dreams to go wild and that is the world that she builds for us so finger-lickingly well. Follow me on Facebook! View 2 comments. Oct 13, Saly rated it liked it Shelves: Rating 2. The Marriage Mistake opens a few years later and Carina has just completed her MBA and is moving to America to work in her brother's company.

Series: Marriage to a Billionaire

It is something that is expected of her but isn't her passion, which is painting. She though Rating 2. She though no longer wants to be the protected sister and wants to experience freedom and most importantly men. The problem for me was the way Carina behaved. I do not mind a modern sexually confident woman but Carina came across as almost desperate and too reckless for me especially the way she behaved with one of Max's associates and the constant mistakes she made in business. Max now, was just okay for me.

He had issues with committment because of his father and he did want Carina but didn't want to complicate his life plus he had issues with where he stood in the company. He didn't stand out for and the whole book was about almost sex moments between them and when they do sleep together, they are caught and end up married. All in all I do think the problem in the book for me were the characters and their actions and for that reason I cannot rate it higher.

I would recommend that you try other books by Jennifer Probst. ARC provided by the publisher through Edelweiss. View all 4 comments.

The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst - Read Online

You can find this review and much more on YA Fanatic. I picked this book up because a lot of people on Goodreads are saying this is the best one of the Marriage to a Billionaire series and I liked the first novel so why not.

Oh, and it was a part of my December reading challenge.

Let me tell you how I feel about this book. That not only hurt my head and brain but everything I stand for- about relationships, marriage, sex and etc.

If you still want to read it You can find this review and much more on YA Fanatic. If you still want to read it, you should skip this part because I will be revealing the reasons why I hated this book. Beware, spoilers ahead. Anyway, Carina has been in love with Max her whole life but he never paid any attention to her until she starts working with him in tight skirts and in blouses showing of her cleavage. They are hot and cold around each other and one night in Vegas they seal the deal.

She practically brushes Max off and enters the hotel room saying she has seen him nekkid when he was a kid. What the hell is wrong with people? OK, so she sees her daughter nekkid and makes them get married. I mean, what the hell is happening? This lady is crazy! Why would someone get hitched after a one night stand, well expect for Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in that movie?

At this point nothing could salvage this book. Not even if Tarryn Fisher wrote the rest of it. Since I live in a very traditional country and it pisses me off when people get married right after they finish high school like there is nothing more in live to do but settle down and get married so I raged while reading this stuff. Raged, I tell you! There was no going back so I continued down the hill. They try to do it but something stupid always interrupts them, like the phone, voicemail, someone giving birth and doorbell.

After she does, they get back together. And that my friends, is this book. Totally deserves the rating of 4. View all 8 comments. Oct 02, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: The third installment in the Marriage to a Billionaire series is stunning.

Max and Carina, I have to say my cheeks got the ultimate workout from the constant smile on my face as I read every word of their story.

This series just keeps getting better and better! Probst has outdone herself again! She was just a woman in love. Her hand trembled around a piece of paper. Carina glanced down at the page. Okay, time to summon Earth Mother. The one everyone feels the need to protect and guide has finally grown up. While she imagined her brother Michael would toss her in the accounting department where she excels with numbers, he has other ideas. Michael wants her to shadow someone, that someone is none other than Maximus Gray!

Marriage jennifer mistake pdf probst the

The childhood crush and love of her life that she had finally moved passed and now she has to be in his close company every day. From the second Max and Carina are in the same room together the connection is undeniable but they both try to fight it.

Max is attracted but feels a sense of familial obligation, a need to protect Carina even from himself. Having to be around Max day in and day out at work is something she is dealing with even if it means flirting and dating other men. What if Max is still what she wants? Max and Carina have passion that sizzles beneath the surface and comes out with steam when they are close. I could feel the emotion, the tension and the sensuality at the fair, the event when they danced and the confrontation after it.

The animal magnetism that brings these two hot blooded Italians together is also the force that can repel them to the point of no return.

Thank goodness Michael needs a job done and sends Max and Carina on a business trip together! The Venetian Hotel has never held as many memories for me as it does now. The deal that Max and Carina make is one that will fulfill their needs and desires. They have it all planned out but life has a funny way of stepping in when you least expect it and has plans of its own. In some dim corner of his mind, he always imagined if he ever kissed Carina it would be more of a spiritual experience; an initiation into tenderness and the gentle slide of lip against lip.

Instead, the reality ripped through him with a savageness he never believed possible. He was going to hell and it was worth every damn moment. She lay back and watched with hungry eyes that only hardened him further. He shook his head and joined her on the bed. Beyond anything I ever dreamed. I love this woman. She is knowledgeable and kind. She is a forceful and comforting as Mother Nature herself. Mama Conte is not to be messed with but at the same time; I just want to hug her and make pasta in her kitchen alongside her.

Mistake or not they are challenged by each other and themselves to look deep inside for what they want. Carina must the direction her life is going to take and meet it head on regardless of the consequence.

Max must overcome his insecurities to fight for what he wants at any cost. With the passion these two have for each other the sparks fly at every road block, bump and grind they come across. I've always loved you, but I needed to love me more before I could give you what you need. The question was never will I come back to you. The question is, will you come back to me? The strength of that bond is what can build them up or tear them apart.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of Max and Carina and will hold it with me tucked away safe; right next to Nick, Alexa, Michael and Maggie. There is room for two more…did I hear there will be a fourth book in the series? Probst to quote the lovely and fiery Carina "Bring it! View all 6 comments. Nov 24, Nicolesouders rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Soo I stayed up at till 3 in the morning to finish this book and let me tell you what a huge waste of time that was. I thought it was the worst out all the marriage to a billionaire series. First of all the book took way to long to get to where they finally start realizing they might have feelings for each other. I over half way through when it finally started looking like a romance novel.

Secondly and the most important point was that the ending sucked. I mean she leaves him because she's not s Soo I stayed up at till 3 in the morning to finish this book and let me tell you what a huge waste of time that was.

I mean she leaves him because she's not sure he loves her even after he tells her. Something about needing to love yourself because other love you. She goes on to say that she doesn't need him in her life but wants him in it. Ya kudos for the romance there.

And when she finally decides that she wants him back all she has to do is back her eyelashes make a horrible excuses of an apology and he takes her back. And all their friends come out and say it's great that they're together.

He's practically miserable without her but guess what, she CAN live without him. She should have had to get and on her knees and beg for his forgiveness or something. The ending came way to abruptly. She's just a selfish girl who in the end always get what she wants. Does she ever think about other people? Certainly not in this book. I'm sorry but this was just a huge disappointment to series.

Nov 15, Georgia Cruz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have got to get those love spell book and cast a request for Earth Mother to bring me one and only man I truly want in my life: I love this story because it's a combination of sexy-romantic-funny ride all in one package.

I even laughed hard in this particular scene where they talked about "Fifty Shades of Grey". I mean they even have the same name Maximus Gray. I bet the author was inspired with the book especially the dominance sex scene. Her I have got to get those love spell book and cast a request for Earth Mother to bring me one and only man I truly want in my life: Here it goes: He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long silk scarf. Her eyes widened. Christian Grey has nothing on you.

This one was so funny and sexy at the same time! I just want you to know something about Italians. We are not this kind of people. We do not get married just because we have sex. I can tell you. We are Italian, not medieval. Cara Jennifer, potresti smetterla gentilmente eh , di ritrarci come un popolo di trogloditi, maschilisti, o qualunque cosa per te voglia significare "secondo la tradizione"?

Non sono una fan sfegatata del mio paese, ma te lo chiedo per favore: Te lo dico in inglese? Da ragazza timida, impacciata, innocente e indifferente ad esperta gatta morta, sfacciata seduttrice.

Signori, tutti la vogliono, tutti le fanno il filo, tutti la trovano perfetta. Ma che gli dai da mangiare? Di qua. Ma per quanto voglia riuscirci, il comportamento di Carolina non fa' che mandarlo fuori di testa. Temi profondi, insomma. Allora capirete quanto difficilmente Max possa passar sopra alla cosa E credetemi, che stress!

Ci vorranno un paio di conquiste e qualche scrivania su cui far pratica per far accadere l'irreparabile. Carolina e Max ci riescono. Senza intoppi. Senza cellulari che squillano. Senza ripensamenti. Senza risparmiare location o posizioni. Ci riescono e basta. Davvero me la vuoi negare?

Negare a me quello che tu ti concedi abitualmente? Non sono una bambolina di porcellana che si rompe solo a guardarla. Sono fatta di carne e sangue e voglio sesso, passione e orgasmi! Da qui in poi si ride di meno, purtroppo. Sta cercando di salvarle la reputazione e nient'altro. Accetta di diventare sua moglie, gli concede se stessa due o tre volte prima di andarsene a riflettere sull'accaduto.

Nel frattempo lascia l'azienda di famiglia, dedica tutta se stessa alla sua passione, la pittura erotica , capisce di amare suo marito, organizza una mostra dei suoi quadri, li vende tutti! Richiami alle Cinquanta sfumature di Christian Grey e la sensazione di aver letto le avventure di "Jersey Shore nell'Upper East Side" a parte, mi sono divertita tantissimo. View all 10 comments. Mi favorito de toda la serie. The Marriage Mistake was fun, flirty and addictive.

Max, of course, only looked on her as a little girl an The Marriage Mistake was fun, flirty and addictive. Max, of course, only looked on her as a little girl and thought her crush was cute. Carina had to endure the countless girlfriends he went through. They have been best friends since they were boys growing up in Italy. Not the unsure, volatile girl he remembers. Max remembers the crush she used to have on him, but there are no traces of it now, and that hurts his ego a little.

This is all for the best though because he has no intention of settling down right now.

However, the feelings Carina stirs up in him are dangerous. There were all kinds of smoking hot sexual tension in this story! Probst certainly knows how to write some spicy scenes. I loved how Max got all growly and alpha on Carina once he let go, but I loved his sweet side too. A copy of this was provided Simon and Schuster via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

View all 5 comments. May 22, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: I am so glad I finally read this! To be honest, I read the first one, the Marriage Bargain, but completely skipped the second, the Marriage Trap. I wasn't yelling from the roof tops about how good it was and actually found it slightly boring. I thought the characters fell flat for me and the story didn't have enough of a stellar cast. Whoever coined the expression, "third's one a charm" must have been talking about this one.

I know, I know! I'm saying this without having read the 2nd in this seri I am so glad I finally read this!

Probst the marriage mistake pdf jennifer

I'm saying this without having read the 2nd in this series but I am confident. Very confident! The Marriage Mistake was sexy, sweet and very hot!

I liked Carina, more so than Alexa and what I saw of Maggie.

Jennifer Probst – The Marriage Mistake

She was a combination of a naive young woman and a scandalous sex kitten. I almost fell for her pretending to want just a sexual relationship from Max and not something meaningful.

Pdf the mistake probst jennifer marriage

Even if she managed to fool herself, she couldn't fool the reader. Max was sex on a stick, with his lush, dark curls and blue eyes But he was as in denial as Carina here and I loved how he finally came to see his feelings for what they were. Those two danced around each other for so long I wanted to scream! Like a cannon going off!