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Free download pdf LIC ADO Books Best Reference Books on Apprentices Development Officer LIC LIC ADO (Apprentice Development Officer). LIC ADO Exam Books Pdf Free Download Will you please suggest good books for LIC Apprentice Development Officer (ADO). Lic Interview Material - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. I have cleared lic ado written exam please guide me for preparing interview questions .. CRISIL Mutual Fund Year Book

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LIC ADO Exam Books are listed below which can be used to study for the exam. LIC Apprentice Development Officer exam is the important. LIC Apprentice Development Officer ADO Exam Syllabus & Paper for LIC ADO Exam Get Online Study material download PDF to study. LIC ADO Study Material for the exam will include the various PDFs and books which. Download new updated LIC ADO recruitment exam previous year solved question papers PDF, exam syllabus, online written exam success.

You can see even more with a telescope. R is third to the left of N who is to the immediate left of T. LIC Apprentice Development Officer exam books are also made available in Ebook format by which you can learn the shortcuts to solve the questions quickly in exam. Her date of birth is TO know interview questions do one thing meet a person who is working in LIC as a ADO As per my opinion he knows everything about interview and moreover talk to any LIC employ about interview may be they will give any suggestion. If the first ten elements in the arrangement are reversed, which element will be third to the left of eleventh element from the left?

Vittalrao Kilikile. Minaxi Sharma. Bhagwan Sangle. Anonymous xdetBXSaot. Hitesh More.

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Alexis Euden. Purawin Subramaniam. Neil de Castro.

Alline E. Chapin and John E. Chapin, Executors of the Estate of Harrison L. Chapin, Deceased and Alline E.

Chapin, Individually v. George T. Scribd Government Docs. Vishnu Sharma. Nikhil Pai Fondekar. Dhiraj Yuvraj. The Valley Indy. More From neeraj. Divya Patel. Popular in Finance General.

Shahzad Salim. Patrice Horspool. JanJan Claros. Raj Kumar. Amos Njeru. Jim Linda. Which among the following is not a work of RabindraNath Tagore? What is referred to as Depository Services?

Which of the following is the only public sector company in the field of life insurance?

Pdf lic ado book

English Directions Read the below sentences to check whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence only. If there is no error, then select No Error option. I usually took 1 part in the skating 2 championship organize 3 at the school level.

He plays guitar 1 very well but 2 he is not as good 3 drummer as Ashok is. The customer was upset 1 with the representative because 2 the representative were not ready 3 to help him in the way he expected. In each of the questions below, a sentence with four bold words is given.

One of these four bold letters, numbered 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Your job is to find out that wrong word and mark the appropriate number corresponding to it.

If there is no error, then select All Correct option. Roshanwent 1 to South Korea for further 2 studies. He experienced 3 that the people in South Korea are generally calm and living 4 a peaceful life.

Error is in: Education 1 is necessary for developing intellectual 2 ability. Also, without formal 3 education it is difficult 4 to get a good job. China and India are most populous 1 nations in the world. They both are Asian nations and are developing. Whenever a person want 1 to shop online, he goes to a few 2 online retailers. These days, some retailers are selling products specific to niche categories.

The project needs serious 1 and urgent consideration.

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Directions 9 In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been marked with a number. These numbers represent the question number against which five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately.

Find out the appropriate word in each case. She looked at the man. He was walking on the sidewalk. She did not know this man. She did not trust this man. He did not 10 in this neighborhood. She was driving her car slowly. She was almost home. She drove past the man. He stopped walking on the sidewalk. He walked up her neighbors driveway. A car was in the driveway. He walked up to the driver's door. He stopped.

What he was doing, she wondered. Then she realized what he was doing. He was testing the driver's door. She called the police. How many things can you see in the night sky? A lot! On a clear night you might see the Moon, some planets, and thousands of sparkling stars. You can see even more with a telescope. You might see stars where before you only saw dark space. You might see that many stars look larger than others. You might see that some stars that look white are really red or blue.

With bigger and bigger telescopes you can see more and more objects in the sky. And you can see those objects in more and more detail.

But scientists believe there are some things in the sky that we will never see.

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We won't see them with the biggest telescope in the world, on the clearest night of the year. That's because they're invisible. They're the mysterious dead stars called black holes. You might find it hard to imagine that stars die. After all, our Sun is a star. Year after year we see it up in the sky, burning brightly, giving us heat and light. The Sun certainly doesn't seem to be getting old or weak. But stars do burn out and die after billions of years.

As a star's gases burn, they give off light and heat. But when the gas runs out, the star stops burning and begins to die. As the star cools, the outer layers of the star pull in toward the center. The star squashes into a smaller and smaller ball. If the star was very small, the star ends up as a cold, dark ball called a black dwarf.

If the star was very big, it keeps squashing inward until it's packed together tighter than anything in the universe. Imagine if the Earth were crushed until it was the size of a tiny marble.

That's how tightly this dead star, a black hole, is packed. What pulls the star in toward its center with such power? It's the same force that pulls you down when you jump the force called gravity. A black hole is so tightly packed that its gravity sucks in everything even light. The light from a black hole can never come back to your eyes.

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That's why you see nothing but blackness. So the next time you stare up at the night sky, remember: Scattered in the silent darkness are black holes the great mystery of space. According to the article, what causes a star to die?

Read this sentence from the story. What is a synonym for the word mysterious?

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Which of the following statements is NOT a fact? Why can't you see light when you look at a black hole? The states and their capitals and the important countries with their capital regions, languages and currencies are mentioned.

Study well for the exam as this way you can prove yourself better than others and get selected for the post. LIC Apprentice Development Officer exam books are also made available in Ebook format by which you can learn the shortcuts to solve the questions quickly in exam. There are several number of questions in the exam paper, and so the shortcuts are to be followed so that you can attempt various questions in the exam.

Lic Interview Material

These can be actually applied in the exam when you have practiced them in large amount. Get the exam study material from below and it is a advice to plan your study as per your strongest and weakest topics of the syllabus. LIC ADO Study plan should be such that it teaches several thing and you have ample time to retain the things next day also.