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Electronic business (e-business) all electronically mediated information exchanges, both within an organization and with external stakeholders supporting. e-Business & e-commerce. • e-Business refers to broader definition of e- commerce not just buying, selling of goods & services but also servicing customers. Chapter 9 E-business strategy: implementation. Key issues. Council Directive.

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E-business is a broader definition of EC that includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also. • Servicing customers. • Collaborating with. In this chapter, the e-business phenomenon is defined, or perhaps better stated, its utopian allure qualified. Why are so many businesspersons, entrepreneurs. The paper first gives an overview of the foundations of e-business. This is accomplished by specifying and differentiating e-business. In addition to this, the .

As information technologies developed, novel ways of business process redesign emerged. Readily available customer service may help in encouraging the customer to know more about the product or service. When eCommerce was first introduced, it redefined the traditional structure of business by giving small firms and individuals the same opportunity as multi-national corporations. It is not crucial that your e-business idea be completely original, but it is important that there be some way for it to stand out from the sea of other, undoubtedly quite similar ideas floating around it. Download pdf. These points need to be borne in mind when following up the information briefly noted below. Having a better understanding of your customers will help to improve customer satisfaction.

Thus web is a source of dissemination of information for its customers. There are many websites that helps in reorganizing, revising or editing the digital products. Here one firm offers something for a want of something from another firm for its services. The popular sites performing these functions are webswap, ubarter, etc. For example instead of accepting cash for a consultancy service from a firm, a person or another firm can buy products in exchange from that firm.

A firm can e-mail its customers about any new product and can solve their product related queries and welcome suggestions. This is a major advantage overcoming the limitation of traditional methods of doing business.


E-commerce creates the whole world as a global village from where anyone can buy anything at anytime from anywhere. One of the tools of E-Commerce is sales promotion from where not only the firm gains but also the customers are benefited. Also business over the internet attracts every customer from all over the world and exposure in the new markets enhances the profits of the business firm.

E-Payments are made without any loss of time but security is to be insured when using this system because customers are sending their personal detail related to credit card numbers.

These are encoding, encryption, passwords, etc. Computers have the ability to communicate via the internet, independent of operating systems and hardware. Benefits to Organization E-commerce provides the following benefits to the organization: Equal footing is being given to the small organizatipns ,with the large international firms. Benefits to society E-Commerce provides the following benefits to the society.

Besides various advantages of e- commerce, there are limitations also that can be divided into two parts: They are not related to the technology. Technical Limitations-These are related to the technology and that can be solved most of the time by spending enough money.

They are related to security, databases, standards, applications etc. These limitations are discussed below. The protection needs to be taken- from the hacker, viruses, data transfer and transaction risk, client and server risk. Internet provides universal access but companies must protect their assets from accidental or malicious use. Customer information needs to be protected from internal and external misuse.

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Pdf e business

But it means more than that. Efficient use of capital demands small inventories, which entails anticipating demand, and so maintaining detailed information flows between all parties involved in today's complex manufacturing processes. B2B involves widening the circle of suppliers for safety and competition , and of centralizing control for records and discounts. B2B ecommerce is an important part of any online business. Leaving aside the simple transfer of funds — covered here — many businesses need some combination of:.

Speed is vital, as are improved communication, collaboration, and customer understanding. All these requirements can be handled by IT, and software has been developed to meet the challenge — customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, online auction, supply chain management, etc.

Little of it is off-the- shelf, but is devised as systems to be extended and built round individual company requirements. Hence many problems with surveys. B2B has reportedly done better than B2C — steadier growth, higher profits — but is it software sales or savings in companies with B2B-enhanced management that have been measured? Even within the B2B market, there are marked differences between types of software and their successes.

Records of some are distinctly spotty, and sales of the more advanced systems have been badly hit by the dotcom bust and US recession. Improved management is not simply a matter of installing new software: These points need to be borne in mind when following up the information briefly noted below. Towards the end of , a gloomy period for ecommerce in America, executives remained confident about the digital marketplace.

Even in the B2C ecommerce slump of August , the larger US retailers were planning to invest in B2B to improve customer service and supply chain management. C2C stands for Consumer to Consumer. It helps the online dealing of goods or services among people.

Though there is no major parties needed but the parties will not fulfill the transactions without the program which is supplied by the online market dealer such as eBay. Consumers are no longer totally reliant on corporations and are increasingly looking to conduct their own business transactions. This is evident in Western Australia where the number of small businesses has doubled from to Australian Bureau of Statistics, When eCommerce was first introduced, it redefined the traditional structure of business by giving small firms and individuals the same opportunity as multi-national corporations.

As a result, many individuals established online organizations that encouraged and assisted commerce between consumers. There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where individuals can buy and sell thanks to online payment systems like PayPal where people can send and receive money online with ease.

Companies using internal networks to offer their employees products and services online--not necessarily online on the Web--are engaging in B2E Business-to- Employee ecommerce. There are other categories of ecommerce out there, but they tend to be superfluous. The most famous and successful example of a Consumer-to-Consumer application is Ebay.

Ebay, The company began in September when Pierre Omidyar decided to establish the first online marketplace Ebay, Since that time, the company has continued to grow both in size and popularity. Ebay is now considered one of the most successful C2C e-Businesses ever. Other examples of Consumer-to-Consumer applications are service and employment websites such as Monster.

These websites provide a valuable service to consumers looking for jobs. Employers can advertise on these websites and potential employees can contact their organization for an interview. Web-based communication organizations are one final example of a C2C operation. Sites such as Sastashopping.

Although there is no commercial benefit to the. Consumer-to-Consumer applications are a growing area of eCommerce. As online business expands, peer-to-peer transactions will continue to grow in popularity and the industry will become highly profitable.

B2E Business to Employee E-Commerce generally refers to the requisitioning of supplies by employees for use in their jobs, but this really has grown to encompass much more.

For example, B2E makes it very easy for an employee to requisition a new toner cartridge and printer paper - the order is entirely electronic, and supervisors are asked to approved the requisition in the event that the total order exceeds preset limits for that particular employee.

However, B2E has grown into technologies that allow the employee to access their employee records to update address information, shift investments in the K plan, or maintain their internal resume.

Business pdf e

Many companies have found that B2E technologies have dramatically reduced the administrative burdens with the human resources department. Admittedly, maintaining employee information has little to do with commerce, but this term has grown to encapsulate this activity into the B2E definition. This powerful package provides businesses with powerful business-to-business B2B and business-to-consumer B2C e-commerce capabilities in a single, robust, and easy-to-use business-to-everyone B2E solution.

Creative Web Store makes your e-commerce transition easy by providing out-of-the- box integration with your accounting system, adaptability to the way you do business today, and flexible deployment options.

And, of course, Creative Web Store offers all the customization features you expect from a premier Web store solution. A consumer posts his project with a set budget online and within hours companies review the consumer's requirements and bid on the project.

(PDF) TRADITIONAL COMMERCE VS. E-COMMERCE | Interal Res journa Managt Sci Tech -

The consumer reviews the bids and selects the company that will complete the project. Elance empowers consumers. C2B is a rather peculiar Internet phenomenon. An example of C2B e-commerce could be the following. The beauty of the Internet is that it brings together a large number of customers to create a marketplace that a number of airlines that will have to otherwise fly with empty seats will be interested in.

Many analysts state that C2B and C2C e-commerce will thrive in the near future. It is a challenging task, however, to construct these e-commerce systems because of their diverse nature. The existing EC construction tools, which usually focus on B2B and B2C e-commerce schemes, were designed for constructing specific e-commerce systems, making them unsuitable for developing consumer-initiated e-commerce systems. We demonstrate that a wide range of matching phase implementations, in which the characteristics of specific e-commerce systems such as market coordination are implemented, can be integrated into this framework.

It is a discipline that deal itself which assists people to instantly shares related computer files and computer sources without having to interact with central web server.

If you are going to implement this model, both sides demand to install the. This kind of e-commerce has very low revenue propagation as from the starting it has been tended to the release of use due to which it sometimes caught involved in cyber laws.

It deals with conducting the transactions with the help of mobile. The mobile device consumers can interact each other and can lead the business.

Pdf e business

Mobile Commerce involves the change of ownership or rights to utilize goods and related services. The functioning of an enterprise can be roughly modeled in accordance with a set of interacting functions, which are commonly classified in three categories: Support functions conver all activities related with sales in certain cases, they are part of the core business as well as all activities that are transversal to the organization, such as management of technological infrastructures IT, Information Technology function.

The terms Front Office and Back Office are generally used to describe the parts of the company or of its information system that are dedicated, respectively, to the direct relationship with the client and proper management of the company. The Front-Office sometimes also called Front line refers to the front part of the entrepriser that is visible to the clients. In turn, Back Office refers to all parts of the information system to which the final user does not have access.

The term therefore covers all internal processes within the enterprise production, logistics, warehousing, sales, accounting, human resources management, etc. Practicing managers, consultants, investors, and students all face the problems associated with analyzing a dynamic market environment.

As the environment changes, it becomes important to ask the following fundamental questions:. In today's environment more than ever, managers of "old economy" companies need the right tools to support and improve their effectiveness when making major strategic moves, allocating scarce resources, and managing risk.

Because the large "old economy" companies from consumer products to industrial manufacturing have begun to see relatively small pieces of their markets taken away by new, Web-enabled firms.

As a result, they're waking up to the e-business threat and opportunity and have started to push toward more efficient digital strategies based on optimizing customer experiences, integrating their value chains, and accelerating information flow.

Clearly, we're in the early stages of a revolution that's changing the business landscape. As with any revolution, there will be moments of extreme optimism when the potential reveals itself; there will also be moments of extreme pessimism when skepticism rules. However, one thing is certain. This is the biggest advantage of conducting business online.

A firm engaging in e- business can have a nationwide or a worldwide presence. IBM was one of the first companies to use the term e-business to refer to servicing customers and collaborating with business partners from all over the world.

Dell Inc. Hence, worldwide presence is ensured if companies rethink their business in terms of the Internet. Cost Effective Marketing and Promotions: Advertising techniques like pay per click advertising ensure that the advertiser only pays for the advertisements that are actually viewed. Affiliate marketing, where customers are directed to a business portal because of the efforts of the affiliate who in turn receive a compensation for their efforts meeting with success, have emerged on account of e-business.

Affiliate marketing has helped both the business and the affiliates. Firms engaging in e-business have managed to use cost effective online advertising strategies to their advantage.

Developing a Competitive Strategy: Without an effective strategy, they will find it impossible to maintain the advantage and earn profits. The strategy, that the firms can pursue, can be a be a cost strategy or a differentiation strategy.

For instance, till the year , Dell Inc. It adopted a differentiation strategy by selling its computers online and customizing its laptops to suit the requirements of the. Thus, e-business resulted in Dell Inc.

Better Customer Service: Many a times, on visiting a website, the customer is greeted by a pop-up chat window. Readily available customer service may help in encouraging the customer to know more about the product or service.

Moreover, payments can be made online, products can be shipped to the customer without the customer having to leave the house. Removes Location and Availability Restrictions: A physical location is restricted by size and limited to only those customers that can get there, while an online store has a global marketplace with customers and information seekers already waiting in line.

Introduction to e Business Project Report

Reduces Time and Money Spent: Many of those same traditional business approaches can be eliminated and replaced with electronic means, which are often easier to carry out as well as easier on the pocketbook. For example, compare the cost of sending out direct mailings paper, postage, staff and all , to sending out a bulk e-mail.

Also think about the cost of paying rent at a physical location opposed to the cost of maintaining an online site. Heightens Customer Service: There is far more flexibility, availability and faster response times with online support. For example, think about the speed of e-mail inquiries and live chat as opposed to getting on the phone, especially when that business is closed for the day. The internet is a powerful channel for reaching new markets and communicating information to customers and partners.

Having a better understanding of your customers will help to improve customer satisfaction. Gives a Competitive Advantage: Competition via the internet is growing as the internet itself grows and waiting too long to move online may cause you to lose your place in line entirely.

Easy access to real time information is a primary benefit of the internet, enabling a company to give. Although there are risks associating with e-business, as with most business decisions, there is also the risk associated with the inability to adapt to the changing times. The main disadvantage of e-business is the lack of growth in some sectors on account of product or sector limitations.

The food sector has not benefited in terms of growth of sales and consequent revenue generation because of a number of practical reasons like food products being perishable items. Consumers do not look for food products on the Internet since they prefer going to the supermarket to buy the necessary items as and when the need arises. Costly E-Business Solutions for Optimization: Substantial resources are required for redefining product lines in order to sell online.

Upgrading computer systems, training personnel, and updating websites requires substantial resources. It's evident that the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages of e-business.

Every business has to eventually change its modus operandi and adopt e-business practices in order to ensure survival and success.

Other problems are: Starting your own e-business might sound easy, what with all the turnkey operations, website building tools, and more, but there is a lot that must go into it if it is going to be successful. Often times, the most difficult part of starting a successful e-business is coming up with the idea. Because of the sheer number of websites already existing, and the thousands upon thousands of new ones being created every day, it can be a daunting task to try and come up with a good e-business idea.

While there are lots of online businesses for virtually every market out there, it is possible to get ahead by putting a new twist on an existing idea, or providing a better product or service in less time for less money. It is not crucial that your e-business idea be completely original, but it is important that there be some way for it to stand out from the sea of other, undoubtedly quite similar ideas floating around it.

When trying to consider possibilities for a new online business, take a look at existing examples of highly successful online businesses. Are there any other relatively simple ideas out there that could be commandeered and turned into an online business? What can you offer online that currently cannot be found on the internet, or that you can do better, cheaper, faster?

Keeping these things in mind will help you ensure that your business has an edge over the competition. Another important aspect of making sure your e-business gets off the ground is to use a variety of internet marketing strategies. Many online businesses use techniques such as SEO search engine optimization , affiliate marketing, and more in order to ensure they get a large amount of traffic, thus increasing their customer base.

If you want to get ahead in the online business world, it is going to require a fair investment of time and resources into first making sure you are noticed and taken seriously. By creating a relatively unique and noticeable site you can take your ideas to their natural conclusion as an online business. So e-business is a better option to promote or increase our business in this high-tech society.

I have collected the Informations of my seminr report on e-business from different sources. Introduction to e Business Project Report Uploaded by danishwi. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The objectives of e-business can be summarise as below: The main objectives that a business might have are: A business may find that some of their objectives conflict with one and other: Some organisations have alternative objectives.

Examples of other objectives: Changing Objectives: The competitive environment might change, with the launch of new products from competitors. Value can be created in different manners: Old Economy Relationships vs.

New Economy Relationships The above figure shows that in Old Economy Relationship consumers were not connect directly to the producer, so it has a lack of closeness of a producer to his consumer because it is a linear function of consumer and producer in which retailer was a medium. A typical e-business system may need to support any or all of the following: Challenges faced by B2C e-commerce: A study of top B2C companies by McKinsey[citation needed] found that: Leaving aside the simple transfer of funds — covered here — many businesses need some combination of: P e e r to P e e r P 2 P It is a discipline that deal itself which assists people to instantly shares related computer files and computer sources without having to interact with central web server.

As the environment changes, it becomes important to ask the following fundamental questions: Do we understand the emerging business models? Are we investing in the right business opportunities? Are we attacking these opportunities using the right business model? Are these opportunities ever going to be profitable? Worldwide Presence: Archana Sharma. Karandeep Singh. Dhiraj Ahuja. Swathi Ajay. Shiraf Mohammad. Omkar Dhomane. Rahul Arora.

Amit Tiwari. Sagar Baranwal. Nevil Surani. Imtiaz Karim Khan. Jasmandeep brar.

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